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  1. I also could not find the original post. Anyway, the STL file is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3382866
  2. Please put me down for a set. Thanks.
  3. Previous versions were unnecessarily complicated. This version is simple. The wall is now wider and thinner - more flexible for mounting. file is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3531308
  4. Took pictures of the top, side and bottom profiles of the grille. Imported in to SW. Hand traced and created the splines from the pictures. Created constrained surfaces from the splines.
  5. I came across an opportunity to purchase a larger 3D printer at a significant discount. Went for it. The size of the new printer allows me to attempt modeling the grille with its various surfaces, planes and splines. 45 hours and 58 minutes of printing. Voila. Side by side. Fit check.
  6. No, that would be beyond my meager ability. The clamps/grips are chamfered to pull the phone back.
  7. So, I dropped my phone a few weeks ago. It was damaged beyond repair. My new phone now wears an "impact resistance" case that is pretty hefty being mostly rubber. The previous phone holder will not hold something this big.... Below is the new design with articulating arms. The weight of the phone causes the bottom of the slider to move down, pulling the two arms up to hold on to the phone. A spring pulls the slider up when the phone is removed. Current design will hold phones up to 1/2" thick. 2-7/8" to 3-3/8" wide. IMG_4249.MOV
  8. The 17.5" includes the blower. Perhaps the blower can protrude over to the passenger foot well area like the Clardy's? The one dimension not shown is the height. There is not much vertical room in there because of the heater assembly and that the transmission tunnel slopes up toward the firewall. Keep us posted and good luck.
  9. Started out with the vague notion to make a phone holder. I already have a design for a clip to hook on to the lip of the dash from another project. So, how hard can it be? Modeling this guy was straight forward. The piece tilts up and in toward the driver. After 14 hrs of printing, I was rewarded with this mess. It turned out that the part printed as one piece was not did not have all the printed layers in the ideal alignment to take any amount of mechanical stress due to the shape of the part. Plan B. Broke the design up into pieces. Many many hours later since I still am horrible at 3D modeling. Each piece can be printed individually. Total printing time should be about 4 hrs. Many many prints later for fit check since material shrinkage was next to impossible to predict. Voila, the clip worked perfectly. The holder held. Life is good.
  10. Lovely project. Glad I was able to contribute a tiny bit. Your Bristish root is showing. Frogeye Sprite in the UK, Bugeye Sprite in the US. ;D Best regards, Trieu
  11. The Ti clock is a rare thing. It is essentially a Tii clock; but, with the chrome bezel and the script Kienzle. A faq member was looking for one... I have a look-a-like clock. It has the klunk-tic-tic movement, the chrome bezel and the script Kienzle. However, it did not have the correct wire harness, the shroud and the mounting hardware. The shroud was modeled and 3D printed. The thumbnut was also modeled and 3D printed. I added the extra large chamfer to help with the blind installation. The 3-pin clock connector was also 3D printed to make the harness. The clock housing was drilled to accept two 8-32 pressed in studs. I made a little brass die to help with the studs installation. The clock was oiled, assembled and being run on the power supply to check timing.
  12. Much easier the second time around. Bought a set of wheel hub caps to use as inserts. Modeled the horn pad. Printed the bits.
  13. I am about to take the unit apart and rebuild it. The reason? For the last few months, I have not been able to come up with a suitable design for the center console faceplate that would also allow for a radio. Last week, while staring at it, it dawned on me that if the unit was about 1" taller and the drain hole location was 1" further to the right, the existing Behr center console faceplate would fit perfectly. Hey, when I first built this thing, my only concern was to wrap as small as an enclosure around the evaporator as possible. Live and learn.
  14. Had some time on my hands. Wanted to try two things: 1) Use plywood as the raw material, and 2) Try CA glue to get the glass-like finish.
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