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  • Inka Touring at BayArea02 Swap and Show
  • german grille stripes.jpg
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  • 20190119_093847.jpg
  • IMG_4914.jpg
  • Neue Klasse und Kaffee and Doughnuts
  • Remy's S10
  • IMG 0841
  • Reflection
  • IMG 1319
  • My02 MagicHour Lg
  • IMG 6470
  • Import Face off
  • SoValley DriversFrontLow Lg
  • IMG 7106a
  • 0611010921
  • DSC 0819
  • My 2002 - Engine latest
  • DSC 0688
  • Foggy stormy day up in the mountain.

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  • my hero.JPG
  • all over.JPG
  • tech inspect line.JPG
  • warm up ride.JPG
  • pit pals.JPG
  • hunk under the hood.JPG
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  • john fan club.JPG
  • John at the line.JPG
  • gassin up.JPG
  • friday evening.JPG
  • departure rig.JPG
  • Dave Sandy John departure.JPG
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    • Awesome build! Do you know what your ground to fender measurement is? 
    • Hey there, 
      I've got a stock air filter thats busted up at the base from the previous owner's hack job adaptation to a 32/36 years ago. I would like to do the ITG setup on my 32/36 water choke carb and was wondering which filter element did you go with? Looking on Pegasus there are a few different sizes available and didn't want to get too big or too small a filter. 
    • Just tap in the car plate number in Google image search... weu 683L
      I’ll have to visit next time I’m home, I’ve never been even though I’ve lived there half my life !
      I’m sure if you ask the members you’ll get plenty of suggestions !
    • Cool, thanks.
      My own bit of searching on photos of this gate didn’t turn up any car shoots. I agree that it’s a very neat street right there...  it looks quite different based on the perspective, lighting, and angles.  It appears mainly pedestrian (tourists) traffic, few cars - might’ve had to have been swift to grab the shot and go.  Couple examples..
      Wonder where I might virtually drive next... 😁

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