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  1. Today
  2. The trunk lid and doors had their issues; plenty of old filler and creases. I'm so glad those issues are gone. Now the the doors are painted, it's time to show you the other side. Excess sheet metal removed for weight.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I know the feeling, I put some of mine (just temped on....) knowing full well I have to take them off for some paint fixes, looks great!
  5. Been a while since anyone commented but this has been immensely helpful to a noob like myself. Cheers!
  6. Well played, sir! I decided to go with the original accel pedal linkage and IE billet pedal near the stock placement.
  7. Some of the pictures I'm posting were taken midway between getting the task done, so bear that in mind... I should have taken a picture before putting the floor in to show the frame for the fuel cell (for those interested in that kind of thing). There are lots of things to consider, like whether to keep the original gas filler location, where to position the cell, be it centered or pushed to the right like original. Even the installed height of the cell. Lots of people chimed in, in the end I chose to play with the weight distribution more in the cabin than the trunk.
  8. I put a lot of time into making the suspension components both pretty and pretty. My own version of a Tii coil-over by Bilstein, since they didn't. Plus added bump steer spacers, etc. I'll add more pictures tomorrow. Progressing quickly...
  9. Nice work especially using the Weld thru primer!! Keep up the fine work! Perhaps seal all flanges with flange sealer. https://www.goodspeedmotoring.com/wurth-brushable-seam-sealer.html
  10. Last week
  11. So the title has a bit of history - my first resto project was a very rusty Karmann Ghia - back in 1977 or so I restored a 1968 for a friend of mine. It was fun but it was crude. Lots of Bondo and lots of sheetmetal and lots of rivets. Well I am finally in the big time - during Covid I decided to get me a TIG/MIG welding machine from ESAB and get to some serious work on my pride and joy. First order of business.... about a 1000 test Rosette welds (aka Plug Welds) before get even 100 feet from the car... This one was a quick starter project I did the day before actually doing the welding on the frame rail - I was scared to death to start welding so I started small. I am quite pleased with the outcome. It took a few hours. It was a small rusted section by the driver side of the radiator sheetmetal down by the apron. Perhaps it was antifreeze or battery acid that brought it on I have no idea. Here it is with the new patch- not completely finished but close enough for print. There are Rosette Welds and even butt welds! I have a couple areas to touch up and grind - I may try the TIG feature to do the touch-ups -that spot on far right needs some grinding - it was my absolute first spot weld on the car - so I left it for last to grind. At the butt weld there are minor little pin holes. You can see how this section is welded to the frame rail. That weld could be a bit prettier - voltage was a tad low... I wanted to do this section before the frame rail went in - am sure glad I did that. As always comments are welcome!
  12. The photos I got today from the paint shop brought miles of smiles. Tomorrow the satin black trunk and hood will be done, and it is supposed to be finished by Saturday. I got all the vintage stickers laid out already, that will be fun...hopefully.
  13. Earlier
  14. Home and ready to start plumbing and wires 👍😃 Thanks to Emergancy Hookers Towing for a prompt on time delivery Ready to plumb and wire Exhaust also needs to be sorted, supposedly not to hard Lots of room for Radiator and Electric Cooling Fan For reference, a quick visit to see Jags in Vegas to see his wiring Only 5 wires modded into ECM 1 HD Wire to Starter from Battery 1 to Alternator 1 easy ground point in the cabin 1 10 gauge wire from the Alternator to Battery Now just to start
  15. Fletcher

    Mint Green!

    Under all the dirt, Mint Grun shines through!
  16. I can install the fenders and get them close, but I need the professionals for do the blending and to skim coat and block the body to be ready for paint. I'm not going to divulge the color scheme yet, since people have too strong of opinions on the subject. Let's just say it will be a tasteful OEM period correct color with an Alpina Works car livery (not orange).
  17. I really like the vintage look of the incredibly lite Circle wheels I have as backups. Panasport for the win (optimism)!
  18. Hi all, I have followed this thread to the T but cannot figure out my problem. I have the dual filament bulb, and dual filament adapter, everything grounded and wired properly. However, my turn signals now blink incredibly fast... Any ideas what would cause this? Thanks
  19. It’s hard to remember all of things that have taken place since last I updated this blog but here it goes: With the shortblock/trans/subframe in the car I turned my attention to the shift tower. I’m using the early style linkage as that’s what I had available to me. I shortened the the tower to fit centered in the opening in the tunnel, then cut down the shift rod to match. All new bushings/isolators/and a shortened support rod were installed. I ended up ordering a new clutch master cylinder and calipers as the master I had intended to use had deep pits in the bore after cleaning and I realized that for about $35 ea for reman’d calipers it just wasn’t worth my time to tear into old ones. I’ll save those and the kits for an emergency situation/rainy day. I recreated all of the brake hard lines in Cu Ni alloy. The trailing arms were cleaned, new bushings installed, painted, and all of the braking components were refurbished/replaced. The parking brake handle got some attention: cleaning, straightening, lubing, shiming. After that the new cables were installed along with the resealed/painted LSD and subframe (complete with new mounts/rebushed diff hanger). I now have a set of Poly subframe mount inserts that I will get around to installing at some point. IE stage 2 springs, 1 dot pads, and Bilstein Sport shocks finished out the rear suspension Both front wheels now point the same direction again thanks to a new center link, new inner and outer tie rod ends and freshly blasted/painted turnbuckle tubes. Reconnecting the steering column to the steering box will happen soon. There were quite a few rust blisters on the underside of the car that were scuffed and treated. Most of the seams have an application of 3M seam Sealer now. There are a few yet to. In the interior I’ve managed to POR-15 the floor pans and apply Kilmat to most of the surfaces. The heater box was disassembled/cleaned/reassembled with new foam. Wiring harnesses have been cleaned/rewrapped/placed. A new tank to engine fuel line (the special cohline heat sealing variety) has been routed through the cabin. I’d better get my driveshaft measured/cut and get the cylinder head stripped/milled soon. Those are quickly becoming the “hold-ups” to taking a short test drive before the bodywork begins.
  20. I know shells that have gone to the shop for body and paint that have taken a year or more to hear about any progress. My Santa Ana guys are true bosses when it comes to getting stuff done. Two months after I dropped it off, I got pictures of the body before it goes to paint in a few days. The rear panel was pretty wonky when I got it, the bulges beneath the rear plate were hammered (or attempted) flat, but left just lumpy. I just told them to blend them in as best as they could, because race car.
  21. The idea is to fabricate brackets on either side of the shock rod opening to fit Heim joints that will be mated to the Bilsteins. I'll post progress of this stuff once I get to it.
  22. So I am back in the T. Hundreds of boxes later, and not even close to thinking about anything other than taking the car out once every three weeks for an hour or so. The garage is a disaster, I have to rearrange everything. Move hoses, wiring etc. I have a whole shop air filter to install. If anybody is doing anything somewhat serious then think about one. 200-400(ish) will get you one on Amazon. Some people put a bag of activated charcoal in the filter pockets to try to absorb VOC's. I am not entirely sure it would make a difference. The filter removes fine particles, that regardless of what they are, they are small enough to cause problems as they get deep into your lungs. Everything got here fine. Merging toolboxes is a painstaking chore. Something that I do while paint dries on something. I will be lucky to do anything on it until Feb at this rate. House and family need my attention now.
  23. Mikepelly

    Where to start?

    first step- take tons of photos and videos before you do anything else. second step= determine your end goal third- get organized for tear down- get your bins, ziplocks and sharpie fourth- find more space and get a lift! enjoy
  24. Hoods up to Veronika. Well done Andrew. And love the Golf.
  25. RichenFamous


    What’s your exact setup (tools and such) for port marching? I’m about to tackle the same job with a Weber 38/38 and a Cannon intake. 🍻 Rich
  26. Fletcher


    When I created the blog, I thought the following would be the first entry and not the about info. Apologies for the duplication. My probable starting point is this 1976 BMW 2002 Mint Green (or Lime Sherbet as its owner described it to me) currently parked in a field in Northern California wine country. It is a shell sans engine/trans/driveshaft. Interior is mostly complete and intact. Front seats and headliner need to be replaced. As does the instrument cluster. I've seen the interiors spaces as well as under the hood, in trunk and some of the underbelly by video call with the owner: With exception of drivers side rocker panel and drivers side front pillar, the majority of the rust is surface only from having lived most of its life a block from the beach in San Francisco. It's part of a "kit" that I hope to soon make the trip to California (from Federal Way, WA) to bring home. Also included in the kit are donor parts from the owners shop in Sonoma inclusive of engine, transmission, driveshaft and miscellany. I'd be lying if I said that first sight of the car didn't give me pause and cause to wonder if I even begin to possess the skills or resources to do this, but the seller in question is well known within the community and highly regarded. He's a good friend to my brother and one of my sons - who worked for him briefly one summer - speaks highly of him. So, I'm putting my faith in him, his enthusiasm and repeating my mantra "I think I can" I've never been a blogger, but I seems like a reasonable way to document the journey. So, giving this a shot. Input, suggestions, warnings, disclaimers, encouragement, jokes, wisecracks, any and all are appreciated. Thanks 👍
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