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  1. You can slightly bend the riser bar to gain the clearance you want on the bushing, which does fit snug on the end of the arm.
  2. Truly, such a GREAT win... ... and it’s still going strong 😁
  3. visionaut

    LSD Diff Flange question LSD diff flanges&page=1&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and 76 is unique. Circlips..
  4. visionaut

    Cheapest way to 200 hp?

    I’d say ‘the whole thing's rigged to blow, touch those tanks and "boooom"... 😎
  5. visionaut

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Life at elevation (indeed) Took a jaunt to Guanella Pass, 11669 ft., via Grant-to-Georgetown, CO today. The 12 miles of new 2-lane undivided asphalt to the summit == bliss! 😁
  6. visionaut

    Valve cover sealer, not paint ?

    whole lotta... whole lotta... love -- elbow grease -- and Happich Simichrome...
  7. visionaut

    Cheapest way to 200 hp?

    I'm just here for the gasoline.
  8. visionaut

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Finished my install of new rear deck covering, to replace my 20-yr old grey wool. Re-installing the Boston's was a pita. Called black-suede, it's more like short-stiff UV-safe velour, but now it matches my dash cover. Quite satisfied. Couple of obligatory pics.. Tom @kbmb02 - my crank was done up likewise 'knife-edge' by it's PO in the 80s, still going strong to this day (street motor tho') ...
  9. Hey Justin, I’ve never seen any need to run the chokes on dual DCOEs. Worst case, you might need to blip the throttle for a minute til it idles. (My experience in Denver). Tom
  10. visionaut

    Blowing Fuse Number 8 in my '74

    Fuse 8 also has side, rear, parking lights for RIGHT side, and license plate light.
  11. visionaut

    Cheap Edgy Body Modifications...

    Step right up - ya saw it here first. Ha! Hal - yes, it saves on the gouges/cuts (part of my inspiration, the other being some OCD...). Tom, colors? - hay mucho colores, amigos. I've at least seen it in black, white, clear, chrome, gold, red and blue - there's likely more. Check Amazon/Ebay, Pep Boys, etc. 18-25ft lengths. Thx, Tom
  12. visionaut

    plug gap with Pertronix

    With MSD + Pertronix + tii mech-only dizzy, I only run zero-resistance rotors. Bosch, or IE - the tip is slightly wider too. IE zero-resistance rotor FWIW, I can & have run my plug gap as wide as .050 (!), and as small as .024. Smoothest, with power throughout the band (7k rpm max, no detonation, @ 5-9k elev) seems best at .035 - .040. Doesn't feel the same as just additional dizzy advance to me - which I will detonate on.. Tom
  13. Tired of seeing the untrimmed metal edges in my engine bay -- so a couple bux worth of regular ol' plastic body edging later, I'm digging' it. Engine bay front edge, Windshield cowl edge, rear Engine bay edge and hood capture panel edges, Hood rear edge... Tom
  14. visionaut


  15. visionaut

    It's done

    Been following along, but...WOW! That is ART - and mind-blowingly impressive/cool. All WIN...(and sick, in all ways) Tom