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  1. mccusername

    help with Weber indentification

    It's a part car that turned out to be Nevada underneath but had the VIN of a Bristol car. Talked about at the end of this thread--
  2. Robert, are you going to put a hole in that custom dash for the clock, or find a 'correct' dash and put a hole in it? How far are you willing to go?!
  3. Can any Weber experts identify the sidedrafts in these pictures? They came off a '69 2002 that had been sitting a long time. I'm hoping someone can tell approximately what era they're from and whether or not they're Italian. Thanks, Michael
  4. mccusername

    1968 1600

    @Conserv I don't find your exchange with JohnPeter reassuring vis a vis the impending robot uprising.
  5. mccusername

    1968 1600

    Is @Waterbird moving in on @johnpeter's territory? Has the battle of the bots finally begun?
  6. mccusername

    72 2002Tii on Hemmings

    I did not negotiate on price, or even begin to. I asked if he had more pictures of-- gasp-- the underbody because even the best of these cars rust. Me = buy the owner not the car someone else = suck up to this old fart and get a good deal on a nice car
  7. mccusername

    72 2002Tii on Hemmings

    I emailed the seller, and I might have been a bit casual, but I really, really think I wasn't rude and I wasn't trying to talk him off his price, and I wasn't putting down the car. However I did mention that I wasn't sure it was original paint, and this is the reply I got: When you begin your inquiry doubting the veracity of my add I’m dissuaded from selling my lovely car to you. You may talk to “the guy” who was going to buy it at your pleasure but for your information I found him to be dishonest. I will not be sending you any information on my car and will not be selling it to you. The paint is original by the factory and no respray or overspray. Look elsewhere.
  8. @Conserv I know (mostly from you) that all steelies came from the factory painted silver. But @Lucian I just think your wheels look really good. I have a Sahara 1600 I thought about doing the same thing
  9. mccusername

    1967 Bmw 1600

    @Lucian That's the problem-- if they're nice enough to make into something cool then they're too nice to make into something cool. No body work for this one. Trying to decide between true ti clone (which for me means welding in the correct airbox brackets and putting a hole in the only-one-crack dash for a clock) and period correct Alpina dual Webers (no bodywork, but some real Alpina engine bits and steering wheel at least). Alpina bits are even harder to find. I'e got a ti clock and steering wheel.
  10. @Lucian Are your steelies painted body color?
  11. mccusername

    Types of Dashboards

    My April ‘67 build has plastic binnacle, full silver instrument cluster, non ribbed dash.
  12. mccusername

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    @adawil2002 + $8 for patina
  13. mccusername

    FS: Two (2) Getrag 235 CR transmissions

    Sorry, I meant a build date stamped into the housing.
  14. mccusername

    FS: Two (2) Getrag 235 CR transmissions

    Thanks. Great pictures but I still can't see-- is there a date on them?
  15. mccusername

    FS: Two (2) Getrag 235 CR transmissions

    Just for clarification-- it was last overhauled in the 80s? Inspection and seals happened back then too? Thanks Michael