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  2. If this Ceylon tii was 100% showroom bone stock ie stock suspension, gearbox, cam etc might it go for more? I actually like this one better than the 93k tii. CR steering box for starters! 5 speed, lsd.
  3. Firstly, I want to take us back to about a month ago when I wrote about my customer service experience with Roger's Tii and how for a $10 part I was more or less told to go away. The item in question was a length on rubber stripping for the turbo body flare which was not long enough. Long story not worth repeating. That being said I don't wish to appear hypocritical or sanctimonious. I just believe unsatisfactory service should be called out as well as recognizing those who perform at or above expectation. Enough preamble. Because I still need my strip of rubber, I chose to call Blunt this time. No issues, Dealin Dave hooked me up and the package arrived. Now it get's interesting. The strip was too short, yet again. So I called Dave and he sent another-longer piece at no charge and without question. Customer service, as it is meant to be. I ordered, paid, received incorrectly, they made good on the issue. Thanks to Dealin Dave at Blunt Tech.
  4. Interested in a trunk floor/spare tire well
  5. I oversee outside sales for Fantasy Junction in Emeryville (www.fantasyjunction.com), one of the premier vintage & classic consignment shops in the Nation. The classic car market in general IS extremely soft at this time. This is absolutely across the board, including Porsche, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Ferrari, etc. Having said that, there is a caveat that the very best cars always command top dollar. This Ceylon tii isn’t the “best of the best” but it’s very damn nice. It will do very well, but it won’t approach the result ($93,500 + buyer’s fee) of the non-sunroof, Baikal ‘73 tii over two years ago (also a very damn nice car but not the best of the best). 2017 was a totally different market for the collector car hobby (a very nice, 1988 G50 911 Carrera Coupe sold for $37K today; that was a $55-65K car in 2017). I see $50-60K for the Ceylon beauty and well worth it. COOP
  6. I think 60K. Or it should based on sales of past cars of this caliber and increasing rarity. Another 10 years and it (a 99% authentic tii) will be a $100K piece of history, all day long. IMHO. We've already seen it happen. If it doesn't hit 60, I will be convinced that the market is soft.
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  8. Good afternoon folks. I am getting heat out of my heater even if the valve is closed. I took it apart when I did the heater box, and did see that it had new plastic guts, which tells me that at some time it had been rebuilt. When I got the car it was installed backwards, I installed it facing the right way. I adjusted the cable to make sure that it would be good and closed. It doesn't leak externally at all, is there a way of assembling it in a way that would allow the water to flow? Kinda stumped and I don't really want to take it out until i have a diagnosis. I did get the heater box rebuild kit and rebuilt it with the appropriate grommets gaskets and the reinforcing bracket to hold the heater valve. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I'll take a turbo altitude compensator inner bellows and a boost anneroid.
  10. Does anyone recall the tii that sold for over $90k like a year ago on BAT? I think this car is more desirable! Edit, found it: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002tii-10/
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  12. I know this question has been raised before on this site, but I can't recall a conclusive answer. My ATE master cylinder came with 2 rubber grommets installed where the hoses from the brake reservoir go in. There were also 2 washers included in the package. I've heard different opinions: 1. The washers are not needed/people never use them 2. The washers should be installed under the rubber grommets My old M/C had the washers in it, and some pictures in my manual show washers, but seem to only show single-line M/Cs. What I don't get is why ATE would put them in the package if they're not needed. I pulled the rubber grommets out of my new M/C, and there are no washers pre-installed. What's the deal? Thanks, Doug
  13. So for grins I check my coil and resistor and find a 1.8 coil and 0.9 resistor. Glad it's an easy swap of the resistor to 1.8. Oh the details,
  14. Big day at OFest. Wet car show this morning saw Jim Gerock and Marshall, then off to NC with the Classic group. Twins... Ed
  15. EUR 49,90 Angebotsende: Sonntag Nov-17-2019 0:11:48 CET Sofort-Kaufen für nur: EUR 49,90 Sofort-Kaufen | Zur Liste der beobachteten Artikel hinzufügen View the full listing
  16. Hmmm...early '74 tii VIN, nice color, sunroof, original nose for 1K? Even with the rust issues you couldn't lose putting 30-40K (or less if you have mad fab/welding/bodywork skills) into it to make it right. BIG project, but with the right buyer??? Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
  17. Gh356, I have not received your P.M.
  18. I'd be interested in doing the same. My car came from California, and I have a little history, but would love to learn more. Please elaborate on the process if you would. Thanks! Tim
  19. Do tell. I used chrome door edge trim. It came out “ok”
  20. I always religiously follow the instructions that come with the head gasket (in my case, these have always been Elring or Reinz brand OEM parts used with OEM fasteners.) Initial torque w torque wrench followed by angle torque...followed by 10-15 minute warm up period...followed by final angle torque. This has never failed me. 10:1 engines run at 5500 rpm all day long? No sweat. Materials used in modern production OEM gaskets have changed since BMW's blue repair manuals were published, so I follow the manufacturer's instructions. YMMV. This is just what has worked flawlessly for me, over the years.
  21. This tempts me to post pix of my rain gutter fix...same idea.
  22. Yeah, one can only speculate that the head gaskets that come with that specification are designed for it, as the elastic limit of an M10 head bolt is WAAAYYYY beyond what 70 ft- lbs can achieve. The M10 angle method is VERY different than the VW/later BMW way- it's fractions of a turn, rather than whole turns after a 'start' torque. (THAT makes my stomach turn.) When I had race engine heads off regularly, I compared the torque to the angle method, and found that they were pretty similar in result. The then- current gasket would be within 1/4 turn of 'bottoming'* when the angle method was used, and the 66 ft/lbs was within a 1/2 turn, but maybe not as consistently. * when the gasket 'bottomed', the fastener pretty much stopped turning and torque went up very rapidly with any rotation. Anyway, in short, I think the angle science is in the crush of the head gasket, nothing to do with the fastener. t
  23. no comments so far are favorable. no real negativity just compliments I'm thinking it will hit 50k in the last hour
  24. Do I need an account to see comments on BAT now?
  25. You have to take care of vacuum leaks or it will never run right. If your 2-1/2 turns out on idle air screws I would change out idle jets to a size or two bigger . That should help with backfiring and uneven idle
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