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  1. visionaut

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    Winter has hit here early, so many around here are busy getting their winter rides shod properly. I just got new winter boots for my 4 that I need to mount up ASAP - I’m still rolling the summer tires (NG cold).. Took a short foothills drive today in the 02, temps were 50s, but the roads must’ve still been cooler - a bit slidey on the RT615K gumballs. I’ve got an all-season set, but may not mount em this year. 😉 Tom
  2. visionaut

    My new $500 ride

    Finally got the new winter boots today. Michelin Alpin PA4s (245/40R18) on Sparco Podio HLTs (18x8et29). Will mount 'em Friday. Since i'm driving them half the year here, I'm hoping they provide the confidence + fun-factor combo that I like.
  3. visionaut

    Exploding S54 engines...

    Dave - thats much better than I'd have suspected. Still - damn... Great that you have SCR to assist. Well the current snow should be gone by mid-week at least, so you might have more time. And rebuilding it yourself in your shop means you're good, and you must be fast too. 💪 I'm hoping to get the 02 out again several more times - but yeah, don't run it when/where they spray the sod chloride. And if it happens, hose off well underneath afterward. Luckily most places around that I drive only spread sand. Tom
  4. visionaut

    My new $500 ride

    For sure. I’m currently rotating ‘inside’ time between the 435 and the SVX...
  5. visionaut

    two weeks of burning up gas and tires

    La Bella Vita indeed, Marshall. Must've been so so much fun, and the best kind of exhausting.. Tom
  6. visionaut

    For Sale: New Black Carpet set

    Hi Aaron, If Hal didn’t already take this, I might be interested. I’m local (Wash Park area), so Lakewood’s 15mins away. LMK, Tom
  7. visionaut

    02 Like Cars from Childhood

    Grew up in Brooklyn being driven around in a Type 3 squareback that was my moms. Learned to drive (stick) in that car. It was same color as the one in this pic. Tom
  8. visionaut

    My new $500 ride

    Thx, but they're chopped.
  9. visionaut

    My new $500 ride

    FWIW follow-up: I located the Michelin Pilot Alpins that I was looking for in 100V load rating, and they're also MO and BMW starred. Meanwhile, did my 1st performance mod - and installed a Dinan CAI... <obligatory pic> Tom
  10. visionaut

    Hagerty Golden

    Ha - Eric, I knew it was yours. I don't know why I said Dave. Brain fahrt. Sorry, bud. Looks GREAT! I won't be making it - like I said, it was sold out when I tried to register. It'll be nice and cool too. Hope some other 02ers show! (can't tell from the lack of replies here). Tom
  11. visionaut

    250 mm drums from turbo on a Tii

    My car also has the full Turbo brakes swap (done 20 yrs ago). IIRC, in the rear it also included turbo stub axles, bearings and hubs (2mm larger diameter than non-turbo), in addition to the larger wheel cylinders. With the matching turbo brakes up front - also include the turbo brake pressure valve. You'd want the early 320i carrier (up to 77) which is same as the turbo - part 34211117059. Tom
  12. visionaut

    Hagerty Golden

    FWIW - it’s sold out..
  13. Cool. Book’em Danno... 👮‍♂️ (Thx for keeping us posted Daniel)
  14. It'll never be easier to change that starter, or if necessary, adjust your steering box. Or clean under the booster set-up.
  15. Shit. Will be keeping an eye out...