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  2. Drove 997.8 miles from Brunswick Maine to Jim Denker's in Kettering Ohio in 13 hours Thursday September 20th. Met up with my friend Dohn Roush at the US Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio Friday, What an amazing collection of planes! Then Jim and I caravanned to a gas station to meet up with other Rivertown Gearbusters. After everyone showed up we were off to Sabbath Song Farm In Brooksville Kentucky. Jason Gipson set a brisk pace on the winding back roads which were an absolute delight to drive at speed. We arrived at Sabbath Song Farm at dusk and were greeted with a hot meal and shared stories of our adventures. Saturday was the actual Ridge Run a 120+ mile counter clockwise loop of fantastically winding 55 mile an hour roads, spent most of the day in 3rd and 4th gear trying to keep up with Jason. It was challenging and fun driving Vern at 8/10ths, my tires were the real limiting factor. When it started raining, I pulled back considerably so I wouldn't have a 'moment' or close call with losing traction as I have been there done that. Had such a great time with everyone, so wonderful to spend quality time with my Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & Kentucky friends known as the Rivertown Gearbusters.
  3. 2002Scoob

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    It's an every 2 year ordeal. It's a relatively simple process minus corrosion issues, as long as you haven't touched, modified, removed, upgraded anything... And I'd done all those things. haha.
  4. alumanorm

    Beautiful 1800 Neue Klasse for sale

    I love Bring a Trailer but not the readers comments section. Here is whats happens alot: This is about a super clean Alfa GTV ending today. I'm glad the he didn't mention the BMW 2002 crowd:) " I went thru most of the comments, starting from the earliest until the last 20. Then I had enough….Wow, what a bunch of tire kicking, accusatory, pessimistic, commenters who seem to have converged on this auction! I thought the early 911 crowd was bad. That crowd is constantly complaining about what is original and what isn’t, as well as how the early 911 market has gone too far. The Alfa crowd takes pickiness and Seller intrigue and suspicion to another level.Whether this car drives like a dream, or does not, the key to its value is its rust free body and originality. And both of these things are here in spades on this car"
  5. Jeff Zanassi

    FS. Loads of 2002-2002Tii Rare Parts

    How much for dash? Also for complete beltline trim set?
  6. cscmanagement

    FS. Loads of 2002-2002Tii Rare Parts

    "One Piece Dash in Perfect Condition"...price?
  7. Roark

    Hundreds of 2002 and 2002 Tii Rare Parts

    Hi Harry, I was able to find those parts, thank you. Cheers
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  9. mlytle

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    i was hoping the brackets were just mockups for possible locations. that little tiny bit of aluminum left holding the light will snap off in no time. not to mention the massive beam dance from the lack of strutural rigidity. using a siphon primer bulb off a boat gas tank for a shift lever cover is...ahh...yes....interesting!
  10. g_force

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Congrats! From now on, how often does it need to be inspected? Yearly? And, is it going to be a relatively easy inspection, as long as you put it back to this set up and the car is in good repair?
  11. Still have loads of 2002Tii rare parts for sale. Exhaust Manifolds Warn-up Regulator Water Pipes Dash Clusters One Piece Dash in Perfect Condition Early and Late ModelTail lights Beltline Trim ( Hundreds of Pieces) Trim Between Tail Lights Early Model Center Grill Rocker Covers Steering Box Kugelfisher Fuel Injection Pump Wishbones CB Red Rear Light, new in box. Tail Lights Plastic Sill Plates Column Ignition Pad Shifters Pedal Box Getrag 242 Steel Wheels Every possible part of a 2002.
  12. Have you seen them yet ?
  13. Road trip

    restoration details - trunk

    What psi you using to blow the Schulz ?
  14. Bump. Registration ends Sunday Sept 30th.
  15. Bbaker

    front spoiler and early rear bumper

    I'll take them both
  16. bluehills2002

    Resistor Bypass with blue coil???

    I have this same question with respect to my ‘74. There is an article in the tech section posted by Hegedus (but written by Zenon) captioned “ignition coil myths busted” which delves into this topic.
  17. Ladies and Gents, One of our guest-writers was recently lucky enough to get a guided tour of the amazing new headquarters of BMW Group Classic and their drool-worthy collection of BMW's of yesteryear. Don your bib and enjoy the article: 😉
  18. Kidasters

    Well - I've reached my last resort on the Bultaco

    Thanks Dave - I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I'm using the Redline 2-stroke oil. I'll let you know what happens.
  19. irdave

    Talk about octane!
  20. irdave

    Well - I've reached my last resort on the Bultaco

    I've run everything 2-smoke at 50:1 for years; 32:1 is way too rich. I've had good luck with the Redline 2 stroke race oil, as well as H1R, which you can usually find at the Kawi shops. Lots of esoteric super-fancy oils out there, too. After that, if it keeps fouling the plug while idling, slow jet and mixture screw- slow jet primarily. Should never foul a plug on a 2-stroke *because* it's a 2-stroke- that's people that don't understand how to jet their bikes...
  21. Luc

    M10 Vs M42 (realistically)

    Nice set-up. I''m building a 2ltr. M10, 118i head with 38 mm outlet valves, 47mm IE inlet valves, 278/262 CatCams, IE 8.5:1 forged pistons (cost no more than stock). What turbo did you choose? As to the original question: on altitude a fuel-injected turbo motor is always the better proposition. A few pounds more boost on a M10 will eradicate the better flow of the M42 head and save a lot of work and money.
  22. Solution- Add things your motor/car that make nice sounds you're happy to hear, and save the weight! Side-Drafts. Exhaust Bumpin' sound system to drown out the above when you don' wanna hear them. Joking aside, I did the above, and still added some damping material to the rear seat-back, floor, and door panels. Seemed to help a small amount? I like my 02 noises :)
  23. EUR 20,90 Angebotsende: Freitag Okt-26-2018 11:34:46 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 20,90 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  24. 2002Scoob

    Got to be a bargain

    For a Grand, I wouldn't kick it outa' bed. Come with me little '02. I'll give you a warm dry place to sleep :)
  25. eddydoy

    Belt line trim

    pm plz.
  26. NYTransplant

    Grill slat options

    My '72 slats came painted and were quite chipped. I cleaned all the paint off with acetone. It took about an hour to soften and remove the paint. I used 1" wide 3M striping tape to redo them. They came out great and will hold up way better than paint. If you don't make any mistakes... well maybe one mistake, a 20 foot roll will get it done.
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