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  1. Isn’t there a manufacturer’s code on each light that tells the date it was made? I’m trying to find lights to match the year of my car.
  2. Do you know what year these were made? Thanks
  3. +1 what Steve said. Using real seams )and a very good upholsterer) can get you very close to the look of the early-ish seats. If you have a really early seat with the faux stitching embossing, SMS Auto Fabrics says they can do it-- thought I have not seen a sample. SMS also has what I think is a good match for the early basketweave. It has a lot of depth and you can really see the 'weave'. A lot of newer stuff just has shallow squares punched in it. You are lucky that you are looking for black. If I were you and I had 4/6-- which I believe is 2/3-- of a good interior I would keep hunting for good used seats/material. I am looking for the really early 'UPS' brown material-- almost impossible. Good luck Michael
  4. Uli, do you happen to know the measurements of the two Gossen tachs with chrome rings? Especially the one fitted in the instrument cluster-- both bezel size and body size. I am interested in doing something similar-- was it difficult to move the speedometer? Thanks Michael
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I am definitely keeping it period correct for '67-'68. The IE, Kooglewerks, and Turbo gauge pods are very cool but too modern looking for my purposes. That Jaeger 3-gauge pod is clearly the one in my first picture so thanks for ID'ing it for me. I too have a separate tach that's meant to be mounted on the steering column, so that would complete the look. There's a 'new' one on Ebay UK now but it seems pricey to me at 105 pounds-- https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jaeger-universal-triple-car-gauge-dash-mount-holder-pod-Nos-for-52mm-gauges/253987602135?hash=item3b22d73ed7:g:LiIAAOSwzXJb8TPN There are early Alpina versions that do not have a notch cut out for the ridged dash. Anybody know when Alpina first started using this style?-- Last but not least saw this picture of a very cool pod used on an NK--
  6. Some of my favorite seats, proportioned very well for the 2002. What do you think those gauge pods are on the dash?
  7. I'm looking for a period-correct-- or correct-looking-- gauge pod for my '67 1600. So no ABS/plastic. I really like the one in this picture of an Alpina 1600ti race car, though I don't think the gauge pod was Alpina-- Also in this '68 Alpina parts display photo they seem to show a gauge pod that is more rounded than their later ones-- Anybody know anything about these, or something that might look similar? Anybody with the skills to make one? Michael
  8. @grbbenny Do you know the name of that BMW dealership in Calgary? I just bought a '68 1600ti out of Alberta and I'm trying to track down as much of its history as I can. Apparently the original owner said he purchased it at the 'first' BMW dealership in Canada-- but it might have been the first dealership in western Canada. I'm not sure if it was Calgary or Vancouver. The dealership raced the car for a year or two before selling it. Seems like the kind of dealership that would order two Alpina cars. Thanks, Michael
  9. A seemingly harmless programming glitch... but is this where the rise of the machines starts?
  10. Barney, how do you like that style of mounting bracket for the Marchals? Does it hold them firmly without jiggling? I like where it positions the lights but I have the larger driving lights so even more of a concern. Car looks fantastic! Michael
  11. Sadly he's the only one who responds to my WTB ads...
  12. Coupe King not exactly known for bargain cars, I guess the same applies for parts. Cool stuff though...
  13. BTW, here's the same piece NOS for $140-- http://thepaddock.xyz/store
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