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Build inspiration

Thought would share a few photos of what has inspired me to rebuild my 02 to be similar to a 70s period racer Alpina look.   When deciding on color of choice to paint my car I knew in my mind that it had to be an original BMW 2002 color that matched the year of the car and as soon as I saw the inka and black combination I just couldn’t get it out of my head!   So that is what I’m going with!   Have attached some photos of an 02 with this same color combination sourc

Parts acquisition has already started…

After having the car for not long at all, have joined several Facebook groups / pages and it has been great! Excellent community in Australia to chat everything 2002 and also worldwide! Thanks all for the advice provided so far and general chats about our cars!   After sorting through what I have with the car there seems to only be a few things I needed to obtain to assist with the build.   It has also been made apparent that a late model 02 nose panel has been fitted at some

Car has arrived and is dry and better than expected!

Car arrived early morning with no issues over the journey! Managed to get it off of the trailer and back it slowly down my steep road, into my driveway and back into my shed with the help of a good mate, David. Thanks David 🙌🏻He is also a BMW enthusiast and currently owns two BMW e9’s. One he will restore and the other he may move on shortly.  IMG_7353.mov   Was pleasantly surprised with the car, as I had bought it purely off of seeing photos, a few videos and numerous phone calls and

Car is ready to begin its journey down to South Oz

It was a wet week in June which made me anxious as this was the day my 1972 BMW 2002 was beginning its journey from North QLD down to me in Marino, South Australia. I had booked Luke from Broady Express to bring it down to me and highly recommend his services! A friend of the guy I was buying the car from, Barry, was kindly bringing the car down to Nudgee to meet Luke and transfer over onto his open trailer. The car was full to the roof lining with parts, including a boot full of spares

Larz Anderson German Car Day June 27, 2021

A lovely day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, a suburb of Boston MA. Met other Nor'East'02ers at the abandoned Indigo Hotel in Newton & caravanned over to the Museum to park together. I drove Veronika & we arrived at 9:20ish. Great to see everyone & all the cars. Rob Seigel drove his 3.0 CSi, Warp 9. The most significant car was the 1937 Horch Coupe. Veronika had a great spot at the end of the '02 lineup & across from original owners  Charles Barne's immaculately re

Back Into The Light

Earlier this week I was able to get back to things for the first time in a few months and should be able to pick away at it for the rest of the summer.  Current storage is in our 1938 garage, narrow and with a very cracked and uneven floor.  With the help of the winch on one of my other vehicles I was able to pull it out of the garage and into the light for the first time since it was brought out from my parents’ garage a few years ago.  It rolls, just not easily.  One person can move it a few i


Horn in Cleaning

'67 1600-2

Thought I'd update my blog with some progress. This is a culmination of several months of rust repair.   A little inner rocker repair action. I didn't take any after pictures, but I killed it. Slathered Por-15 everywhere when all was said and done.   Heres the drivers side. I cut out all the rust, welded in new metal, and treated with Por-15. I was in no way concerned about making the outer panel look perfect. This area is getting covered by pig cheeks anyways. My main g


jmr_1602 in 1600

Ireland Engineering Rear Bumper Installation

I asked my wife for an Ireland Engineering fiberglass rear bumper for Christmas last year. I almost changed my mind when I saw that the shipping cost from CA to MD was about $100, but I went ahead. I had already purchased Blunt's early bumper conversion brackets for my 1974 car, and I decided to use a piece of aluminum U-channel to bridge the distance between the mounts and give some structure to the installation. Being enamored with Riv-Nuts after using them to install the front air dam, I used

This wouldn't have been pretty...

Decided to put a few freeway miles on her and drove to work (60 miles) one morning. Motors broken in (1600+ miles) and I'm working on some small issues. One happens to be a gearbox leak so I have the output seal and shift rod seal with me today. Gonna drop by my local indy (Kruse-Lucas Imports) since they've taken care of a number of BMW's for me in the past 25+ years including a 635csi swap into my '76 Bavaria.   Coming down the on-ramp I hear the distinctive noise of meta


Roundeie in Guibo

Getting Started

We have decided to do it right and have started disassembling the car in preparation to strip it to bare metal and start over. Thanks to my boys, my friends, and some horse trading with new friends this project is strongly underway.


kbobwhite in disassembly

Hello Again Old Friend

On August 1, 1969 My mom bought this 1600 from Hafkemeyer BMW Motors in Kansas City, Missouri.  It was her first car and it was my uncle who convinced her to buy the BMW over a Volvo at the time.  She paid $2,700.   It was sold as a demonstrator and appears to have been slightly discounted.  The black and white picture is of it in Nebraska shortly after purchase.  She named it Rocinante after Don Quixote’s horse and it brought her on her move from Nebraska to Connecticut and served as her daily


Horn in Background

engine compartment clean-up

Hello fellow engine compartment gazers....   I know I can probably score 75% on this test but rather than that I figured I would ask you all which holes you would absolutely fill before I paint.   Note the drivers side front radiator cut out is larger than normal I know that - I may have the shop fix that so my radiator no longer needs the flanges I made for it.  My gut tells me to make it original size by adding the four inches back in t


Markster in restoration

In the Begining

The journey began on a dreary September 2019 weekend. After a few road trips and some negotiation I purchased a strong running 1974 2002tii. Having owned a handful of 60's era Detroit machines I was looking forward to the challenge of a vintage BMW.    The good - Prior owner had sorted out the mechanical well. The car started, ran well, dependable, solid floors & shock towers.    The bad - Rusty rockers, front fenders and quarter panels, and the general lack of BMW knowle


MMIITII in Rust Repair

Engine plans

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my immediate drive line plans are to ditch the m10. The ideal choice for me was an m20 because nothing beats a bmw i6. Backup choice, and all around easier swap, is the m42. Facebook marketplace made that decision a lot easier for me with a $400 m42+g240 about 15 miles away.    The engine has about 200k on it so at the very least a minor refresh is in order. I decided to pull the head and oil pan to inspect everything. I'm glad I did. No catas


nc325ic in Stage 1

EFIing an M10

So this issue of EFIing an old M10 motor comes up repeatedly from time to time and so I thought I could bring my thoughts about this together. I don’t know if there’s already a blog entry or write-up, so… sorry if repeating. Please feel free to add all your info, opinions and experience to make this a helpful content for later readers! Talking about the reasons for EFI doesn’t make sense here I think. Let the pros-and-cons discussion take place somewhere else.   Fuel supply (


Henning in EFIing an M10

Efi progress

Been a while since my last post, been slow going for a bit through the winter and broke my wrist mid January. Anyway back to work on the efi swap. I turned some plugs on my lathe to plug up unused ports on the m20b25 throttle body. Got my ecu and am starting to build the harness. I made a harness with rope so I can pull it out and measure/ build it on the bench rather than fight it in the car. Got the relay box almost done now just waiting for some pins for my connectors of the correct gauge for


twinnr1523 in Efi

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