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    I’ve had some extra time on my hands so started playing around with the broken die cast.
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    Hi guys, I looooove my '76 square light 2002, but I can't stand those bumpers. I would love to do a full swap to euro bumpers, but my paint is decent enough and I don't want to splash out for a full respray after welding up all the little skirt and bellow bolt holes. Inspired by the CA Tuned S2000 powered 2002 https://catuned.com/catuned-2002-coilover-system-street-setup and this one I saw on the internet https://realartonwheels.com/inventory/1976-bmw-2002-turbo/ my friend Gord (IG: @gordsgarage ) and I set out to cut down a 320i front bumper and cut down the rear bumper on my 2002. Here's a before pic of the bumpers. I mean, what were they thinking? Here's a pic of the bumpers, with the e21 320i bumper on the left and the stock 2002 bumper on the far right. Stock rear bumper in the middle. I read here that the 320i front bumper is a better fit for the 2002, following the hood line. It is, but the bumper shock mounts don't quite line up. It's out by about a 1/2" per side. In this case we welded on a piece of metal and redrilled, but slotting the holes would probably do the trick. Test fit. This is without any grinding or shaping. Hard to believe it's not from a 2002. Gord cut it down with a plasma cutter, but a zip disc will work just fine. Then we cleaned up the edge with a die grinder with flap discs. We drilled out the shocks to relieve pressure, cut them down to size, and welded back together. Pipe would do the trick here, as there's no more shock absorption, but this seemed easier. These are Gord's welds. If I welded them back together there is no way I'd post a picture of it. More test fitting now that the bumper is cut down. We decided to leave a gap, and cut down the rubber shock covers to give it a factory look. Same with the rear, with lots of cutting of the "modesty skirt" to give it a factory look. I cut down the bellows with a hacksaw, then used a grinder to flatten the mating surfaces of the overlapped section for a better fit. I used JB Weld plastic epoxy to glue them together, and finished the edges off with DAP acrylic latex. Then I painted them with Duplicolor bumper and trim spray paint. I tried using Permatex silicon the first time, but the paint wouldn't stick to it. Gord found this entire process very distasteful and too "arts and crafts" for his palate, offering to 3D print some new bumper covers, but this kind of hack work is right up my alley. Gord set me up on his lathe to make up some covers for the front license plate bolt holes. I think this was a ploy to get me out of his way, but I am pleased with the results. Gord had a metal brushing machine and we tried it out. I like it, but I think I will polish the bumpers again to match my dinged up chrome trim once summer is up And that's pretty much it. On test fitting the bumpers looked much slimmer and we thought they were perfect. Once the giant rubber covers are in place the bumpers look much larger, especially the rear. It looks great, but I think this winter I will trim another 1/2" off of the rear bumper, and will reshape it to follow the curve of the trunk more closely. I'll have to cut down the exhaust a bit now too. The tips were under the bumper before, but now they poke out a bit too much. The car looks so much better, and total cost was a few cans of spray paint and burgers and beer to keep us going. Proper euro bumpers and respray in 2030, maybe. Before: After: I hope someone finds this post useful. Square tails rule.
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    ...waiting for a brake booster rebuild to return so I can complete brake and axles rebuilds...so... For 5 years I have accumulated hundreds of service and repair articles (mostly 2002 FAQ posts) on 2002's and have put them in binders in a sorta, pseudo, kinda, quasi order/grouping that was less-than-easy to use (Photo 1). Today I organized them. 1. Listed the service/repair groupings according to the numbered tabs in the blue BMW Service Manual (Photo 2). 2. Placed each of my service group/tabs within the most apropos BMW service group/tab (Photo 2). 3. Made dividers and tabs for all of my service groups (Photo 3). 4. Assembled all in binders (Photos 4 & 5). 5. Large projects were in separate binders. My cars already perform better...40 mpg and 15 more hp. Larry
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    Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience. Like any other forum, or just about most things in life, there will be times when an individual, or a handful, will leave a bad taste. By far, however, this forum has been one of the most helpful group of folks I've had the pleasure to interact with. It has a nice mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and friendly banter as well, which I enjoy. Hang in there and give us a chance to restore your faith in the forum!
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    I carry an inverter and an original Strong Super Trouper mounted to the rear deck. I set the electrodes pretty far apart, so it strikes pretty red. It's focused at about 20', so if you're right at 20', it melts a hole in your front bumper cover. I can tilt it up, so it will, in fact, scorch the paint off the hood and melt the interior of an Audi A4. t not underkill
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    Reviewed the mock-up of my new stainless steel header for the M10 (one portion of the project to design/build performance engines from intake through the tailpipe). -KB
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    If you can’t be specific, please don’t be vague. waste of a post.
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    Met up with a couple of 02 buds and drove the twisty mountain highway from Vancouver to Whistler and back. The beauty of this shot is the snowcaps. Cars are pretty cool too. @BCbryan 74 Inka tii only has 60K original miles on it. His dad bought it in 76 and pampered it like part of the family. SO CLEAN! If anyone has seen the "It's Hip To Be Square" fridge magnet from Hagerty. That's @BCbryancar.
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    Last Fri I glued in the firewall pad. Tonight I repaired and re-wrapped most of the engine bay wiring. Glued the exterior pad to the pedal box, installed the coil/ballast resistor/relay, pedal box/booster/bracket. I’m quite pleased w/ my progress. Looking forward to brake lines and other next time.
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    every day i wake up is a great day...
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    I just love this photo. This was taken at a Cars & Coffee in Batavia, Ohio last Saturday by Jason Gipson. So, in the photo, there's my Sahara 02, Scott Aaron's Verona tii, and Jason's Beer Snob.
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    Just got back from letting my 18 year old daughter drive a stick shift for her first time in my 02. She's been begging me to teach her, and my response has always been, no honey not in my 02. She just graduated HS, been a tough year for seniors, and will be moving away to college this Fall. I got to thinking, I can always get a new clutch, but I can't get back this time with her. She did okay, few stalls, few chirps, taught her the virtues of the RPM gauge. I think she's already posted it on her social media. We're going to keep practicing, what a great Father's Day!.
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    A couple of shots of @billjecksstunning Verona Tii from early this morning ....apparently too early for one of the "other" local FAQ Inka's
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    Hi all, The headliner on the car that I am putting together was not useable and the one in the donor car was just as crackly so I decided to have a go at making my own. I just wanted to share what I did which might help other people going down this road. Here is the plan I made by measuring the original headliner, measurements in mm. This is what the original headliner looked like with all the mold. 🤢 This is the material that I went with. It is polyester poplin, it's nice and tough but in hindsight it has very little stretch which made it hard later when installing the sun visors. Marking the back of the fabric where the loops are and about how much to cut for the bends in the rod so the headliner doesn't bunch up. I based everything on a centre line in the fabric so I could adjust things and then cut off any excess from edges at the end. Polyester upholstery thread was used in the machine, because of the lines in the fabric it is easy to see if the sewing is not done straight so I ironed the fabric first to guide me. Once all the loops were sewn up I glued the board (which clips in next to the rear windscreen) to the new headliner. Starting from the back I clipped the board in and inserted the rods one at a time, trimming the loops where necessary and finally using the little foldback clips you can see in the picture below to hold the front in position then moving on to pulling the headliner from the sides and clipping it. One thing I should have done before putting the headliner on would have been to put the screws in for where the sun-visor, sun-visor clips and the handles go, this would have saved me lot of headaches later even though I had marked on the outside of the car where these needed to go. This contact adhesive that I got from the upholstery shop is great, once I was happy with how the headliner was sitting I took 5 or so clips off brushed this stuff on both the body and the fabric and waited 1 minute or so for it to get tacky and then pressed them together Headliner with all the clips off: I had some vinyl left over so I redid the old material on the pillars too: The material on the rear pillars were done separately to the headliner, initially I was thinking to do them in vinyl but I think it is better with the matching headliner material. Onto replacing the parcel shelf: About to cut the vinyl for the shelf: I used 4.8mm masonite for the parcel shelf and the shortest staples that I had were 6mm, I found that the staples didn't poke through but dented the masonite and these dents were visible once the vinyl was stretched tight. So I used 6mm foam underneath the vinyl to pad it out bit. 6 x 9 speakers in: Backseat in too:
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    i think This all started because your sarcasm was taken seriously by the OP. This happens all the time to me because I’m a very sarcastic guy. I specially struggle when it comes to online dating and I crack one (more like four) too many sarcastic jokes too early that invariable gets misinterpreted and I’m deemed as the biggest asshole that walked these plains. Or maybe I am that biggest asshole. I should do some self reflection here
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    As of June 21, I've owned Ludwig, my '73 for 42 years. Got him from an AF captain in Dayton, but was bought new at Mill Valley Imports in Mill Valley CA. Will drove it cross country at least twice to visit family in NC, then to Ohio. 46k when I bought it, now 267k. Cheers mike
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    Chamonix ‘73 Feels like I’m finally making some real progress. Engine bay is now in white epoxy primer.
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    I just saw this posted elsewhere on the World Wide 'Net ....... the newest Car And Driver Magazine named the 2002 as a G.O.A.T. ..... Greatest Of All Time ......... (I don't know the complete context ...... MORE RESEARCH REQUIRED TO VERIFY !!!!!) Cheers, Carl
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    Never named a car or gave it a gender
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    Getting ready for our cross country relocation. I will be towing one car from NJ leaving July 3. My 71 street 02 will follow in August via Intercity car transporters when we pack up everything else. Watch for me on I78, I81 and I40. Hopefully not broken down on the shoulder
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    Made it to New Mexico So far no trouble except one flat tire on the trailer in Tennessee 1.5 days to go
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    Used knife-less tape and white vinyl to accent my numbers / roundels and satisfy my inner 12 year old a little more...! Pleased with the result.
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    So proud of myself. Read the whole thing from page 1. Lesson learned: If you don't have something useful to add, do it on this thread. Thanks for the entertainment.
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    Yeah, sorry to make it weird. there is probably a lesson to be learned here. One of them is don’t blame everyone in a community for one person’s actions. another one might be to not be a snowflake in an increasingly tough world. Things aren’t getting better. If you can’t toughen up, you’re going to have a lot of sad days.
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    To whomever buys this well, Consider cutting and grafting the well only into your car, without all the adjacent surfaces. That way you can make it slightly deeper in your car...an inch (or so) of extra depth. You will be able to carry a 185/70/13. Otherwise the existing well only fits a 165/80/13 properly, which few of us run on our cars these days.
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    Moved my 72tii outside to load it on the trailer to take to have headliner installed...
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    This week I received the reproduction doorskins from Jaymic in th UK. Very pleased with the result, however the pocket for the door handle could have been formed a little bit better. I'm not sure if I'll leave it like this or cut out the original section from the old skins, any suggestions/input? I also planished the rain tray a little more, added the original wiring clips back. (After talking to a 02 owner in Belgium, he send me pictures of his rain tray and on this the same clips are used like I'm making at the moment.) On mine they are a little narrower + longer. First I spot welded the speed nuts plates on the back, these are used to fix the hinge plate for the throttle on the carb. Carefully removed the paint and added some weld thru primer where the clips need to be spotwelded On the back side of the rain tray (the side facing the firewall) there is some small step between the original piece and the repair panel I welded in. This is mainly because of the thickness of the plates. However, I remembered taking of the original sound deadning and turns out it'll cover this step. It's hard to see on photo though I also prepared the underside of the hood latch panel with weld through primer where I need to spotweld the panels together.
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    Took the FunMobile over the Susten Pass after a valve adjustment, new electric fan, and sporting 5 1/2" steelies and chrome hubcaps... She was singin' high Cs the whole way!
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    Bought this ‘74 Golf out of Utah last week as a non-running project. Excited to dive into it and hopefully get it running this summer.
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    Good day for a color change SEM Classic Color FTW
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    Here's my tii in February 2, 2002 at the Texas 2002 Fest in Brenham, Texas (below). It had recently been retired from daily driver duty, after I had restored it in 1997. I bought it in 1995 for $2002 dollars. The guy had two - an Inka tii clone and a Polaris tii. I remember thinking how obnoxiously orange the Inka was. Today, my tii is still mechanically sorted (more or less) and rocking 5 spoke Revolutions, but in need of another repaint and some interior work. Looking through the pics I spotted 02Les's touring at the same show, and I think that's Les standing by it.
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    Yes...This is the car we purchased on BAT in North Carolina last year...headliner next week complete by the end of July.
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    Went out for an 80 mile drive with friends today. Couldn't ask for a better day!
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    Spend the extra 15 minutes and get it correctly on the marks. The surge you experience at idle is probably because it's too lean. idle mixture should be the LAST thing you do... and the pin tool you reference, is JUST to get it baselined / started. I almost always have the crescent/cam obscuring about 1/3 of the hole. If you don't cover enough of it, you'll hear pops from the exhaust on mild deceleration. Take the time to get everything right. The system is elegant and beautifully engineered, but it takes personal commitment and patience to get right. if you lack that patience, consider taking it to a specialist. About 80% of the tiis on the road aren't performing to their potential, due to simple mistakes, laziness, or lack of familiarity with the system by well meaning mechanics. A properly set-up tii is MUCH different from one that is only "90%" right. Causes for surging: vacuum leaks, weeping cold start injector, leading to idle mixtures incorrectly set/compensating for it. Too lean... I've found my car idles best on the fat side (AFR of 12.9 is optimum on my 72)....any leaner and I get a subtle surge. With modern fuels, the "by the book" CO readings are no longer valid... but those timing marks ARE. Use 'em!
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    Hello all, I was installing a new clutch master cylinder and noticed I was missing my pedal box access hole plug. NLA. Searched and found a perfect fitting plug at LOWES, picture attached. 7/8 inch fit snug! Hillman # 881289.
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    Hi, I have parts to build several cold start relay circuit boards designed to fit aluminum case cold start relay Bosch PN: 0335 330 001 and Bosch PN: 0335 330 003. This circuit board does not the black plastic case Bosch PN: F026 T00 001. These cold start relays can be found in BMW 2002tii, BMW 2002 turbo and early BMW 520i cars. The repro boards are a custom PCB with high quality, properly rated components and a custom spade connector design that is stronger than original. I build each by hand, which takes multiple phases; daughterboard and spade connectors + passive components. Then two rounds of testing (the final is actual installation in my tii). The goal is for the boards to be strong, work as originally designed and last another 50 years. These boards for sale @ $145 each. If interested, shoot me a message. The price includes shipping within the continental US (with tracking number). I take paypal. Please note that this price is the circuit board only, not the aluminum box. You will need to swap the board in your case (I include instructions) but if you wish you can send me your box prior, I can test it and then swap boards and send it all back to you. If you choose to buy a cold start relay, and have a non-working board that you want me to look at, let me know at time of purchase. If it has burned components or lifting solder traces, I can explore repairing it so that you retain the original as backup. No guarantees though; some boards are pretty far gone - this is a case by case basis. Here is my blog in case you wish to learn more (or follow the journey) https://www.bmw2002faq.com/blogs/blog/404-reproducing-the-tii-cold-start-relay/. This also includes troubleshooting, before you buy a new cold start relay make sure your entire system is working as it should. Thank you. Any questions, just ask! ~Jason
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    Why not give him the entire deposit back? Did you lose another deal because of this one? I'd chalk up the experience to living and learning and send him his money back. Selling is diffilult these days.
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    Should work: My '74 Sahara tii is the lead example for that color. Wends
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    First "walk" of my Tii after 5 years of deep surgery. She still needs some assistance to move (engine and gear box not ready yet) but she appreciated some fresh air and natural light after that loooong confinement. Next step: complete the body painting.
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    Well, reality can go take someone else's money, then. If Crapitalisim is going to work, we gotta send the crappy parts right back and take our money and shop elsewhere. Yes, this DOES take some work on our part. Personally, I try to avoid things Made in China because of their national policies of environmental abuse. Which is now equalled by US, since the EPA's been shut down. I'm gonna go crawl under a rock, now. t how's Greenland this time of year?
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    In light of others...ahem....Sadness about this most awesome site. I figure an alternative thread would be necessary. This site has been excellent in the many things it does. It serves as an unbeatable source of information for us 2002 owners. It has imparted much knowledge upon this non-mechanically oriented person. Has provided some wonderful guidance for those asking questions and has provided great references for us to follow and tap into. Most importantly for me. It has currently offered some refuge from the some of the soul-draining news that has been happening lately. It has helped me forge some new friendships that I hope will continue on for a long time. So, thank you all that have provided insight, knowledge and hopefully, I have provided some comic relief. (although I don't think Toby likes me) And yes, I do like the post @Carlos_M did on a darker thread. GO Liverpool!!! I am what used to be a long-suffering Saints fan. Cheers to all! Keep it going. Life is good. Vic
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    My 1970 BMW 2002. Bought it for $800 a couple years back as a "rolling shell project". I love wrenching on this thing. Instagram: @LowKeyBuilds YouTube: Low Key Builds
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    And when you read the advice from one of the longtime members of what to do with a defective, worn-out or just a bad part as "throw it in the neighbor's pool"--that originated with CD. mike
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    I just installed a custom rear view mirror cover I put two of them on the old Subaru as well. Here is the reason. The little juncos leave quite a mess, while defending their territory from their own reflection. (googled image) I wonder what he'll do with all his free-time today... Tom
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    Just picked up a set of recaros today for my 2002 got them for an absolute steal! 595 for both driver and passenger side. Good deals are still out there!! not sure what car they came out of So if anyone here has any ideas I’d love to know what you think!
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    We have an entire section dedicated to '02 and NK models, without descriptions. I am looking for someone who is interested in BMWs and writing about them. We need to get the descriptions filled. About 1300 words per car. Also looking for about 700 words on what a Neue Klass is and 700 words on what an '02 is. FAQ can provide monetary compensation for the time spent. Please PM me if interested. Steve K.
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    Pretty cool. I noticed that both guys in the photo are looking at the 2002....Not the beast. 😎

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