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  1. Bob, you are correct. I contacted the seller out of curiosity. This is his reply: "The area you mentioned is corroded, probably 1/16 deep at the deepest. That area was not under a wheel weight."
  2. You are a man of exquisite taste
  3. Can't tell for sure from the picture. It appears to me that's where the lead weight was attached. What is there now could be gunk build up behind the weight. If it were disintegrated chunk of material, I think the plastic sticker would be lifted up at the broken edges. (Pure conjectures on my part). Ask the seller to provide closeups if you need to know. PS. If it were corrosion, magnesium corrosion looks like white bloom similar to dried up salt water. I should know, I have a set
  4. Not mine, no association. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Campagnolo-13x6-BMW-Opel-Ragno-Wheels-set-of-4-Excellent-with-Lug-Bolts-/292068217242?hash=item44009f519a:g:80kAAOSwSlBY0e4y&vxp=mtr
  5. other

    Converted a 60 mm non-Tii dash clock to a desk clock. Klunk tick tick.
  6. other

    Made a shroud for my dash clock out of a scrap piece of oak.
  7. If you don't have to have OEM, try google "knurled thumb nuts" M5, M6 or what ever size you need.
  8. Wise advice. I am only wanting it for the sounds it makes. I am wearing a fitbit with an iPhone strapped to my hip hacking away on a computer screen. The last thing I worry about is if I have the correct time
  9. On my '72, there is no bushing for the gas pedal. However, there is a nylon sleeve that goes over it.
  10. Well, the people who repaired your clock obviously did not pay sufficient attention to notice the two jewels. By extension, their "repairs" were less than thorough. Having worked on only two clocks, my opinion is they were solidly built (German engineering). I only had to solder the fuse for one and oiled all the gear axles for both. Perhaps I was lucky - I am just a hack. But, I think it's worth the efforts to bring these things back to life and enjoy them. Good luck with your decision.
  11. My clock is ticking away in the car. On a whim, I bought a non-functioning klunk tick tick clock on Ebay for $20. The poor thing was very dusty on the inside. Hooked it up to 12V and the klunk was there, no tick tick. So, I applied tiny bits of "Moebius Multi-Purpose Lubricating High Grade Swiss Oil" to all anchor points of the moving gears. The clock is now klunk tick tick away on my book shelf. I plan to convert it to a desk clock just to hear the sounds. While there, I took a picture of the two jewels.
  12. Interesting indeed. Can you pull out the two banana plugs and take close up pictures of the receptacles and the banana plugs? Most of the radios of this vintage have tiny custom audio connectors. Why use big honking banana plugs?
  13. I have a passenger side wiper arm. It's painted black. You can have it - free. PM me.
  14. I am not an expert. Below is the extend of my knowledge. 1) 71 and 66 are not the manufacturing years. I do not know what they mean. 2) The ones with the flat lenses are known as Euro turn signals. 3) The one with the plastic reflector comes with the bulging amber lens to enhance visibility Notice how the location of the lamp socket also extend out toward the lens. This is the US turn signal. 4) I've not seen the metal reflector that comes with a single bulb and with only one spring contact in one of your pictures. Typically, there are two lamp sockets. The large one in the back is for turn signals, the one in the front is for indicator/driving light. 5) There is also a US turn signal with the metal reflector extended out toward the lens. But, the locations of the lamp sockets are the same as the Euro style. GLWS
  15. Take your two side console pieces and stand them up with the "straight" side down. The two flat sides at the top fit just right under the dash. The piece with a hole in the center is the surround for a manual shifter; It is missing the rubber boot. This part fits in the long, lower sides of your two console pieces. The guy you bought from probably was thinking converting to manual shift. Below is a picture lifted from the internet.