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  1. mccusername

    1970 marine blue interior pictures - help

    @69Bimmer02, did you source your carpet from GAHH as well?
  2. mccusername

    1968 BMW 1600ti

    Very interested. PM sent.
  3. Where are you located?

    1. mccusername


      Well I live in Los Angeles, but I also spend a lot of time in Connecticut and that's where I have room for old cars. You can email me at


  4. mccusername

    matching numbers ?

    Makes sense-- getting to Sparta, MI to see it was a barrier for me. I'm running out now, but I will PM you later.
  5. mccusername

    matching numbers ?

    Karl, I am interested. Where is the car now? Thanks, Michael
  6. mccusername

    FS: Rebuilt 2002 Steering Box (keep your core).

    Any chance it’s a 1967?
  7. mccusername

    Petri Sport Horn button

    I’ll take it. PM coming
  8. mccusername

    Scheel Seats for Sale

    Are they Scheel 400s? No headrests?
  9. mccusername

    292 cam in a 1600

    Yes, I think that's part of the fun and a characteristic of the 1.6 that I want to keep. Otherwise I would have just gone with a 2 liter. I don't mind power being moved up in the rev range but I do like a smooth idle so hopefully will be able to tune for both. Re: the smaller ports of the 118. I know Alpina sometimes bumped up the size of the intake and exhaust valves a little bit when they modified the 1.6 engine, but I'm debating that. More flow but less velocity? @Oldtimerfahrer One of my concerns with the 300 cam is that you can't go back to a stock cam in the same head. But this engine block is not original to the car anyway, so I figure if it ends up being too aggressive for me, I can sell the engine and try something else.
  10. mccusername

    2002 Beauty Shots

    My 1600 waiting for a heart transplant.
  11. mccusername

    292 cam in a 1600

    For everyone who's on the edge of their seats-- I'm going with the 300 degree Motorsport cam. Everything else I'm doing is period correct so I think it's cool that you can still get the cam that BMW and Alpina offered as a performance upgrade at the time. With the DCOEs tuned properly and a 123 distributor, I'm hoping I can still get a smooth engine. Will update.
  12. If by chance you sell all the gauges, I would be interested in the housing. Thanks Michael
  13. How is a cabriolet cluster different from the sedan’s? Thanks, Michael
  14. mccusername

    292 cam in a 1600

    OP here. I have tracked down correct 1600ti manifolds-- it is tricky, though. Most of them I came across had been bored out to work with the 2 liter, which is a damn shame. I also found some 1800ti ones which would work, but I'm being picky about appearance. Thanks for all the opinions on cams-- decision day tomorrow.
  15. John, do you mind sharing which shop you sent it to?