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  1. Additional ID morsels… 74-76 have additional metal structural reinforcements in the trunk. 76 has a couple unique engine bay decals… 76ers-only diffs have pop in/out rear flanges held via c-clips, not bolts. And the brake pressure proportioning switch mounted on the lower drivers inner fender that Mike mentioned. And 76ers-only built in spring 76 have no fender VIN plate… 👍
  2. Yep, so a bit of derivation for those not inclined to translate: All Bosch dizzys outfitted to the M10 start with J, meaning a 70mm case diameter. These are all the Bosch dizzy J-codes ever used in the 02 series: JFUR4, JFUD4, JFU4, JFDR4, JFR4, JFD4. F means they employ Centrifugal Advance. U means they also employ a Vacuum mechanism (Advance and/or Retard) D means they employ a Rev-Limiting rotor. R means they employ a Resistance rotor. The ending 4 is the numbers of firing cylinders (on the cap).
  3. I like Iggy’s... 🙃 “Well I am your crazy driver Honey I'm sure to steer you wrong I am dying in a story I'm only living to sing this song (Just the same, baby...) [Chorus:] I need somebody, baby I need somebody, too I need somebody, baby Just like you, just like you, just like you. Well I'm losing all my feelings And I'm running out of friends You know you lied to me in the beginning Baby, and now you're gonna try to bring me Try to bring me to the end. [Chorus] Well now it's time to leave this signal The interference is too strong Yeah I got my reputation Ride them airwaves, now too long.” [Chorus]
  4. Esty, your re-paint and that interior conversion/recoloring was SO good... For myself, I liked that black hot rod truck look best... but I have a thing for black. Tom
  5. Inner rear wheel on a right turn means that’s the parking brake wheel all right... Maybe normal braking in a straight line stop releases it? Like the hydraulics can move the shoes so the parking brake cable unbinds.
  6. Well it’s probably not the song. But it is something about taking that long hard turn at speed... I’m guessing something related to your rear brakes is binding up when the car body rolls in the turn. Could very well be the parking brake cable is getting engaged through the roll action, and doesn’t release until the body flexes back to normal? I’d expect it would be much more difficult/complicated to get the hydraulics to lock up just one rear wheel that way through body roll while turning... How’s the condition of your parking brake? Is it the inner or outer rear wheel in that turn that locks up?
  7. I've learned anything is possible with this car ha. What's your thinking there? Just thinking aloud... Maybe there's some give in the fixing assembly down there. Or something's bent.. Your whole upper column assembly looks to be tilted counterclockwise too much. Maybe your lower column bracket was installed reversed. IIRC, the lower bracket/clamp is a bent beam, with an angle on one side. So if reversed, it might cause a tilted shaft upon bolting up? Or since your lock assy might be changed, perhaps it not the same thickness as prior ? The upper mounting bolts run through the lock assy. So maybe those bolts aren't seating plane? If all else fails, and yours is still too tilted, maybe it's possible to shim one side of the upper and/or lower column mounting bolts to correct for it? Others with more familiarity/experience will have better ideas..
  8. Scoob - Maybe your steering column's been removed? Also check ff those control mounts on either side are slotted... I think you can 'correct' some of it...should you be bothered again. I went out to look and took a pic, as your post got me curious... ;P My 76 has much less tilt, but it does have a small one (less than 2 degrees). The swivel-endpoints of my two control stalks are pretty close to level with each other, but the left is a tad lower. My left signal stalk extends out almost level in the middle position (looks slightly down due to cam angle). My right wiper stalk extends slightly upward from horizontal in the bottom-most (off) position (though is looks horizontal in the pic). Tom-too ps: where do the remaining wires (if any) lead from your extra HAL light?
  9. 0-231-180-008 is in fact a Bosch dizzy. Type JFUD4. Found in many USA 2002 automatics. No idea where you got that info from, John, but it's wrong... These are all Bosch part #s. Several errors in your other notes as well... 0-231-151-008 is not the original Tii dizzy, 0-231-129-037 is (used worldwide). Then came the 0-231-151-008. When Tii's went to the E12 head, Euro got 0-231-151-009 and USA got the 0-231-180-013. 0-231-188-002 is a Bosch Replacement dizzy for the Ti/Tii. Not an original part. Now superseded by 0-231-168-025. 0-231-176-059 was used USA CA-only starting 12/74. (75 model year). 0-231-170-164 was used USA 49-states starting 12/74. (75 model year). No info on non-02 Model dizzys... HTH, Tom-too ps: I think I have the info on the Dizzy J-codes, will have to look for it and reply again. pps: Hi Tom! (@'76mintgrün'02)
  10. 20000 Posts?!! U da man Toby! FAQ is just like that hotel "You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave..." Tom
  11. Where’s me spinach??? (205s on 16x7s with a 350mm Momo for 20+ years)
  12. When your tire is 2” wider than your rim it ain’t gonna work right. Too ballooned at the correct pressure, the too wide tire actually reduces the contact patch, and the over-extended tire edges on the narrow bead make cornering heavy and squirmy. It’s like the opposite of over-stretched tires, with equally poor effects on handling, wear and safety.
  13. VDO Vision series look like these. 150 psi oil pressure gauge on the right...
  14. Look for this VDO sender and adapter. Yep, get the 150psi gauge. The VDO Vision series used to match the best style-wise to the OEM gauges...
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