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  1. Many thanks guys I took my birthday off and hung out at the dog park while DealinDave covered for me. Great day/
  2. Ive got Saab cv boots on my NK I think. The clear boots are avail and we have in stock. At some point Ill install them on my car. The Saab boots were on it when I got it. Tom makes a good point about grease vs oil
  3. No tracking yet Matt but itll be on your steps tomorrow Thank you
  4. Ive got a single new Koni sport here
  5. Ive got new oil style stock strut inserts
  6. 600 OBO 13x5 early Tii steelies blasted and powder coated .
  7. we have new https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/body-sheet-metal/41-35-1-885-108
  8. Jim koni says 7/11 availability. I scrounge up a pair for Doug Hitchcock yesterday after you decided to wait. Found 2 singles on opposite ends of the world.
  9. I've got it from Dani and it's correct. Can send from work
  10. If youre talking about the brake light switch I do not. It has a copper sealing washer and I tightened it as I would a drain pug with the same copper sealing washer
  11. Do you want to try the new site? Id be interested in what you think about ease of use
  12. Originally I was asked about a black coil which is what I listed 00010 But if your tii has the stock 1.8 resistor you need https://www.blunttech.com/shop/W0133-1711113-BOS I hope thats clear??
  13. tii has a 1.8 resistor then you need this bosch https://www.blunttech.com/shop/W0133-1711113-BOS
  14. 00010 is the black coil but is actually silver with colored sticker. 00010 is what you are concerned with to get the correct coil. I can send you one if needed

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