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  1. eurotrash

    Various bits. TII and others.

    As of today all paid items have shipped and will be in your hands Saturday at the latest.
  2. eurotrash

    New Kooglewerks cast aluminum dead pedals

    I use them for other things I do. They work well.
  3. eurotrash

    Hayashi 3 piece 15"x6" Wheels

    Super cool wheels.. The story I got was that when Hayashi was sold, that is when the HRE name became official, and remains HRE today. Your centers look very similar to the early HRE 501s I have on my red car. 20 hole, just the same. Mine, with titanium fasteners.. that is how they came to me. And judging by the promo photo here, they are the original fasteners. These came to me completely misconfigured. Someone took a staggered set of wheels and tried to make them square.. it was weird. When I split them and did what made sense. and as it turns out, they were perfect for my weld in flares.. with no spacers. I was super lucky.
  4. eurotrash

    New Kooglewerks cast aluminum dead pedals

    That's nice. Do you have a photo of it installed? I would probably get it installed and situated with the sheet metal screws, and then finish it with a set of captive head studs, down through the pedal/floor and put a nut on the underside. For that clean look.
  5. eurotrash

    Various bits. TII and others.

    Haven't heard from you. I will be making these available again if you don't correspond soon.
  6. so how did this play out???!
  7. eurotrash

    Various bits. TII and others.

    Hi Jim, I should have that for sure. PM me
  8. eurotrash

    Various bits. TII and others.

    If you see something you need, post a comment with “email sent for <part name>“, and then shoot me a PM. with questions, etc. that’s how I keep track of who had first dibs. Most everything is from a parts batch. So used unknown condition. The heater fan spins free and blows full strength when connected to a battery. Early 1600 headrests and seat sliders. All prices plus shipping. Thanks all. $10 sold $50 $10 $125 $20 No crack, with cap. sold $75 Tii distributor. Probably needs rebuilt as it was a little hard to spin. SOLD $30 NOS Tii hose kit. sold $20 Exhaust manifold warm up cover pending $25 Heater valve for rebuild. $125 Spins wonderfully. Will ship in the broken housing for protection. $50 Tii valve cover (short breather) $10 each, pick one $25 Tii water pump for rebuild with bypass tube. $25 Full carb linkage for down draft $50 Descent late shift surround. just needs cleaned All the glass side SO much side glass. Message me with needs. latch sold. $25 for both. For rebuild. $25 radiator of unknown origin. $75 six bolt flywheel $ 25 Partial set of Klippan belts. The rear retractors work great. SOLD $25 Super clean late heater control faces. SOLD $150 Early 1600 seat sliders. (I kinda want to use them with my Scheel seats!)
  9. eurotrash

    Marchal race & rally lights for BMWs

    I think I got my 880s back in 2011 or so.. love em.
  10. eurotrash

    New TRW/Repa Seat Belts Made in Germany

    I need a set Al. To finish off my front receiver purchase from like, 2013.. lol.
  11. eurotrash


    Because Racecar. !!
  12. eurotrash

    A4 Audi cylinder head test

  13. eurotrash

    Battery trunk relocation options

    My TEP piece came with the car when I bought it in 2009. I recently redesigned it for more than the one use.. which is holding a battery, not bracing the car.
  14. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH no. Don't go there.. just make it happen. ( I am SO late to this party)