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  1. What tire size and pressure are you running? Lower profile tires on larger wheels can contribute to a harsher ride. I find that my car feels a bit smoother if I keep it under 30 psi on the stock rims, with 185/70 tires.
  2. I recently noticed that my AFR gauge is running a little leaner and figure that must be due to the switch to winter-blend gasoline at the pump. It is not a big difference, but cruising along, my car now seems to run more towards the upper end of 13 than the bottom. I think I am still "safe", but was doing some reading yesterday, and learned that the difference is compounded by the fact that the stoichiometric ratio of winter gasoline runs between 14.3-14.4:1, as opposed to 14.7 for normal gas. I just thought that was interesting, so I figured I share it. This is where I found that information http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/PICS/winterGas/winterGas.html Tom
  3. If you have polyurethane transmission and differential mounts, you might start with putting rubber there and see how much smoother/quieter that makes it.
  4. I have the same setup, aside from the polyurethane bushings and no complaints with "buzziness", so I'd suspect they are the culprit. Rubber does a better job of absorbing vibrations than polyurethane. Tom
  5. '73 and earlier cars have round tail lights. '74-'76 cars got the upgraded rectangular tail lights. I suppose you are not-a-fan of the sufficiently-large late-style-bumpers either? Welcome to the forum. Tom
  6. Yes, it is a very useful tool. Right up there with a variable advance timing light. Here is a good thread covering placement of the bung.
  7. yup, right over here in the off topic section https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/9-off-topic/
  8. Those look great, Eric. Black blades belong on black wiper arms. I like the simplicity of that style too. Tom
  9. This is the wheel that was installed in my car when I got it. I've since installed a stock '76 wheel and am willing to let this new go to a new home. I am hoping to sell the wheel/hub as a package, but may end up separating, if there are no takers. The wheel is 380 mm diameter (15"). Horn button included. The anodized portion is in very good condition. as is the solid hub (sorry for the dust... lazy me) The new owner can enjoy the refinishing process. It appears to have been done at least once already, with some old cracks filled and there is more of that fun to be had. Asking $250 plus shipping, using PayPal friends/family. Add 5%, if you'd like PayPal buyer protection. Thanks, Tom
  10. Get well and get busy! You've got fun things to do Nothing too exciting around here... Served it a little juice for breakfast.
  11. Hi Scott, are the original boots torn, or are you simply replacing them for good measure? I've read it said that your money ahead, if you leave well enough alone; because lot of the new rubber boots fail prematurely (and the CV joints are very long lived in these cars). I'll quote TobyB, from your "And while I'm in there....." diff seal thread, when he said-- "If it's dry, don't poke at it. If the boots look ok, don't mess with them, either." Tom
  12. Yup, I'll take the cash right over. Please send it to me via Venmo... having trouble with my PayPal. Tom
  13. I'll gladly catch the next ferry to go get it for you, Dave. To be save, you should probably intend of making payment to the down to earth person, who hate doubt and has no need of making stress. Tom
  14. James did not have good things to say about a couple of them he bought from W&N.
  15. I ordered two of them from RockAuto https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1976,2002,2.0l+l4,1010822,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper+piston,1724

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