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  1. My ‘76 was originally painted in Peelunfade Polaris.
  2. A forgotten photo from May 2006, taken in Wash Park, Denver (recently recovered from a Memory Stick left in an old Sony DSC-200 camera). As for the car -- some things never change...some do... lol Tom-too
  3. visionaut

    i'm a ge

    I’m a con... fuse... edd. . . . . then my weather here b 2...
  4. These ^^ go here >> https://www.bmw2002faq.com/colors/
  5. running 205/40s on 16s with a 350mm wheel...
  6. 02ers I know that run Rotas in 15x7, typically use et25 offset (with either 195s, or 205s if fender rolled). et35 offset on same wheel would sit 10mm further inward...
  7. Alarm sensor trigger to detect the hood opening. It was a standard part of aftermarket car alarm kits back in the day. Meant for cars where you could pop the hood from outside in front - a bit unnecessary on an 02 with it’s hood release located inside the car (!)...
  8. To my eyes, the nose of the hood looks bent up - like it previously hit the grille when opened fully because it wasn’t adjusted correctly (leaving a telltale dent in the kidney grille). Especially the pic you posted from 12:27 Friday... It’s way easier to bend the hood than to cause the front nose panel to droop in the front, no? Nothing loads the front nose sheet metal top to possibly cause a droop in the middle to occur. And the matching angle of your grille and headlight bezel in that same pic would be off if your nose panel drooped, and it’s not. So unless the nose was replaced, I’m thinking hood... Russ, is that a replacement grille? Is your hood flat/straight from the roundel back to the vents? Has the nose panel been swapped? Tom-too
  9. I was driving my 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L when I first saw, and when I bought my 02. But I still have that one (seventh oldest still extant). The car that went, to make room for the 02, was my ‘ol 1986 Dodge Shelby GLHS. Wish I’d kept that one too - but the ‘upgrade’ is my true love. Tom-too
  10. On a good run I know I’m usually over 5600rpm when I shift from 4th to 5th. It’s fun shifting near the ton... 🥳
  11. Steve, I still have the original outboard-angled radiator on my shelf. I agree it’s a factory installed unit, and unlikely a part of any aftermarket AC kit. Being on all US market bound cars is something I don’t know, but I could get with that. Or some other set-logic: all port-shipped/altered cars, all southern state bound cars, all Automatics, etc. Also both those flat and bent sways ID’d in the RealOEM diagram as #1 show as 15mm, yet the #11 sway in the same diagram is 16mm (and there’s no AC version of that bar). So you couldn’t get AC if you got the stiffer factory sport sway bar? Didn’t tii get fitted AC? Did they have to ditch their stiffer sport sway bar to do so? It also still makes no sense to me that to clear an AC addition hung off the front of the engine they’d bring the sway bar closer in. What, so the AC compressor can sit in front of it? Or over it? (if over then no need to remove the standard bar, no?) Like I said earlier, I’d like to see how the compressor mounts that pairs with that flat ‘AC’ bar, if that’s what it is... Tom-too
  12. My 76 has Behr AC, and is fitted with ST sways. So after reading Rob’s post, I went and took a look. My ST front sway has the deeper bend shape. They are a very tight fit to my front sheet metal at the front corners on each side, but they clear my compressor (now Sanden) nicely. The sway projects downward from the mount at about a 30deg angle until it passes the compressor pulley, then cuts across just below it with less than 1/2” clearance forward of the pulley. I can’t imagine that flatter sway bar fitting in my car without it directly hitting the compressor or pulley. It goes across way too close towards the engine to clear it. Maybe the flatter sway is for non-AC? or for use with a much higher-mounted AC compressor location? A different bracket? More confused now about that flat AC sway bar...and where the compressor fits with it. My original sway is long gone, so I’ve no idea which shape it was. On the theory of pre-fitting different sways at the factory for *possible* buyer AC installs, I’m not sold. Maybe they came in some ‘kits’ and not others? Some might have designed their system around the available flat bar, and others worked their solution with the standard bar? Tom-too
  13. Or a non-drilled fuel-pump pad could mean it’s a replacement 2002 E12 head cast in 1984...
  14. Were you lacking for traction with the S, or are you startIng a local hillclimb series? 😁 I bet you’ll exit the local twisties with more giddyyap and grins! Those Qs are drool worthy...
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