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  1. Assuming a 2.0 Liter at 6500 RPM, with a Volumetric Efficiency of .85 for a street motor. 2.0 Liter = 122 cu in Formula: {[Displacement (cu in) * Peak RPM] / 3456} * Volumetric Efficiency = Needed CFM ~200 CFM
  2. Tunershop was a dead-end, huh? Likely because you want 14" - I bet they could do 15 &16s. They can make replacement shells for my Epsilons (12.5" diameter centers, but they have same hole circle as BBS M30 wheels). Ok, try Kodiak Kodiak Racing Wheels - Shells or Image UK Image Wheels UK - Rims Or try eBay for split rims, wheel shells, halves, barrels/lips, et al.. Good luck.
  3. Really great stuff, Jim, thx. I actually lol'd when I read: I mainly left Kettering behind when I went to MSD (triggered best with Pertronix), but I worked an ol' SUN machine back in the day. So it was a nice read. I'd be interested in his discussion of CDI and multi-spark. Recently I've been thinking of any gains I might see with a switch to a COP set-up on my M10.. Tom
  4. If the various BBS Motorsport M30/M70 20-hole sizes don’t work, you’re likely looking at custom lips/barrels then — so Tunershop or maybe Black Forest Industries. You’ll need exact dimensions for your bolt circle, bolt holes, rim inner diameter, lip width, etc. to get something made. Tunershop has a geometry spec sheet you can fill out and submit for an estimate.
  5. 20-hole lips and barrels can be found on BBS Motorsport, Ronal Racing, and Epsilon wheels. You can still get 20-holes rim halves from BBS Motorsport. The diameter of your bolt circle will determine if these might fit. You can also get custom 20-hole rims fabbed from Tunershop..
  6. Cool shots, Dave. Yeah, that’s a biggun, must be eatin well...
  7. Love the thoughts — but thank god a 2002tii doesn’t look like that.
  8. Mike - sorry, forgot to mention I got this gasket fix hack from you like 10 years ago! Been good ever since. Tom
  9. Make your gasket thicker (2x original thickness). Or try tweaking the two cap ‘prongs’, tho a thicker gasket is much easier. The old caps tension wears out. i put a cut-up coffee can lid under my oil caps gasket. Leakage gone.
  10. Love me them ol’ Parker custom faceplates. I have a leather-covered one in mine. Tom
  11. AFAIK, CD left the FAQ after one of the many upgrade transitions, when his computer wouldn’t work with the latest web tech. I think he got lost went it went to more than a single forum stream. At the tine, he was still holding down the fort as ‘the guru’ at his Darien CT BMW dealership. Sad, as he was a trove of knowledge, as Toby/Ken/etc nowadays, and a daily poster. Loved all the redlined pix he used to post, and his assured but surly demeanor. Much respect to his heyday, when he was racing old beemers and sidecars. I hope he’s still kicking, throwing old junk in neighbors pools...
  12. Sad day. A true hero, with such courage, determination, skill and compassion. R.I.P. Niki
  13. Anders, Go to the Cape and check out space history, maybe see a launch.. Hit an astronaut bar in Cocoa. Tom
  14. Hi Steve - I’ll look around and report back here... Ok, here’s an odd one—threads started today show 0 views, even though they have replies. Tom
  15. The ol' timebender turned 43 yesterday, being born 5/11/1976 in Munich. Just a youngin' for an 02. Tom
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