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  1. we have black ones
  2. Happy to send you one or bring one to Vintage to save shipping https://www.blunttech.com/products/4215513
  3. We just received another 16 sets of bumpers. Short, long , drilled and non drilled. In stock if you need them With and without conversion brackets
  4. BLUNT


    Looks awesome buddy
  5. We just got restocked and have 12 sets 2002 shorties with and without cutouts for euro license lights and 2 sets of e21 euro bumpers. I also have one set of Chrome euro shorties for 100 dollars more. With or without our conversion brackets. All in stock and ready to ship. 1099.00 bumpers 299.00 brackets
  6. I know that a 73 BMW 2002 did not come with factory A/C. I am installing an A/C in my car that has an opening 13" x 15" to mount the condenser. Do you have a condenser with passenger side fittings that will fit? Is there a preference in coil flow pattern, parallel or otherwise?  thanks,

    1. BLUNT


      Morning   Sorry I didnt see this   Your best bet is sales@blunttech.com for instant responses. I dont have this forum tied to my phone. You want a parallel flow for sure    I have something for you    Shoot me your email address and Ill send you some pricing.   My guys dont have access to this account

    2. Whaledriver


      Thanks for the reply. My email address is MBambo@comcast.net  The available space in front of the radiator appears to be Height 12 " x width 15" . Fitting connections will have to be on the passenger side. Thanks, Gregg

  7. I saw you said you had a covered 3 piece dash.  Is that still available and if so, can you shoot me a pic?




  8. I'll take (2) PayPal ? ship to : 8650 SW 32 Terra-Cotta, Miami Fl 33155 Robert Oyarvide

    1. 1602ov


      Robert Oyarvide

      8650 SW 32 Terr

      Miami FL 33155

    2. BLUNT


      Yes  I need a paypal address please   send it to sales@blunttech.com


  9. Thats just done with a fender roller. Little at a time . Expect paint cracking even with heat gun. Mine were all cracked before I started and I repainted just the lips afterward. Its a driver and looks fine from 20 feet at night
  10. A buddy of mine has the motor for this car and knows nothing about it. The car could very well be crushed but the motor is complete and Id love to see it reunited with the correct chassis if possible. Its not seized and its all there
  11. Ive got 2 really nice rust free doors and a mint trunk lid that is drilled for a spoiler in Minnesota 55391 Can ship
  12. WTB square tail light gaskets 1975 02.  Mine checkered, chewy and tangy !.  




    1. BLUNT


      only left side avail   76.42

    2. Dudeland


      Ok I live in Canada,  How can I get this part. I couldn't order it directly from the website. 


    3. BLUNT


      youll get 5 minute responses via email    sales@blunttech.com    sorry I dont get notified of PMs  hit me in em,ail and Ill help yopu

  13. Sorry no. Ive seen several dates promised come and go.
  14. I can send you one https://www.blunttech.com/products/6722994
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