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  1. Yeah, my Schrick 304 required that center bearing journal clearance 'slot' be machined, as Ken showed, to be able to install the cam (in a new E12 cyl head). The more radical Schrick cams required the 1st & 2nd bearings be machined 2mm larger diameter. Here's a copy of a Schrick catalog (w/ camshaft Installation Tech Section at the back) I've kept from 2009... Tom 2009 Schrick-Cam InstallTech.pdf
  2. Hope these pics help. Mine doesn’t appear to be sealed on the engine bay side... (pardon the dirt) Tom
  3. There’s no way I could ever get my arm out of an 02 wing-window to signal a turn... flick ashes, yeah, but hand signal a right turn (in a US car) — I dunno. You must be a) very, very short, b) sit on top of your steering wheel, c) you’re a contortionist, or d) you did this in another car besides an 02... 😝
  4. Hmmm - those look damn close to BMW OEM late model 02/E21 Steelies (with trim rings) to me...
  5. Or try Euro classifieds/forums. Believe it or not, some of those fellas actually WANT US-style bulgers, to be different and all that. Maybe someone will trade if your bulgers are perfecto... 🙄
  6. I run those in 16in on my 02. Great grip, wet or dry. Wear is actually a bit better than what you’d expect from a streetable autocross style tire. But they’re not a good tire for cold weather (the compound damages below 15deg F). No grip on snow/ ice, lots of wheel spin below 35F... Check build-date (on sidewall) to make sure they’re still good. The tire has been avail for 5 years. Tom
  7. Did you also find the official set of BMW sandbags to sit over the rear axle? They make das chains werken.
  8. So very cool, Ken. Two Qs: you keeping the wrap? they’ll be selling the Hotwheel in that livery? Tom
  9. Dave, it seems to work, but it’s flaky. I can’t edit my post above to make changes - even just to my text - likely due to the video attachment. It just fails, no errors, but no update either. Similar to you not being able to quote it or select it... Video’s a lot harder ( more complex data obviously, and many more formats to support) than simple pics. So it still might be better to remote-host and link to videos, esp larger ones as the attachment limit is 100mb. Here’s another video upload test (this time more on topic). It’s of a completely CG 02 - by Joao Elias, that I snagged back in 2011. IMG_0702.MP4
  10. Let’s see, Dave. (spin-spin-sugar...) Tom IMG_1103.mov
  11. Chris — adding attachments is done via the section below the text-entry box, the link labeled ‘choose files...”. Click it and you get a dialog to select the file to want to attach/upload with your posting. Or drag the file to attach from your desktop over the paperclip icon below your text entry, that says to Drag files here... it’ll do the same. HTH, Tom
  12. Yeah Tom, you’re right. I had a brainfarht. The tach adapter is for the MSD... Tom

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