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  1. Wow, Daniel! Looks awesome!! Did you roll the fenders?? Bob
  2. Welcome! You're car may be closely related to my '71 Nevada! What's the vin? Mine is 2573468. Mine is currently Guards red and black but someday it will go back to Nevada....I've been saying that for over 20 years now😂😂 Best of luck with your new project! Bob
  3. I'd like to buy them if they're still available! Thanks, Bob
  4. Not necessarily...didn't Agave cars come with saddle or tobacco interiors depending on the year? Bob
  5. Really man, in one thread I've learned that I need slick tape for the garage drawers, bearings for my gas pedal, and a history lesson in automotive design and nomenclature! Thanks all! Bob
  6. Yep, a garage will keep you out of the bars! 😂 nice write up!
  7. Wow, 19 replies and we still don't know the vin!! Help me! Bob
  8. Wouldn’t 2575702 have been manufactured in 1971? Bob
  9. That’s how my car is wired! Now everybody knows how to steal my car!😂
  10. The Ground Control camber/caster plates look great but aren't they only for coilover springs? Bob
  11. I just closed my eyes and listened to the soundtrack! Awesome! Bob
  12. Hand tight has never failed here. With an 02 its especially easy to get both hands on the filter. Bob
  13. Do you have a picture of the New Old Stock carbs you are selling? Thanks. Bob

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