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  1. eurotrash


    Because Racecar. !!
  2. eurotrash

    A4 Audi cylinder head test

  3. eurotrash

    Battery trunk relocation options

    My TEP piece came with the car when I bought it in 2009. I recently redesigned it for more than the one use.. which is holding a battery, not bracing the car.
  4. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH no. Don't go there.. just make it happen. ( I am SO late to this party)
  5. eurotrash

    1967 2000C project for sale

    I lived through a similar experience and somehow made it out the other side with my sanity and passion intact. I feel for you, as that is my dream build right there. I let two of those pass through my hands once, and have regretted it from the moment they left. Good luck with the sale.
  6. What pedal rod do you need for this, and which carb coupler/linkage conneciton?
  7. eurotrash

    Front spindles - detachable?

    If you maintain a stock tire diameter your roll center is not effected by ride height. Right? And a lower center of gravity is good? Provided you don't gobble up all of your suspension travel. But to your notion that coil over kits are marketed as appearance products.. I have to agree, although they don't have to be used this way. I once noodled on the possibilities of lowering the body over the stock suspension.. extending the strut top mounts, shock top mounts and altering the floor pan for the rear sub frame.. but then hit a wall at the front sub-frame and realized it was all a bad train of thought.
  8. eurotrash

    FS: 13x6 CMR Borrani Wheels

    email sent
  9. eurotrash


    HA.. no, I have two. thanks. but I just sold off all the EFI bits I had collected in preparation for this idea. Sticking with dual carbs until I can afford to do this right..
  10. eurotrash


    I am still waiting Nick..;)
  11. eurotrash

    Need a New HotRod Motor Plan

    You sound like a candidate for the Rotrex into Tii timing cover into early 320i intake..hide the plumbing under a Tii air box... although you said no computers. Still, you sound like the guy to pull it off. It would look like a Tii at a glance.. but have the boost. I really want you to be the guy.
  12. eurotrash

    Fog Light Brackets (NOS)