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  3. Was Bavarian Motors on Northern Blvd in Queens still in business by '76? That's where I bought my '69--May delivery of a Feb production car. mike
  4. I had a puzzling coolant loss on my '69 at about 157k miles--no external leaks, water pump and radiator ok, good compression in all four cylinders, wet or dry. Finally found moisture on #1 plug after numerous compression tests, so pulled the head, expecting a blown head gasket. Nope...the coolant passage over #1 exhaust port had eroded 'till it met the edge of the combustion chamber, giving me inadvertent water injection. The same ports in two other cylinders were about to do the same thing. Had our local machine shop weld up the ports, using a head gasket as a template, then surface the head. Engine now as 226k miles with no further problems of that nature. mike
  5. Both my Nevada '69 and my Sahara '73 came from the factory with the hood supports hastily painted a semi-gloss black--with a brush--right over the hood bolts, so obviously after the body paint was applied but before the grilles were installed. But neither car had the panels on each side of the radiator painted black; they were left body color--ion both cases a relatively light color. I can't recall seeing a known "factory original" car with those radiator side panels painted anything other than body color... mike
  6. Nick, you coulda just bought an early roundie...IIRC when the 68's were road tested the test weight was given as 2060 lbs--actually less than an MGB... mike
  7. Thanks Mark - I'll send you a copy. Yes, I was surprised to see the delta of color too, you can ell which photos are new and which are from the earlier manual.. Jason
  8. Did you actually enjoy that? The idea of sticking something sharp in my clock hole makes me uneasy.
  9. the exhaust tip is made by ANSA Most outlets say it is NLA but if you chase down the part thru ANSA you can get it
  10. Only chrome latches! I have them but they're dried out and cracked + a ton of over spray lol whoever painted this car had to be high'...really high
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  12. I have that one. It yellows quickly, but I'm told it can be polished to remove the staining. Someday... I see a missing detail on your rear bumper assembly . You probably already know this. There are pliable rubber covers for the springs. They have been NLA forever, but I'm sure it would be a good part to 3D print and paint matte black. Or bond some rubber sheet. That would be even closer to original. I don't have pictures of the part except on the car. Nice work on your Malaga car. Looks great. Keep the pictures coming.
  13. Yes on the rod bolts and I would do the flywheel bolts also the dished head on the f/w bolts is old style metric for stretch bolts although the stock 02 doesn't stress them that much but your foot is only about 4" from the flywheel.
  14. I put a set of chrome latches on my 74 cause they look the best. Rogers tii having internet security problems? Maybe he should have been a little more customer service friendly when they call and have a problem with an order. 🙂
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  17. Polished up the new used rear window latches
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  20. Driver-quality early kidney grille. Has its share of scuffs and scrapes but both of the mounting studs are intact. $85 shipped in the continental US.
  21. Installed the rebuild LSD (again), Driveshaft with CB, and new giubo. Something is out of alignment as the giubo is being pulled back by the driveshaft but the diff hanger bracket is appears to be angled backwards (diff pulling it forward). Also installed new track rod and wishbones. And changed the crank pulley and seal. That was a huge pain in the ass.
  22. It is an M10, stock build. Will replacing the rod bolts require the rod ends to be resized? My Haynes manual says to replace the flywheel bolts, but nothing about the clutch bolts. Any thoughts on those? Thank you, Bob
  23. I purchased parts from them while in Germany. I was satisfied with the service and quality of various parts for an E34 and E46.
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