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  1. I started a thread on this topic in the Off Topic -- Site Problems and Suggestions section and you can ask the question there. I've noticed it happening on quite a few posts. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/268257-text-disappearing-from-posts/ It can be quite frustrating to have to rewrite stuff, so I try to remember to highlight and copy the whole post before hitting SUBMIT. That way, if it drops all the text, I can use the EDIT feature to go back and paste it in. It's always worked for me on the edited submission. Thanks for filling in the text. I enjoy reading your writing. Tom
  2. Based on RealOem cross referencing, it appears as though they got the #2 cam. this must be the #2 11310631014 Camshaft Camshaft From: Superseded by: Part 11310631014 was found on the following vehicles: 1502-2002tii   (03/1966 — 07/1977) 3' E21   (02/1975 — 12/1983) 1500-2000CS   (02/1962 — 01/1972) 5' E12   (02/1972 — 06/1981) I think this is the #5 camshaft 07 Camshaft Camshaft 1 09/1975 07/1976 11311261613 We don't call it a smog cam around here! Tom
  3. That's good news, considering I found this sticker on my driveline. Tom
  4. That tool cuts with a side to side motion. The one in my video is an impact chisel/hammer that shatters the tar. Mine is a cheap one. Probably similar to this-- https://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools-compressors/air-tools/air-hammers/medium-barrel-air-impact-hammer-61244.html It does take a decent size air compressor to run them though. Tom
  5. Stoddard sells them. https://www.stoddard.com/nla60210201-61660210201-nla.html They also have some of the small springs that fit the early style distributors, but I don't know how close they'll be to the ones inside your distributor. They might be worth a try though. https://www.stoddard.com/nla60265004-61660265004-nla.html The springs get a flat spot worn on the side, where they rub up against the lobes on the center post. Here is a link to a thread in which I took a few distributors apart. This was the first early-style one I looked into. Have fun! Tom
  6. I welded a wide blade onto an air chisel and used that to strip the tar mats. It was kind of messy, but sort of fun. Mineral spirits works well for removing the residue.
  7. RealOEM only shows the front sway bar in a diagram, not the rear. However, they double the number of bolts and rubber "rings". 4 x 8mm bolts and 16 x rubber rings. Might that imply that the ones in the rear are the same? The ones in the link I posted above say the ID is 7mm, not 8mm; so, perhaps you are correct. But why would they say 16 needed? (Never mind me. Going back to minding my own business now.) Sponsored links No. Description Supp. Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes 01 Stabilizer, front 1 03/1966 07/1977 31352454000 ENDED For vehicles with Air conditioning =Yes 01 Stabilizer, front D=15MM 1 01/1968 07/1976 31351100841 ENDED 02 Fillister-head screw M8X18 4 07119919935 $0.30 03 Rubber Mounting D=15MM 2 03/1966 07/1977 31352454010 $5.60 04 Stabilizer support 4 31352654112 $9.36 05 Spring washer B8 8 07119933096 $0.18 06 Hex nut M8-ZNS 12 07/1977 07119922856 $0.56 ENDED 06 Hex nut M8-8-ZNS3 12 07/1977 07119904032 $0.16 06 Hex nut M8-8-ZNNIV SI 12 07119905515 $0.16 07 Hex bolt M8X160 4 07119912595 $3.47 08 Spacer sleeve 4 31352654108 $4.68 09 Plate 16 31351114570 $3.59 10 Rubber Ring 16 31351125712 $1.37 11 Stabilizer D=16MM 1 33553454000 $153.61 ENDED 12 Hex bolt M8X18 4 07/1977 07119913627 $0.24 ENDED 12 Hex bolt M8X18-8.8-ZNS3 4 07119904146 $0.65 13 Stabilizer rubber mounting D=16MM 2 33551103492 $11.60
  8. These guys sell them https://www.energysuspensionparts.com/products/bmw_2002_1976 They list the dimensions for the rear, but not the front. The bushings for the front cost twice as much. Aren't they the same size front/rear? Rear Sway Bar Endlink Bushings PART NUMBER: 3401 MANUFACTURER: PROTHANE Inside Diameter - 7mm Outside Diameter - 28.5mm Height - 18.30mm Red Only: (?) Red Price:$6.89
  9. Not a lot of work though. Photos, just phor phun. Tom
  10. They even sell brand new Bosch distributors. Seven of them to choose from! Thank you for sharing. Tom
  11. It was taken off of the RealOEM site. Here is a linkie to that (worth bookmarking) https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partgrp?id=2215-USA---114-BMW-2002 and you can click "Fuel Supply" to find it. It basically sends the fumes straight out the trunk floor, European style. There are a lot of threads/posts about chasing gas smells in the trunk. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/search/?q=gas smells in the trunk&quick=1 Remove the floor board on top of the tank and look for signs of wetness. Cloth covered hoses should be replaced. There should be a plastic sleeve on the tank's sender nipple, to size it up from 6mm to 8mm. Sometimes it is missing. Other times it is cracked. Scan some of the threads in that link above and you will see photos of all that stuff. Tom
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