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    Introducing the new feature: Ability to add a Gallery Slider into a post. This works for for your albums in the gallery (easy) or image links. 1- Click on "Insert other media" --> "Insert Gallery" 2 - You wills see 2 options "Insert Images Into Gallery" and "Get Images from Album". ,I recomend adding images to an album first and then choosing the second option 3 - Add image links or Select your Album 4 - Some code will be added to your post that looks like this (it will be a bit more complicated for external images. and it will add a Gallery that looks like this: [gallery1000x480] [album]51[/album] [/gallery] Enjoy! Steve K.
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    purchased this off ebay earlier this week got it towed back to the house. it has a decent amount of rust, structurally it looks ok, but wont know until I start lift it up a bit more and then start ripping things out.
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    like that alot. will help when someone quotes a post with 500 pictures
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    VIN 1663372 is an early 1969 model, manufactured, probably, in September 1968. Model years run generally from September 1 to August 31; they are not calendar years. Email the VIN to BMW Group Archives and request their data on the car (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com). This will confirm the precise manufacturing date, the importer (likely Hoffman Motors Corp, headquartered in NYC), the color (possibly Manila), etc. Manila is definitely nearing the end of its run in 1968. But it appeared on the NK 4-door sedans earlier. Below is a May 1964 color card for the NK models, showing Manila. Vehicle titles are filled with errors. You might be able to fix the issues, you might not! My 1970 ‘02 was erroneously registered as a 1969 model when it was brand new. I purchased it in 1973 and tried to correct the error. Pennsylvania “corrected” the title, at my request, but made it a 1971. I told them that that was wrong, they revised it again, making it a 1969 again....😯 I gave up and moved on...😉 Regards, Steve
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    Most likely built in Sep/Oct 68 so it is a 1969 model year. My 11/68 1969 was also Manila so not that rare. Send an e-mail to: info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com for build date.
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    Congratulations! May she bring you years of enjoyment!! damn I love these cars.
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    You might mention the VIN/mtr #, just in case the original car is still around. In that unlikely event, the mtr may have more value for the original car Owner.
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    wish we could gotten Nevada to you a few weeks earlier... maybe we should have just had the car shipped to the Vintage?!! here is one final image for your profile (which you now need to update!!!)
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    The main reason for the 2002 style heat shield (whether the aluminum or sheet metal one) is to provide a source of warm air for the air intake (the summer/winter box at the "snorkel" on the radiator support). The E21/E30 shield doesn't do that. When set to "winter" it directs warm air into the factory air cleaner to prevent carburetor icing. The thermostatic spring in the summer/winter box gradually cuts off the warm air flow as the engine warms up. Of course if you replaced the factory air cleaner with the little foam cleaner atop your Weber, it's a moot point. AFAIK the aluminum and steel heat shields use the same bolt pattern, and yes, you'll have to remove the manifold to drill out those horizontal bolts. If you're successful, replace 'em with stainless steel bolts liberally coated with an anti-seize compound. cheers mike

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