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  1. Jim koni says 7/11 availability. I scrounge up a pair for Doug Hitchcock yesterday after you decided to wait. Found 2 singles on opposite ends of the world.
  2. I've got it from Dani and it's correct. Can send from work
  3. If youre talking about the brake light switch I do not. It has a copper sealing washer and I tightened it as I would a drain pug with the same copper sealing washer
  4. Do you want to try the new site? Id be interested in what you think about ease of use
  5. Originally I was asked about a black coil which is what I listed 00010 But if your tii has the stock 1.8 resistor you need https://www.blunttech.com/shop/W0133-1711113-BOS I hope thats clear??
  6. tii has a 1.8 resistor then you need this bosch https://www.blunttech.com/shop/W0133-1711113-BOS
  7. 00010 is the black coil but is actually silver with colored sticker. 00010 is what you are concerned with to get the correct coil. I can send you one if needed
  8. I have 5 in 55391 I can part with one [email protected] Please email
  9. what are you running out back of the CS?
  10. Dimensions look identical to me. Should bolt right up
  11. Yes what is pictured in first post is a Tii maser cyl I drilled and tapped for the brake light switch
  12. no I converted to dual circuit e12 calipers
  13. It's going on my 65 1800ti with big brakes

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