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  2. glyif

    Set of headlight buckets

    does this fit a 73?
  3. Jbaumshelter

    Set of headlight buckets

    I’ll take those
  4. Themis

    Set of headlight buckets

    For sale a nice set of headlight buckets. They were disassembled, cleaned and zinc plated. Then, assembled back with brass nuts for the adjustment screws (replacing the original, guaranteed to crack plastic ones. Unfortunately, we lost one mounting screw on the plating process, could be left as is or replaced with an ordinary bolt. I also have two set of headlight rings at an additional cost if needed, one powdercoated black, and one chrome, both perfect. Price includes shipping in the US
  5. matthewneff

    For Sale: 2002 Parts for Most Years

    Late center console ashtray by chance?
  6. bimmerdotcom

    WTB - door molding

    part is out of stock. I will let you know when available. regards, Saul
  7. mike

    Learn something every day

    No US cars came with the low fuel warning light setup; the Germans thought it would confuse American drivers to use the same warning light for low brake fluid and low fuel. All US spec cars from '68 on had the low brake fluid warning light. Only US squarelights came with the e-brake warning light switch; roundies don't have 'em. US 76 cars have an additional function on the brake warning light--a pressure differential warning--if one of the two brake systems registers lower pressure than the other (indicating a leak) the light comes on. US '76 models only. I have a choke cable scrounged from a Euro 2002 many years ago that has a built-in switch to warn of the manual choke left on. Never saw one on a US-destined car, even the early 1600s that were built before US-specific VIN runs. An old CCA tech tip suggests using a similar cable from an old manual choke Civic if you want this feature. mike
  8. saaron

    Learn something every day

    Hola - I have a euro tii - a late '72. It has the low fuel light. The sender has three wires (it looks the same as the touring pics in this thread). I can't vouch for when it lights up; that is, how much warning it gives you. In the US cars, there is the red instrument cluster telltale that says "brake" or "brake failure". In my car, the red telltale doesn't have a word on it - it is just a mesh pattern. I think the other euro tii at PVGP was the same. The red telltale also goes on when I pull up the handbrake. Pic of the top of the sender. Scott
  9. Jjmoonen

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    This If you have an aftermarket stereo and amo setup then this is definitely something to look at. Ground loops can be frustrating to track down if you don't know you are looking for them.
  10. bimmerdotcom

    WTB Bilstein 'HD' Front Strut Inserts

    Hello, We can get new ones BMW E10 Front Left or Right Suspension Strut Cartridge Bilstein B6 HD 34-000236 $210.00 each regards, Saul 800-950-2002
  11. Schnellvintage

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    One more note,,, you want to have any and all of your electrical wiring as short and direct as possible, to reduce unnecessary load on the systems. Matt [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  13. Im not exactly understanding what bolt stripped, but consider just retapping the threads one size larger and getting bigger bolts...
  14. bimmerdotcom

    Square Tail light assembly and Lens

    Hi, There is one on ebay. they are asking for $150 with a few crack on the lens. Regards, Saul
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  16. PaulTWinterton

    get those 2002's going: Hwy 1 is open !!

    I SO wanted to drive down to Monterey again this year. Almost pulled it off but too much going on at home. I was hoping or expecting the local group to put on a party for the 50th anniversary of the 2002. A low-key barbeque or something befitting our motley crew of enthusiasts. Someone should do a sticker at least "Party Like It's 2002" Fiftieth Anniversary.
  17. Jimmy

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    If I'm driving that hard, it's on the track. 🙂 My other car has stock cup holders that are about useless. They look and feel the part, but basically, if there's a cup in the holder, and you drive in a manner than would likely cause the contents of any cup in the car to spill out were it not for the presence of a lid, the cup takes a dive out of the holder and you're buying new electronic components for your center stack. I'd rather they not be there than pretend. Indeed.
  18. Thought about the problem and decided to take bar out and lengthen holes in block for a longer screw. Can use about 3/8" longer bolt which should work.
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  20. Squatch Pads

    What’s happening in Texas

    Ed, Can you please expand on what Fredericksburg is?
  21. gregory891

    Brand new OEM spare tire sheet metal

    Yes, I am
  22. golf73

    Brand new OEM spare tire sheet metal

    Before I "Mark this item as Sold" (over 6 years ago), is anyone else interested in the spare tire sheet metal? 🏁
  23. I work at a restoration shop and used the same people the shop uses. They've always been great but I'll make sure none of them have fallen off. I'll get some hub centric rings for good measure, but will see if I can track down the issue tonight.
  24. Wheels use tapered nuts. I'll double check the angle but I was pretty certain they're the same as the tapered nuts IE sent me. Definitely not 4x98 though, they came off of another 4x100 car with no issues. I'm going to investigate further tonight, hopefully something will come of it. Perhaps one of the press in studs didn't press in all the way and is causing the hub not to sit flush? We shall see.
  25. jamesb

    WTB - door molding

    I've got those, but thanks!
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