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    The advantage of living in a state with a relatively tiny population and almost no 2002 enthusiasts.
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    Drove home today from Terry’s shop with a big smile on my face and a rebuilt TII engine in the back, I had the best four days cleaning parts and helping Terry with the rebuild....
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    When I went to unlock my trunk yesterday (which I rarely lock), I stuck the key in and the pushbutton disappeared down into its housing. Fortunately I had the key inserted and was able to pull the pushbutton out with the key and turn it to unlock the cylinder. Once unlocked, when I pushed the button in, it acted normally and released the trunk latch. A quick look revealed the spring clip that holds the lock cylinder in its housing had somehow disappeared. Found a replacement clip in my parts stash and fixed the problem--but that's not the tip. When I went to remove the lock assembly in order to repair it, the two notches in the threaded sleeve happened to be at six and twelve o'clock, and almost impossible to reach with the normal screwdriver and small hammer to start unscrewing. It took me many tries with a whole range of tools to start the sleeve turning. So before I reinstalled the lock assembly, I took the threaded sleeve and added two more notches 180 degrees out from the two originals, so there's one every 90 degrees instead of 180. And I carefully filed the original notches so their sides were vertical instead of all boogered up by banging on 'em with various tools over the years. A little wire brushing of the threads on both the cylinder and the sleeve, a little oil and it went back on easily. The extra notches made tightening with a screwdriver or punch a cinch. mike
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    Hey Everyone! Check out the 2002 Christmas card I made this year! I did the artwork myself, and since my friends have been telling me to sell them for years, I figured I'd finally give it a try, to make some extra cash. I have a newborn, and diapers are expensive, LOL I started an Etsy shop to sell them, check it out: Ouros.etsy.com I wasn't sure where to list this, since it isn't a 'part' to sell. I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong spot. Happy Holidays!
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    Stopped by for a final peek and approval..........me likes A LOT
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    There was a young photographer/video guy approached our FB 02 group here in Oz wanting to take some pics and a vid of an 02. He does mostly Porsche and wanted to see if the vintage BMW guys were interested. I was reticent to volunteer because mine is in the mechanical phase of a restoration and the body is ... well “lived in”! At least the rust you see is all of it! He actually wanted a vehicle that was “lived in” and I think he did a nice job. He was also a very respectful young man, as were his two colleagues and they wanted to drive the car away! He also listed some nice stills on his site. Hope it’s OK to show here. https://artandmotors.com/albums/odo-080/ It's going to be great to have the "before" images and story when the car is done up over the next 9-12 months.
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    Sorry I forgot the most important part!
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    Just scanned this today. With OEM numbers and pictures. Orignal & Complete BMW-Sonderzubehoer.pdf
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    Good progress this weekend. Couldn’t do anything without a respirator due to the smoke from the fire, so I strapped mine on an got to sanding. Smoothed out most of the panels. Spent an hour and a half on the hood alone. Patched most of the little imperfections I found after shooting the build primer. Guide coat works like a charm. Need to get the nose and engine compartment smoothed out next so I can shoot the final coat of primer.
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    Getting ready to send the car off to have the steering re-freshed - which it is in dire need of - its beyond me how the car was safely driven the way it is now (scary as hell). Its been a really long time since the car has been off jackstands and even longer with out the motor. I had forgotten how low to the ground the car is, I measured 27" from the top of the turn signal to the floor. Sharing a few photo's....Slowly but surely....
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    I rolled the latest acquisition into the shop yesterday. It’s a ‘73 base model with alloys and an A/C system that I’ve never seen before. We bought it from GA where it has been for at least 20yrs, but with the soundness of the body I’m guessing it has spent most if not all of its life in the south. It was delivered to Hoffman in Bakial blue. It been resprayed at some point in a solid color (still feels like a BMW shade though). The car hadn’t been driven in 10yrs. I pulled the plugs, fogged the engine, opened the Weber 32/36 to check for cleanliness and note jetting (seems all backwards and off a bit, but I’ll worry about that later), filed the points, install a battery and pulled the fuel sender to check the tank (rust free and the gas still smells good). As an added bonus- I found the original tool kit nestled in next to the fuel tank. I cranked the engine without the plugs until it had oil pressure. Plugs back in and filled the float bowl with gas and cranked it over. It didn’t fire right away as the (likely original) coil wire (still has the big pick-up cube and lead at the coil end for the diag. connector) wasn’t making good contact (no spark). Once it did light and ran for a few minutes I shut it off and turned my attention to the stuck clutch pedal. A quick clean/hone of the master got me a leaky, but functional clutch. I proved all 5 gears on the lift. The service brakes are non-op (had to pull the pads to move the car). Parking brakes work great so I took it for a quick spin around the lot as is. I never get tired of playing with these cars. 😁
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    I went up to Racecraft yesterday to pick up the Koepchen 02 to bring home for winter storage. While there I got a good look at the street 2002 Terry is building for me. It is turning out better than I could have hoped for. Terry has been working on the grill, rear lights and trim, wiring, etc. He has also been preping the engine bay for installation of the S14. I am particularly pleased with how the custom fenders turned out. They add just the right amount of muscularity to the otherwise slab sides. Here are some pictures I shot:
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    The early ones are much lighter due to rust! Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
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    I wanna be like Barney when I grow up!!
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    It was dumb luck finding these. Actually, felt more like I was rescuing the wheels. I was in some guy’s backyard/junkyard checking out rusted out parts from the one 2002 he parted out years asking myself why in the world I was there. Was about to high-tail it out of there when he asked if I wanted to see some ‘steel’ wheels that came with the car. I first said no because I was mad at myself for driving 45 min out there to begin with, but reconsidered. Here is is a pic of where the wheels were ‘stored’. Lugging the wheels up the hill on his property passed the carcasses of old hot rods, backhoes, and busses was pretty interesting in of itself.
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    Finished installing the transmission gasket in the Landcruiser...oh, wait, that's not the 02! But I did take a picture to preview the new interior. Esty carpet color, OEM interior color, E21's in OEM tan vinyl with houndstooth inserts. I'm liking the combo!
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    Happy to all too! Very thankful for all you folks who have helped me over the years. My second family... and you guys don’t ask for money all of the time 😂😂 Randy
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    BMW 2002 Shifter My 1970 wasn’t shifting very well, hard to get into gear, reverse impossible. I was thinking/hoping it was simply the linkage( particularly after reading several account of how the shifter mounts go bad). I watched this great YouTube( https://youtu.be/WNKmQgJqUeI ) the showed it could be repaired without having to drop the exhaust or drive shaft. Decided it was possible. First problem was finding the grub screw from the shift level to the shift shaft was buggered up, no way would it accept a 4mm allen. Had to use a needle vice grip pliers to turn it out, about 5 degrees at a time. Then found the allen heads that mount the bracket to the transmission were also buggered up, took a combination of pliers, etc to get them out. Not cool with the drive shaft blocking you. I noticed that the rubber bushing on the support arm was almost completely gone. Tried to order that bushing, not available. You must order the complete arm for $70 +. I sand basted the brackets, primed and painted them Orange for some reason. Watched this video on how to use liquid plastic to make suspension bushings. https://youtu.be/2_0BYvTkZ0o Shopped for something in 45-50 range and found it on Amazon. Made a jig to hold the arm with an indent to set off the steel bushing and proceed a little too quickly, you must wait until to plastic sets up a little, about 20 minutes so it does not pour through. It set up over night, had to wire brush off the over flowed plastic and repaint. The installation was not easy, using a combination of allen wrenches, and sockets and with the help of a friend got in all back together, great to have someone moving the shifter while you reconnect it. Photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mqetwwmp5tQAaYay8 I made a Styrofoam block just for fun. Also replaced the mounts for the 8mm allen bolts, they had some weird relief or wear grooves. I think it would be much easier to drop the driveshaft and exhaust, unless yer retired like me.
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    Alright….don't everybody freak out! That hole is just for INITIAL setting, to get the car running. Actual tuning of fuel mixture, idle mixture, and synchronization requires allowing the D shaped cam to overlap that hole a little bit, so the drill bit / pin tool isn't even in play, once you're getting in to the deep end of tuning the thing. You'd be surprised by how much improvement you can gain by fiddling with the verboten screw, synchronization adjustment on the vertical throttle rod, and ignition timing. I suppose, if you're really anal retentive, you could loosen the jam nut under that eccentric pin hole fixture and rotate it so that it's just right, AFTER you establish really nice fuel mixtures and synchronization….THEN using the pin tool would yield you reliable, repeatable results in setting the D shaped cam. Since most tiis have probably had their throttle bodies replaced or fiddled with (or just have normal 45 year old WEAR), that eccentric is never to be trusted, IMHO. Having a wide band Oxygen sensor / AFR gauge will show you the results so you're not just guessing all the time. I generally loathe bolting modern stuff on my old car, but the AFR gauge was affordable, easily removable, and really helped me get the most from my tii, while reassuring me that I wasn't melting 10:1 pistons on street fuel at high rpms. 14.7 may be the "perfect" mixture - but the power happens at around 12.9! Also - Fuels today are very different from 1972 fuels. A mixture setting that worked great in the 1970s may not be the best mixture for 2018. Related to this, is the fact that in many parts of the country, the "winter blend" fuels will really mess with your mixtures. I discovered this a few weeks ago. My cruising AFR went from about 12.9-13.9 to 16.0+ (!) I backed off the timing on a road trip I was on, because (at the time) it was the easiest way to richen up fuel mixtures at high rpm, without pulling an intake runner off, and messing with the verboten screw, etc. So… with that said, get an AFR gauge and tweak things til it screams the way a tii should!
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    Did you hear about the guy who froze himself to absolute zero? He's O K now.
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    Thanks to FAQ for providing an incredible resource for me/us to learn and work on these iconic cars. To all you people who have helped me and others so much over the years I also want to say thanks, I don't think I could've gotten this far without you! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!