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Here are a few suggestions to make everyones life a bit easier:

  1. Use your real name (this is life -- not a pre-teen DnD game).
  2. Use an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting a new topic."Help me!", "I'm stuck!" are not very useful and will not be in future searches.
  3. Give the model and year of your car (details vary, and we're not psychic).
  4. List any mods or recent work that might be pertinent to a problem.
  5. Be polite. You will not get help if you are rude.
  6. Take things with a light heart.
  7. Use search. 
  8. If you are going to review a vendor, buyer, or seller, use your personal experience, not someone else's.
  9. Do not insult or flame other members.
  10. This is a BIG site, we have forums, galleries, videos, articles and more. Explore the menu a little.
  11. All Articles are user submitted and user maintained. We run like Wikipedia. Anyone can modify articles or add new ones.
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