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  1. BLUNT

    WTB Rear Shock Mount Bushings

    I can send you a couple I can toss them in a padded envelope cheap
  2. BLUNT


    Looks awesome buddy
  3. Just shipped your rear shorty this morning I added tracking in Paypal Thank you
  4. yes we do they are due soon
  5. of course we have in stock email me and Ill help you
  6. BLUNT

    Blunttech Ultimate 5 Speed Conversion Kit

    The normal price for the platform kit is 499.00.
  7. BLUNT

    Suspension Upgrade Parts

    We have sways in Minnesota
  8. BLUNT

    WTB Knurled Adjustment Nuts for Sunroof

    There are 200 in Germany I can grab you some
  9. BLUNT

    Pre '71 Front Bumper & Silver Dollar Gauge Set

    I have chrome and stainless early front bumpers
  10. BLUNT

    Pilot Bearing Woes

    We apologize for the error. We believe this is an error on the supplier level. Unfortunately we can't do much till Monday am when things open. But I'll be in touch first thing to fix this
  11. We just got restocked and have 12 sets 2002 shorties with and without cutouts for euro license lights and 2 sets of e21 euro bumpers. I also have one set of Chrome euro shorties for 100 dollars more. With or without our conversion brackets. All in stock and ready to ship. 1099.00 bumpers 299.00 brackets
  12. BLUNT

    NLA trans brackets

    We remade these a little better. These now lock the bolt head in place making install easier. Finished in black zinc 49.95 a pair
  13. BLUNT

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    front center and both doors still NLA