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    Today I had the inspector out to have a look at Zouave, just to make sure he’s rodent-free. He passed, but maybe with a little antenna damage.
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    I installed my TI airbox last night. Then after stepping back and admiring it I realized I wanted to do some more fine tuning. So, off they go again. This was my first time rebuilding a pair of DCOE’s. They were rough when I got them but thought they were worth saving. A matched pair of 45DCOE 15/16’s. I took my time (started almost 2 years ago!) I replaced everything and probably spent more than I should have, but it’s been worth every penny. Learned a lot, and the 02 starts/idles/runs better than it ever did with the Lynx setup.
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    There is a major version update coming to the software running FAQ. I have not picked the time or date for the update yet, but, please, be aware. Some downtime will be required and some features might not work after the update. I will be working in the few days after the update in restoring the features if they are down. The look and feel will change as well as some functionality updates. I will post a notice with dat and time when know. Steve K.
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    Some more progress on my 2002tii
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    Drove 600km of country roads and alpine passes
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    Another great day, my son Kane stopped by With his granda red 2002 and he changed his oil and Ed helped/showed him how to adjust the carburetor....this my original 2002 I purchased at 20...
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    Started the install of my black gold refinished dash, I have to say it looks beautiful and I’m very happy and even with the virus they were only two weeks late/behind..
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    Welp it’s been a truly historic day here - after putting it off for years because I assumed it’d be a royal PITA (and boy did it deliver 😁) I took on leveling my front bumper. It always was pointed upwards (like someone with a lower lip that goes over their top lip) and irritated me each time I looked at it. This went on for years! But no more... behold!
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    While working on the interior today. I certainly can use all of the help I can get. I just wish they had thumbs!
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    Whelp, the mediocre dash on the race car finally bit me. The head gasket let go, and the driver was too busy having fun to watch the right gauge. Sooo... what's left of the 'backup' motor's good enough for a street engine, but too worn and abused to race again. We got it out today, and while a bit scuffed, the pistons will live again (with some serious cleaning) and the block may or may not be cracked (there's another, so it's kind of just a bit of dye testing at this point) but the head certainly couldn't handle 300+f for as many laps as I ran it. Good excuse to finally dump the stock dash (no longer required by rules) and add a few bucks worth of 'look at your gauges, idjit' lights. Getting rid of the stock wiring harness might not hurt too much, either, considering 80% of the car runs off of a red wire marked 'Cigar Lighter', and the other 20% off 'dome light'. I have never really proven how the brake lights work, but tech says they do... And probably go crankfired and EFI. I just gotta dig out all the parts from 10 years back. Since it's paid for, nothing wrong with B&G Megasquirt 1 and microjolt for a race car, right? It's funny- as an 'essential worker' now, I'm only making 60% of what I used to make as a 'completely useless entertainment technician'. Hmmm. What's with the stock market, anyway? t donations accepted. Send me your rod bolts, your gasket sets, your heavy duty rockers yearning to spin free...
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    Accurate reproduction grills will be available soon. We have already checked the pre-production samples. Shooting for October. The late model plastic side with metal center should be about $240/set and the early all metal should be about $540/set.
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    Full circle today 1974: Germany to Netherlands 1999: Netherlands to California 2005: California to North Carolina 2019: North Carolina to California 2020: California to Germany 😇
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    Went out for a drive yesterday and ran across this mural in downtown Clover, South Carolina. I had to stop to take a photo.
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    First day back after 12 days away in Florida, took my favorite car on my favorite road for a 60 mile hill country drive...
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    Central Texas ride...
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    the beauty and the beast
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    Hi guys, I am listing this car for a friend. It's a bonafide Italian Car, a proper numbers matching 72 tii in Original Colorado Orange, and its turn key, ready to be enjoyed by the next owner. The story on this car, and from the owner directly: "The car was manufactured in 1971 and delivered in 1972. It’s an original 2002tii in Colorado. The car has matching numbers, engine and body. It was imported into Florida on 6/9/2016 by Tony Choudhury. Tony is a BMW collector in South Florida and found the car in Italy. The Italian owner etched the European license plate number into some of the cars windows as a way of showing its originality. Work was done on the car in Florida by Blue & White Autohouse and it was further refined by Coupe King in CA. The car has a clean CA title and is ready to go to its next owner." The current owner has since found another colorado tii that met his requirements a bit more than this one (new car has original blue CA plates), thus this one is for sale. What I can confirm with documentation: -Car was completely resprayed in original Colorado (paint code 002) Paint Color (two stage base/clear combo) while in Florida -Essentially Nut/Bolt Restoration in the engine bay and interior -Suspension is nice and bushings all around replaced, but remains in original condition/not refinished -Interior is VERY NICE. 74 tii front seats (both front and rear seats redone very well), one piece crack-free dash, original carpet, everything works well. -Engine was completely rebuilt in Florida (nearly $10k). All injectors, KF pump, every nut and bolt. It runs EXCELLENT in both hot and cold start, warm up and when at temp. -All elephant skin vinyl in trunk was replaced and very nice. My only comments on this car for the next owner, in terms of what to do next are as follows: -Replace drip moldings with new units. Current moldings have markings from what I think was a roof rack. They are deep enough scratches that I would replace. -Possibly replace front grilles (current center and driver grille has holes drilled into them from previous european owner. 90% of people won't notice, but the rest of the car is nice enough that I would pay attention to the grilles. -Change dizzy to 123 Bluetooth Unit. The current distributor is the factory unit and a recurved distributor would benefit the engine with 91 Octane California Gas -Change steering wheel and wheels to factory units. This is a REALLY NICE tii. Get it back to stock and enjoy the living hell out of it. Or don't...the car is nice as-is. -You could go the distance and change the front seats and dashboard to proper 1972 units, but I wouldn't. What is currently in place is extremely nice. -Change Driver side mirror with factory trapezoid mirror, as well is rear view mirror. Both are worn and could use a refresh. I've driven this car for 100 miles and enjoyed each and every one. I can't go to a single location without a thumbs up or some instagram influencer taking photos next to the car. This car will get more attention than you ever will and it's both a compliment and annoying, depending on how you look at it. I would buy this car, but I have a colorado 2002 I really like, so I wouldn't love it like I do my other one. Bring a Trailer valuations put this car at a very favorable price. I know I could get more, but so could you if buy it, enjoy it, and resell down the road. At the end of the day, transparency is king. I value honesty and will give it as I receive it. This car is worth looking into and purchasing. I don't expect it to last too long. Please see the photos below, as well as the Flickr link for even more detailed shots. If you have questions, please ask. I am happy to answer them to the best of my ability. I may post a driving video pretty soon but as of now, the car is clean and the current California fires are dropping a lot of ash, which I don't want to deal with. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmQBLMPE I am debating including a nice set of Italian Turn Signals with this car since it is an Italian Car. I can be persuaded, but at this point, not included in the sale. Please check out the photos! The car is currently in my possession and I can show it by appointment....or meet you for a coffee, both of which I'm into. Thanks for looking! -Ryan Danco
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    The mountain BRUISER! 4 Car meets this weekend great times all over
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    Hi everyone! I’ve watched countless videos on paint correction and detailing and read lots of articles before I decided to give it a try for myself. I was pretty nervous about working on 45 year old paint, but after a little while I became comfortable using a polishing machine for the first time. Here are the steps I used: 1. Washed the car 2. Clay Bar (Mother’s) 3. Soaking Paint with Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze (for 24 hours) 4. Compound (Meguiars Ultimate) 5. Polish (Meguiars Ultimate) 6. Soaking Paint AGAIN with Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze (for 24 hours) 7. Wax (Meguiars Carnauba) I’m real happy with the results, not only does the paint shine, but it has depth. Before: After:
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    I searched and wasn't sure if this had been covered before. Apologies is it has been. I was in the throes of making a new console with the non-broken parts left behind (thanks PO!), and one issue I encountered was that the little lip that holds the shift boot on was missing from the trim piece with the shifter hole in it (along with the shift boot itself). I wasn't sure if the OEM shift boot (25111206289) would work without that plastic lip on the trim, and I didn't want to gamble $60 to find out, so I measured what I needed and searched on amazon for something similar. I found quite a few but this one for a Yamaha Rhino seemed to be closest to OEM size: It has extra rubber on the bottom and a retaining clip which is very easily trimmed with scissors, and once installed I gotta say, it fits pretty much perfectly. There's a rubber plate on the bottom that I pointed forward, and that sandwiches between the carpet and trim panel and holds it very securely. The hole at the top is the perfect size to grab the stick, so you can position it high or low and it will stay. It's also thick rubber and feels heavy duty, but if it ever does wear out, it's readily available and was $14 delivered the next day! Pics below show fitment. Also it looks kinda dusty and that's because it is. It arrived a normal rubber color, it's just been moved around my garage a lot lately.
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    Finally all dialed in, rebuilt the DCOE’s reworked the linkage, installed new starter and added wide band O2 sensor. Using a manometer and a O2 sensor makes dialing in a breeze. The car has never run better. Now to resist playing with the jetting! thanks bmw2002faq for all of the info from the searches. jay
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    This head is from an an 1800ti engine (1964) I picked up at the U-Pick part boneyard during the mid-90s. In those days 02s and NK cars were plentiful at the yards. They were cheap and cost next to nothing. I picked up the whole engine, including carbs, air canister box, clutch & flywheel, Ti specific distributor, Ti manifolds and Solex PHH 40 carbs, all for under $150. Once I separated the engine from the trans and chassis the yard removed it with a forklift and placed it in the bed of my pick-up. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up the entire car or more engines. The 1800Ti was BMWs first sports oriented sedan; the first M3 of its day. With crisp handling and 110bhp and 109ft./ lb of torque in the production version and up to 170hp in "TISA" configuration for racing, it went on to numerous touring car circuit victories. The 1800Ti paved the way for the 02 race cars. While it once represented BMWs fastest hot rod, the 1800ti was overshadowed by the NK 2000Ti, introduced just a couple of years later in 1966. The 1800ti represents a historically significant car for BMW and sports sedans in general. And, it's really a shame most of these cars met their end as throw - aways in the bone yards. Today the "1800TISA" versions start at $75K, unrestored. The 1800Ti is sought after for historic classic car circuits in Great Britain, but it has been forgotten in the USA. The classic BMW shows are full of 02s, coupes and an assortment of so called BMW "Classics" from the 80s and 90s. But, what about the classics from the heyday of touring car racing. Other than the beautifully restored 1800 Alpina retro rod from Reyn Speed Shop in Southern California, I have yet to see an 1800Ti at a BMW event. While BMW borrowed the NK 2000Ti and NK 2000tii motors for the 2002ti and 2002tii, the 1800ti motor was never incorporated into the 02. Sure, BMW included the redesigned 1800 motor in the 1802, but an 1802ti was never to be.The NK cars are nearly 300lbs heavier than the early versions of their 02 cousins, so there was a noticeable performance gain when BMW transplanted the motors into the lighter two door cars. The basic 1600-2 is very similar in performance to the NK 1800ti, but an 02 equipped with an 1800ti motor would certainly outpace the standard 2002. Notice some of the interesting details relating to this early M10 head: 1.The sharp wedge shape combustion chambers. 2. The lack of an oil spray bar. 3. The hollow cam with holes in the lobes for lubrication. 4. The valves are identical to the valves in the "118" head, used on the 1600-2 and 1802 motors. 5. The intake and exhaust ports are also identical to the "118" head. 6. The sprocket mechanism for timing chain tension. While the head and cam are in pretty good shape considering their age, the previous machinists were not as kind to it. They milled it a full 1mm and left horrible tooling scratches on the surface.It's too bad, because the head would have been serviceable. The water jackets have no corrosion. I've had several heads ruined by machine shops and learned to never again use a low budget shop.
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    My wife and daughter and I took a ride to the mountains. We ran the twisty backroads up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back. It was right at 200 miles with a maximum elevation of just under 4000'. Of course, the pictures don't do the views justice. It was unusually low humidity which meant breath taking views.
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    My plates/stickers finally arrived! Took Survivor on the first drive since being pushed into my garage 17 months ago. Probably its first foray onto the roads as a street legal car in 27 years. It performed pretty good considering how long it's been out of action , put 30 miles on it and drove home without a hiccup. It still needs some tinkering of course. Its running way rich, I can smell it and idle is a little ragged. Time to check the float level maybe just put on another carb. But it drove well, stopped well in a straight line and the 5 speed transmission is quiet and shifts smooth. Nice to have a smile on my face, its been awhile
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    Went hunting for parts for my Fjord '76, and ended up stumbling into a field of dilapidated dreams. As luck would have it, I was able to buy a few complete cars, including a long-forgotten '72 Colorado Orange 02. Step one was just to get it home, inventory parts and overall condition. Step 2; a much needed power-wash and scrub down! The carpet was beyond salvaging, so most of that went straight to the trash. Seats are filthy, but otherwise in very good condition. Door panels were a little rough, but should be usable. Rear door panels missing entirely though, sadly. The car looks a bit scruffy on the outside, and there is definitely some rust to contend with. But the towers, floors, rockers, windshield surrounds, and subframe mounts are all quite good overall. This one will have to wait it's turn, but I'll be collecting bits and pieces for it's eventual resto. The green late-model car looks solid (other than the smushed fender), but is badly rotten underneath, so it's just for parts. Oddly enough, this very car was the first 2002 I ever drove, ~ 14-15 years ago when owned by a friend! It'll be neat to have some parts from this car in my other 02s moving forward IMG_8993.MOV
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    So, I'm currently running a 38/38 that the PO had installed, and he was "not a fan of the tuna can", style air cleaner. I tend to agree. The way he remedied this was to use a 14" Edelbrok air cleaner assembly, mounted to the top of the carb. The only problem, is that the air cleaner assembly is about 1/8" too large for the carb, so there's a gap between the air cleaner and the carb itself. His workaround was to hand pour a small resin band around the inside of the air cleaner, that would harden, and then fill the gap. It worked for a while, but a couple years after I bought the car from him, it disintegrated into black gunk. I like the look of the larger air cleaner, so I decided to keep it, and figure out a more permanent solution. Luckily, I have access to a 3D printer at work. I modeled a oversize "washer" which would sit between the carb and the bottom of the air cleaner, to fill the gap and serve as support. My first attempt failed, because I printed the washer 1/8" thick, and by the time I got the air cleaner cover back on, I had run out of stud to fasten the washer to. My 2nd attempt I took the washer down to 1/32" and created a lip that the base-plate of the air cleaner would sit onto, and that did the trick. The 3D printed material is a uv cure resin (ironically), so I'm curious to see how it holds up in the heat of an engine bay. Specs on the material are rated to about 140 degrees, so it may end up melting over time too. FDM material would probably hold up better, but our printer can't run FDM. You could do something that would work just as well with metal, but I have 0 metal working skills, and access to a printer, so why not! 14" air cleaner installed before the resin turned to goo Gap between carb and cleaner assembly Printing the "washer" - This was the failed attempt, too thick. New 1/32" washer with lip - Curious to see how the thin material holds up. If it fails after a year, I can always print a new one The washer No more gap! I'll probably throw a coat of primer and wrinkle black on it, and see how it does on the open road!
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    Getting there one chair at a time...the rest by Friday afternoon...
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    First pass of some colour correction, and the first time I have used a mechanical polisher. The dull and sun damaged boot (trunk!) came up very nicely. Polish and wax to follow....and some decent pictures in a picturesque location of course!
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    I washed the ‘76. I actually washed it, for the first time since it returned from the Big Re-Paint in June 2018! Under the excuse that washing can damage paint, while driving is good for the car, I delayed and delayed and delayed this first wash. But it looks much better. It was starting to look like a barn find! Regards, Steve
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    Just some general engine bay cleaning. Also organized my tool box abit, Toolbox Widget. from this to this
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    Scientific method to prove Dog is your best friend: 1. Lock your significant other, and your dog, together in your '02's trunk. 2. Wait 30 minutes. 3. Open trunk. 4. Which one is happy to see you when you open the trunk? The dog, of course.
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    Ever the helpers. Where else does one go during a thunderstorm?
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    it would be a better place if dogs ruled the world...i've never met one that i didn't love
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    I posted this the other day regarding center grilles, but hey, I like the pic, so...
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    Spent some quality time in the garage over the weekend and again this morning on paint and sunroof work. Spot resprayed the sunroof panel and trailing edge of the roof opening then wet sanded from 600 - 1500 grit and lastly buffed it out w/ some compound paste and finally gave those areas a good wax. Not perfect by any means, but it just reaches my driver level standards. I also replaced the long sunroof seal section since the old one was really worn out and coming apart. I do think I'll need to play w/ the sunroof adjustment some more since the roof is still in danger of scraping if I open it up too far.
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    On a Kansas City drive a few days ago
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    Out and about today on a gorgeous Fall-like day in the Catskills, NY.
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    Brought it home from Seattle! 75 Pastelblau - Automatic, soon to be manual....
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    Just picked up my custom painting from the framer. 23" x 33". Not a great picture, but it looks fantastic in person and I'm super happy with how it came out!! The artist specializes in car paintings. I found his pics on Reddit and messaged him thinking he'd be way out of my price range, but he wasn't (this cost $450, including shipping). Dude lives in South Africa and was able to turn around the paining in about a month. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll pass along his info (not sure if I'm allowed to post it here). Cheers!
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    Fire related road closures in Angeles National Forest, took a picture and headed home. Stay safe all!
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    Fredericksburg five years ago...
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    Oldschool BMW test drive ..... in German. The second BMW is the one which goes out for a drive. Engine start at Time 22:10 ....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-Tk5w8svdc Cheers, Carl
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    For the last couple of years, we have been working on creating a complete, bolt-on, sidedraft carburetor linkage system for the 2002. Because, other than jetting, the linkage system is usually the most troublesome aspect of installing and tuning sidedraft carburetors on the 2002. Certainly there are generic, incomplete, sidedraft linkage kits out there. But they usually require manifold/throttle lever mods, bracket fabrication, cable routing, etc. and, in a lot of cases, are just plain ugly! The three prime requirements for our system design were that it would include all the linkage parts needed for the sidedraft conversion, that it would work with all intake manifold and carburetor combinations and that it would be based on the original BMW 2002ti linkage system. After years of development, thousands of miles of testing on 2002’s around the globe, and much hair pulling, I believe we have created the Ultimate BMW 2002 Sidedraft Linkage System! We call it “Ultimate” because: · It is designed uniquely for the BMW 2002’s Only · It includes all the linkage parts necessary for installing sidedrafts on 2002’s Only · It works with all combinations of sidedraft carburetors (Weber, Solex, and others in development) and intake manifolds (OEM, IE, Korman, Cannon, …) · The form, fit, and finish are like the original 2002ti linkage system · It puts the synchronization procedure on the carbs where it belongs, not on the linkage · The throttle lever and balance lever are designed specifically for each carburetor version · Once installed, it is virtually maintenance and adjustment free · It comes with actual installation instructions and tips for the BMW 2002s Only We are proud to make the initial announcement of the availability of this system on BMW2002FAQ. And we will soon be launching an e-commerce website called—www.2002sOnly.com with all of our products for the BMW 2002s Only. In the meantime, here are some photos and a video brochure on the Ultimate BMW 2002 Sidedraft Linkage System. We have these in stock, ready to ship. The price for the complete system is $265 plus shipping (we do ship internationally). For orders or inquiries, please use my direct email, halboyles at 2002sonly.com.
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    I'm sorry to say that I haven't visited in months. I have, however, been driving my '02. Today I took a route shown to me by my neighbor. I drove it yesterday but today near the end I made a wrong turn. I realized my mistake but saw a sign for an historic mill with a dam. So, I visited and grabbed a pic before backtracking and going home. You can see it in the background of the first pic with a shot of it in the second. I hope that everyone is doing well.
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    I thought you might be interested in the extra gauge pod I have designed and 3D printed for my 2002. I wanted to add Voltage, Current and Oil Pressure, whilst retaining the period look of the dashboard. First step was to make a template for the form of the dashboard - the old fashioned way. Next step was to digitize that form, and elaborate on it. My aim was to reproduce the style of the original dashboard. The part is printed, in segments, in PET-G, which is thermally stable enough for automotive use. The segments are bonded together, sanded, filled, sanded again, and painted satin black in an attempt to match the existing dash board closely. Oil pressure and current are on "VDO Viewline" rear mounted analogue gauges (the fonts and needles are a pretty good match to the existing cluster)... but I prefer voltage digital, however, I want it to retain that period authenticity - so I have used new old stock period early 70's LED numeric displays (as used in vintage calculators) - they have a lovely warm deep red glow, not at all like modern red LED displays. The voltmeter electronics is on an Arduino Nano-Every. You can see the prototype stage here - the final version is on a custom PCB housed inside the pod. The final step is the "wood veneer", and 3D printed template to help cut it. I tried to match the original cluster - ie. it is very fake plastic light oak! I'm pleased with the match! Final result:

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