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  1. bob02

    Misc parts

    Hi Seb, How much are you asking for the flat upper steering column cover? Thanks, Bob
  2. Ok bud, I’ll do that. It’s a really tough pill to swallow though, even half. Good luck, bob
  3. Hi Resra, Can you tell me the offset and whether the wheels are magnesium or aluminum? Thanks a lot, bob
  4. Man, it's like you just messed with the 2002 worlds version of the FBI, CIA, and INTERPOL all at once! Good luck, Bob
  5. Did some lumber yard runs! 60lf of 2x12 pressure treated? No sweat😂 Always gets a laugh from the yard workers! Bob
  6. It's your car and of course you're free to do whatever you'd like, but in my opinion that car is way too clean to be bastardized with anything but a German engine. With the cost of an engine swap, why not just buy a fast 5,000 dollar car and have the best of both worlds?? Bob
  7. Hi Dan, Do you have a single 13x5 wheel you could part with? I've got three lonely guys over here! Thanks, Bob
  8. I just ordered Anco U-16R inserts. I can report back next week regarding fitment. Man, I hope they fit! Bob
  9. Haha! I was lucky to find the four mixed in 20 pounds of fasteners😂 I was ready to turn some hex heads into flatheads with the Dremel! Bob
  10. Swapped the pad behind the steering wheel back to the original after getting a solid hub (thanks John P!) Had to use all available brain power to locate the machine screw fasteners for the older pad😂! Drove it around the mountains here last weekend. Even got some fun time on dirt roads! Bob
  11. As far as I can see M1 15/50 still has zinc in the formula. Works for me. Bob

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