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  1. Does anyone know if these require a special shanked lug nut? And/or what the tapir, in degrees, that the alloy lug nuts have? The holes in this set look tired, and larger than a 12mm stud..? Haven't measured them, as they aren't in my hands.. but I have questions..
  2. eurotrash

    1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    oh, and this.. lol she is such a wonderful sport, adding comic relief..
  3. eurotrash

    1975 Verona Sunroof 2002 by Eurotrash

    well well. its all said and done.. she sits in roped peacefulness, and what an absurd thought that is.. Vintage was wonderful, as usual. Made especially pensive and emotional for me this year, as MZehn was part of the ICON exhibition at the BMW CCA Foundation in Spartanburg. I never would have guessed, at the beginning of this blog, that it would have gone this way. But its an amazingly emotional release to have it do so. I was a weepy mess at the opening. We are blessed.. On a peppy note. The snob performed again... round trip with NO issues. Third year in a row! Daaaaaamn skippy. Again, I owe it all to my wife, my friends, and this community. No man is an island. Thanks all.
  4. eurotrash


    Well, the snob has been to three Vintage events in a row, and even attended the BMW CCA Foundation ICON event, where my red car resides for the better part of 2018. Its probably the funnest car I have, or will ever own. Its been amazingly resilient, rewarding and tough. The snob abides.
  5. Very cool Steve.. @dasfrogger, if you go to the link and read the comments and replies on down the page, you will get more of a feel for how it might play out.
  6. Steve, is it economical to develop a companion app for the FAQ that has a simple interface just for uploading photos? As far as PB goes, I was more concerned about my old images over the last 10 years.. I like being able to insert direct links from PB in between paragraphs. Is that possible with images that are uploaded or attached here?
  7. I work in the industry and nothing is free.. especially bandwidth for the "little guys". That's probably why dropbox eliminated the hosting feature, they were writing fat checks to support it. Besides, google and the other big data folks are just farming your data for all things AI. Face/voice/location recognition.. for correlating relationship information, as an example. Its really scary and amazing what they are, and will be doing with all of the data types they are collecting. There is even an algorithm being developed that can use your voice data, and all of your social media data to emulate you and your personality based on your comments, likes, and even how long your browser hovered on a post or comment, even if you didn't comment or 'like' it.. all to be able to emulate your decision making and even political ideals. Like an Alexa box but WAY more intricate. So your family can buy it and have you around after you are gone.. But in general, it its a free service, they have motives..they are getting ?SOMETHING for their investment (if its not free, they still use the data to make money in ways the average person would never imagine.. but it's not as ominous).
  8. Storage is one thing.. hosting is another. Does google provide a link for plugging into sites and having it display like so? Besides, I have been a photobucket member since 2008 and all of my work on this site is hosted there.. so, yeah.
  9. Photobucket has new management, and we are liberating your images! As of today, your hosted images are live. Photobucket has a new management team that wants to do the right thing. We are committed to earning back your trust and offering comprehensive and flexible image storage and hosting options for our customers. We’ve taken your feedback and made some changes to our pricing model that allows us to offer competitively priced plans that fit the needs of all of our customers. Today, our current customers’ hosted images have been restored and Photobucket is introducing a new pricing plan that is built around everyone’s needs. For a limited time, we are offering a new, competitive subscription package that includes ad-free storage and 3rd party image hosting for just $1.99 per month, or $19.99 per year - which is 95 percent less than the previous pricing model. A free subscription option will still be available to customers who do not require 3rd party image hosting. In an effort to improve our customers’ experience, we’ve also moved away from an advertising-based model and have eliminated a portion of ads from the site. Photobucket pioneered the image sharing and hosting market 15 years ago, and our new management team is committed to returning Photobucket to the premier imaging service people had come to know and trust. There are more positive changes on the way, but for now we are excited to share this new compelling subscription option, as a testament to our dedication to you, our valued customers.
  10. eurotrash

    Who's 2002 in this Costco Ad?

    weird trim.
  11. eurotrash

    Flock it

    I got into flocking for a while.. even flocked my metal box cutter body just for kicks. I learned that if you don't bake the parts after, or use the two part glue (not sold in the US, last check), it never fully hardens and gets scraped up kinda easily..
  12. eurotrash

    removing rear subframe questions

    Did you get the e-brake cables off? Either at the lever in the car, or in the brake drum?
  13. eurotrash

    Alternator bracket

    I still love the idea of a Rotrex into a Tii timing cover.. yes I do. I have a Tii alternator and bracket on the shelf just for that purpose.
  14. eurotrash

    so, what's inside a USB 123?

    FTR. I installed the Bluetooth board into my USB dizzy.
  15. eurotrash

    Anyone see this one?😉

    ...that's the shot that was heard around the world. It was the starting pistol for the race to gold. Everything about 2002's doubled in asking price for no good reason after that auction. And considering the fact that the real bidding on that car stopped at $24k, and just two guys ran the auction up an an astounding slugfest, it was really a false start that no one was able to undo, once it began.