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  1. eurotrash

    FS: 13x6 CMR Borrani Wheels

    email sent
  2. eurotrash


    HA.. no, I have two. thanks. but I just sold off all the EFI bits I had collected in preparation for this idea. Sticking with dual carbs until I can afford to do this right..
  3. eurotrash


    I am still waiting Nick..;)
  4. eurotrash

    Need a New HotRod Motor Plan

    You sound like a candidate for the Rotrex into Tii timing cover into early 320i intake..hide the plumbing under a Tii air box... although you said no computers. Still, you sound like the guy to pull it off. It would look like a Tii at a glance.. but have the boost. I really want you to be the guy.
  5. eurotrash

    Fog Light Brackets (NOS)
  6. eurotrash

    Behold my new license plate

    I just meant that I don't understand why people don't aspire to be cleverer.. that's what I am saying. You're paying money twice for the same information.
  7. 2k2tii on the FAQ = Connor Smith = Lawson Butters on Facebook FYI
  8. If your diff is indeed a '76 with the C clip flanges what slip into the e21 diff, there will be about a 3/4" space from the back of the dust cap to the back of the flange. But the only real way to know is to either unbolt one axle and look in the center of the flange for NO bolt, or remove the back cover and look at the inner ends of the shafts for big C clips.
  9. eurotrash

    Behold my new license plate

    Maybe its just me, but I can't pay money, reiterating something that naturally exists on the actual body of the car. Any car.
  10. eurotrash

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    this just in: Carl Bennett via Tue, Nov 27, 2:43 PM (18 hours ago) to me Jason, It appears to be a Korman K300 regrind....300 degrees of duration with 9.4mm of lift. Ray's been making/selling them for decades. It's a good street cam. Best regards, -- Carl Bennett Korman Autoworks Parts Manager (336) 275-1494 Ext #18
  11. eurotrash

    e21 Recaro Seats

    How much to get these to 45103 in the US?
  12. eurotrash

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    All of the lobes have the caps...? and the lines are from oil, not marring, to reiterate.
  13. eurotrash

    Sleeved cam lobes?!?!

    I just emailed them, we will see.