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  1. Eric & I will be meeting up tomorrow morning (Saturday 8/18) at 10am at the Tipsy's lot. Any/all other 02ers are welcome to join us. We'll be driving a few of the great 'canyon coffee run' routes over that way... Tom
  2. Mark - it’s THE car. Ouch!! Hopefully Scott is okay (& that corner worker). Looks like a stuck wide-open throttle to me...
  3. visionaut

    zip ties...

    Hey guys - thanks. Sorry, I don't look here often. Pete - It's been a while, so I had to look it up. I got all my stainless clamps from Utilmate Garage.
  4. So good to hear, Paul. Thanks for the update, Tom
  5. Dave - I’d definitely be willing to head up that way for a meet/drive (got my 435 from Co’s). Maybe Sept ? Tom
  6. Thanks guys.. Officially Estorillau II Metallic. Yeah, it's a dream-come-true -- I lucked into a maxed-out M options model. Just amazing the difference 40 years makes between my '76 and this '16. (my new front discs are 1.5" larger diameter than OEM 2002 wheels!!) Eric - I might actually be able to swing an early-ish Meet-up & Drive this coming Saturday, August 18th, if that'll work for you. Say perhaps 10am, over at the Tipsy's lot? (they have coffee/deli too, but we can stop for such on our drive as well). Any and all other 02ers invited, obviously. Tom
  7. Eric, that looks sweet. We gotta catch up soon for a drive. But this weekend’s spoken for already for me & the missus. I just got Estoriled.. (CPO 435ix GC M-Sport). 😁 I can do something afternoon/evening this coming week. IF the weather-gods cooperate this time. Maybe like Wednesday at 5:30-6:00pm, meet-up over at the Tipsy’s lot off E-470 and Bowles...? Tom There’s a Bimmer Burger Nightt meet in Centennial this Wed as well.
  8. visionaut

    valve covers

    Yeah, I know - but that pic is definitely from a weird view. But look to those ribs on the right — it’s like they go straight across (!) — maybe for a non-OHC, 7/8-scale M-10... 🤪
  9. visionaut

    valve covers

    That cover’s a totally different size (length)!.. another engine than an M10?? i have a hard time believing that EVER fit an M10 - but I have no idea if a1600 head is smaller that way (but I doubt it). Baffled.
  10. visionaut

    valve covers

    Hans -- sorry to ask, since you likely checked this already — but there’s no way the sprayer bar is incorrectly positioned, thus sitting too high in front?
  11. visionaut

    Weird Camber

    Tightened up sways AFTER lowering the car down..?
  12. visionaut


  13. Surprised no one ever mentions the turbo brakes upgrade (it’s OEM). I’ll admit it’s pricier now than 20 years ago when done to mine. Much less aftermarket options then. Turbo hubs/rotors/calipers/back plates et al fits direct on tii struts. Fits 13x5.5 turbo wheels obviously... Tom
  14. visionaut

    Car Alarm units

    I like a multi-layered approach -- it increases the 'time & effort cost' to any potential adversary, though a well-determined thief can overcome all... I live in central Denver, and park around town a lot, so I'm attempting to thwart break-ins and vandalism, as well as outright car theft. I'm a bit aggressive, as I'd been vandalized/broken into once before. • I run an older Alpine alarm system - outfitted with added impact and radar sensors, and a flashing light mounted atop the seat-belt warning pod on my dash. Bang or nudge the car, and the impact sensor kicks in. The radar sensor scans the car interior for any mass movement - and it works great. (I can even leave the windows down with it, and if you approach and try to reach inside, it'll kick in.) It has a nice remote. Extra-loud horn tucked in the engine bay. • I run a quick-release on my steering wheel --and no steering wheel is better than a club. I crank the wheel over to one side, pop it off and lock it in the trunk. • I have a cut-off switch rigged into my fuel-pump. It'll start - but you won't go anywhere. • I have a discrete blackout touch panel (that's also detachable) on my stereo headunit. • It's also a manual transmission - most young thieves can't drive with both feet. Tom
  15. So we’re thinking maybe since our local BMW CCA (I'm a member) is having one of their Bimmer Burger Nights next Wednesday evening, July 25th, over at the Sonic Drive-in over in Littleton, right off the intersection of E470 and Ken Caryl from 6:00 - 7:30pm, of meeting up there. I've been to several of these - they're held at 3-4 different Sonics around the city from Spring thru Fall - and they draw anywhere from 15-30 Bimmers out. Most always some really cool rides. It's open to all - you don't have to be a CCA member, just a Bimmerphile. My thoughts are if we get there a bit early, we'll get good parking spots (5:30pm) for an 02 ‘contingent’ - and if then, perhaps we could also leave a bit early, and do a quick foothills drive I know well right nearby before sunset? be square (or roundie) or be there 😁 Tom