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  2. North to Alaska

  3. name inspirations

    Since your car is Agave, maybe you could use the name of your favorite tequila. I used to like Hornitos... Cabo Wabo was good too. (El Tesoro has been taken ; ) here is a Wiki list; A[edit] Arette (1986) Avion tequila C[edit] Casa Dragones Casa Noble Camarena Casamigos (2013) Cabo Wabo Casa Dragones (2009) Casa Noble (1776) Chaya tequila Corzo Cruz Tequila (2005) D[edit] DeLeón Tequila (2008) Don Julio (1942) Dos Lunas Tequila (2006) E[edit] El Tesoro tequila (1990) Espolon (1998) H[edit] Herradura building Hacienda San José de Miravalle (1870) (defunct) Herradura (1870s) Hornitos (1950) J[edit] Jose Cuervo (1795) K[edit] Kirkland Signature Kirkland Signature L[edit] Lunazul (2002) M[edit] Maestro Dobel Tequila (2008) O[edit] Olmeca Tequila (1967) P[edit] Patron Añejo Patrón (1989) S[edit] Santera Tequila (2015) Sauza Tequila (1873) Señor Río (2009) Sol de Mexico Tequila (1950s) T[edit] Voodoo Tiki Tres Agaves (2008) Tres Generaciones (1973) V[edit] Voodoo Tiki (2001)
  4. North to Alaska

    Yep, I've been considering this for a while. The right buyer came around on the FAQ and we struck a good deal. He's in good hands. And yes, another 02 is in the plans. Stay tuned... James
  5. North to Alaska

    WHAT?? I did not see that coming.
  6. North to Alaska

    Now what? Will you get another?
  7. Have any ideas what could have caused this? odd spider pattern... the one large patch is the only one where the clear coat has a rough worn spot... the other spots feel smooth. Backstory... they were in perfect condition when I had a tire shop remove them to put on my winter set. They have been in their bags in the garage... I took them out to have them swap out and found this on two of the four. One interesting note (?) I think they were both on the fronts. I don't know whether to make a fuss and blame the shop or if it could have been due something I did wrong in storage... maybe the bags they provided had some solvent on them or ? thanks for you ideas
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  9. name inspirations

    A picture of your car might help inspire a few name ideas. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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  11. North to Alaska

    Sold Kermit today. Take care my friend. VID_59921025_203905_568.mp4
  12. Hi Harry,  I'm interested in a set of your door brakes for a 2002. Do you have any available?




    beetle910@ hot mail dot com

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  14. We have Bristol !!

    Awesome, such a milestone getting to color!
  15. Yokohama SDrive 195/50 15

    Mine are 195/45/15 S drives Wheels are 7.5
  16. tii hubs and rotors

    Up for sale is a set of rotors and hubs just taken off a running 72 tii. Rotors will need turning. $100 for set plus shipping.
  17. Is it worth the hassle?!

    Great cars but as noted trim and miscellaneous but it's gonna be hard to come by. There's no way I would import one from the UK when there are examples to be had in North America, that will certainly will be more solid. Don't worry so much about the oily bits as those are all available.
  18. new interior carpet sets

    There it is perfect!! I’ll b ordering both!!!
  19. hey alllllllllll !!! I'm starting to get more and more invested (emotionally and financially ) in my 2002. Thought it would be a good time to name her. What are some names you wish you named your 2002 but either decided otherwise or thought of it after you named it? Or what are some cool names in general? I'll probably end up naming her Charlie or Valerie or something like that. Just curious on what you guys named your cars haha.
  20. Yokohama SDrive 195/50 15

    Beautiful car. How is your ride softness at this height? I stuck with the HR spring height but am thinking of going a little bit lower in the front. However I am hesitant to lose any major ride softness by going too low. I want the car to be a daily driver if possible, or at least a few days a week.
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  22. BMW 2002 parts lot,

    Likewise, and i'm using a regular Dell desktop. Oh well
  23. Yokohama SDrive 195/50 15

    Are your rims ET25 as well?
  24. Headlight Upgrade Options

    Interesting. Tried a ninja edit, got double posted instead...
  25. Headlight Upgrade Options

    Those are them. They do get hot. I am going to change all the bulbs in the wagon over the the superbrightleds LEDs- and figure out how to, at least, get the high beams to these type of LEDs. It really is ridiculous. I really feel that anything else for the headlights is a waste of money. (Source; bitter, jaded, skeptical mechanical engineer that's bumping into 50 years old.) And beyond this, if you don't have one of the new technology flashlights ( ) then you are not aware of how far they've come. Batteries and LED technology are through the roof. (Get the neutral white LED, not the cool white.)
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