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  2. I sprayed some carb cleaner around the booster hose and where it goes into the manifold and didn't get any surges in idle. I still ordered a new hose and check valve as the current one looks original and really old. Also put an order in for points and condenser from Blunt. I'll post an update when I get those parts replaced and go from there.
  3. TobyB

    plug gap with Pertronix

    Not too big- .028"? The blue coil's not very high output. Spark gap depends quite a bit on both coil voltage and current. hth t
  4. Yes, the center is in a different location, so the rear section is not the correct length either. Honestly, Andy, if you have a lathe long enough to center it, go ahead- it's not a particularly hard job, I found. I got tricky and cut the tube at an angle, so the 2 ends self- centered, and then used tacks in a couple of places to shrink it straight. I found I did not need to rebalance for 105mph, but I only made one cut- front 320- and used the rear 2002 section, as I already had it. 2 driveshaft cuts will be easier than moving the mounts, I suspect. hth t
  5. RickW

    the dreaded stuck rear hub

    The way I look at this kind of thing is that the next time I have to get off some horribly rusty frozen part it will pop with minimum effort. You, on the other hand, are due for a weekend of cursing and stripped threads...
  6. RickW

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Planning on dropping the front subframe on my 74 tii this summer and want to be ready with all the right parts for the rebuild. I have H&R springs and Bilstein HD's to put in and want all the rubber bushings, ball joints, etc. My arms are good but if it's easier/cheaper to get new ones with the bushings in that's fine, though I do have a shop press. open to suggestions on anything else I might need to make it drive like new again...
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  11. zinz

    Street Build Starting

    I'm a fan of pig cheek flares, but your box flares are the bomb! Verrrrry nice. What livery will go with? Love the NSU as well, these are very cool little cars.... this one's like a scale model of an Alpina Roundie :) Ed
  12. Good shape, screen intact, pretty clean. $5 bucks off if picking up in person. Price includes shipping to the U.S. only. Paypal Friends (preferred) or money orders.
  13. PaulTWinterton

    Pirelli Centurato CN36 Tires

    Lighter steering? Now that you mention it they do steer very easily even at a crawl. I wonder why that is? I'm really enjoying mine.
  14. allbim

    Ideas needed for spare tire

    Thanks jrhone, there is about a 1/8" difference in the rolling radius of my 13" spare and the 15" (lower profile) tires an the car. I think that will be OK.
  15. OriginalOwner

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    the perfect start to a Memorial Day Weekend: a high speed early morning freeway blast to the Family Compound to provide breakfast for my local yard cat ...... the '74tii ran perfectly, handled perfectly !! Cheers, Carl
  16. kutzoh

    What did you do to your 2002 today ! As requested
  17. NeueKlasseGuy

    Street Build Starting

    I apologize for the long delay in updating this thread. There has not been a lot happening to report on. Yesterday I went up to Seattle to meet with the painter and the gentleman who will be doing the upholstery on the car. The shell is finally ready for paint. Stephen has had some other projects to keep him busy, plus he had a dickens of a time getting the door gaps right. This was because of the extra thickness of the flares where they re-join the body at the door openings. I think you will agree from the photos that he did a great job! I am also really pleased with how the flares turned out. I didn't want them to stick out too far but just enough to break up the slab side of the car. To my mind they came out just like I had envisioned. We were also able to settle on materials for the interior. Since the car will be painted LS blue I decided to go with blue leather, carpet, and a complementary gray fabric for the seat inserts, as well as accent on the door panels. The upholstery guy will be sewing up some samples over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. One last item. I also got my first live look at the latest car in my collection. The 1971 NSU 1200 TT I purchased out of Europe finally made it to Racecraft. They are busy getting it ready for its race debut in June at the Seattle Historics.
  18. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    is the coil wired correctly? That depends on where those wires are coming from. (You could use the continuity feature on your new muli meeter to find out) The Pertronix has certain wiring requirements. There is an article about that in the technical section of the forum.
  19. '76mintgrun'02

    Car won't start with fresh battery

    there are ways to crank the starter while working under the hood
  20. Thanks @Simeon - will do. Is the coil wired correctly? And is that lose short cable just a ground wire that's supposed to be connected to the unused connector on the –/1 side?
  21. g_force

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Definitely need more pics of that Type 34.
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  23. FS: A set 6" Hella 142 yellow fog lights, clear lens and yellow reflector, in an extremely very good condition, chrome without any scratches. Price 205 euro + shipping.
  24. kutzoh

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Drove it to the office today. Parked in the German section.
  25. it is and judging by the wires and cable grommet it is fitted with a Pertronix style igniter which could well be bad in the way the igniter in an IE distributor could be. Get a test lamp and put it between coil negative and ground on the engine block. As you crank the engine it should flash. No flash, the igniter is dead.
  26. These look awesome! Good job producing great product. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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