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  7. Car is gone, along with all the parts except the M3 17's with new tires. Still have those if anyone is interested- they look really correct on the e36 cars.
  8. I would hope so, seeing as Tilton was able to replicate the problem.
  9. If you're just turning it by hand, the chrome, short, 12 point socket works fine. Doesn't need to be anything silly- unlike the one for the back of the tranny.
  10. Hey, the AST parts don't say anything about being the 4200 series, do they? Do you have any reason to believe they use the 4200 internals? That's the 2 way, non-remote- so adjustable compression and rebound. If so, please, please ping me on 970 to two too 9597. Proper curb strike, impact, any real high speed movement and they can explode. Really.
  11. We shall see. Really curious to see how it turns out!
  12. ,No I didn't see that one, you have it in your hand so I bow to you. Like I said the only way to know for sure is to bolt it up and give it a try, worst that could happen is a little rewelding, but I hope not.
  13. I think this is the one Jim is dragging me to, in Arkansas? I just got the new, bigger injectors in- I was at about 91 percent injector duty cycle up here at altitude on the stock 240's, so bigger. New coils for Coil On Plug showed up, and I really need to figure out how to get a radiator cap in my cooling system. But planning on being there.
  14. Wow. Used to drive the family around, that’s the best part of this reply. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Did you see in the pic where i posted inside looking at a tube-to-tube? The weld appears to have fully penetrated and is sticking several mm into the inside. It does not appear to have been fusion welded from the inside and this appears to be the penetration from the outside. Not an expert obv, let me know if im interpreting that wrong.
  16. Really Tom? :shaking head in hand emoji And did you see a couple people deleted their comments?
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  18. I was thinking of this one or the right looks like it really doesn't get into the tube much, but it's mostly the tube to tube welds that look to be somewhat lacking. I'm glad the nuts fit that's a big plus. But run it and see how it works.
  19. Yeah, heard not only parts and raw materials, but literally getting the shipping containers back to country of origin is being difficult. And that Taiwan is literally at max capacity in terms of exporting goods...
  20. I dunno these look fully penetrated to me… Also, m8 nutz for reference
  21. Yes 2 very different boats, I started working on the Squire Shop then moved to the Lincoln Thrift at that time my wife thought I could pick the boats or her, I made the right call 48 years coming up in January. I do miss building the big v12's but they went away not all that long after I quit. The turbines are not the same at all.
  22. Thanks to an incredibly generous fellow '02er I have a loaner 6025-1 cam removal tool. That's the good news. Bad news is I can't figure out how to use it! It doesn't seem to line up. If I get one set 4 tabs inserted into intake or exhaust valve rockers, the alignment of the other side seems to be off by about 2-3mm. I have, of course, tried spinning the fixture 180 degrees with no better fit. See pics for illustration of the issue. Ignore the top right rocker, I didn't have the c-clip in place. I have an E-12 '72 head if that makes any difference. What am I missing? Also, what is the function of the swing down tab on each end of the fixture that are labelled "CS 2000"? Lastly, as one would guess, the stock head bolts are nowhere long enough to cinch the fixture down. I'm therefore assuming I need to find longer bolts with the same diameter & pitch. Can anyone point me to a source for said bolts? thanks in advance Mark
  23. "you need 1 for 1 car" Love it! JasonP
  24. Imho the e28 is one of the most under rated car in BMWS line up, the chassis is one of the stiffest BMW ever made and although it's no 02 handled well and was a great hi-way car, good a/c, good ride and seats and with the 3.5 m30 plenty of power. And you can work on it with out computer aid all the problems are well documented. I sure miss mine and I'm a dedicated 02 guy.
  25. I’ve checked and adjusted the valves to .006. Pulled the spark plugs which are NGK BPR6ES and the gap on the plugs are .035 or .09mm # 2 and # 4 plugs look clean but #3 and # 1 are black and a little wet. I’m referring to firing order here. I cleaned them up and put them back in.
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