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  1. Very familiar with Gold Cup racing. Yeah, it’s only smooth in between jolts, or you’re turning... Used to catch the races annually on Lake Pontchartrain. They allowed access to the pits then. Man, that’s some crazy power and engineering in such a lightweight hull form. That Riva is opulent speed.
  2. Where do my guests sit? Where’s my wine cabinet? And stereo 12s beat a single 12 no matter how it’s aspirated…
  3. OP - this post sounded too painful to even open to see what’s being discussed… glad you got your nipples sorted tho’.
  4. Lots of folks are turning to online car buying too now. But there’s more risk. This guy clearly didn’t get what he was looking for. Car looks pretty clean to me.
  5. I’m a knowledgeable 20+ year 02 owner, and FAQer since it opened, and I learn something new here pretty much every week… Tom
  6. Dealers are hurting for stock, and buyer numbers exceed availability on most everything. Folks are being contacted by their dealers to trade in cars purchased over the last two years, especially well-optioned models. ( I was). And getting offers higher than they originally paid for it back when they bought. Might last awhile - some constraints are due to the current chip shortage, but the pandemic is playing a broader role as well…
  7. Nuthin’ like a pair of roaring 1972 hp V12s…
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