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  1. Is Saturday Fuel cranking up on these cold Saturdays?  If so I'll bring you a special present.



  2. Its gorgeous.. I was there a couple days before these pics were taken. Even has a line of body shutz on the inner wheel lips, under the paint, to prevent rock chips.
  3. I came onto this scene around 2007, and it was always proper etiquette to reply to an ad, "email sent", and then do so. First to post "email sent" got first dibs. If a deal didn't happen, the second to post "email sent" got a shot, and so on. But once the FAQ changed to the new format, and PM became a feature, this evolution to PM'ing directly, without the publicly accountable "email sent", became the norm and I hated it. It sucks because there is no public accounting of the responses. It made everyone turn suspect and things felt shady. I never understood how we the people let that happen. I guess sellers could accept higher bids in private, maybe. I don't know. But it sure ruined the symmetry of selling parts on this site. It really did. There was always a "Car Guy" honor system in place. Even if offered more, the seller sold to the first in. Seems folks have gotten greedy with this new found valuation of the 2002, and it has ruined the fun on a lot of levels..
  4. I was asked to submit a 1000-1200 word story on my BMW experience.. it kinda didn't fit.
  5. Did you ever get this installed??
  6. This flat top piston motor with a 284 cam and a small primary tube header to a bratty Ansa Sport exhaust is a silly screamer. On wet roads with 185 series tires, it spins tire in 1-3 at low speeds when it tachs over 4500. It revs to 6k+ no problem. Good power in the mid too. I had a built motor with large primary Stahl header, (carbs on this one came from it) and I'm not sure it was good for it. I think the smaller primary of my rusty unknown header is a better deal. Feels like it anyway.
  7. I'll take them. Message me here or at Thanks!
  8. I would street this as well. Bring the noise !
  9. ugh.. why you no ship?! I'd pay for the bits and let you sell the seats! I'd really like those angled stacks, and the msd.
  10. Miata?
  11. Need a couple single groove for non-ac cars. But really just need a couple pulleys. Thanks all.
  12. I love my Dellortos. And realistically, I will probably be in the snob. But maybe it will all come together for the red car.
  13. I have an engine harness and complete intake system that had the MAF conversion from a wrecked M2 conversion. Stock cams, header, plug wires in the loom, ECU with Dinan V4 ship, etc, etc. PM me for a package price.
  14. Its like, SiennaBraun-er. I have always said that I think even BMWs color could look good with the right bright work. This will be a good one..