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  • ISBN 0998950742

    The Best of the Hack Mechanic

    By Rob Siegel
    In 1986, after owning eleven BMWs in three years, Rob Siegel sent an unsolicited article to Roundel, the magazine of the BMW Car Club of America. Little did he know that it would kick off 35 years of do-it-yourself automotive writing, and that his monthly column The Hack Mechanic? would attract a community of like-minded enthusiasts who, like Rob, try to come up with creative workarounds to keep their cars running without taking them to the dealer every time they hiccup. More than just "use 10mm
    • Published on 2021
    • 337 pages
  • ISBN 1733387862

    BMW in the 20th Century

    By Jackie Jouret
    FROM ITS BEGINNINGS as a manufacturer of aircraft engines during World War I, BMW has been on the cutting edge of technology and design. Branching out first into motorcycles, then into automobiles, the company applied its engineering talent to build race-winning machinery until World War II put a stop to motorsport, and indeed all civilian transportation projects. Nearly destroyed by Allied bombing, BMW rose from the ashes to once again produce motorcycles and cars that stirred the souls of enth
    • Published on 2020
    • 372 pages
  • ISBN 1733387803

    The BMW 2002

    By Jacqueline Jouret
    Introduced in 1968, the BMW 2002 is one of the best-loved automobiles of all time, but its origins have been shrouded in mystery and misinformation for the last 50 years. The BMW 2002: The real story behind the legend reveals the truth behind this seminal car’s creation. It dispels the myth that the car was built at importer Max Hoffman’s instigation, telling the real story of the designers, engineers, executives, and federal regulators who shaped the 2002 into the perfect mixture of performance
    • Published on 2019
    • 132 pages


  1. BMW 02 Technical Manuals

    Technical manuals, repair guides, and restoration books specific to BMW 2002 cars.

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    Technical manuals, repair guides, and restoration books specific to BMW Neue Klasse cars.

  3. BMW 02 and NK General Knowledge

    General knowledge books specific to BMW 2002 and BMW Neue Klasse cars. History and references.

  4. General Automotive Technical Books

    Technical books about all things automotive.

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    Anything that is automotive related an can be a good read to BMW 2002 FAQ members

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    Anything that BMW 2002 Owners might find interesting

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