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  1. Tii Clock Repair Revelations

    If BLUNT can ship ice cream, you can ship pies
  2. Tii Clock Repair Revelations

    50 cents and one of your pies. Deal?
  3. Tii Clock Repair Revelations

    I machined these from nylon 66 stock to feed my clock habit (ehr, I mean hobby ). The one on the left is for the red circled pins. One on the right is for blue circled pins.
  4. Tii Clock Repair Revelations

    I attempted to repair 2 late Tii clocks with the circuit board. One was dead electrically. With no circuit diagram and no parts list, no hope of doing anything. Also, the magnetically suspended balance wheel (pendulum) got out of whack. It could not be adjusted back in place. The other was good electrically. Two of the nylon gears were not engaging correctly. Some disassembly, readjustment.... It is still running and keeping good time.
  5. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I filled up once and now still have half a tank left.
  6. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thanks. I knew the serif font would get your attention
  7. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I wanted to jazz up the horn button on my Petri wheel.....
  8. Technically, it's the Hurricane 2100 with the electronic controls instead of cable controls. I originally thought it was similar to the 1000. Now, I am reasonably sure that it is the 2100 inside unit. One of the members here stated that he purchased the unit in the post below.
  9. advice on AC for my white 2002tii

    I fitted a 12x18 in there. But, it was a major struggle and I had to trim the mounting flanges of the condenser on both sides to clear the horn brackets. I also damaged said condenser in the process. I now have a 10x18. Still have to trim the mounting flanges on both sides of the condenser. Did not have to cut the horn brackets.
  10. Euro turn signals

    PM is best. I can ship on Monday. Thanks.
  11. Euro turn signals

    $87 including shipping. CONUS only. Chrome is okay with some pitting and brassing. Brackets have some rust. Passenger side lens has no cracks. Driver side lens has a small crack in the front and a small crack in the back. Please see pictures.
  12. Paint matching tool / scanner

    Color measurement/matching is one of the harder things we do at work. We use the Konica Minolta FD-7 and Konica CM-700d. "Accurate" is a very relative term. It depends on surface gloss, texture, and opaqueness of the paint.
  13. 1602 Cluster Clock Troubleshooting?

    It appears that a good slug of the original low melt solder is still there. Get a small flat blade screw driver and try to move the copper/brass spring contact to sit in the "V" trough. Heat up your solder gun and reflow the solder slug. Also, make sure that you blow out any excess clock oil with canned air. Excess oil will trap dirt and will gum things up in a hurry. Have fun.