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    • Replacing some Rubber and an Interim Battery

      As spring gave way to summer, I started to prioritize getting this Electr02 rolling.  My first trips on the car involved using the existing battery and equipment as it was purchased.  Although I did have some very successful cruises around town, it was clear that the batteries were past their prime and needed to be replaced.  For most of the Electr02's life, it was driven without a BMS, so cell voltages varied enough during use and charging to be suboptimal, maybe long enough to stress some of t


      Chasing Leaks and Tuning Idle

      Well, one good thing about getting the motor running, it does provide some quick feedback on if you have any leaks.  After going through the mis-adventure of the leaking heater core, (turned out to be just the hose clamp to the heater core on the driver's side), I did identify 3 leaks while running the motor.  I had an oil leak at the oil filter housing, a coolant leak at the thermostat and a transmission leak at the back of the transmission (output shaft seal, shift selector seal, or both).  Tw

      1970 BMW 1600 Restoration (Nevada)

      Towing it home...

      I recently acquired a 69 2002 with an unusual history.  This car was converted to electric in the 90s and slowly updated through the 2000's and 2010's until I bought it with a DC Brushed motor, Lithium Phosphate battery and controller capable of 100+kw.        The acquisition of the car was a bit of a project, and I made it more of one by getting married in Vegas on the trip from Illinois to LA.  The trip also gave me an opportunity to meet the builder of the car and underst

      Electr02 2

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