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How to use search

By visionaut, in FAQ Use,

I'm guessing most folks are thrown off by the Search box's default search location tracking with their current location within the site (aka Inline Search), and/or the fact that a "search scope" is even being employed, indicated by the menu label on the right in the Search box.
So if someone's already in a specific topic (thread), and they just enter a search string it will default to just searching within the current topic they're in (indicated by that "This Topic" menu label) - likely NOT what they were looking to do...
If you're at the "02 General Discussion" forum level looking at the most recent listing of topics (titled threads), your inline search will default to just searching the "02 General Discussion" forum (indicated by that "This Forum" menu label next to the search box).
To search ALL FAQ Forums at once, just switch that menu label selection to "Forums". This will also include all sub-forums listed under the Forums pull-down menu in the main site menubar (incl. Classifieds and Groups).
One last tip: searching "Forums" will not search the FAQ Technical Articles. To search them - go to that section of the site, then search (you'll see the default search box says "This category"). But note that the "FAQ Article Construction Zone" IS a forum though...
The other aspect of the site search engine that might stumble folks is how multiple words are handled.
The default search "ANDs" the words you enter - and locates results having BOTH words ANYWHERE WITHIN the default focus (topic tiltles and posts). But such results can contain lots of 'noise'. If you know in what you're searching for that the words should appear together, right next to each other as a PHRASE, putting the phrase in "quotes" will only find the words when they appear right next to each other in the content.
Of course, the biggest search failure that almost everyone encounters is figuring out the right search terms/phrases to use!
BTW, I actually always use the built-in site software search vs. google, and I really like the ability the "Advanced Search" screen provides in tailoring how the search works. (Access Advanced Search via the "gear" to the right of the Search box, which takes you to screen with all the bels & whistles settings.)
When I'm looking for stuff I like to play with the results sort order (for example, not 'most-recent' on top, but perhaps "most viewed"), or focus the search only on Topic titles vs. titles and posts) or a particular Date range, or to play with the multi-select Forums selection menu to widen/narrow the search results.
There actually IS a "Searching" entry in the Help Files section of the site, though it's pretty sparse...
... and you'd need to know how to use Search to switch the Search box menu label to "Help Files" to locate it.
Or for many looking for simplicity -- just do what others are recommending: switch the Search menu label to use google's engine...
My $20.02

steve k.

Advertising on BMW 2002 FAQ

By steve k., in FAQ Use,

We appreciate that you are considering advertising your company and its products on BMW 2002 FAQ.
By advertising with us, thousands of BMW 2002 and Neu Klasse owners would view your banner on a regular and consistent basis and have immediate access to your website. Our members are true BMW fanatics. They consistently try to find new ways to maintain and preserve their cars, modify them with modern components, or prepare them for racing.
Our intent is to help all 2002 and Neu Klasse owners achieve their goals and we are happy to connect them with companies that will help them get there.
For up to date information about our audience, please see http://02faq.com/quant02
We offer a wide variety of options for the placement of your banners. We can also work with you on configuring custom options that are not currently present. Please, review our standard advertising options.
If needed, you can always contact us at sales@bmw2002faq.com.
Thank you for your continues support!

Here's a six step tutorial. It's a breeze.
1. Go to Photobucket.com and start an account.. its free and easy. Photobucket the cleanest and simplest, purpose built site for this type of work.

2. Create a "new album". Hit the big green upload button and select the pics on your computer that you want to up upload.

3. Once they are uploaded, add names if you like and click save..

4. Hover on the image (or click it for a larger view), and click on the "IMG" line at the bottom.. It will tell you it copied the link.

5. Hit Control-T (Command-T for Apple users) on your keyboard to open another tab in your browser and start a post here on the tasty FAQ. Paste the link into the body of the message. Navigate between tabs to retrieve more IMG links and plug them in.

6. Use the preview button before submitting to be sure you didn't use the same image twice, etc. And then hit submit.
Done and Done.
**And For you mobile tekkies (like me), or those new to the smart phone action, this is all doable via the Photbucket app.
Get it here: http://photobucket.com/mobile/apps/iphone/#iphone
You can upload pics straight from your phone, and then you can follow the same steps as above. Just pull the code from the app by tapping the little i button in the bottom right corner (iPhone) of the picture you want.

steve k.
There are actually many ways.
1. Click on "My Media" and you can add a photo from there that you already used in any other place.
2. Click on the little picture icon, and you can add a photo from another site if you have a link to it.
3. click on "More Reply Options" right bellow the reply box, if you are replying to a post, and that will give you another option to Attach Files. If you are starting a new topic, Attach Files is just bellow the box where you type your message.
4. You can start by uploading images to an album in the gallery and then either sharing a photo or the entire gallery by following step 2.

There is also information available here

steve k.

Gallery Use

By steve k., in FAQ Use,

The gallery can be used to upload images you wish to share with the community. To access it, click the "Gallery" tab at the top of any page.
Gallery Home Page
The gallery has two areas: Categories and albums. Administrators will create the categories that you can upload images into, or create albums within. If you have permission to create albums, you will be able to create them within the categories that administrators designate as accepting new albums. The homepage may show a feed of recent images, featured images, categories and/or recently updated albums, depending upon the administrator's configuration selections.
Viewing Categories and Albums
Image Listing
You will see a tiled layout of images that the album contains. You can click on any thumbnail to see the full-size image. The information will initially display inline, allowing you to navigate the images without leaving the page, however you can view more details about the image by clicking on the image caption within the window.
If the category has any sub-categories or albums, you will see these listed.
Slide Shows
You may be able to see a slide show of all images in that category or album by pressing the slide show link when viewing the list of images. Click on the Slidehow link to enter the slideshow mode.
Viewing Images
Information, ratings and options
To the side of the image, you will see more information about the image such as who uploaded it, when they uploaded it, how many views and comments the image has, and how big it is.
You may see a number of stars which show the image's rating. You may also be able to rate the image yourself by selecting one of the stars. If you are able to rate an image, the stars will change color as you move your pointer over them.
To the side of the image you will see a photostrip of other images in the category or album, which you can use to quickly jump to those images. You can cycle through these images by clicking the < and > buttons to the left and right of the photostrip.
Sharing Images
Below the image, you will have several options to share it with others, such as Facebook, Email, or Twitter.
Embed Images
Each image has unique HTML and BBCode embed links for you to embed them on your website or within the forums. To display these, click on the "Options" drop down, and then click on "Share Links"
At the bottom of the image's page, you will see any existing comments on the image. You can add a comment by pressing the " Add Comment" button, and you can use the "Reply" and "Multiquote" links, and the Fast Reply box, just like in the forums.
Adding your Images
Clicking an upload link or button will take you to the media upload page. This is a two step process.
The first step is to select or create an album (or category) to upload the images into. Once the album or category has been set, you can upload images right away when the upload form reveals itself.
When you have uploaded the images you wish, you click the 'Review & Publish' button which will allow you to rotate the image or edit the image's details.

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