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  2. thanks Dave for bumping it. wow, great read. love the way the man writes. and the pictures were great too
  3. The paint on this car was all original and amazingly show room fresh. The interior nearly as good. I was told by multiple Corvette owners that paint doesn't hold up well on fiberglass bodies like the Sonett. The fiberglass flexes enough to create lots of small cracks all over the place. Not one on this car. It was a low mileage car (less than 30K when I got it and less than 40K when I sold it), so that's one big reason. One thing I miss for sure is winning trophies at car shows (not big time events). This was always the only one entered, so it got plenty of attention in the "foreign car" type class in both NJ and CA. My 2002 would be an also-ran in any BMW show. I'd be embarrassed to enter it. One thing I don't miss about the Sonett was how difficult it was getting to find pretty normal parts. How refreshing it was to discover the relative ease of sourcing parts for my 2002. I once went to a Saab dealer to try to get a key blank. Every salesman and mechanic in the place came out to see my Sonett because they had never seen or for most of them, even heard of it.
  4. Nothing heard of "MKLSVG" , so this Bosch red rear fog light is still available
  5. Mark your calendars for the first annual Octoberfest Leavenworth Drive on Saturday October 17th. More details to come... Please reach out to me for questions or suggestions. Cheers, James
  6. @H02 Doh! I've been too busy to plan this. Thanks for the reminder Henry. Save the date post to come.
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  8. My guess is that many younger 02ers just went to Googleland to find Sonett... Concurrent with one of my 02's, I had a 95 (5 cylinder wing-ding) and a 96 (V-4 designed and never used by Ford in US, with 4 on the tree), the gateway drugs to a Sonett. Yours looks beautiful, and I'm sure that you miss it...Transmission will last longer on an 02 tho.
  9. I just checked mine and I cannot add a point anymore. I can delete. The add screen does come up and you can input values but when you hit add, the new point does not show up I rebooted my iPhone and tried again. Nada. im on iOS 14. I’m going to upgrade to the latest dot (14.0.1) and then try again.
  10. I’m looking for a TII exhaust manifold heat shield to restore. I’d prefer no cracks or dents.
  11. Anyone here drove a Pastelblau squaretail through Concord, Massachusetts yesterday afternoon? I saw your 02, but only for a moment.
  12. I'm 30 minutes north of Pittsburgh and have at least four 4.5 x 13 early (pre 74) steel wheels. Free if you want them...some have been stored outdoors...but FREE. You have to take em all though (I might have 6 or 7!) Most or all of them have rotting tires on them. e mail: [email protected]
  13. So it is originally these two pieces. I have the squeegee part covered but need a u shaped felt. Again this is on the door not the felt on the inside door panel Which is a flat piece. Seems like I can’t find any u shaped piece. Anyone with pics of what you did?
  14. I had posted in this topic much earlier about the car I replaced in 1973 when I bought my 69 2002 in 1969. Well I realized that I could post again since I acquired my current 71 2002 about 5 years ago. Prior to that acquisition, I had this 73 Saab Sonett for 10 years when somebody at a Cars & Coffee asked if I would sell it to him. Away it went to be quickly replaced by my current BMW. Somewhat ironically, the car I had before buying my first 2002 in 1969 was also a Saab (a 93F, not a Sonett).
  15. You will need an oil pan specifically made for the 1600 GT to clear the front axle carrier.
  16. I am trying to complete a set of 5J x 13 wheels and am actually in need of 2 more for my Tii. Not picky, I’ll do 1 at a time! Please advise.
  17. That’s a beautiful example of the rare Mark IV “parcel tray” unit. I would wager that an auxiliary fan was an option. Thanks and regards, Steve
  18. One: did you test the temperature gauge for accuracy? These were not high-precision instruments, but simply an inexpensive (practical) response to engine temperature. I’ve owned four real “driver” ‘02’s over the last 47 years (‘67, ‘70, ‘73, and ‘76) and no two showed similar temperatures at the gauge. Why is that? I have no idea. Did some run hotter, some run cooler? Maybe. Was it the gauges themselves? Maybe. Some left me a bit nervous in really hot weather, but none of those cars had a “cooling issue”, i.e., chronic overheating in the form of extended temperatures in the red zone, vomiting coolant, etc. Stated differently, are you possibly over-reacting, comparing your car’s temperature, as expressed by the gauge, to owners whose cars, for whatever reason, show up as cooler based solely on that factory-supplied temperature gauge? Two: does your temperature gauge go up and down as you turn on accessories such as lights, wipers, blower motors? If so, could your gauge have grounding... inadequacies? Three: will your car overheat? If it sits idly on a hot day, A/C on — even if in your driveway — will the gauge go into the red? I also take the disappearance of the dieseling (run-on) as a good sign that you’ve addressed some localized heating issue. Could there be more gunk in the cooling jackets that only disassembly and a dunk can remove? I suppose so. But, at this point, you haven’t even described an overheating scenario since the cooling system refresh. I believe you need to push it some more and see how easy it is to push into the red zone. Regards, Steve
  19. If it's still available I'd be interested in the d/s flag mirror..
  20. Once again, I feel compelled to note that the M10 vibrates a LOT at certain revs, and ... ... ... oh, whaddevah. t
  21. Hello! I'd be interested in a d/s flag mirror if you still have one? Thanks! -Wyatt
  22. Steve, No help on the Behr start date. The car has the Mark IV Custom John E. Mitchell Co. unit. It was installed in 3/71 as a $450 add on by the dealer - German Motors inc. of West Palm Beach. The car was produced on 12/28/70. As always, thanks for helping to fill in some of the gaps.
  23. One thing to keep in mind about the pulleys. Sure, faster water through the block means more heat transferred to the coolant. However, faster water flow through the radiator does NOT necessarily mean more heat rejected to the airstream! If a clogged radiator or poor airflow are the root of your cooling problems, then changing the pump pulley won't make a lick of difference, since water flow wasn't the bottleneck in the first place. Newton's law of cooling: q=hc*A*dT, where q is the Watts of heat transferred, hc is the convective heat transfer coefficient, A is the area, and dT is the temperature difference. So if you make no changes to the radiator, hc for the airstream stays the same, the area stays the same, and dT either stays the same or goes down slightly (faster waterflow = less time to pick up heat from the block on one pass), so q is either the same or also slightly lower!
  24. For those who don't know, it's very possible to explode a newer BMW's coolant system by simply filling the reservoir. "But there's a float!" which fails. It's also quite easy to cook the engine by filling the cooling system and starting the engine. That's all you have to do. Because there's a convoluted bleed procedure that actually fills the engine... Fortunately, the 2002 isn't that picky. t
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