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  1. visionaut

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Ha - Subies R Us here, right? Folks from out of town freak a bit when they see it’s like the most popular make around here. I’ve got one too, a ‘92 SVX I’ve had since new that I bought when in NOLA... #115, which might now be the 4tth oldest . Going way back, I’m an old Mopar guy - and would be most interested in a few of those bits. And the wheel centers for them I see boxed there too. 😜
  2. visionaut

    Vintage American Car Radios

    Steve, in my opinion, that might be GOLD, IF you find a way to sell them targeting the vintage American 60-70s restoration crowd. OE radios for muscle cars are NOT cheap, and the folks hitting the auction/sales circuit will pay to get “full OE”. (Radios were one thing many guys changed back then, but no one wants that afternarket stuff that the installed instead of these in their restos). Cool they saved the OE stuff, labeled and all. I’m not thinking eBay ( tho it might be worth testing a few there). More like an enthusiasts forum or two much like this one. Hell, if that’s not up your alley I might be willing to grab a couple and see myself... if you’d part with a few, let me know and I’ll PM you. Tom
  3. visionaut

    CAD Models

    ...something about the last 10% takes 90% of the work.
  4. visionaut

    CAD Models

    I've used this one. Not sure of scale, hut it's decent for renders. Been a 3D modeler since back in the day. Too many tools to remember (ADAM/Anvil, Autotrol, Computervision, Intergraph, I-Deas, CATIA, Pro-E, yadda yadda - though I only use Strata nowadays). I think I might even have a model or two in some older (ancient) file formats... on even older media. Tom
  5. visionaut

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Just back from an extended 2002 road trip - had a blast again... Tom 😎
  6. visionaut

    Return to the Red Planet

    Fantastic voyage. The 2019 excursion...
  7. Sounds good, Eric, thx. I’d throw it in the hatch of the 4 and use it properly, lol. I haven’t yet picked up the nifty oem rack for it.
  8. visionaut

    My new $500 ride

    Gotta respect the elders. The new kid sleeps outside...
  9. Eric - I'll take that sweet toboggan for $25 if the buyer don't Tom
  10. Got my 02 (already very nicely sorted) at a fair price, and budgeted an initial additional half that to get it set to my personal liking. Once pleased, I've since spent an additional 20 years further refining/enhancing that liking... It's like seeking enlightenment. My 02 zen recipe is a maintenance, mods, restoration and goodies gumbo, flavored to taste (I like spicy). Repeated often. So far it's the best smiles+miles per $ ever. And when I'm done, I'll report back on that total... Tom
  11. visionaut

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Ray's out of this world. Happy Bday bro!
  12. visionaut

    Weber air flow - valid or hooey

    Science. This short article on induction systems design is a simple primer I think's pretty good for explaining this stuff (not 02 specific). See the sections on Tuned Ports and Helmholz Theory for the details on pulses/pressure waves/resonance... Tom induction systems tech.pdf
  13. visionaut

    Quarter vent knob removal ?

    There's a small hole behind the knob use can use to push the center out...
  14. visionaut

    Production Number Question

    Les, so VINs 1655001 - 1660000 (exactly 5000 cars) actually exist, and are completely missing from the Taylor/Maccartney's accounting? Ha - that must be a bunch of those Uruguay/Portugal/Belgium 2002s right there! BTW, I complexity defer on such matters , especially VINs, to your expertise and extensive data, Les. And Jimmy, I think that's a typo since IMO it's likely caused by printing (chart maker) error, copying down columns entries. And easy to spot. But the book has it's share of bigger errors as well, yet I think the pluses easily outweigh them. Tom
  15. visionaut

    Production Number Question

    That's a typo, Jimmy. All USA are LHD. The book, however good, is riddled with typos...