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  1. Off the wall...

    Marshall, thx man. Andrew, that was me. So can anyone identity all my model cars?
  2. I mounted a PC680 in the original battery location. Less weight, more room, without rerouting all my wiring. Even improved cold-air flow ;-p. I have mine on an AGM battery tender too. No issues to-date with cranking when cold. Tom
  3. Off the wall...

    Thanks, Brandon. Yeah, those baseball bat display cases are almost 40" long, had to modify them slightly - but they're long/wide enough to easily fit three 1/24 scale models in each. And the full-length hinged-glass doors (magnetized) are great. With the sale, all 4 were less than $100. Looking at 'em now, I can see these models reflect my range of interests in cars over time - race cars (F1, Lemans, DTM) and street cars (Muscle, Exotics, Classics). There's only 3 'bimmers' tho - so I might be looking to change that..
  4. Off the wall...

    I've recently been looking for some shelves to finally get the small 'scale model cars' collection I've accumulated over the years up on the wall and out of all the odd spaces I've stuffed 'em over the years. Dusting 'em sux, so I was looking into some glass-faced/doored shelves, if possible. Man, the custom shelving and cases designed to display 1/43, 1/32, 1/24 etc scale cars is pretty $$$. I was thinking I could fab something, but I wasn't that motivated. Then on a recent honeydo visit to a framing/crafts store I was walking the frames section and saw these shadowbox cases for displaying everything from coins on up to sports equipment. All 50% off. Checking them over on a whim, I was actually able to find some small-shelved ~3" deep glass-doored shadowboxes that would fit my 1/32 scale slot cars collection, and also my older 1/43 cars, at two for $29. Not top-tier shelving by any means, but pretty decent looking. But nothing they had looked deep enough to fit my 1/24 cars - horizontally. So a crazy idea to try to use the baseball bat trophy cases they had, to mount my 1/24 scale cars vertically materialized in the brain... presented as if they're driving up the wall. Pretty happy with the result - it's different, but it'll work. Each car is 'hooked' into the vertical cases using 3M picture hanger hooks, so you can easily take the cars out. Hanging up the all the model cars finally in these boxes/cases got me inspired to haul out my old slot cars track as well. Analog rules. So now I can drive the wheels off something else when the 02 might be resting... Anyone else here into collecting scale cars, slots, aor have any other ideas to share re: displaying them without a lot of space? Tom
  5. Best brake upgrade for '73 tii?

    Well it’s almost 20 years on now, but I did a “2a”, the ‘original 2002 Big Brakes’ mod. I went with a complete front & rear brakes upgrade from the OEM 2002 Turbo: hubs, cylinders, rotors/drums, backing plates and all. Not as economical nowadays...but works great. Tom
  6. Informal BMW meet: Nov 12th

    Many others had cameras/phones about -- alas, I was just chillin', Ray. Maybe someone else grabbed some? Tom
  7. Informal BMW meet: Nov 12th

    Cool that four 02s made it out this afternoon (and five 02 owners). Good seeing/meeting everyone and all the Bimmers that came out. (50 or so total?).
  8. Informal BMW meet: Nov 12th

    Hey all RM 02ers, Hope your Fall has been going great so far. Just an FYI. There's an informal end-of-season BMW Meet being pulled together for this coming Sunday 11/12/2017 at 2:00pm @ the Sonic Drive-In in Centennial. CO. Location: 11237 East Arapahoe Place, Centennial, CO 80112. (Some might know it as the place the RMBMWCCA hosts burger nights during summer.) A wide assortment of Bimmers is expected (local Schulz brothers are organizing) - so it's definitely not an 02-only thing - but I'm thinking I'll go, and I thought some of you might be interested in making it out too. I'm thinking to arrive slightly early, for better parking. Maybe I'll see ya out there. Tom
  9. Window gap

    I've bought 2 sets of these stupid caps to date. and the buggers keep falling out/off, so I'm down to just 2 of the 4 again. Should I try gluing them in? Tom
  10. Fall Drives 2017

    Sure, here's some pics from a fun Fall Drive I took last week. Stopped up at Red Rocks for some pics afterward. More rocks than leaves, but a great fall-weather day in the hills...
  11. My set-up... thought I’d posted it before, but I guess that was a older/different thread. Leather-covered custom 3-gauge Parker faceplate for Behr console. Panasonic touch-screen removable-face headunit w/Sony amp mounted under drivers seat and an iPhone connector cable in the glovebox. Boston Acoustic Pro-Rally component speakers in enclosed fiberglas kick-boxes up front (and coaxs in rear shelf). Tom ps: really diggin’ that canted 3-gauge fab, Forrest!
  12. Emissions Help

    I never put ANY of the emissions stuff back on. Just temporarily lean-tuned the carb set-up on the Webers, so I'd pass the sniffer-test fine - and lucked out on not getting a real mechanical-inspection. So you don't want to look at mine for any tips...and I've got none of the required emission parts.
  13. Emissions Help

    Current Colorado emissions Regs (as of 12/16): Vehicles model years 1975-and-older can be registered as "collector's items" with no emissions inspection requirement or mileage restriction. However, if the vehicle is not specifically registered as a "collector's item," an emissions inspection is required every year. Vehicles model year 1976 to 1984 that have been registered as a "collector's item" prior to Sept. 1, 2009, and the registration has never lapsed or expired, do not require an emissions inspection and there is no mileage restriction. If the vehicle has not previously been registered as a "collector's item," an emissions inspection is required every year. Vehicles at least 32 years old are eligible for "collector's item" registration. However, in order to register as a "collector's item," these vehicles will require an initial emissions inspection and then must be inpsected every five years thereafter at the time of registration renewal. These vehicle have a mileage restriction limiting driving to no more than 4,500 miles per year. If the vehicle is being registered in a county that does not require an emissions inspection, only the mileage restriction applies. So you'll likely need to pass the test at least once, given your 02 is newly imported (and you get Collectors plates). For the test, there's the actually sniffer-part (which you can readily pass w/o all the OEM emissions equipment), and there's the 'mechanical inspection' part. For the latter - you're in the hands of the inspector you happen to encounter. If they know their stuff on older cars, or know how to look up and detect all the appropriate 'visuals' under the hood - you'll likely need to reinstall at least the carcass of the main OEM components. I will say this though (and I have a 76 that used to be required to pass emissions) - I passed emissions at least 3 times in my 2002 after arriving in CO while running dual DCOE and headers, by passing the sniffer handily and being lucky enough to have the visual/mechanical done by newbies/innocents at the emissions center.. I had no 'emissions stickers' on the car to refer to, and the guys seemed more interested in seeing if I had a catalytic converter underneath than knowing what else was what. (I told one once the timing chain adjuster protruding next to my header was the thermal reactor his book mentioned. ) I'd pick the date/time to arrive with my car to enhance my 'newb' inspector chances too. Your own experience might vary tho'. Maybe inspectors are better trained now? You should also decide whether to reinstall any OEM emissions stuff: just temporarily to pass emissions, permanently but non-functional and for visuals, or permanently and fully functional. The latter will be harder if only because locating everything in working order might be tough. Good luck any way you go. HTH, Tom
  14. Mobile Tradition - A Blessing and a Curse

    I personally only see blessings from having BMW Classic (nee Mobile Tradition), unless they choose to NLA more 2002 stuff. I'm much less interested in the value of any parts increasing due to rarity - but that's just me. Not in it for the "investment", unless that's personal enjoyment investment...where my 02 has and continues to reap me compounded rewards. Sweet wheels they are, regardless, David. I'm pretty sure Conserv will know value/details, and will chime in. Tom
  15. visionaut-iks