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  2. Guy Cocquyt

    Rocker trim install help

    They could rust, but so could the rockers, it's the same environment. However the plastic part of the clip fills the hole, so less probability of water getting in there. I would spray in a rust inhibitor plus coat the anchor before installation and that would slow it down. I didn't worry about that as my rockers already show some rust damage and will get replaced when I repaint sometime in the future. Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  3. I have a tan interior. That would look awful.
  4. jgerock

    Oxblood material!

    A long shot- but try contacting The Veteran Company in Los Angeles. They get shipping containers of materials from Europe on a regular basis (and they can emboss flat vinyl).
  5. schnitzel

    WTB Rear seat 1976

    I’ve got one. PM sent
  6. jgerock

    Rocker trim install help

    Wouldn't they rust?
  7. jgerock

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I noticed the replacement door card bases from Aardvark are a little wider so the edge sticks out beyond the door frame. This creates an interference with the door seal and makes it difficult to close the door. I'll have to remove mine and shave the edge about 1/8" to 1/2". Another thing to check is the push tab on the handle itself. They can bend over time possibly due to a lack of lubricant on the lock mechanism.
  8. NYNick

    Rocker trim install help

    Rocker trim delete?😁
  9. Guy Cocquyt

    Rocker trim install help

    I used the steel drywall anchors and they have worked very well. I left them loose by about 2 mm and when the trim was clipped on them they gripped solidly and haven't budged I'm over 2 years. Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  10. NYNick

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    This whole lock thing drove me crazy recently when I was installing those stupid anti-rattle grommets inside the door on both the door latch rod and the lock rod. I couldn't figure out why the lock mechanism wouldn't work with the key, until I closed the door. Then it worked perfectly. It wouldn't work just actuating the door latch upwards, as if the door was closed (but it was still open). I still don't understand why this is, but my locks work fine with the doors closed, so I don't care.😀 The only other part of your door card that touches anything is the door handle spindle on the inside. Doesn't seem logical, but.... And make sure your lock rod is oriented correctly. I'm spatially handicapped (or just dumb) and it took me a while to figure out which way it went. Good luck mate.
  11. Thanks guys. And yes, I don't doubt the "offset trick" would work wonders. It does seem that the main rub is that the fasteners sit too close to the rocker for the trim piece to properly "grab" the clip. I'll see if I can gently pry them back a bit from the body.
  12. jgerock

    Rocker trim install help

    Those dastardly clips are the worst I have used! Both my cars have issues. A PO used the drywall expansion anchor (plastic type) on the tii but they broke loose so I installed new clips--- that won't hold the trim tight. I have to be very careful when exiting the cars not to let my foot or leg touch the trim. The original grey colored clips on the 69 held the trim on very well! Also heard the e21 clips were a little better.
  13. jcsteuber1

    Hundreds of 2002 and 2002 Tii Rare Parts

    Do you have a pedal box in somewhat decent condition? I am in NJ.
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  15. mich02

    Oxblood material!

    folowing this!
  16. Mike_B

    parking brake cover

    I may have a spare, I’ll check this weekend. Another option is to have Kooglewerks sew you up a leather one...
  17. Conserv

    1970 2002 rebuilt

    Many cars are mis-titled. My ‘70 was originally titled as a 1969. Then, in an attempt to fix it, Pennsylvania re-titled it as a 1971! Note also that the U.S. model years generally ran from September to August. The first U.S. 1970 2002 is VIN 1668001, manufactured in early September 1969. (I owned VIN 1668093, a 1970 manufactured September 8, 1969.) BMW Group Archives ( can provide manufacturing dates, quickly, at no charge, if you simply email them your car’s VIN and request Archive’s data. But Archive’s data does not distinguish model years and simply shows a month, day, and year of manufacture. GLWS, Steve
  18. Mike_B

    Oxblood material!

    I’m in the same boat... I know that Rey had found some oxblood material for his black car, but I don’t remember the source.
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  20. 02tom

    5 speed swap NK

    It would look like the NOS short necks on WN are drilled for either symmetric or assymetric
  21. Conserv

    1976 BMW 2002

    The BOT’s latest post is clearly rust-challenged, but is, nonetheless, strikingly original and complete. Seat covers, door cards, and even the carpet are original. No dash cracks are visible in the photos provided. Even the factory’s blue wrap for the spark plug wires has survived — compare with the photos below of my ‘76 in August 1983 and recently! But about that rust.... 🤔 Regards, Steve
  22. Camdenway

    BMW 5 Spd Transmission Getrag Complete

    Is the transmission still available?
  23. From the link in my post above. This explains when the dashpot is used (dependent upon engine vacuum). No 3 is less relevant in a manual car, with no A/C but 1 and 2 would still be useful (for emissions purposes). CONTROL OR VACUUM DASHPOT The function of the vacuum throttle control or vacuum dashpot is: 1. To prevent stalling, when the throttle is suddenly closed. It insures a gradual or slow closing which permits the continuing air supply to lean out the rich mixture of fuel that occurs on sudden throttle closing. 2. It works with emission control. During coasting it holds the throttle plate open slightly. 3. It acts as an idle speed stabilizer when the engine is under load at idle. The plunger extends as the vacuum falls due to the load. This causes the throttles to be opened slightly.
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  25. Actually, all the later ‘02’s had dashpots. I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t know precisely when it is activated on my manual transmission 1976! 😗 Regards, Steve
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