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  1. '76mintgrün'02

    Heater flap foam density

    heh, I had added a line about having seen Nick's avatar in person... but deleted it. I guess I forgot to remove the photo file, so there it is! I'd remove it now, but it would still be in your quote... so I'll just explain why it is there. I'll resist telling the whole Miata story, but it is new to me and I will be selling it as soon as I get it back together. Hopefully. It is not exactly convertible-selling-season here. Tom
  2. '76mintgrün'02

    Wheels - Stock 2002 4x100

    If these are indeed 5 1/2" wide, they are actually e21 wheels. The stock late-style 2002 wheels are only 5" wide. The offset of the 2002 wheels will be ET 29 and e21 are ET 18. They look nice. GLWS Tom
  3. '76mintgrün'02

    Brake fluid level switch circuit

    Those belt attachments are pretty close to the rear seat bulkhead. Can't you just lift it up back there to look? Or, remove the belt receiver on the driver's side and feel around in the carpet hole for the wire?
  4. '76mintgrün'02

    Heater flap foam density

    Well, I may be too far off topic, discussing my current project, but it just occurred to me to try sticking two layers of the Armacell closed cell foam tape together to double up the thickness and it WORKS! I am very relieved to be able to proceed with this job and get that car put back together. Marty's suggestion that the foam needs to be 2-3mm thick means that this should be perfect for the 2002 box, with just one 1/8" layer ( 3.175mm ). A thirty foot roll costs under $15 and the width is 2" (50.8mm). The tape is rated to stick on 180* pipes (82*C), which should be fine in the heater box. Plus, it has the added bonus of containing Microban® antimicrobial protection to resist mold which I find appealing, because it was stinky mold that led me down this long dark path. I also appreciate the peel and stick feature, since I had concerns about finding a heat tolerant adhesive to glue the foam on with. Onward and upward! Tom PS. I like your new avatar Scott. Nick's too
  5. '76mintgrün'02

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    That is sort of a tough post to follow, but I will add the instructions from the BMW service manual. I recently (finally) added this bracket to my car. It doesn't say "roar loudly", but does imply that alignment is very important.
  6. '76mintgrün'02

    Brake fluid level switch circuit

    Have you looked at the E-brake switch itself yet? That thing is almost overly simple and seems like the most likely source of a ground fault. No need to pull carpet, just the rubber boot... obviously. Tom
  7. '76mintgrün'02

    Heater flap foam density

    I have a roll of Armacell TAP18230 foam tape here, that is two inches wide and an eighth of an inch thick. If outlet socket foam is thick enough for the 2002 box flaps, this stuff would be too. Unfortunately, the stinkin' Miata box has foam that is about twice that thick, so I am still hunting. Home Depot stores carry the Armacell product. It is for insulating plumbing pipes, to keep them from sweating. I'll head back up to the shop to confirm that it will not work for me. I REALLY want to be done with this. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Armacell-2-in-x-30-ft-R-1-Foam-Insulation-Tape-TAP18230/100539553
  8. '76mintgrün'02

    Heater flap foam density

    Heh, this post is timely. I have not gotten into my heater box yet, but the only thing tempting me to do so is the fact that the defroster flap appears to be stuck in one position. Luckily, it is in the half-on position, so it usually works just fine. There is also some air coming through at all times, so I guess I may need new foam. I've read posts about what a pain-in-the-butt the heater box job is, but I'd like to suggest that it could be worse. I recently acquired a '99 Miata that had sat for eight years. The car smells good inside, except when I turned the heater on, so I decided to remove the heater box and clean it out. Today I will go hunting for some new foam, since the stuff in this box is crumbly and a bit moldy. The 2002 heater box job does not scare me anymore. Someone on a Miata forum used a thin foam Yoga mat on the flaps, but I'd rather find some open cell foam. (nice color though!)
  9. '76mintgrün'02

    no brake pedal

    except on those confusing e21 five speed clutch slave cylinders (0ff topic, sorry)
  10. The one that came on my Weber started sticking shut, so I did some bench testing with a power source and tried to lubricate the little needle. It worked again, but only for a while. When it started giving me trouble again, I removed it and made a jet holder to replace it. Once in a while I get a little run on and I just let the clutch out a bit to kill it. It sounds like the spring must have broken in yours... or something. Will you open it up and do an autopsy? Pierce Manifolds sells them. They are not cheap though, hence my homemade idle jet holder. Replacement holders are cheap enough, but then you have to wait for the mailman. Tom EDIT: a quick search at Pierce Manifolds did not bring one up for me, but they do have them at Carbs Unlimited ($60). http://www.carburetion.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?part=43928.060
  11. '76mintgrün'02

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    I'd go rubber on the engine/transmission/differential mounts. I think consistency is important. I bought all those, during the initial parts buying spree, but have not installed them yet. The engine mounts are looking a little squishy, so I will probably freshen them up if I ever get around to refreshing the rear suspension. It has been seven years since I did the rubber bits up front, so if I don't hurry up and do the rear, the front will be due again too! The e21 transmission mount is an upgrade, due to being larger; but you've probably already read about that. I intend to replace mine in situ too. That is fun to say. Tom
  12. '76mintgrün'02

    Cabin roar - reasons ?

    Rubber rubber everywhere... except the sway bar mounts. A lot of sound can come from the rear end and stuffing foam under the rear seat helps. I have Luna the dog's old pillows under mine.
  13. '76mintgrün'02

    Fakey-Doo Alpina Diff Cover Mounts?

    that is what Bill did in the link I posted above. (offset delrin bushings) cheers. Tom
  14. '76mintgrün'02

    Fakey-Doo Alpina Diff Cover Mounts?

    Here is an old discussion about the offset/solutions AceAndrew has the finned covers on his site, but they are NCA (not currently available). I assume his have/had the proper offset for the 2002 differential mounts.