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  2. Markster


    Clear coat applied. Looks fantastic.
  3. Nice!, wish I was at that stage.
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  5. The hot / warm measurements are simply listed for when a tech has to perform the adjustment while the customer is waiting in the shop / waiting room. There's absolutely no reason to adjust your own valves warm/hot. I have never done that in 36 years of 2002 ownership or repair.
  6. Last week
  7. Car looks great! Looking forward to more pics.
  8. Mike G

    Money and Time

    I like the gold!
  9. Earlier
  10. Great bones. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Steve
  11. Black and red looks great 👍🏻 love it. Nice car
  12. Hello M3Ginz. yes the entire car is stripped. The paint will be door jams and out. There are sone ares like floor pans that will get a fresh coat. The Agave is stunning. Really pleased. Where you located?
  13. Every thread should be like yours. Great work. Thanks. Steve
  14. pkchopp


    Ken, are the fuel cells still available to order? 07/21
  15. After having the car for not long at all, have joined several Facebook groups / pages and it has been great! Excellent community in Australia to chat everything 2002 and also worldwide! Thanks all for the advice provided so far and general chats about our cars! After sorting through what I have with the car there seems to only be a few things I needed to obtain to assist with the build. It has also been made apparent that a late model 02 nose panel has been fitted at some stage to my roundie and the car subsequently came with the black plastic grille and centre kidney t
  16. Car arrived early morning with no issues over the journey! Managed to get it off of the trailer and back it slowly down my steep road, into my driveway and back into my shed with the help of a good mate, David. Thanks David 🙌🏻He is also a BMW enthusiast and currently owns two BMW e9’s. One he will restore and the other he may move on shortly. IMG_7353.mov Was pleasantly surprised with the car, as I had bought it purely off of seeing photos, a few videos and numerous phone calls and back and forth texts with the previous owner over the space of a week before I committed with a depo
  17. It was a wet week in June which made me anxious as this was the day my 1972 BMW 2002 was beginning its journey from North QLD down to me in Marino, South Australia. I had booked Luke from Broady Express to bring it down to me and highly recommend his services! A friend of the guy I was buying the car from, Barry, was kindly bringing the car down to Nudgee to meet Luke and transfer over onto his open trailer. The car was full to the roof lining with parts, including a boot full of spares as well and also a pallet with a complete engine (running when removed few years ago and still turns
  18. Gsuffa

    '67 1600-2

    Awesome, keep it up.
  19. pull the exhaust manifold out and clamp it in a big vise. With it clear of the down pipe joint the hex on the plug will be more accessable. (sp?) Heat thread and surrounding manifold area ,apply your favorite potion and hammer while applying max torque to hex with socket and breaker bar. I think the threads are pipe tapered.
  20. Fantastic story, and what great pics to help bring it all to life! Thanks for sharing this with us, and I look forward to following along as you begin the next chapter with Rocinante. Just awesome.👍
  21. Looks great! I've been thinking about having them build a new 74 touring harness for me. I have a spare complete harness for them to use but wanted to do some modifications. Did you have any modifications made? How many connectors were proprietary and reused?
  22. And use only brass fuses, the aluminum ones corrode.
  23. A lovely day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, a suburb of Boston MA. Met other Nor'East'02ers at the abandoned Indigo Hotel in Newton & caravanned over to the Museum to park together. I drove Veronika & we arrived at 9:20ish. Great to see everyone & all the cars. Rob Seigel drove his 3.0 CSi, Warp 9. The most significant car was the 1937 Horch Coupe. Veronika had a great spot at the end of the '02 lineup & across from original owners Charles Barne's immaculately restored 1972 Golf Tii. Many of us "held court' in the shade & discussed almost everything "under
  24. Earlier this week I was able to get back to things for the first time in a few months and should be able to pick away at it for the rest of the summer. Current storage is in our 1938 garage, narrow and with a very cracked and uneven floor. With the help of the winch on one of my other vehicles I was able to pull it out of the garage and into the light for the first time since it was brought out from my parents’ garage a few years ago. It rolls, just not easily. One person can move it a few inches at a time. More than one is needed to move it more than that. I picked up a cover so this su
  25. Sad, but thanks for working so hard to document things. Life happens; there will be another 2002 for you.
  26. Steve- The exhaust system was installed on my 1974 car when I bought it. According to the decal it's an ANSA Sport system. I have nothing to compare it to, but I don't find it loud at all. I have the Mid "muffler/resonator" and the rear muffler. Obviously my car was modified to allow the center exit (brackets were welded in). Regards, Doug
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