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  1. I appreciate this forum so much! Thanks for all that you do! [emoji847]
  2. I think Tapatalk made it easier for me to follow because the alerts were so easy to click on and be directed quickly for example, if someone was selling something I needed, I quickly jumped on it, or if you were saying something important, I was notified of that too.. [emoji6] The ads were annoying as are most ads... but scrolling past it wasn’t a big deal... I found it to be a useful app for me... I tried using the site on chrome and added notifications to go to my email, but that got crowded quick and I had to set up a filter in my email to sort through what I was interested in and then that got overwhelming... I liked the summarization of the alerts that I would get too... such as the screen shot below:
  3. That’s a bummer... I found that it works pretty well... I love the alerts that I get from the discussion groups, events, and car parts for sale...
  4. Of course the weather looks clear and crisp to rally on 02/02/20 and I'll be down at the Joshua Tree that weekend... 🤦‍♀️
  5. I’d be down to do a rally in the North Bay... [emoji4] Also, anyone in the Bay Area know of an 02/02/20 rally?
  6. Perhaps do a couple of rallies, and not enter in any car shows this year.... it’s too stressful! [emoji14]
  7. at Bovine Bakery 😋 Happy New Year! Wishing everyone happiness and health for 2020!
  8. “Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn” 🍁
  9. First time entered at the Danville D'Elegance. Small venue, quaint little town on the East Bay. I figure its always fun to show either of the cars at small events, it puts a smile on my face when people show their excitement and enthusiasm when they see the little bimmers. Its also fun to be around people who share the same enthusiasm for all kinds of vintage vehicles. Derby wins third place for the European Class.
  10. Quick recap from Monterey: Tuesday 08/13 - Carmel Concours on the Avenue : Derby was shining like a star this year! After last year's win on the Avenue, I entered Derby again this year and had such a great time sharing Derby's new refresh engine. The class we were in was a little different than last year. We were in the "Foreign Family Favorites". As much as we received lots of smiles and comments of people reminiscing their happy experiences with the BMW 1600, who could resist a 1969 VW 21 window BUS as a family favorite? 😁 The VW Bus that was parked next to us won the award along with this strange little baby Blue Mazda. Wednesday 08/14 - Little Car Show : Derby won a little award from the Little Car Show. I did fall in love with this beautifully restored Chamonix GT tho.... 😍 Thursday 08/15 - Enjoyed spectating and having fun lunches, dinners, and drinks with 02 friends and other car enthusiasts such as the DWA Crew, Magnus Walker, car photographer Michael Alan Ross, etc, and of course, hanging with my parents 😉. Friday 08/16 - Legends of the Autobahn: I accidentally entered Derby in the wrong class, but we had a great time hanging out with Bimmer friends! Saturday 08/17 - Headed home back North on trailer to avoid the crazy crowd down in Monterey. I love my little town of Monterey, but the traffic definitely gets gnarly during car week! 😉 Had a really nice time this year and I'm thinking next year for Monterey will be about spectating and no car shows during the week. Its so stressful! LOL!

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