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  1. Yeah, there’s a difference between Euro and US “octane” definitions. See chart. 95 RON = 91 US Oddly enough I myself am fancying a move up in compression beyond 10:1. With the overlap on my Schrick 304, and running here at altitude (home is mile high), and I’m often as not out doing some canyon carving at twice that, I’ve been thinking I could run a bit more than my 9:5:1 Mahle grand pianos without detonation. I’m always on the rich side, safely up there. And higher comp might offset the power-robbing reduced available O2 up here. (At 5K we’re down 15% , at 10K its a 30% loss vs sea level...) On the locally available 91/93 octanes it seems like I could do 10.2 - 10.5. But maybe not? Though such a ‘mile high setup’ option might prove challenging should I venture back to the flatlands... In which case a Detonation sensor might be just the ticket (along with retarding or jetting). Tom
  2. Glen - sadly, I think you’ll need to swap out the Behr AC pusher fan inboard via the engine bay. It’s almost impossible (but doable) to get it out via the grilles. But more importantly you won’t be able to get the typically slightly larger pusher Spal installed any way but via the inboard route. Tom
  3. Also be aware a lithium battery will require a charger that supports LI-ion type batteries. AGM types use “standard” chargers/tenders. That and durability concerns (heat extremes, ruggedness) of the newer Li-ion tech made me go AGM. I just see that BatteryTender now offers Li-ion support on their newer models, and will be offering their own Li-ion automotive-grade battery soon. Tom
  4. Odyssey installed in standard location works for me.. (less weight & more space than stock, simple & direct wiring, easy access/charging).
  5. Aren’t the ones with rings for motorcycles (beemers)?
  6. I’d run the patina-ed one. If a new one, get the metal raised letters version (still avail)..
  7. Or go with the M3 pressure plate & tiii clutch.
  8. It seems they’re all crap. Even the two that “worked” actually upped the water retention amount? Ethanol sucks. whatchu using Jim?
  9. 1. Get Mr. PerTronix 2. Forget Mr. Dwell. And side-of-the-road Mr. File N. Matchbook. Especially - if also Mr. MSD... truth (20+) 😎
  10. Welcome! It’s not burgundy, it’s Malaga. Yes, hazard switch is tied into the signal lights. A/C was not factory, it was a dealer option. Behr & Fridgiking were most common, pics will identify which you have. Best tip for new FAQers: learn to use the Search. Most everything has been covered at some point. And read all the Archive posts for a good basic understanding. Tom
  11. Yeah, get some proper low-profile lug nuts ( to fit under those center cap rings) designed for those alloy wheels. You don’t usually need longer wheel studs unless you’re running spacers to change wheel offset.
  12. Post a WTB? Check if a part # is shown on RealOEM, then check Blunt or Roger’s? FWIW, IE sells a polished Aluminium one, good for an additional 1/2 HP....
  13. Okay, had to check it out... I do like the angle, with the roof of the binnacle as a deep shade brow over the gauges. Pure conjecture, but I think it is for ergonomics, maybe mixed with a design choice — this angle looks to assure that the driver does not see their own reflection in the gauges. If you move your head to look directly perpendicular to the gauge/glass face, and then slowly tilt back out of frame until you can’t see your head anymore, you’re at this angle. The perpendicular line off the gauges shoots right over the drivers head (even considering a range of driver sizes, shorter sitting closer, taller sitting father away). whaddya think? Tom

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