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  1. 2002 wonderment ......

    "Talk to the hand"
  2. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    That's an angle finder.
  3. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    IMHO, this appears to be a very cheaply built board: No strain reliefs for the wires especially since the wires are not fed through the other side, no through the board mount or header for the daughter card, no conformal coating, using header/jumpers instead of DIP switches, no gluing to support/buttress larger components from shock and vibe...
  4. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    A typical USB port only needs four wires. Without knowing the schematic, it is possible that two pads can share the same copper trace, or not.
  5. so, what's inside a USB 123?

    I think only four of the eight pads do anything electrically. The other four pads are only for mechanical anchoring to the board. Look around the place where the USB daughter board was pulled off to see if there are any copper traces underneath the green solder mask. If you see them, gently scrape off the green solder mask to expose the copper underneath. Glue the USB daughter board down and then solder the leads to the exposed copper traces. When done with the soldering, goop the base of the USB board with silicon caulk to prevent it from moving/vibrating. Good luck
  6. Alpina A4, A4S for Tii

    Found this old post while researching Alpina history for one of my projects. Fascinating read.
  7. Yes, the lamps are mounted directly to the body.
  8. interesting compact aircon system

    Good questions. The depth of the unit is not shown. I would guess it to be around 250mm based on the other shown dimensions. You may want to build a cardboard model and fit check.
  9. interesting compact aircon system

    Thanks for the link. Dimensionally, it is short enough to fit under the heater box and narrow enough not to interfere with the glove box. Interesting.
  10. The problem with driving a small car

    Silly moose. That's a train crossing sign. Moose crossing is at the next stop light.
  11. Mecum 1970 2002

    I have nothing to do with this. Nit pick away. https://www.mecum.com/lots/HA0418-324107/1970-bmw-2002/
  12. 74 tii clock

    Yes, one of these.
  13. 74 tii clock

    60mm VDO Kienzle clocks will fit into the opening. Keep in mind that you will have to fab up some kind of shroud, wire harness and the connector to plug into the back of the gauge cluster.
  14. North to Alaska

    Beautiful. Looks like a stop on the side of Seward Highway.