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  2. Any nose trim pieces in decent condition?
  3. For 71 model Please email me at Thanks!
  4. Send me photos. Text to 5O8-9three2-1288 if that's easier.
  5. How much for the exhaust extension piece and the shift boot for the earlier model 1600/1602?
  6. I write for the eBay Motors blog, and I'm curious what members think about taking on 2002 tii projects. I'm writing about this post: I'd be curious what members think, not just about this car, but about how difficult these cars are to finish. It hasn't run lately, needs an engine rebuild, probably a new transmission, too, but has a new and expensive paint job.
  7. I've decided to get my kfish pump rebuilt while the pros are still open for business. my choices are Gus Pfister and Jerry Fairchild. Fairchild pros: significantly less expensive - $800 for pump and test/clean injectors fast-ish turnaround time - maybe a month and a half? Gus pros: Seems to be considered the best by members of this forum, knows the pumps inside and out, and has been doing this for decades From what I've found online, it seems like Gus produces showroom (or as close as possible depending on the pump) quality and cuts no corners, but that comes with the ~$1400 pricetag. Honestly, I just want to get the pump into fighting form so it'll run for another 40 years, no need to be showroom worthy. Both are open to coming down on the price a bit in exchange for a spare pump that I have. All that being said, thoughts/experiences/insight?
  8. Asking 7k obo, open to reasonable offers
  9. PM'ed. I'm interested too. I live in the Bay Area, so no shipping involved. Eddy
  10. Have a good used pair with some door dings ,will not separate $400. delivered to a business.
  11. Kid Roundie is back! I have more parts for sale! I'm listing my parts at a fair price to raise some money for college. Prices are NOT firm I will negotiate a little. I am trying to raise money to put myself through college I am majoring in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Business. I'm going to school but I’ll try to answer you as soon as I can. I will take high-resolution pictures of an item you are interested in so you can see the part in greater detail. Payments are through Google Wallet, which is free to use. Please feel free to ask any questions by texting or calling to my cell phone 907 242 7671 Parts for sale: · Wiring Harness 1975 - $100.00
  12. Have cores ,can rebuild ,cover in preferred material . In L.A. will not ship.
  13. What is the problem with yours? Have rebuild in stock ,in the left coast $695. exchange. If you cannot find in the right coast
  14. I think he will be ok....BTW how's your 02 coming along? Spring is a great time to get back behind the wheel -Mo
  15. Have 2 used tii strutt housings,new vented rotors,used hubs,rebuild calipers,tii rear wheel cylinders,tii master $2400. Will not separate . If you really want to consistently stop can supply with larger rear backing plates , shoes and drums. Call do not text 818-203-0639 in L.A.
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  17. $250.00 End Date: Thursday Mar-23-2017 15:17:15 PDT Buy It Now for only: $250.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  18. Walloth & Nesch have them...
  19. Thanks for the detailed reply my main objective was to strengthen the rear towers, and box/brace the front legs to the bulkhead. I did fancy making one of the rear brace and battery trays myself though, which I've heard should be tied into the diff mounting under the car. Is this overkill for what I plan on doing with the car??? I'll do a few road trips and meets through the year! The main objective of the reinforcement is to stop parts getting stressed and failing Cheers for the help
  20. I'm looking to sell my 1976 BMW 2002. She was my first car that me and my dad bought back in 2002 ironically. We did a few things such as a 5-speed swap so we have the original 4 speed transmission, a 3.9:1 gear differential, 38/38 webber carb, 292 cam a flow master exhaust, 4 disc brakes with a Volvo master cylinder, and bilstine struts and shocks with 1.5 in lowering springs. When I was 16 I added a sound system but that was stolen while in a body shop getting some work done on the paint and to fill in (not sheet metal or replace) the LR quarter panel. An old woman backed into her in a parking lot. After I got the work done, I took it to a supposed BMW speciality shop to adjust the valves and when it was done one of the valves seated into the valve head. She has been sitting in the garage for some years now (2009) and since then rats have eaten the ignition wires, battery cables and a few other wires as well as the upper radiator hose. I need to sell it soon because my parents are moving out of their house and I don't have any storage space to put her into. She does have rust because we got her from a gentlemen in Mobile, Alabama who had her restored by Kormen autoworks which we have the paperwork and history of the car. I am looking to sell her for $7000 with the original transmission and a fully rebuilt 5 speed gutreg that's never been used since the rebuild. Please contact me VIA phone or email. My email is phone is 214-926-9391 Location is in Allen, Tx. Serious buyers only please!! There are more items available that go with the car such as original trim, dash, material used in the car for the seats, carpet and rear seats are on the trunk lid. There is a Spare tire in the trunk. This car is the perfect car to use in a project. Also will negotiate price, no low balling though please and thank you.
  21. What's the price? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  22. All suspension alignment is controlled by the mounting of the rear suspension arms to the cross member and the mounting of the cross member to the chassis at the bottom of the unit body just ahead of the rear wheels. If you are planning on converting to "Coil over" shocks you need to think about reinforcement of the "shock" towers. They were never designed to take the load of supporting the weight of the car. The chassis was designed to have the spring support in the boxed section where the stock springs are mounted. The only true advantage to "coil over" shocks is the ease of adjusting ride height. This is helpful on a race car where there is often a need to change springs and ride height at different tracks as part of the set up for best lap times on a particular race meeting. Most people on their street cars pick one set of springs (you get what Gaz sends you ) put them on the car and set the ride height you want. Very few put the car on scales and set the adjustable springs (with the appropriate weight in the driver's seat and a known amount of fuel etc) to "Balance" the car. This is obviously wasted when you put someone in the passenger seat or throw a bunch of stuff in the trunk. What I am trying to say is, "Reinforcement" is not necessarily good (or bad) depending on what you are trying to achieve. Unless it buys you strength in an area that might fail or keeps the chassis from flexing and hurting the tire's ability to hold traction all you are doing is adding weight. Also look at the tires you are planning on running, if you are running 10" wide slicks you will put a lot more strain through the chassis than you can possibly generate with any tire you might run on the street.
  23. These are sold, thanks
  24. I believe MikeS once posted that blowers from hair dryers could be fitted in the defrost ducts. That may be a cheap solution to one issue.... Cheers,
  25. Price drop $110 shipped
  26. Thanks everyone for the replies. Losing the defrost is probably the thing that worries me most. I would happily rebuild the heater box, but it really is a shambles.
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