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  1. Nice car! Is that a 1502? I'd buy those wheels if I could just to play around with them. I think they'd look great on that car. But then I'm one of the addicted Bob
  2. ….Says the guy peddling crusty turds for ridiculous prices in the parts for sale section...
  3. Please put me second in line for the Bosch lights. Really Joe, you should just get another 2002 and hang all these goodies on it! Thanks, Bob
  4. Is Alex Von Falkenhausen instructing his driver to clean the windshield at 1:10?😂 Thanks for posting, Steve. Bob
  5. I have one of these kits and absolutely love it. I have a two piece dash without the cutout for the seatbelt box, so i just used velcro to adhere it to my dash cover. The cables are flat ribbon type, so I just snaked them into the glove box where I put the control box. Bob
  6. Man, those are so not Alpina. Bob
  7. 999.34 rupees coming your way 😁 Please put it on the next elephant headed west!
  8. bob02

    Fs msd

    Can you verify it's in working condition? If it is, i'd like to buy it. Thanks, Bob
  9. BUY THOSE CAMPAGNOLO WHEELS!!! Thank goodness magnesium doesn't rust 😂 Bob
  10. In fairness to Garagistic, the product they are offering is a tie down for transport, not tow hooks. Nowhere on that page does it say 'tow hook'. Bob
  11. Dionk, if there were a Skitz Von Bimmerhead award, you would certainly be the recipient this year. Your prize? A brand new wire clothes hanger for an antenna, and a shiny new set you your very own jumper cables!
  12. So lets see, 50.00 for a used valve cover, 40.00 for 'powder coating', 20.00 minimum for shipping, the time invested to do the sanding/planning, seems like a fair price. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Why bust the guys balls? GLWS, it looks great. Bob
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a chrome center section, part# 51 11 56 70 000. Ideally, it will be in good daily driver to excellent condition. Bonus if it's in the greater bay area in N. Cal., and you're going to the Swap and Show next week! Thanks a lot, Bob
  14. Is it double nutted?? I hear this guy wants to race Marshall. I'd buy a ticket for that.
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