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  2. Fixed this for you.... Regards, Steve
  3. OP's seats are from a convertible E30 = not Recaros.
  4. Will be great to meet you! I'm trying to make sure my car will be ready but i'm away for the 3 weeks before the event overseas . Regardless, i'll be there in an 02 of some sort! I coordinate an '02 Register' for Victoria mailing list (along with the 2002 Owners, Australia Facebook group). If you would like me to add you onto the mailing list - flick me your email (usually just email about 02 drives, parts for sale, group buys, that kind of thing) Love to see some pics of your progress! Tom
  5. Good seeing you too, Steve! 👍🏻
  6. Here's a handy-dandy master list of everything with prices, if pictures aren't above ^^^ PM me and I can send you some! Sunroof parts - $70 Incomplete - Missing the long pieces, but if you're missing something - or one of these is nicer than what you have, make an offer or get spares. Sunroof cable sliders - $50 Great condition. Originally had these listed for 70, time for them to go. Pics in post above ^^. Roundie Tails - $35 Chrome is pitted, and one of the lenses is melted and detached. The plastic will shine up when polished, the metal rings will need a refinish, or sand them down and black them out. B-Pillar trim pieces - $50 each or $125 for all three (missing passenger vertical piece) Shines up nice, a few tiny scratches/nicks. Looks great from 3-4 ft. Early-ish Seat Rails - $200 OBO Not the front lever ones. Some rust, but not too nasty, will clean up easily with evaporust or a blast. These are the rails that have the bent down tab in the front. Complete with bolts etc. These need some lube but work well. Black Vinyl Seats - $150 OBO I had these listed for parts, but I decided to clean them up and they're actually not terrible. A new driver's seat bottom and these may be good to go. All the functions - function: recline, push forward, headrests click up and down. Could use a spray of lube to smooth it all out, but it all works. Red Tip Antenna - $75 Pretty good condition, some pitting but shines up well enough to look good from 5ft. Doesn't retract. Chrome Front Bumper - $250 The bumper shined up really nice. It has two holes drilled for fog lights in the center section. And two small dents hidden by the license plate bracket. Chrome Rear Bumper (long sides) - $100 Some rust holes in the center section - the holes are right next to the passenger side over-rider so its not terribly visible, but it's there. There's also one hole in the over-rider. Good enough to run while you find another center section because the sides, while the inside is a bit rusty on the passenger side, are good. Driveshaft from 1971 - $60 Will be pulling this very soon. Looks like surface rust. Rear Diff 1971 - $50 OBO Unknown condition other than it exists in our physical universe. Bottom-End Motor - $150 for the whole thing OBO Unknown condition, it spins, but we haven't pulled it apart yet to see if everything is good. Flat top pistons - stock size. I'm planning on pulling it apart and parting it out, but let me know if you want the whole thing. I'll crate it up if you arrange shipping, or you can come and scoop it up. Windshield Surrounds - $75 ea Have rust around your windshield? Well somehow my rusty everywhere parts car doesn't. There's a bit of surface rust in the rear but the front is pretty much perfect. I guess I can ship this on a bus or fedex, we'll weld on some bracing to hold it square before sawzall city. Roof with a hole in it - $50 I think this is called a sunroof. You'll get the roof minus the top part of the windshield surround… not sure if that works for putting a sunroof on a slicktop, so if that doesn't work let me know. Trunk Lid - $25 Rusty in the center rear where the trim mounts. Not much material left on the inside edge. Frame Rail - $150 ea Both are straight and relatively solid. The driver's side one has the top piece rusted away – damn battery. Bolt in Battery Tray - $25 Pretty darn nice considering the rest of the car. Gas Tank 1971 - $50 Still has gas in it and there's not a gas puddle in my driveway so it holds gas still. I think this will have to be pickup only, because gasoline and fire and explosions. Klippan seatbelt holder BMW 1971 - $5 Very rough, pitted and rusty. Nowhere near as nice as @Sebastian's but if you want a cheap one to refinish - here it is. Getrag 232 4-speed 1971 - $25 Seemingly doesn't shift into 3rd or 4th based on messing with it. Doesn't come with the platform, just the trans. Passenger Door - $250 OBO Bits of rust here and there, but we've all seen waaay worse.
  7. Here we go again, add seat heaters, alternator issues. Another 50 dollar prize I. The waiting. I had a guy do my front and rear seats, did a great job. I would suggest you get new elastics for the bottoms prior to starting the rebuild. Aardvark sells all the goodies, and knows his recaros.
  8. Checked my valve clearances and pulled a grenaded guibo. will mount new one tomorrow. 144D44F5-A8DA-46BC-B3B8-0BFE0F292F49.mov
  9. I went and saw the BAT car in person. It was better than it presented. Interior had great dash and seats, savable original carpet. Body was very straight, great panel gaps, no obvious structural rust. No snorkel. Surface rust everywhere, a rust hole in the valence, maybe some front sunroof drain issues. If I were going to do a full restoration anyway, I’d rather start with that one than a wrecked one.
  10. 2k2tii

    brake handle

    Another is available
  11. I brought this up with the guy on the FAQ who is reproducing BMW mudflaps. Perhaps if enough of us expressed interest he could be persuaded.
  12. $49.95 End Date: Tuesday Aug-20-2019 17:23:53 PDT Buy It Now for only: $49.95 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  13. @markmac I think the car you’re talking about belongs to @TG2k2. It’s Bristol. Mine is “Polaris”. It did stop and have a cup of coffee at SCR as I have another car there, but I’m not attacking the body in the foreseeable future. Mechanical restoration then we’ll see. I bought mine from @ClassDavid out of Alberta. It was originally out of the Vancouver area, one owner for 40 or so years, sat for 20.
  14. interesting...sunroof wind deflector with hardware, how much the cost ship to Lavaltrie Quebec Canada j5t 2v8
  15. after trying everything suggested i'm still having the same issue. it might have gotten a little easier to start but it's still a long way from being right. here's the problem one more time hoping that someone has another idea before i fold and bring it to a shop- 1. the car starts cold and runs perfectly for hours. if i shut the car off and wait 5-10 minutes it'll start right up. if i leave the car for an hour and try to start it it starts but within 15 seconds it dies. when i try to restart it it's hard starting and it eventually starts then quickly dies. this repeats for 6-7 times then it finally starts and i can drive off. 2.the points, condenser, spark plugs, rotor, cap and coil are all new (it even happens with the old coil). i used a rebuild kit on the weber, set the floats, cleaned out the idle jets even though none of this was needed. there's gas in the filter, the pump works fine (and is basically new, probably has 10k on it). 3.i haven't messed with timing or valves since the car runs great otherwise. could this be timing or valves? the timing and valves were done 6k ago. 4. i've noticed there are several different condensers for the 2002. is it possible i'm not using one for a 1974? i'd appreciate any thoughts on what else i've missed or i haven't tried. thank you.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Bought a cheap set of Amazon basic mats for about $25. The rears fit perfectly. The front driver took a bit of trimming but seems to do the job. Had to cut a chunk out for our wonderful pedals. Not even close to Coco mat custom appearance, but looks passable and keeps the Oregon rain and mud off the carpet. If I begin to hate them, I am only out $25.
  18. Had a good day, saw two cars today running errands around Redondo Beach. First saw a tricked out blue square tail with box flares, and later in the afternoon saw a beautiful restored looking Touring in FFFerona, both within blocks of my home. I would have taken pics but using my phone while driving would be against the law.
  19. I did these. Take special care when installing the heater elements not to fold them over onto themselves or they will overheat and burnout. One heater was burned out when I bought the seats and it is not easy to find and repair the break. New gas springs, ~$40 each x 4 per seat.
  20. Just shim the pressure relief spring using this diagram or a washer ground to fit. Should get about 60 psi at 4000 rpm and at least 30 psi at idle. Be keenly aware at cold oil temperatures to keep the RPMs below 3000 RPMs as you will have over 100 psi. In effect, you drive by the oil pressure gauge. I did this also on my S14 and I have run 15W-50 or 10W-40 Mobil 1 without ill effect in 139K miles.
  21. As to the seat heaters, PM me later and I will dig out the installation instructions and copy of the ETM wiring diagram....You need to have sufficient amperage to keep your lumbar warm....... When you take them apart make sure to take pictures of the wiring routing as it will drive you crazy trying to get it right when it comes to re-assembly.
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