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  1. Barney, how do you like that style of mounting bracket for the Marchals? Does it hold them firmly without jiggling? I like where it positions the lights but I have the larger driving lights so even more of a concern. Car looks fantastic! Michael
  2. Sadly he's the only one who responds to my WTB ads...
  3. Coupe King not exactly known for bargain cars, I guess the same applies for parts. Cool stuff though...
  4. BTW, here's the same piece NOS for $140-- http://thepaddock.xyz/store
  5. My '67 1600 is very original except that someone had converted it to 12v. So I'm going for a 6v look but keeping it 12v. I found the correct 6v generator and starter and I'm having them upgraded to 12v internally. Also had a 123 Ignition unit built into the case of my original distributor. Why? Um... seemed cool?
  6. Yes, a Hoffman Motors car. It has some other mid-year details-- namely a 'lined' valve cover without a manufacturing date on the back side. That is/was David's car. I wish it were Bristol-- it's Polaris. Mostly rust and dirt colored now. It's going to keep its patina for a long time. It came with Marchal headlights and Cosmic Mk 1 alloys. I'm excited to get it back on the road.
  7. My April '67 build 1600 is exactly as Slav describes-- small bumperettes in front, no bumperettes in the back, license plates lights in the bumper. It is, however, Sahara over UPS brown like Steve's, so I'm not taking sides. The 11/67 build Canadian-delivered '68 1600ti I just got also has no bumperettes in back and lights in the bumper. No way to know for sure if it's original but it does have the little chrome strips, and it was sitting 20 years and had one owner for about 20 before that. It also seems to have one amber tail light and one red one. Canadian compromise?
  8. I want to use it on my '67 1600-2, which has a longneck dif and it's original 4 sp gear box, which I believe is shared with the NKs of the same period.
  9. Do you have a shifter from an NK car-- the actually rod? Thanks Michael
  10. There are opinions, and then there's colorblindness
  11. very good to excellent driver side door panel, '73 and earlier
  12. That's the idea. It's getting pretty hard to find the right faux stitch pattern in good shape in any color. Really trying to preserve and not restore the interior of my '1600.
  13. I'm looking for the basketweave material and/or entire seats used on early cars, I think pre-71 (see photo). I'm really, really looking for the dark "UPS" or chocolate brown vinyl but interested in any color as long as it has the correct pattern and is in really good shape. Thanks Michael
  14. I'm (still) looking for a 6v starter for my '67 1600 (Bosch part# 0 001 310 010). Any condition as long as priced accordingly. Thanks Michael
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