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  2. I agree, if you can afford it you should get one. The car is really stable on these lifts. The downside is that you can only really slide under it from the front and back of the car.
  3. @jgerock I did see the comments, thank you! I had that suspicion, your comments definitely helped. I am not super familiar with air cooled vw stuff, it looks like a nice plate though, with early F&S (sachs) pressure plate, so german at least!
  4. I'll take a rear view mirror assembly, door handle, and the dash cover. I still have your number so I'll text you about picking it up.
  5. Found some stamps in the head, and tried to get the A21 stamp in the block
  6. The duller finish looks more period correct for the NOS grills I have seen. What is your plan for the one you don't use or the set you are replacing? Mark92131
  7. So, got it open. Appears to be very fresh. Has NORRIS 340 sp stamped in it.
  8. The problem with a lot of seats is that if you mount them to the factory mounting points, it’s hard to get them centered with the wheel and the right height. The e30 seat comes to mind for the height thing. john
  9. Tearing into the engine soon, hopefully something makes sense.
  10. Yup! Hewland had many versions of dog boxes, the early ones were very close to bus trans, later ones were visually kinda sorta similar, but obv way beefier. Was just trying to figure out the flywheel and adapter plate, with the exhaust pointing to the rear, either someone flipped a porsche diff, or had a hewland. Or maybe a heavily modded vw case. Who knows. Like in this thing, big stuff. Did someone say bundle of snakes? Breaks parts fast.
  11. Need cranck a.c pulley for a 2002 or for a tii?
  12. Trying to get this one sorted out, and maybe there is no true right answer. I have 3 NOS grilles and 1 NOS kidney. I grabbed the L and R grilles and photographed them below. One grille has deep, mirror-like shine and came from a later run of grilles based on the packaging of the BMW box and the stickers. The other grille is much duller in luster, and probably a 20-30 year old NOS grille that was wrapped in a paper cocoon and in an old BMW box with part number stickers clearly from a different time. My kidney grille is from a more recent run of parts, and also lacks deep shine in its finish. Obviously I need the set to match very closely - but what finish do I trust. Seeing as these parts came from different periods in time and all vary, which does one settle on? Before I bond on new black slats, I'd like to hear that the experts think. I removed the lens on the p/s grille and will likely remove the other and replace both with the new lenses I have from BMW to ensure they match. Thank you, -R
  13. I picked up a cheap set of old Corbeau A4s off Craigslist Only pic I have, made an adapter with angle iron (welding required) I'm 6'6", so it being further back and lower was a huge bonus for me.
  14. Marshall, i'd email you a shipping label to send me that shift surround...please
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  16. "shoot clettus, I dunn seen deez go for twice that on Bring-a-Towtruck interweb site" Kooky malookie's # (707) 364-3878
  17. I wanted a plain looking one, got this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0082CXEI8/ Not installed yet though (shocker)
  18. My contribution: QuickJack If you don't have a lift, you should have one of these.
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  20. My only problem with the rivnut tool, is every place I want to put a rivnut, I can't fit the tool in there to install it.
  21. few nice items for people here. Always someone needing under dash panels.
  22. If the tank on my Ducati ever decides to leak it’ll be “Great Balls of Fire!” 😄
  23. I heard back from the BMW Archive group. My '02 rolled off the line May 24th, 1976 and delivered to North America on May 31st. Kinda cool to know exactly when your car came off the line. I think I'll save money and not buy a VIN plate. The number's still pressed into the steel on the passenger side quarter panel, though it is covered with paint. My engine number does not match however. Oh well, I didn't really think it would.
  24. any serious shop should have a Rivnut or Nutsert tool. Used them countless times in prepping track cars and even had a need for using it on the 02. A big two-handed tool for the larger bolts and a smaller one for tight spaces and small machine screws...
  25. Ok so the turbo is in, which solved the big smoking problem. While I was reviewing the service records, the tech found a misfire on Cyl #1. After starting it, and getting the smoke cleared out, it was clear that it had a serious misfire. The tech recommended replacing the injector, so I have ordered a refurb set of fuel injectors. They will be here in a week or two. The heavy lift is done, so it will be parked until the new injectors arrive. I did take it for a short run, and found that it was quiet, the suspension was tight. and brakes were on point. I can't wait to get it rolling. In the in between time I think I will start to get the new gas tank installed in the 02, and perhaps get the battery mounted in the back of the car. Hope all is well. Keep calm and carry on.
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