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  1. Alfred E. would approve of that kludge fix!
  2. Paul, I too, know about the safety colors and the insurance discount that was associated. At least that is what I was told from an old-timer friend who lives in the Fatherland! Bob
  3. If you’re so inclined, a 2002 mirror could be made to work! Bob
  4. I'd be in for a set! How great would it be if we could get them in Black, Saddle or Blue?? Bob
  5. Hi Uli, Can you please send me pics of the two clocks? I'd like to buy them if they are in good shape. Thanks a lot, Bob
  6. Ken, where do the rear drains terminate? Bob
  7. You could try Hornwarehouse.com I bought a set from them last year (Fiamm-921969-mt3i). Vive le tour!!! Bob 16B80C91-EF04-4036-B995-2F8AFB3A825F.MOV
  8. Nice!I believe they are E12 or Bavaria? I have them in my 02 but cant remember what car I pulled them out of! Bob
  9. Geez, what a saga! Good luck selling it! Amazing amount of BS to have to go thru to sell a damn car. Bob
  10. At least all of these gems are in one post! Bob
  11. I'd respectfully disagree with regard to the sunroof. Mine has not been closed in over 20 years except for the rare rainstorm. And I find it quite enjoyable at highway speed and beyond 😁 Bob
  12. My cars would need anti depression meds if I referred to them as 'fine C&C cars'. Bob
  13. Wow. Be patient and you can get a nice 2002 for 18k. Both the subject car and the one posted by lilmo each seem ridiculously overpriced. Bob

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