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  2. irdave

    Engine bay reinforcement

    Not much to say, but you can see part of what it takes in the front to use the e30m3 subframe. 25mm master cylinder on the m3 booster. Bracketry in front of the master cylinder is / was fur the ABS pump. I'll be able to simplify the hard line routing and tuck it out of the way. I'll cut the ABS brackets out. Massive amounts of reinforcement everywhere, the front end feels really solid, even with the 16x8's and the GC suspension with 350 pound springs. Oh, and the conical welded in bits are where the center bolt on the control arm goes through the chassis, no
  3. No they aren't. But I should say I needed 1 oversize so the machine shop bored my block to fit them
  4. Are they noisy until the engine warms up?
  5. Looked good. Went together well. I guess the proof will be in the long-term..... Got my 500 mile oil change done. Been trying to get as much drive time as possible
  6. What do you think off the Ross pistons? Quality? Street application?
  7. In the spring, I painted the subframes and associated bits: All of the bushings are now urethane and I hope I don't regret it. I bought it all in 2006ish from TEP so I don't know who manufactured all of it. A bicycle repair stand is useful for front strut assembly. A nine-year-old is beginning to actually be helpful in the garage. I am re-using a lot of old hardware. This project is expensive enough and no one will ever see these but me. These are pitted but clean now. I then set to work on wheel bearings. I
  8. I'll have to do that for my sun-visors! They look terrible right now, and I wasn't sure how to tackle them. thanks!
  9. I'm right there with you with the interior color change. Good choice. I hope you primed the panels, mine have lasted years and look great. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/172086-need-help-with-interior-color-options-for-my-amazongrun-tii-restoration-project/?do=findComment&comment=1068593 https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/110988-tashakes-1976-artiksblau-20-with-318i-fi-conversion/?do=findComment&comment=161185 Also, this is what I did for the sun visors. When the headliner was redone, they were also dyed black and they look great.
  10. oooooh thats cool!! I didnt know my handles were Alpina...I dont think my car is. Although, the car was in pieces when I got it, so who knows lol.
  11. For the shape of the front seat and the Alpina handle I think that the black interior matches well. I also sympathize with the light gray carpet. I recommend Alpina for the horn switch.
  12. Earlier
  13. Thanks for downloading this document. Doug
  14. Hello, I am a first time poster. I am restoring a 1971 roundie that does not have an ignition key. This manual is a fantastic tool to reference but I cannot find any information or directions on removing the ignition so a key can be made, any directions and many thanks for loading this very valuable resource. Doug
  15. So another small update tonight... the car is coming along nicely . I decided to smooth the seems off the rear of the car and also the panel where the bumper would usually go... I think it looks great! :twisted: I spend some time agonising over the round rear lights I'd bought from eBay... after trying to clean the lenses up and take off the black paint from the chrome trim I bit the bullet and ordered some brand new lenses instead. We also did another mock up of the front chin spoiler and front arches - they're not fitting as well as we want them to, so the front wings have had
  16. One is for diff and other could be for transmission? Can't remember E21 era cars but E30 M3's had them about these locations (mounted up, not flat). Or if tranny is out of Q then one could be for engine oil. The oil tank is in trunk right? Maybe not so much for cooling but getting air out of oil going back to tank (bigger bubbles formed here helps a lot later in oil tank).
  17. tzei

    Well, this is a new one...

    Ouch. Maybe just gasket let go. But that's some serious bounding right there. Did valves bent?
  18. Here's the November 24th 2020 Chasing Classic Cars - Godsal - Amelia Island Concours episode.
  19. Andrew, I feel your intensity. Could you post a link to the video. Steve
  20. I am moving from bit to bit on the car shell these days. Getting ready to roll it out for paint. When I bought the car five years ago a friend pointed out how the exhaust was not correct. I was a bit miffed since I did not know that about the car. Well in a quick effort last night I started to pick at it and noticed the patch was brazed in! So with a little heat and a pair of pliers - off it came! Here it is removed. The metal for for the wall of shame.... I am pleased! I did a mock up t
  21. haha yes, the dash mat. And yes, black always looks so sleek - plus it really makes the chrome bits pop! I'll never understand why people in the 70's thought that a tan that's the color of the skin-suit in Silence of the Lambs would make for a great interior lol.
  22. Nicely done! Amazing what a color change and some details will make on an interior. You got me with "old lady protectors". Does that mean the dash mat?
  23. Photos seem to have been removed or replaced. Any chance they can be restored?
  24. Both sides have nice rust holes in about the same location. Drivers was right under the fuse box. Luckily they didn’t much through any wires.
  25. After a 3 month wait the hoops arrived. It gave me time ti disassemble and dig for rust. If rust was gold I’d be rich.... Question: how many holes does it take to mount a license plate light?
  26. Markster

    Hello Dolly!

    I added two supports to the rear dolly. - in case I go over 5 mph with this. Like in a local parade? (keeping my possibilities open here - paint is gonna cost me 15K so who knows when I will get up the nerve to get this baby done!!?!)
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