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  1. Tsingtao_1903

    Gauge pod options?

    Here is one for two gauges.
  2. Just came across an eBay listing for a set of Campys showing the same wheel cap style. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FERRARI-Dino-246-GT-Campagnolo-wheel-set-206-GTS-RARE/223339750097?hash=item34001622d1:g:T08AAOSwyn1cR-n2
  3. Tsingtao_1903

    Show me your driving lamps

    We built these. 60 Million candlepower.
  4. I've already emailed seller if he can help find another set. If he does, it has your name on it.
  5. Hello Steve, I bought these from a seller in Japan. He said they came with his Datsun S30Z. A bit of a language barrier. I am not sure which Campy wheel model. Best regards, Trieu
  6. Not there yet. Only got this far.
  7. I am still counting my lucky stars. Just came across a set: 56mm, brass alloy, raised letterings, enamel/paint, Campagnolo blue, italian flag stripes.
  8. Tsingtao_1903

    Phone holder - Part Trois

    Previous versions were unnecessarily complicated. This version is simple. The wall is now wider and thinner - more flexible for mounting. file is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3531308
  9. Tsingtao_1903

    3D printed exhaust hanger insert

    I changed mine to all metal hot end - DIY-able. Printed PETG at 245C. My new printer allegedly can print up to 300C. Have not had time to test.
  10. Tsingtao_1903

    3D printed exhaust hanger insert

    Done. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3066589
  11. Tsingtao_1903

    45 hr and 58 min

    Took pictures of the top, side and bottom profiles of the grille. Imported in to SW. Hand traced and created the splines from the pictures. Created constrained surfaces from the splines.
  12. Tsingtao_1903

    45 hr and 58 min

    I came across an opportunity to purchase a larger 3D printer at a significant discount. Went for it. The size of the new printer allows me to attempt modeling the grille with its various surfaces, planes and splines. 45 hours and 58 minutes of printing. Voila. Side by side. Fit check.
  13. Tsingtao_1903

    3D Printing, Sunroof Cables, and Hate

    Move to Alaska?
  14. Tsingtao_1903

    3D Printing, Sunroof Cables, and Hate

    +1 They did that to a couple of my models. They appear to tolerate: "such and such item fits BMW 2002".
  15. Tsingtao_1903

    Need help buying parts for my scooter restoration.

    I'll do it. PM me for address.