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    Good job taking the buckets apart. Mine fought me all the way. If you need to replace the pressed in studs, PEM self-clinching stud FH-M5-20 is a very close match.
  2. I found this interesting little video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbxI4rMY_wM
  3. Picture of the back.
  4. Hello, I interpret your "coarser and rescessed" description to mean without the extra diffuser filter/lens. That would be the lens for the stop light. On my '72, the lens with the extra diffuser filter/lens goes on the outside. The clearer lens (stop) goes on the inside. Good luck,
  5. I like the purple theme. How did the previous owner color the grilles and the wheels purple??? Welcome to the forum, Alp!
  6. Replacement seals are expensive, but, still available. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/seal-lt/63138454110/ https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/seal-lt/63138454111/ GLWS
  7. Looking for a functional Behr evaporator/blower unit for a 1972 '02. Thanks,
  8. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Wow. I also hate it when my wife is smarter than me. (She often is). Cheers,
  9. Reminds me of this scene. The bad guys infused adamantium to his skeleton structure. Imaging your 2002 with adamantium
  10. I measured mine. They are 56mm. Do you offer the 56mm version? Thanks, Trieu
  11. I thought i recognized the low roof lines and cracks in the back driveway. My previous house looked almost identical. Very typical North Texas. Welcome to the "hood". Best regards,
  12. These cars are fairly easy to work on. It pretty much depends on how much time and money you want to put into it. Your rear long style bumper is a little dented and crooked. Should be an easy fix. The one of the rear over riders is missing the rubber piece. Should be easy to find on this faq. Sorry, not picking on your wonderful find, just wanting to point out the things that can be fixed rather easily and not having to take the car to the shop. I notice your license plate is TX. I am in Frisco. PM me if you are going to be in the area. Best regards,
  13. Solid looking car. Great find. Are you missing the gas pedal? Make sure you still have the two little nubs on the floor. Use search on this board for any thing and subject you run across. Also, there are plenty of very helpful and very knowledgeable folks on this board. All the best,
  14. PM sent.
  15. Nice. My story went the other way: Bought the car from an one-owner who also claimed he had not seen the title in years. Went to the DMV. DMV lady said you don't have a tittle, go to a different DMV. Went to that DMV, DMV lady said you don't have a police stolen vehicle inspection report. Scheduled the stolen vehicle police officer who came to the house on his lunch break to inspect the car (went way out of his way like 30 miles. Nice guy). Filled out the inspection report. Back to the other DMV. DMV lady said you need a title bond. What??? Went and posted tittle bond for the car. Back to the second DMV. DMV lady was happy. Filled out some forms. Went back to the first DMV. DMV lady was happy. Took my forms, my check, smiled and gave me the plates.