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  2. Ireland Engineering

    Bav Auto no more

    R.I.P. Bav auto
  3. 1600-02

    Trunk Lid For Sale

  4. Mark92131

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    But the Getrag 245/5 will?
  5. eBay

    BMW 2002ti Beige (1966,) 1 : 24

    EUR 35,00 (0 Gebote) Angebotsende: Freitag Mär-29-2019 19:57:54 CET Jetzt bieten | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  6. Hernan

    NIB Hirschmann Antenna SALE PENDING

    Just in case, count me as next in line!
  7. Mark92131

    Nothing like a fresh wash and wax!

    I had it painted (twice) at Classics Auto Body & Collision in Ramona CA. The painter was Carlos at (760) 788-1466. The first go around was too milky for Mintgrun, so they went back to the manufacturer's rep and they came back with another formula. Unfortunately, they didn't share it. I was also interested in getting a formula for a car painted by Coupe King that looked right for Mintgrun, but didn't get a response. Thanks for the info on the beltline trim, looks great. Mark92131
  8. rcf925

    Coolant Fitting?

    Thx, Now at least I can figure which one I need, I have 68 02 with E12 head
  9. andyleonard

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    Ahem. What I'm trying to say here is that I don't think the 235 will go in with the right-hand 4 speed bracket in place. Over/out.
  10. Ground clearence is MOT required minimum 90 mm (rules allows 50 mm). Mains are 110 Nm atm. Travel is 50-60 mm? Idk for sure.
  11. EUR 935,00 Angebotsende: Sonntag Apr-21-2019 20:36:26 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 935,00 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  12. Hans W.

    Petri 35 cm

  13. JohnP_02

    NIB Hirschmann Antenna SALE PENDING

    Have to pass. Sorry!
  14. FS: Hella red rear fog light in NOS condition. Price 140 euro shipped to US.
  15. Mark92131

    235/5 Rear Mounting Bracket

    Most of these "U" shaped brackets were designed to fit the Getrag 245/5 which is longer than your 235/5. So if you find one, it will most likely require modifications to fit your application. I am assuming that you would like to use the existing 4 speed mounting brackets for both transmissions, so you can swap them out at will. Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion on the engineering behind using the "U" shaped bracket with the Getrag 245/5, some good, some bad. In your application, it probably represents a viable way to use both transmissions without cutting up your Turbo. You may want to wait until your 235/5 is ready to go, install it for a test fit, and then either modify an existing 245/5 "U" bracket or fabricate one yourself. If your Turbo was ordered with the optional Getrag 235/5 transmission, the factory would weld the 4 speed brackets farther back in the tunnel and use a straight cross bracket to secure the rubber transmission mount. Mark92131
  16. Buckeye

    Coolant Fitting?

    someone else was hunting similar item a few days ago.
  17. As the title states, NOS with instruction pamphlet.....shipping to ConUS included.
  18. Anybody know where to get coolant fitting that goes on back of E12 head, I think it's called warm water fitting goes into what looks like pipe threads. I've been searching internet with no luck
  19. I have this E9 blower motor for sale. Tested and working. 85 EUR + 10 EUR shipping worldwide
  20. Today
  21. EUR 29,90 Angebotsende: Sonntag Apr-21-2019 20:00:10 CEST Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 29,90 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  22. Anthony has passed on them, someone make me an offer please
  23. BMW 02 E10 1600-2002 Early Series kidney grill Fits the early BMW 02 with round tail lights - Produced in the period between the first and second series Has some scratches at the bottom. 175 EUR + 10 EUR shipping worldwide.
  24. jimk

    m2 died while driving...

    Should be zero or very very close to it on a power wire!
  25. ohgodno

    Power Moves

    This happened over the course of a bunch of months. It's all the metalwork to the floor pans and trunk area. First, we removed all the sound deadening from the floors and then the cutting began. The car got three floor pans replaced with new metal, one patch we had to fabricate for the rear seat shelf, then patches on the front inner wings, and finally a few outer rocker panel patches — the inners were solid, rust treated, painted and then sealed up. The undercoating was stripped from the underside then sandblasted - and treated with POR15 (cleaner, zinc phosphate metal-prep, then POR15), the same for the inner panels of the floor. Then hit it all with seam sealer. Then we moved on to the trunk - the spare tire well was shot. We cut it out and decided to mount the spare UNDER the car like a truck (hell yes). fabricated it up, welded it in, then moved on to the gas tank surround. It had been poorly patched in the past, and we discovered all kinds of rot underneath it. So like everything, cut it out, sandblast it, make a new piece, weld it in, POR15, seam sealer. IMG_7041.MP4 IMG_7040.MP4 IMG_7059.MP4 IMG_7244.MP4 IMG_7245.MP4 IMG_7276.MP4 IMG_7313.MP4 IMG_7959.MP4 IMG_7960.MP4 IMG_8052.MP4
  26. irdave

    m2 died while driving...

    And the back of the tach plate should be ground- so the lights work...
  27. I’ve seen worse, but make a deal with antho.g4..... Regards, Steve
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