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  1. Photobucket relents!!

    "Premium Non-commercial" account with no ads. I mean, its still 100/yr, but your links don't die.
  2. Simplifying fuel delivery and return

    Cold gas is better gas. The valve keeps it circulating, that's how I always viewed it. I kept mine functioning until I went to side drafts 5 years after buying the car (with all its smog gear still in place.) When I de-smogged, that was the only bit I kept. Later, I used the return like to feed the side drafts via an electric pump, that progressively grew into a system of overkill.
  3. They are too new. Haven't seen a single installation posted on the internets.. But I love the idea you have. I say be the first and make it happen.
  4. 1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    pffff. (thanks Ray)
  5. M10 stroker options

    2018 may indeed be a good year for motors.. at least motor speak. I'm liking this thread! I have been collecting bits for years now as well, and was planning a build... 2.3 block and crank. 144mm H beam m10 rods New s14 oil pump 2 x 1.8 head. One ported 'for boost' by the PO, one original. Dellorto 45s Had that pesky invite to the CCA Foundation not happened and taken all my car fund casheesh to make it there, I would have ordered pistons to get to 2.4, had the snout of the crank turned down to accept the 2.0 crank gear and pulley, the water passage on the block closed up, and a head built with big valves and a billet 292. It will take a while to buld the fund back up, but I will make it happen, and hopefully have the thing on a stand waiting for when the car is back in my possession. Maybe I will throw it into the beer snob to break it in!
  6. What to do once the engine is out...

    I just did a bottom end (bearing) refresh and full gasket sets for around $200.00. Why one reputable vendor (everyone's favorite) wants $80 for a head gasket, and another wants $15 for the exact same part, I will never know.
  7. Here... While he had become a cumbersome grump, I do kinda miss him. But he too couldn't get his brain wrapped around the new FAQ format and fell away. I hope he is doing well..
  8. 1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    Welp. There is this, now. They used her in their initial announcement!? this just keeps getting more and more interesting... all I can do is sit back and watch.
  9. OEM Turbo rear spoiler

    Hey man!! You're still in the 2002 game??!? I wouldn't mind having that thing. I've often wondered what the car would look like with one.. The black spoiler would offset the blacked out grills.. Good to see you here Brad!
  10. M10 engine from E30 into 2002

    Its been done. Motor is a direct swap. Wiring and fuel lines are the bulk of the work.
  11. What to do once the engine is out...

    Assuming it was running acceptably well, I would keep it simple. Less is WAY more sometimes. Until you are ready to get down and dirty. But we all know things tend to suffer project creep.. so if you want to look at in stages, this would be my, off-the-cuff breakdown. Stage 1. Reseal for leaks. New timing cover, oil pan, valve cover, rear seal holder gaskets. (Careful not to bugger up the head gasket.) New front and rear crank seals. New Freeze plugs. Because they are easy and cheap. Clean the pan while its off. Stage 2. Bolster oil pressure. All of the above. Pull and polish the crank. New crank and rod bearings. New oil pump gear and chain. Stage 3. Bolster compression All of the above. Pull head for basic valve job and new valve seals. (add a 284 cam if you're bored) Pull pistons and add new rings. Ball hone/deglaze the cylinders. New Timing chain and gears. Head gasket. Stage 4. Do it up. All of the above, omitting lines where appropriate. Complete disassembly and hot tanking of parts. Proper bore and hone of block. New cast pistons and rings. OE flat tops or aftermarket 9,5:1 compression. New rocker shafts and rockers. New cam. 284 for good torque on the street. New valve springs. Stage 5. Hop it up All of the above. Forged 10.5 pistons 90mm bore. (91+ octane fuel) H beam rods. 292 cam. HD rockers and springs 38/38 Weber Carb. Header. That was fun. !
  12. oil catch can

    I switch cans, recently..
  13. 1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    Well! We did it!! My father and I left Cincinnati around 1:30pm on Friday the 23rd. The car ran amazingly well, averaging 25.6 mpg for the trip. We spent the night on Friday in Canton, NC at my college friend’s house. And then shot down to the CCA Foundation this morning, only stopping for one last car wash along the way. It was a fast and furious 30 days. But I did it. I made it to the big show. Now, I’m sitting in the Airport in SC, decompressing.. feeling the calm settle in as the adrenalin levels out, and I try not to fall asleep. I have to thank you guys who rang in on this CCA topic, thanks for the encouraging words, support and motivation. And my wife, she understands me and what this meant.. and gave me the time to pull it off. I was at such wits end with the car, but look at how far it’s come! Truly amazing.
  14. 1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    Welp. Fuel system is a GO! I need to add isolators to the pumps, as my welder got the dimensions for the mount wrong and used up my space... But that’s minor. They work and that’s what matters. The car car is running. Driving and cleaned!! In a funny moment, I made a driveway to get the car out of the muddy driveway.. Just waiting to head south, come the weekend. Looks like I’m driving her down and detailing it in the AM Saturday!?!?