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  1. '76mintgrün'02

    1600gt tach new old stock in box

    I saw that on eBay, what does the paperwork say?
  2. '76mintgrün'02

    I wanna E21 coolant branch

    Ah, the Truth comes out. "I wanna FREE water divider, like the e21, but with three nipples and two sensor fittings" I think I will unfollow this post now.
  3. '76mintgrün'02

    I wanna E21 coolant branch

    I think you had better change the title of this WTB ad Ray. Perhaps, WTB '76 water divider (?) If they were all like mine, you could just drill and tap that extra boss. EDIT: now I see the one in Hal's link. Perfecto! (and from your favorite supplier!)
  4. or detach the drag link and move it out of the way. I like this tool. (variety of brands available)
  5. Technically brazing filler melts at temps above 825 degrees F and soldering below that temp. Doesn't that seam typically have yellow colored brazing and lead filler over that? (never having taken one apart)
  6. Brazed originally, no? EDIT: I dug up the post I was remembering
  7. The top seam was filled, as stated above, but the seam below the grille was left visible. No gap, but a visible seam. Is that what you mean by "bottom part"?
  8. '76mintgrün'02

    Trap/Flag Mirror (Glass) source needed

    I succeeded in cutting a curved piece of glass for my distributor tester and wonder if cutting a mirror would be similar. With several to do, it might be worth your while to try.
  9. '76mintgrün'02

    How do you go about choosing the right exhaust?

    Don't forget to buy the bracket that comes off of the transmission, as seen in this photo (from above) Surely Paul will be able to set you up with all the little bits and pieces. This would also be a good time to weld a bung in the downpipe, to install an O2 sensor for an AFR gauge. You can always put a plug in the bung and install the sensor later on, when you are ready to jump down that rabbit hole. (There are a lot of posts about bung orientation and placement in the archives... or, simply ask Paul ).
  10. '76mintgrün'02

    How do you go about choosing the right exhaust?

    @wegweiser had a deal on a stock Tii exhaust package, including the resonator and muffler, not too long ago. That is the way I would go. New downpipes are still available, I believe. Are you missing the manifold as well? If you like to hear a little exhaust, resist the temptation to plaster the entire floor pan in foil backed sound dampener. The car itself is a resonator Tom
  11. '76mintgrün'02

    1967 gauge cluster with clock, can a tach be swapped?

    I am too ! Do you suppose it is melted from having twelve volts run through a six volt clock?
  12. '76mintgrün'02

    I wanna E21 coolant branch

    Maybe you could change the title of your ad to 1976 water divider wanted ? (although I don't know whether they were all like mine) Or, I do have an e21 divider and I could weld a nipple onto the side of it (and put it in a box with that air cleaner). I used these little calipers to measure the nipple on mine and could drill out this 5/8" rod, or make a slightly longer one by turning down the chunk of 1" stock in the photo; which would also allow for a ridge at the end. I forget which type of fuel pump you have, but if it is the stubby style, I could angle the nipple down a little, to help with hose/pump clearance. We should probably switch to emailing now ...
  13. yup, it was discussed in an earlier post of yours. That structure was added with the big bumpers, so it is not original to that car. IIRC you got several replies in the first thread, no?