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  1. I think you have early <71 side pieces there. Bob
  2. Truly saddened to hear the news. Still listening to RUSH on a near daily basis after more than 40 years. Still wondering 'how did he do that???' Bob
  3. Please sign me up! My favorite part of the tune up is still setting the dwell! Bob
  4. COOP, is that bat from Yankee Stadium?? I have one of those in my car too! Not necessary in Cali but it reminds me of home Bob
  5. Could you get me a shipping quote to 95033? Thanks a lot, Bob
  6. Man, I should be the last person to razz anybody! I’ve been saying to myself I’m going to install Layers former MM engine in my car once a month for ten years now 😂 This is the year for sure, as soon as I fix the broken sunroof cable 😂 2021, 2022, 2023... Happy new year! Bob
  7. bob02

    Misc parts

    Hi Seb, How much are you asking for the flat upper steering column cover? Thanks, Bob
  8. Ok bud, I’ll do that. It’s a really tough pill to swallow though, even half. Good luck, bob
  9. Hi Resra, Can you tell me the offset and whether the wheels are magnesium or aluminum? Thanks a lot, bob
  10. Man, it's like you just messed with the 2002 worlds version of the FBI, CIA, and INTERPOL all at once! Good luck, Bob
  11. Did some lumber yard runs! 60lf of 2x12 pressure treated? No sweat😂 Always gets a laugh from the yard workers! Bob
  12. It's your car and of course you're free to do whatever you'd like, but in my opinion that car is way too clean to be bastardized with anything but a German engine. With the cost of an engine swap, why not just buy a fast 5,000 dollar car and have the best of both worlds?? Bob
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