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  1. The VDO adapter doesn't make it look that untidy... if you can find one.
  2. The VDO Oil Pressure adapter - part 240-043 that I'm using (pictured below) has been n/a for a while. Maybe this will work? Not sure how it might fit space-wise tho. Oil Pressure t-adapter M12-1.5 on amazon HTH, Tom-too
  3. Nick - convert your iPhone pics to JPEGs or PNGs and they’ll be visible here. Most sites, including FAQ, don’t support HEIC format images.
  4. According to the pics in the Taylor Restorer's Reference for the Model 71 (covers 1971-72) - ALL the pics shows the clips being the same matte black as the air cleaner. (and that such paint scratches off easy). Tom-too
  5. Tom - I have no idea. The article I read about the waiver for this year implied it would normally be a nationwide required date. Who knows, with the waiver - some may even try to introduce their summer gas earlier! It looks to be a nationwide date - May 1 from this article I just looked up. Read it all - lots of geek info there. https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=11031
  6. Oldie but goodie: Beltline Trim thread (2012) It lists the hole sizes too.
  7. FWIW - this year, for the obvious reason, the gas companies were given allowance to not meet the required switchover date from winter gas to summer gas. So we may be running winter gas longer into the spring/summer... I’ll let Tom tell us when that happens. 🙃 Tom-too
  8. Thanks, Marshall. My bad... sorry. Tom
  9. John, I thought you were talking about the MOMO hub adapter. It’s not solid - it’s sheet metal under accordion rubber, and is designed to collapse on a hard impact for safety. It’s what the OP asked about and what I use - it bolts to the OEM hub. I didn’t want an extended solid hub. Tom
  10. Those products are very different. The IE part replaces your hub (ref 36 splines & length difference). The MOMO part is a hub-adapter and mounts to your existing hub.
  11. As expected. Well some 76s have them — we’re in the batch where they ran out of tags and they carved it in. Lol Thx, Tom-too
  12. Yeah, my car was completely repainted Cosmos Schwarz (an original M3 color) back in 2000 or so. And the engine bay a matte grey-black to compliment. But no holes were sealed over - there’s lots of them bare (most all over on the drivers side), and none like a pair spaced like that. Where the modern Werhle relay has a date is the location mine says W. Germany. In the rear on my relay is a crude hot stamping (gotta be a Mfg Date Code) that reads: 111.8• . Now being curious to decode it, I fired off an inquiry to Werhle-Electronics. Awaiting a reply. (They’re now part of the same company that owns Getrag). You have a knack for decoding Mfg Date Codes- what do you make of that one? The relay has never been changed since I’ve owned the car, and pre-unification is ~10 years before that. I’ve got another Q for ya: What’s your take on the big difference between Robert’s delivered info date (2 days after) vs mine (2.5 months after) - when we now know both 02s were imported into New Orleans in ‘76? They wouldn’t change the definition of ‘delivery’ for two cars built the same day, nor would BMW Classic report their records so differently. My hunch is that my car was likely held aside for some reason prior to deliverable status (maybe Helmut and Hans had to fix a booboo somewhere). Thoughts? With all the mods I’ve made, at this point I’d guess less than half my car is original (lol). And I’m finding now even what I think are original bits may not be... One Q now for Robert: do you have a proper VIN tag on your pass inner fender top? Tom-too
  13. Haha! Hans and Helmut were always messing with us, Steve. Looking at your pics - I see additional evidence that my whole cluster's likely swapped... My cluster face is black-textured, not woodgrain - and I only have a single 'warning light on the left', on the right it's a smaller diameter reset knob. And I don't have Robert's adapter faceplate, and my speedo reads pretty accurately. Tom-too
  14. Robert - mine's got the same birthday! How'd yours get delivered so quick - mine took 2.5 months! lol "The BMW 2002 US (Automatic) VIN 2392593 was manufactured on May 11th, 1976 and delivered on July 28th, 1976 to BMW of North America. The original colour was Polaris metallic, paint code 060." You're 4 cars behind mine. The closest to mine that I know is Keith Kreeger's wife's 02 which is 3 numbers behind mine. A tight pack of 3 survivors. I see you're in Seattle. My 2002 was originally imported into New Orleans, LA, and the Kreeger's are in the midwest. Scattershot distribution! Now I know my speedo must've been swapped! Tom
  15. Yo Dave, thanks, I thought so too. Yeah, I gots me a soft spot for clownshoes too - and I’m also out of garage space. Might try to sell the ol ‘92 SVX (7th oldest survivor in US) this year so I can pull the Blue in. But we’ve had it since new, and we have attachments...

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