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  3. Unknown by me. The motor was built in February of 2006 - these components have approximately 10,000 miles on them.
  4. https://cleanlinescollective.com/uploads/bmw2002/datalogs/datalogs/sniper_0033.html https://cleanlinescollective.com/uploads/bmw2002/datalogs/datalogs/sniper_0033.csv So... I was able to isolate what appears to be one of the events. I filtered the data log by RPMs and found a few spots where the RPMs dipped way down. Here is one of them with some data before and after it. Does this look like one of the events to you? It looks quite strange to me. What is Diag#14? What is Estimated VE? Why does the TPS suddenly read NEGATIVE right when the RPMs reach peak low? Here's what I am seeing in this data... The RPMs start to decline as soon as you let off the gas As the RPMs decline, Diag #14 increases at the same rate, whatever that refers to The idle air valve begins to open up quite a bit The vacuum actually starts to decrease until it hits -3psi, almost atmospheric pressure The AFR goes wildly lean as the RPMs drop and then recovers to a very rich ratio... probably the computer trying to compensate I am leaning toward a vacuum leak.... What looks like a vacuum leak to me is how the vacuum doesn't seem to spike at all as you release the throttle. It just hangs there at 18 in.hg and then slowly comes down with the RPM. Seems really odd to me.
  5. Has Always sent parts after payment..Now i have an open claim against him for not sending parts i played for. No response to any messages. Won't be doing business with him again.
  6. I was looking through some forums and found this. Not sure if I understand, or if anything is applicable, but I thought I would post it. It speaks to tuning the return to idle.
  7. Just for reference here in the thread while we're talking lamda sensors, I'm told that the Bosch 4.9 sensors have better longevity than the 4.2
  8. Does $45 shipped sound fair? I don’t know what year they’re for, but to my knowledge door handles didn’t change through the years.
  9. Where did you buy the third brake light kit? It looks almost OEM. I want one, too.
  10. PmikeP

    1976 Chamonix

    Did you ever decide on whether or not you were going to sell your 2002? Thanks Mike
  11. And that would make me happy! 😀 Best regards, Steve
  12. I have a set of front and back seats for a 1975 ( these are a different style than 69 ) The fronts are black and have all the plastic covers. The backs are navy but can be dyed or vinyl painted black $450 for all you pick up in San Diego
  13. Search like this: https://www.bmw2002faq.com: s14
  14. Except for a short header, that is exacty the set up I have on my Chamonix 2002. Much peppier than my stock (32/36) Polaris.
  15. Today
  16. If there were any S14s left.... I don't know why but this search engine never seems to return the right stuff when I use it. I oddly get more relevant BMW2002faq results when I use the actual google database...... strange but true. I'll look again.
  17. A very practical and easily street motor prescription is: 9.5 :1 Compression 292 cam 38/38 with port matched manifold Long tube header Balanced Spec toleranced May produce 150 hp depending on the quality of the work Most likely it will be a little less on a dyno I believe there are dyno results out there if you search
  18. Last weekend we replaced the rear sway bar, shocks and coils. Brakes are next.I
  19. S14 block can run larger pistons, I'm running 94.5mm. The standard M10 block is safe around 90mm
  20. NH Speedometer will ask you to move the car x number of feet and count the cable rotations. I did this, and the serviced silver dollar speedo is within 1mph of GPS every time I check it. 4.10 diff and 15" 19/50's, not that it matters.... BTW hodge, the odo is gear-driven, while the speedo relies on spinning magnets Cheers,
  21. The front sway bars, struts and springs are done thanks to my friend Mike. Still need to install new tiered ends and front sway bar.
  22. Just brought home a 1973 2002Tii for my son who just turned 16. It currently runs and is completely rust free so we are just going to start by bolting on new suspension parts, rebuild brakes and chase down any electrical issues before body and paint.
  23. 30 years go, BMW built a 1350 hp engine for Formula 1 cars based on the m10 block... (well you did ask what they were capable of...)
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