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  3. joebarthlow

    43rd Anniversary - 2002ti victory at LeMans!

    I read this car was a Ti equipped with the F2 motor and double Dellorto sidedraft carbs. Any other specifications out there? Exhaust? motor internals? Transmission? I also noticed, from these photos, it was a square tail light, probably '74, but shown with two different grills, one from a '74 and an earlier one. Any info how this came about? Was it in a wreck? cool car, cool history. thanks
  4. maikell77

    2402Tii in the Daylight

    Not the biggest of updates. It seems the last 20% is the longest. I have been trying to tie up loose end. I have run fuel supply and return lines. I upgraded to 3/8" to support future boost.... I have also finally finished the rear subframe rebuild. All new brakes, lines, bushings and a fresh coat of paint. I was also able to track down a match set of miata seat for a little bit of nothing. Now I have the drivers seat on a track. the passenger side is fixed. And the highlight of the day, getting the car wheeled out into the sun. I am much happier with the stance of the car than I thought I would be.
  5. Tsingtao_1903

    I've never left.

    Hey buddy, you are way ahead of me. As scanned, the lens is unusable due to the formed flanges and the shape change once freed from the frame. Fortunately, the good people at Fiverr will be helping me tweeking the lens. I'll figure something out once I have working models.
  6. Rich Elliott


    Looks great!!!!!!!!
  7. 2002VT

    Doors and gaps.

    Nice! That’s a positive outcome!!
  8. Clevis Woodruff


    Well drats! I'm always saddened to see that sort of thing, especially when the culprit skulks away without taking responsibility. My son had his '02 for only about three days before someone sideswiped the driver side doors in a restaurant parking lot. Fortunately, a witness observed the person get out, look at the damage, then get back into her car and drive away, but not before the witness observed the person's license plate number. The witness was writing a note to place on my son's car when my son came out of the restaurant. The witness then said, "That's her!" The person who hit my son's car just re-parked her car across the street and went into same the restaurant. My son confronted her and got her DL and insurance info. My son took a picture of the way she re-parked her car, and she was at least a foot-and-a-half into the parking space next to her, very nearly doing the same thing to another car.
  9. 2002VT

    Off to have floors welded in.

    Yessir. Some areas maybe the whole replacement panel. Other areas just sections. She’s a little more rough than the photos I posted today show. But mostly below the a-pillar and some rear strut housing. Love this little car, though.
  10. VSR has officially finished Vern. Mario, Chris Langsten and I had punch list items, those have all be taken care of including the rear driver side wheel bearings, yet still need to put the engine bay stickers on. Now the detailing begins for O'Fest in Pittsburgh in 3 weeks. Spent 2 hours cleaning the sunroof hardware and Golde wind deflector. Then yesterday 3 hours detailing the trunk, rear bumper and cleaning all the rubber on the car. It's amazing how much bodyshop dust there is, that stuff gets everywhere. Still have a lot of work to do to get him as clean as possible for the O'Fest Concours.
  11. Mr. Green

    The oh-two arrived!

    Right after I posted this blog entry, I stumbled across that article haha. Will be very helpfull indeed. I need to buy me a Haynes manual. Thanks!
  12. There’s less than a handful of people who have driven my 1967 BMW 1600 Derby.... and Mr. Leno is one of them.😉
  13. Beautiful Sunday morning at cars and coffee in Novato! 😎
  14. This pic makes me happy.... 😍 02 invasion at the Brisbane car show in May... Always such a great crowd of cars and friends! Derby up front, Tesoro right behind.
  15. John_in_VA

    New leather interior!

    Beautiful! Who did the work / where are they?
  16. Devs02

    Pump Up The Jam - UPDATED

    I'm in this situation currently, I have the stock alternator on my 75 2002 and I'm looking to do this Al41x upgrade because of the 65amps it puts out. As far as the pulley, it seems like all you need is a little man power and drilling to make it fit?
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  18. joebarthlow

    Weber Downdraft Carburetor Installation Guide

    this article would be a little better if the right photos were linked
  19. VWJake

    WN order and patchwork quilt

    Thanks for the compliments. FYI the OEM panel thickness is .031" and the WN replacement is .027". It's in a spot that no one will likely see, and I doubt that .004" will add up to a whole lot in an accident. I'll use pieces of them if/when needed. I've got bigger fish to fry at the moment though.
  20. AceAndrew

    Ipod-Controlled Hidden Stereo Into a BMW 2002

    Photobucket really did a number. I'll re-host these on a separate site when I locate my original images. Shoot me a message with your emails and I'll send a note when they are up. In the mean time, I'm happy to answer any questions you shoot my way. All the best, Andrew
  21. cscmanagement

    Random new parts

    price of steering box refresh kit delivered to 33948?
  22. AustrianVespaGuy

    Headlight (and Fog/Driving Light) Wiring Upgrades

    You're right Eulean, 'room for improvement' is probably a bit of an understatement, it really is pretty crappy. But at least the rest of the electrical system is, at least in my opinion, a bit better than most of the 2002's contemporary cars! But glad you like it and I hope some people find it helpful!
  23. xr4tic

    Rear Disc Conversion with Caliper at 3:00 and 9:00 o

    How much is shock travel reduced with the change in mount point and is there a potential for it to bottom out?
  24. jgerock

    Just purchased my first (well, accually third) 02!

    I suggest you send an email to the BMW Archives to find the original color.
  25. adawil2002

    Nor'East '02ers Gathering 6/2/2018

    Grilled cheese and a 16oz Stout.
  26. grizzlebar

    Short update - gauge testing

    Home for about a week before another month long underway. Still workjng on the heater core update (need to figure out why my defrost flaps are hard to open/close). So I bought a 5/8 brace barbed splice and bypassed the heater core so I could finally get around to starting the car up to test the gauges. After some quick programming of the tach (and verifying measurements against my 123app) everything was looking good. Oil pressure was high to start but decreased over time as the engine got warm. Every time I pressed the throttle pressure went up and down accordingly. Water temp rose nicely as well. Still need to program the gas gauge but that can wait. Somehow i lost my blinkers, so more troubleshooting is needed, but it was good to hear the engine fire up again. 023F5F03-F3FA-4A09-833A-B3D6816D171F.MOV
  27. Rich Elliott

    Update: Preparing for an engine swap.

    Awesome! Good luck! Sounds like fun. 😊
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