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  1. Yesterday
  2. Now that is a true survivor.
  3. What gauge of steel plate did you use to infill the repair section?
  4. Only just seen this post, 6 years late. any Advie on cleaning the old vinyl, nothing seems to touch it, remains stained and dirty from years of sweaty hands etc? Cheers.
  5. Last week
  6. Can you tell us where your shop sourced the vinyl and the color code for it? I am having two front seats done and would like to get that info to my upholsterer. THANKS!
  7. Earlier
  8. Hello fellow engine compartment gazers.... I know I can probably score 75% on this test but rather than that I figured I would ask you all which holes you would absolutely fill before I paint. Note the drivers side front radiator cut out is larger than normal I know that - I may have the shop fix that so my radiator no longer needs the flanges I made for it. My gut tells me to make it original size by adding the four inches back in that the PO cut out for some reason associated with AC. I do not have AC any more.
  9. How did you wire it and what did you use for an adapter?
  10. Markster

    Hello Dolly!

    It is just the tub. 15-18K. I think it’s going to be perfect. I come to Fresno often. We should trade war stories!
  11. The journey began on a dreary September 2019 weekend. After a few road trips and some negotiation I purchased a strong running 1974 2002tii. Having owned a handful of 60's era Detroit machines I was looking forward to the challenge of a vintage BMW. The good - Prior owner had sorted out the mechanical well. The car started, ran well, dependable, solid floors & shock towers. The bad - Rusty rockers, front fenders and quarter panels, and the general lack of BMW knowledge After driving the car for a month and accumulating about 500 miles, it was time to g
  12. Dudeland

    EFIing an M10

    If you want sequential injection you will have to fabricate a cam position sensor. It cannot be driven off the crank sensor. A great write up!
  13. As I mentioned at the end of my last post, my immediate drive line plans are to ditch the m10. The ideal choice for me was an m20 because nothing beats a bmw i6. Backup choice, and all around easier swap, is the m42. Facebook marketplace made that decision a lot easier for me with a $400 m42+g240 about 15 miles away. The engine has about 200k on it so at the very least a minor refresh is in order. I decided to pull the head and oil pan to inspect everything. I'm glad I did. No catastrophic damage, but damage did exist and it was only a matter of time. The root cause o
  14. Been a while since my last post, been slow going for a bit through the winter and broke my wrist mid January. Anyway back to work on the efi swap. I turned some plugs on my lathe to plug up unused ports on the m20b25 throttle body. Got my ecu and am starting to build the harness. I made a harness with rope so I can pull it out and measure/ build it on the bench rather than fight it in the car. Got the relay box almost done now just waiting for some pins for my connectors of the correct gauge for the wire I’m using. I have completed my wiring spreadsheets and have all the wire I need. Still hav
  15. Inner and outer quarter panels are in and being finished.
  16. The factory Solex DIDTA 2 barrel carburetor tuning manual. Also includes Zenith INAT carburetors for E3 and E9 owners. Correct carburetor overhaul and adjustment procedures are essential for proper operations of all so-equipped motor vehicles, as well as for the safety of the technician doing the work. This book provides general directions for servicing BMW carburetors using proven techniques. The BMW Carburetor.pdf
  17. Another option is use one of Spal's brushless fans. My wife regularly complained about the noise from the 16" SPAL on her Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a 5.3 LS engine, so I did some research and purchased a SPAL brushless fan. It uses a temperature sender in the radiator to vary the fan speed, while also providing an input for full speed when needed. It does soft start, and should last forever since it doesn't have the brushes to wear. She never mentioned the fan again, and you could usually find it just barely spinning when I would check it. Two problems: Pricier that a brushed fan, a
  18. The indentation you refer to is for the sunroof drain tube.
  19. Hi dear readers, after years I managed somehow to let paint the roof of my car Jerome. Now, before installing the headliner, I wanted to reduce the noise of the electric drive because it's too loud. The genuine e-motor is loud and the rubber shaft is loud, too. All 2nd hand shafts you can get are all worn out or stiff or both and shiver while rotating. The one in the pic below has already lost its outer coat. The new available BMW-spare is simply inacceptable. It looks like a gardening hose and only works when it's warm enough outside. Otherwise it is much too stiff and you can count
  20. Doesn't look too bad for a project. Antenna installation is pretty unique Polaris works with pig cheeks too. http://www.opel6070club.com/gulfrace/BMWTi1.jpg
  21. Got the paint matched!
  22. Ditto.... Can you please add photos back?
  23. moving along this is to show the inner panel needed patching. Here are the panels from W&N - .0277 thick. p/n A41 35 1 855 113 Hood looks great... down to the metal Rear deck needed a bit more effort - was hard to close due to latch not properly tensioned - PO must have slammed his hands down on it one to many times Rear panel looking good too! Removed a bunch of extra bondo from PO Ahhhhh Agave paint chip check - using PPG, two stage. Body shop insist on PPG. QP work
  24. 2002VT


    I was never under the car supported this way. I didn’t need to be. Everything was undone and the car was jacked upwards on either side while the ATV jack supported the subframe/engine/trans. Then the atv jack lowered the whole unit at once. Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I can’t imagine the stress and scar that left.
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