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  1. DCOE 40s or 45s???

    Thanks, Byron. Didn't realize that - makers some sense, though I'd assumed it went the other way. (i.e. most aftermarket DCOE manifolds were already 45mm inlets). So for 45s you need to trim the base gasket hole? I thought I'd only ever seen gaskets that matched the 45mm opening, and manifolds that matched the gasket hole... Tom
  2. DCOE 40s or 45s???

    I thought DCOE 40s and 45s shared the same base gasket, and most all dual DCOE manifolds fit either one without any extra porting (enlarging port ends, vs simple port-matching). And enlarging manifold intakes was only required for 48/50/55 DCOEs...
  3. How much would you pay

    ...make that at least May-ish, Steve (mine is 5/1176) Tom
  4. Here I go again. Bought another one.

    Harry, Glad to hear you’re well, and that you got another! (sad it’s not schwarz tho’... ) Tom
  5. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thanks, Andrew! The way it was explained to me, it's a result of the dust in the Martian atmosphere, which has fine particles that permit blue light to penetrate it more efficiently than longer-wavelength colors. So the red cars end up looking grey, like the front car on the left in the farewell pic. (and the Skupper shows up red since it orbits above the dust...)
  6. What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Finally back home... What a fun road trip - Le Mars was a blast!
  7. Wheel Bearing Conundrum.

    regular vs. tii ??
  8. until
    Fantastic Voyage... times.
  9. 2002 Road Trip to the Red Planet

  10. RIP 1972 2002 2581715

    Damn... Gary, I’m so sorry to hear/see this. It was always fun watching you get the most out of it at the local autocrosses. Hoping you find a new one! Tom
  11. AL41X pulley

    FWIW, I'd always want an woodruff key installed for the pulley (for concentricity and assured engagement), esp. at higher speeds. mosman58 -if you can't locate a pulley that works, maybe fab a shim? (using a properly notched large washer of correct thickness) Tom
  12. Rocky Mountain 2002 Club

  13. Random smell

  14. Mark is a great guy - works on my car from time to time as well.
  15. Show me your knobs...

    Since I’m using the Z3 shifter I can use pretty much any modern Bmw 5 speed knob correct? correct. or most aftermarket as well.