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  1. Price is more than fair. Worth it just for the hi beams(NLA). Those grills are easily repairable. Good luck with the sale! Bob
  2. Here’s what the original plugs look like. Sorry, I don’t know the p/n. bob
  3. Sure, Ray! You’ll get the Killer 10% discount at the dealer and all the ice cream you can eat, too!! 😂
  4. Well this gives me hope that my CCA membership isn't a complete waste of money. Sadly, they could stop sending the Roundel and i wouldn't even notice (except for Self, Hack and the occasional Chamberlain columns). Are they seriously trying to appeal to enthusiasts??? Bob
  5. That's the car i've been seeing in the Cocomats ad in Roundel for a few months! Nice tribute car! The whole flipping thing is getting to be a bit of a turnoff for me these days. Robs the car of a bit of its dignity and soul, but that's just my opinion. Andrew, those headlight covers look great!!! Bob
  6. I have a set of these too, and ran them with 195/50/15 without any rolling! The front tires were awfully close to the struts though. Good luck, that's a nice set! Bob
  7. That garage is practically begging for a lift! Looking good Steve! Bob
  8. Yep, Jim's got it. The subframe mount looks like it's installed upside down. Bob
  9. My dream would be this street legal M1 procar! The rest of the herd keeps me plenty entertained 😁. E36 M3 is hands down my favorite driver. Best value, imho. M635csi Is my favorite to stare at with a beer in hand! Let’s go for a drive, then have a beer!!! Bob
  10. I was ready to do the can and string thing to Steve’s house! 😂 Thanks Steve! Bob
  11. I’m fairly certain all of the grilles I have are original... Different suppliers perhaps? I kinda like the dull type bob
  12. What, no pictures of the mower, Buckeye???😁 Bob
  13. Well that's good news, and they look real purdy too! Bob
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