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  1. I like the part in the description where he says you have to send him a cashier's check and then wait 2-3 weeks before he gives you the car.
  2. I doubt these flares are real either, but this car was delivered to Canada so more possibility of Alpina goodies-- perhaps that's why it got the hot engine it did. David, if you give me the car, and Steve, you give the perfect fenders and quarters, I will make the swap happen. Here's a thread about the real Alpina flares--
  3. I think the (unoriginal) flares look pretty good but something tells me there might be a tad bit of rust in the fenders anyway. The front valence looks solid-- bonus!
  4. Alpina definitely did smaller flares-- now sure when they started, or if that's what's on this car. @ClassDavid Do you have a receipt/options list from Alpina for this car?
  5. If you think you can restore it for 50k, you should buy it... 😉
  6. This particular car (the 'famous' Beaconwood '72 Agave) was definitely never presented as rust-free by anyone but the extent of the roof rust is disappointing because it's such a tricky fix. @mike I got that article from you already-- thanks! I hope it's that 'simple' but I think the roof rust in your article was a side-effect of acid stripping/paint prep, whereas I think the cause of mine is good old-fashioned leaking. The headliner all around the sunroof is stained, and the sunroof cassette has rust, at least on the edges. @TG2k2 Yes, the sunroof still scrapes a bit but the fix is easy-- leave it open and put it in the garage. I'm pretty serious about putting in a sliding Webasto style roof. This car has already been wrecked/restored/repainted extensively, it's got non-original tii engine and running gear, and about 80 pounds of vintage 80s audio gear so it's far from pristine.
  7. I'm afraid I might have the same situation under the paint--
  8. Anybody know of a good mechanic in or around Buffalo? I might have (oops I did) bought a Bavaria and I'm thinking about flying and immediately driving it 6 hours. It seems to be in could shape but I'd like to get it checked out and tuned up at least. Thanks Michael
  9. John, Short answer is-- I don't know. But this link to the German '02 club website seems to suggest they did: https://www.bmw-02-club.de/index.php/die-wagen/bmw-alpina Ein BMW 2002ti, 1970, mit dem Alpina A2-Bausatz überarbeitet, holt mit 300° Nockenwelle, Zylinderkopf-Feinarbeit und zwei 45er Weber-Doppelvergasern rund 150 PS aus 2 Litern Hubraum. Bilder aus einem 100.000km-Dauertest (!!!) der Zeitschrift mot 1971.Typische Alpina-Extras sind die Zusatzinstrumente in eigener Box und das Lenkrad. Die Instrumente selber haben das helle Innenteil geschwärzt. Der Luftfilter ist ein modifizierter Serienfilter des 2002ti, der allerdings für eine heftige Geräuschkulisse sorgt. A BMW 2002ti, 1970, revised with the Alpina A2 kit, brings with its 300 ° camshaft, cylinder head precision work and two 45 Weber double carburetors around 150 hp from 2 liters of displacement. Pictures from a 100.000km endurance test (!!!) of the magazine mot 1971. Typical Alpina extras are the additional instruments in own box and the steering wheel. The instruments themselves have blackened the bright inner part. The air filter is a modified series filter of the 2002ti, which, however, provides for a loud background noise.
  10. Here is a pic of mine-- ridges but no date stamp. Don't have a picture of the front side for some reason. Michael

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