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  1. Did you run it with the band still on it? (The band is put on to align the bolt holes and then you are supposed to remove it once it's installed).
  2. Did you disassemble it and remove all of the jets/air correctors/emulsion tubes/etc. and blast carb cleaner through the passageways?
  3. Did you check/clean the little screen filter inside the nose of the carburetor? It is behind that 19mm brass cap behind the inlet nipple.
  4. Moving the linkage by hand is different than asking the pedal to do it. Sometimes the lever on the side of the pedal box slips on its shaft and then it does not push the linkage as far as it should. If you don't have a helper near by, you might be able to put a stick of wood between the seat and the gas pedal to hold it down. Then look down the carb to see if the butterflies are vertical.
  5. If it is still stiff when trying to spin it, I'm guessing the Tri-Flow has not reached the bearings. Here is a thread talking about fan lubrication, https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/244057-heater-fan-lubrication/?tab=comments#comment-1347718 where I posted the following photos. That is some tiny weed-eater fuel-line between the tubes. Sometimes it helps to melt and bend the tip, to be able to shoot from a different angle. Sorry I don't have more to add... other than keep squirting! Tom
  6. Oh yeah. Duh. Sorry. It's been a while since I did the swap. My car came with the short little filter installed on the weber and I bought a tall one for it and it fit just fine. Tom
  7. Question, a while back you posted a photo of the back of your steering wheel and a part you referred to as a contact spring.  Did you fab that, because mine doesn't have one and the horn does not work - not getting ground when horn buttons are depressed.  


  8. I ran the taller one on my car without clearance issues. (before installing a stock air cleaner) You can test the height by placing little balls of clay on the air cleaner lid and closing the hood. (My adaptor about an eighth of an inch shorter than the typical Weber adaptor and I do not use a spacer under the carb). Tom
  9. Here is a thread about the difference and one person's creative way of installing the non-2002 part. (I'd use the original style). Tom
  10. That is normal. There is about a quarter inch of window above the rubber scraper on my doors. You will need to open up the doors and see what adjustments you can make. I was able to close the gap at the top on my driver's door, but the passenger side had a mechanism with a bent arm. I replaced it with a good used unit and then adjustment at the top was pretty easy to achieve. I notice that your door glass has the printed "label" at the top back corner. The ones on my '76 (standard 2002) glass are at the bottom of the back. That might be a clue as to your car having touring glass, or may just be a variation between years. Perhaps a photo of the printing on your windows will show numbers that indicate which glass you have. Tom
  11. It looks like someone's already added wood spacer blocks to accommodate a wider spare, so you should be fine with the new one. Tom
  12. Brown is a pretty color. It looks natural on drums and calipers to my eye. That rust isn't doing any damage. I wouldn't go to the trouble. Maybe rub them with Scotch-Brite pads and then an oily rag. Brown is a pretty color. I like brown calipers. Wabi-sabi for the win. Tom
  13. Ah... looks like Larry and I have some company. Could this be a third victim of the disappearing-text glitch? Tom
  14. Loosen, clean and reattach the ground at the battery, body and engine block. While that is disconnected, do the same for the cable running to the starter. If you have battery terminal clamps that look like this style, they are known to be problematic (suck) and do not maintain a good connection. You should be able to remove the bolts and strap, clean the area/cable end and reattach, if they are not too corroded. Then go shopping for better cables with integrated clamps.
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