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  1. Tsingtao_1903

    Euro front signal light conversion

    and the other one could not be reached due to vacationing in the Bahamas.
  2. Tsingtao_1903

    Euro front signal light conversion

    We have four optical engineers at work. Out of curiosity,I asked the head guy about using a "mirror" versus a "white" reflector. Mirror reflector directs the light in the direction the reflector was designed to do. A white reflector diffuses and scatters light. Adding the effect of the lenses, it's hard to tell without extensive modeling. He said as optical engineers, they design, model and test to very specific light beams and patterns required for the product. Not too helpful.
  3. Tsingtao_1903

    Phone holder - Part deux

    No, that would be beyond my meager ability. The clamps/grips are chamfered to pull the phone back.
  4. Tsingtao_1903

    Euro front signal light conversion

    Great job. But, euro lights are notorious for being difficult to see head on. The reflector is there for a reason.
  5. Tsingtao_1903

    Phone holder - Part deux

    So, I dropped my phone a few weeks ago. It was damaged beyond repair. My new phone now wears an "impact resistance" case that is pretty hefty being mostly rubber. The previous phone holder will not hold something this big.... Below is the new design with articulating arms. The weight of the phone causes the bottom of the slider to move down, pulling the two arms up to hold on to the phone. A spring pulls the slider up when the phone is removed. Current design will hold phones up to 1/2" thick. 2-7/8" to 3-3/8" wide. IMG_4249.MOV
  6. +1 I've been watching the Italian's equivalent of Craig's List for about two years now looking for a spare wheel for my set. There are multiple sets of 4x98 campys for sale at any time. 4x100, not so much. Also, I am extremely wary of unknown restoration of campys. I prefer to find unrestored set with the labels below and go from there.
  7. These wheels appear to have been heavily powder coated. Typical cure temperature for powder coating is around 400F. IMHO, that is just a tad high for magnesium.
  8. I thought Fiat bolt pattern is PID 98? I do know BMW and Opel bolt pattern is PID 100.
  9. Tsingtao_1903

    CAD Models

    Have a friend with a 3D printer?
  10. Tsingtao_1903

    tii clock

    There are no Motometer Kienzle markings on the dial. Appears to be a newer reproduction. GWLS
  11. Tsingtao_1903

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Perhaps adding a few little gaps will help?
  12. Tsingtao_1903

    Italian Turn Signals gone chiaro!

    The amber color is just a coating.
  13. Tsingtao_1903

    ti(i) Clock

    I'll take this one. PM you.
  14. Tsingtao_1903

    The Rabbit Hole of AC

    The 17.5" includes the blower. Perhaps the blower can protrude over to the passenger foot well area like the Clardy's? The one dimension not shown is the height. There is not much vertical room in there because of the heater assembly and that the transmission tunnel slopes up toward the firewall. Keep us posted and good luck.
  15. Tsingtao_1903

    Am I caught in a Behr trap?

    I think you are on to something. But, I would be much more concerned with the power/current rating of such a switch. When I was on the Behr set up, the switch would get really hot - painful to touch hot. This was the reason for me to "switch" over to a PWM type.