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  4. Who is doing the restoration?
  5. That's some impressive provenance, even if it's incomplete. where in the world is the car? And as others have said, more pics when you have them! Cheers, Nick
  6. I guess when you love 02's ..... well you just do! But if anyone ever makes a copy of Barneys badge.......i'm first in the queue!!
  7. Thanks Tommy - I've used realoem extensively throughout the restoration of both my 2002 and E3 - but didn't join the dots as you have on checking the starter against an M30, so appreciation for that. On that basis it should fit my E3 as well!
  8. Does anyone have one of the bmw 2002 anniversary keychains and would be willing to use a flatbed scanner and post the picture? Im trying to make a model of it so i can 3d print them. I would be willing to share the file if I can get a good model. I would also like to know how thick they are. Thanks!
  9. Sorry, there is no way to "unread" the posts. They are sported by date, newest updates at the top, but other than that, not much can be done. steve k.
  10. By feeding that BMW OE number to realoem.com you can check that it is for M30 and S38 applications which means it fits also M10 (I did, you don't need to). If it was for M40, M20, M50,... powered E34 it would have the wrong gear.
  11. I've often wondered if Mr. Bovensiepen had a hand in the development of the TiSA, possibly as a factory advisor, before Alpina was a twinkle in his eye. Bill
  12. Thanks guys for the advice - Australia is a long way from an Autozone store though 😂. Don't think we don't often envy what '02ers in N.A. have at your disposal. The part I'm interested in getting is confirmed from the part number as suitable for the cars in the attached pic. I was just hoping to establish that a starter for these cars is a suitable replacement when the time comes in the M10.
  13. The folks at Vintage Dash responded to my questions regarding Clock cutout (will be marked on back) but were still needing to figure out the gear pattern and pull switch labels. I remember my 68 did not have the labels but the symbols on the knobs. The gear pattern appears to be either a stencil, stamp or tampo decal. How were the switch markings done? Personally, I would like to find the picture knobs, but I would like to have the 5 speed pattern on the dash. Anyway, I would like to find the answer to respond to Vintage Dash.
  14. Completely agree with Ed’s statement about being blessed to have Barney close by. Barney was super generous with his time and helped my sort out several rust spots and replace the driver’s side fender on my 02 Stella. Snapped this B&W pic at Barney’s a couple weeks ago. Greg
  15. Clean said fuses, if that doesn't work at least you'll have clean fuses.
  16. It won't wick into the wire if you use a heat sink at the wire end of the connector, that alligator clip has more uses than just a roach clip, follow it with some glue impregnated heat shrink and the terminal will be stress free. Also use rosen based flux.
  17. First of all, what year car? Only squarelights have headlight relays and then only for high beams. And is your turn signal switch on the left side of the steering column, sharing duties with the high/low beam switch and headlight flasher (i.e. a squarelight)? To clear the turn signal flasher relay of guilt, try your emergency flashers. If they work properly, then the flasher relay is OK, as it's also part of the turn signal circuit. If that's the case, I would suspect a failing left side stalk, especially since you've already checked the fuses. mike
  18. Wow: three great period alloy options here! All were manufactured by F.P.S., an Italian rim manufacturer that made many of BMW’s factory and dealer-option rims. F.P.S. stands for Fratelli Pedrini Sarezzo. All are in our Wheels Database! The last one pictured above is the Italian Market Dealer Option alloy, a 5 1/2” x 13” rim. Those would be my first choice for an Italian-delivery ‘02! Regards, Steve
  19. For all those ancient Bosch connectors go here: https://www.finjector.com/eng/
  20. Chamonix ‘73 After striking a 90mm setback reference line I removed the rotten/mangled remains of the inner fender to nose flanges and welded in the solid/sandblasted flanges that I harvested from a nose I will eventually reconstruct. The salvaged pieces weren’t very large, but they were enough to address the missing/rotten flaps and the destroyed tops of the inner fenders. There’s still some welding/grinding/hammer n dolly work but they are on and in the right spots. After finishing this task up I’ll be replacing the top of the right frame rail and replacing the right wing sheet. Both fun jobs... lol I’m hoping to have a nose fitted back on the car in 2-3wks.
  21. Fresh off my '76 2002 a complete set of front and rear bumpers. Everything is there. Came off my 78k mile excellent condition 1976 2002. Price: $150.00 plus shipping which could be expensive. OBO Email steve at [email protected] Thanks
  22. Thank you Steve. Car is in the process of being reassembled so no pictures yet!! BTW, I have been reading your other posts regarding the below wheels. The first and third one is being offered to me on the car. The first one you said is not OEM and you have the second one in your car. Any info on the third one?
  23. I will be going down this path soon. Can you provide a parts/source listing? More specifically, I went through the Eagleday page and I realized that I need to have the correct nomenclature to find items. These would include the 6 pin connector, wire gauge in the correct colors, and the small connector and cap for the temp sender.
  24. I inadvertently caused all items in Forums > Discussions to be "Read" and, therefore, to be "un-Bold". Now, all items are boringly un-Bold and I can no longer easily and quickly see which items might be of interest to me. Is there a way to revert to Unread items to being seen as Bold? Or... Do I have to start over and see all new items as Bold and and old items as bold whenever they receive new posts. I hope some of the aforementioned makes sense. Thanks. Larry
  25. Yup. I bought one of these and it works awesome! So much cheaper than a Bosch starter, and it has been nothing but good the last 5+ years. It's basically a name brand starter without the sticker. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-STARTER-BMW-AUTO-TRUCK-535-SERIES-735-L6-M5-INBOARD-ENG-B630-B635-112172-/362811543986?vxp=mtr&hash=item547940d1b2
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