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    I knew eventually this would pop up here. I've been trying to process all the gratitude I feel, over the last few weeks, but every time I think about the compassion I've received, I end up blubbering like a baby. You might think I'm exaggerating, but I assure you... I cry at the drop of a hat these days. The GFM page was initiated by my employer's wife. That speaks volumes about the quality and character of the people I work for. And again - I haven't been able to form the words to properly thank her, or my boss. In the coming days, I will remedy that. I will also try to convey my gratitude to each and every one of you that has shown me encouragement and love, as I enter into this weird little Cancer gig. I have been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. It's a Cancer with an extremely high cure / successful treatment rate. The symptoms of it suck (crippling fatigue, crazy night sweats, pain from swollen innards pressing on nerve bundles) but compared to so many other things.... pocket change in the big scheme of diseases and maladies. The chemo routine will start in mid April. Right now I'm recuperating from some fairly involved biopsy surgery that required deflating my lung to access lymph node samples for testing. Over the last 5 weeks, I've had 3" chest/needle biopsies, marrow biopsies, sliver biopsies.... and last week... some big chunks taken out. Right now, I look and feel like I've suffered a couple gunshot wounds... but that's healing quickly. I've been reciting the following joke lately: I've lost much of my muscle mass (I miss my biceps most)....my ass is a shadow of it's former self....my legs look like twigs....but at least I still have great hai.... Fuck. Chemo will take care of that. I can only hope it grows back silver, so I can play the Anthony Bourdain card when this is over. That dude is a personal hero. Truth be told, I have never been kind to my body. Between smoking cigarettes and my exposure to chemicals / asbestos, and other "old car" poisons... this was only a matter of time. I'm lucky that this serves as a wake up call, and that I can begin to live a healthier lifestyle - hopefully before it's too late. I spend much of my time lately, being grateful for modern western medicine, my ability to get health insurance (that happened at the 11th hour and was a minor miracle, in February), and for the incredible, indescribable network of friends and support I've witnessed, in the last few weeks. I am so very vey lucky. I'm not sure I deserve any of it.. My Lady keeps saying: "Take that stuff out of the 'stress / guilt' column and put it in the 'grateful' column, and just move on." That's harder than it sounds sometimes. So... I raise a bottle of "Ensure" to you all, and want to take the time to say THANK YOU with every fiber of my being. Every Fiber Much love- Paul
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    Very excited to say that after a lot of tinkering, the website is now up and operational! Through ADAMS Autosport I will have a store for parts, lots of tutorials, and a blog for the Diana V2 project. There is also a map of resellers and recommended shops. BluntTech, Ireland Engineering, Ken Blasko, Vintage Sports and Restoration, Terry Sayther, CoupeKing, North Bay Bavarian, Sports Car Restoration, Guten Parts, Korman, and others are on board as resellers/installers. The idea is to produce and offer high quality aftermarket parts for our old vintage BMW's. There are a lot of neat new parts in the pipeline for the coming months. This post will be the only time I will spam on the bmw2002faq. I promise to limit Adams Autosport-related posting to tutorials in applicable threads and occasionally announce a new product (in the classifieds). Thank you so much to everyone for your support thus far. https://adamsautosport.com/ Now I need to get back to a very very patient couple of guys waiting for their differentials....
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    In keeping with our family tradition of naming our cars, we've decided to stay with the Sesame Street theme: meet Ernie. Ernie's another 73 that by coincidence, was originally built only 30 cars before my last one Kermit. I bought him from a friend that I met through our mutual mechanic, Patrick at Midnight Motorsports. The PO happens to own a Vanagon like me, and we got to talking one day about different projects we're doing to our vans, one topic lead to another, and next thing you know we decide to do the deal on his 02. I quietly put Kermit up for sale. Mike G snatched him up and took him to Alaska. And here we are. Ernie's not perfect but he's much further along in the rebuild/go fast department than Kermit was. I like my cars to be nice but still have some patina so I can drive them when ever I want and not worry about the finish, etc. Patrick's done most of the work on this car and that's the primary reason I decided to buy it - it's a known quantity and has been built to a very high standard. That, and it seems the PNW has an over abundance of orange 02s and I didn't want to feel left out 😉. Here are some details: Original Inka car - oddly, this is the first classic I've owned that hasn't had a color change Sunroof Megasquirt EFI - correctly tuned and works as it should Custom Magnaflow exhaust E21 radiator Boxed front subframe and reinforced engine mounts Boxed rear trailing arms 5 spd LSD Coilovers IE sways Recaros Upgraded stereo and speakers Rebuilt heater box Custom gauges Patrick's fuel filler mod Keyless door locks and trunk popper (ok, at first this made me role my eyes, but now I dig it) What's next: I've already booked time with Patrick to get some rust in the floor pans patched and to replace a section of the driver's side frame rail. Then I'll add dynamat and install a new Etsy carpet set. I've also got a spare set of new Corrado steelies that I'll be putting on the car, so the basket weaves will be for sale soon (PM me if you want them). Longer term: The car is currently missing the headliner and came with a spare crack free dash, I'll tackle those at the same time at a later date since I'll need to remove the windows to do both correctly. The PO had plans to have Patrick add a turbo like FAQ member Bento's, and I'm seriously considering it. There's already a boost gauge installed in the car, so I guess that's a given. I mean, it would be rude not to, right? For now though, I'm just going to drive the snot out of it. More pics to come. Cheers, James
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    It was 6 years ago today that the car carrier showed up with my Nevada 69. From humble beginnings: $ 2,750.00 as purchased + $ 900 for freight to VA. The "entrails" of the complete wiring harness. The replacement Inka driver's door from a 76 My assistant in all things BMW related To a freshened state ready for more enjoyment. Lothar posing next to it. Happy motoring. I'm ready to do it all over again. The process is the best satisfaction.
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    Got a chance to hook up a drill battery and see the illumination. This will look good.
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    Pulled the bimmers (76 2002 & 1950 R51/2) out of the garage while I was doing a quick clean up.
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    After getting the shell back from paint , I removed the suspension, stripped them down, had the parts powder coated semi gloss black after welding the Ireland Engineering rear posi lock adjustable suspension mounts on the sub-frame and boxed the front & rear Arms , .fitted Struts up front with adjustable coil springs in the rear , I fitted the engine & trans from my old car onto the sub frame, my son & I then lowered the car onto the assembly. Fitted IE front & rear sway bars, an E30 Posi 3.9 diff , Then yesterday I installed an IE Stainless steel exhaust system, I did add 1 mount just behind the muffler to add extra stability.I threw a bunch more schitt at it today & sat her on the wheels ready to go to the Graphics guy to get the flags painted on the rear quarters. All in all I'm pretty pleased with the 4 week progress . Mainly wiring , front bumper , Interior ,headliner , carpet & glass to complete . I retired & have to be out of my building by the end of March so it's all gung ho at the moment . I will be finishing the car at home but I'm having a great time building the 02 I always wanted.
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    225 miles today trying to catch Terry Sayther Thur the Texas hill country...
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    Finally pulled the red car out of the garage and fixed the faulty hazard switch (which killed my turn signals too). Turned out to be a bent arm inside- works great now! Also put the rear seat back in, took it out to stitch up a seam.. then washed the car quickly to remove garage grime... How does it get so dirty when it isn't being used? Beautiful evening, didn't want to waste the opportunity to fill up and enjoy the weather. Tomorrow I will bring it to work (I remember the days when my blue 02 was my daily driver and the red was every Friday! What happened?..) Hope you all are having a good week... ~Jason
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    Got some vintage samsonite luggage for the 67’ 1600
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    Paul, I too am fighting the good fight and please know that you are in my prayers. So far, thank God, I am the one in a billion but it is the biggest challenge that I have ever faced. The strength you gain from those who love you will be the best medicine you can have. The other best medicine you can have is a little 2002! Tons of smiles come from these little cars. When I was diagnosed with terminal cancer last January, the first thing I did was buy a project tii. Keeps my head in a really good place and gives me purpose. While there are so many tears with this horrible disease, you will also find that there is so much good in the world. Just look at your Go Fund Me. That is a testament to your character and cancer can never take that away or any other important part of you. Be really positive about it and really strong. Look forward to living and don't let cancer be a major issue for you. It's just part of our lives now. You can do this and win! Fuck cancer!
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    Turned the insert, outsourced the 30mm emblem, made an "amco" shift knob. Original is on the left.
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    Another cute picture, in Confort, Texas as we retuned to our car we noticed a couple using it as back drop for there engagement pictures....
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    Fun story from a friendly parts supplier who was offered an NOS close-ratio steering box. He asked the seller what he wanted for the box. The seller rattled off an unusually specific dollar amount. When my friend pressed him on why it was such a specific amount, the seller bluntly stated that was how much it would cost for him to take his wife on a nice cruise.
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    Just wanted to share with forum a couple of original 38cm Momo Alpina Steering wheels I have been able to acquire through some degree of concerted effort. The silver one I obtained from Germany over a year ago from a collector. He is mostly a Porsche guy so was willing to let this one go. Although, I was made aware that Alpina wheels were in fact marketed to Porsche owners back in the day (see the fine print on the ad below in the top right corner). I never thought I would see another one, at least not anytime soon but a few weeks ago an e9 owner posted the black one on a steering wheel thread, and well, I couldn’t resist to pair it up with my other. These are 1st generation Alpina wheels commissioned by Alpina for Gianpiero Moretti’s fairly young company at the time MoMo (an acronym for the first two lettters of Moretti and Monza). The straight line MOMO stamping on the back indicates these were manufactured around ‘66-‘67. While a later more coveted nowadays 38cm version came standard issue on carbed e9 CSL’s, these earlier 38cm Momo Alpina wheels were designed for and used on 2002’s - making them much more badass . Well, at least certainly more rare. The leather on the black one is about toast, but they are overall both in great condition and I am beyond thrilled to have found them. And hey, they are in pretty good condition for being over 50 years old! Enjoy the pictures! J
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    Vern is officially Vern again and for all intents and purposes he's done!
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    I fabricated the bottom of the rear nose panel. After deconstruction I noticed that nothing was left of this part of the panel! Next job is seam welding the entire thing.
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    They're just trying to recapture what has been lost. The 2002 has it's own palette of scents: Exhaust fumes Fuel vapor Coolant seep And everybody's favorite... Decomposing gummihar
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    Drove down to Terry Sayther's shop yesterday to meet up with those that were driving out together for Terry's Spring 02berfest. Here's a few pics. I only drove part of the way as I have the fun task of having some wisdom teeth extracted. Ugh...
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    Sell something??? That would disqualify my Professional Hoarder status... took a while to get my card, I don't want to go back the amateur tour. Open market = open market pricing Private sale among friends is something completely different. I'm certain there are lots of stories of good folks helping with other folk's restorations/projects. I have been a recipient of many good gestures helping with hard-to-find parts with the 2000CS. I try to pay it forward whenever I can. "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over" Ed
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    Stopped on the interstate to help a fellow 02'er this morning that was broken down... Blown radiator hose, he had someone in route already to pick him up. I'm only about a year into the 02 game but I really thought this was Sahara. He said it was Nevada... I would have lost a fortune in that bet... I need to study up on colors more I guess... Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Back on the road after a long restoration!
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    Saw Vern today in person, I am absolutely amazed and in awe. Have a few minor punch list items to complete before Pittsburgh's O'Fest in July.
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    After installing the new windshield I took it out for the first time since I got it five years ago. Seems to run and drive really well even though I put most of it back together myself, aside from the driveline and transmission. Big thanks goes out to Patrick a Midnight Motor Sports for installing the center bearing and resealing the tranny.
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    I'm still struggling to find the right words to express my gratitude and overwhelming sense of awe. Its been days….and they still elude me, but I need to let you all know how much this means to me NOW, not in another week or two - or however long it might take me to get my shit together, so please bear with me here. Yes, I've been diagnosed with a Cancer that could potentially kill me. But as Cancers go, Hodgkin Lymphoma has among the very highest cure / treatment rates of them all. The symptoms suck (crazy blanket-soaking night sweats, enlarged nodes pressing on super heavy duty nerve bundles, crippling fatigue)…but it's not wiping me off the planet as quickly and as horribly as so many other ailments or diseases. I've endured plenty of discomfort from the myriad of biopsies they've performed on me (marrow, 3" chest needles, lung deflation to access samples of other lymph nodes, etc) but in the big picture…this is childs play. I have never been kind to my body. I've smoked for decades, played with automotive chemicals, and probably a few other things that certainly increased my chances of getting this (or a worse) disease. I'm also 49. I've already had one hell of a great life. I've always done whatever the hell I wanted. I've been given so much freedom, and i am privileged beyond measure. By comparison, I have peers with 6 and 7 year old children struggling for years, with heavy heavy versions of cancer. It seems so totally fucking unfair. When the daughter of a friend offers to draw me a picture from her hospital bed, to cheer me up…. I can't even begin to process such compassion. I can't process ANY of it, lately. I truly do weep daily…. at the beauty of the people that support and care for me. Some of you are dear, close friends that have known me decades…many of you are complete strangers. It's our connection to each other that makes life so worth living. I don't plan on giving that up any time soon. This applies to each and every medical professional that has crossed my path, in recent months. The Go Fund me campaign was started by my employer's wife. I work at George Riggin Specialty Automotive. Laura Riggin asked me how I felt about her initiating a fund raiser, and although I pride myself on independence, I simply said; "do what feels right." Laura - I am going to hug the ever-lovin' stuffing from you, next time I see you. I've seen donations from people I know, that can barely afford their own rent or groceries. I think about how many people don't have access to world class healthcare. People without health coverage. People without a loving safety and support network of friends and family. People that lose everything they have, simply to stay alive, when diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness. These are basic rights that we owe to EVERYONE. We all deserve compassion and a chance to keep our lives intact, when faced with unexpected illness. I start chemo on April 16th. It will probably do to me, what it does to everybody. I will lose weight and be weak. I may suffer nausea, fatigue, and lose every last one of my hairs. But for me, there's a tangible end to the treatments, and a strong hope for complete recovery. I am so very lucky. And I am so eternally grateful. Over the next few weeks / months, my goals are to a) avoid physical pain and b ) maintain a healthy diet and weight. Anything else is just gravy. I'll add here, the same thing i typed a few days ago on this very message board: I now raise a bottle of "Ensure" to you all, and thank you with every fiber of my being. Every. Fiber. Paul Casa Lymphoma Pennsylvania
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    I suspect a lot of '02's have German names because....they were made in Germany.... I'm not a car namer, however, unless referring to my '76 as "my '76" and to my '73 as "my '73" counts as naming...😚 I've owned my '76 for 42 years and still haven't seen a need for a name, although my wife sometimes refers to it as "your old car" in a tone vaguely similar to her intonation of "your first wife"; both are accompanied by a raise of her eyebrows...😯 Regards, Steve
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    Just had the front seats redone. $575 all in!
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    42 years ago today my Fjord Blue 2002 rolled out of the factory. It had big bumpers, about 100 horsepower, a 4 speed manual transmission and no radio. Now its got smaller bumpers, a 5 speed, about 130-140 horsepower and a modern radio. Not mention Recaros, BBS wheels and other tasty bits. Here are some pics of how she looks today....
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    Carl, AKA OriginalOwner has. Sort of.
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    Last summer's camping adventures...
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    As you might have noticed we got some spam in the last few hours. I have cleared all that i have seen and the users have been banned. I have also modified the way people sign up for accounts with a different style of captcha. Hopefully this will help as the previous style was not working. Steve K.
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    Sorry Paul. My name is Jeffrey Prisco and I live in Wake Forest NC which is thankfully very close to Duke. I am hoping to get to the Vintage and would love to meet you. My little car is probably one of the reasons that I am still here. You see, my first car was a hand me down, 1971 2002 that my dad gave me. I have had probably 25-30 of them in my life have loved these cars since I was a child. It is great medicine and the only side effect is a smile! These cars give more smiles per mile that anything that I know. Since a 2002 was my first car and I love them so much, I wanted a 2002 to be my last car and leave it to my son who loves them too. This story of this car is amazing. I call it my tribute car. Not in the classic sense but it is a tribute to the best of people and my friends. I bought the car sight unseen. My son and a dear friend who is a mechanic went to look at it and picked it up for me. After a few months, (of course I complained the whole time) they finally shipped it to me but it looked like a different car than the one that I bought. They still won't tell me what they did or give me a bill but they left enough for me to do and stay busy. Since this miserable disease has handicapped me physically, they did all the things that they knew I would not be able to do or afford since I am in an experimental treatment program that is extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. That is just the beginning of the incredible story. Thank God for my little car and my friends! Not to mention my wife and son.
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    Applied sunscreen, to the car, and pushed her out into the sun for the first time since fall 2011. Pumped most of the old gas out of the top of the tank. There were about 5 gallons. I expected it to smell worse but its amber hue spoke volumes, yuck. Speaking of yuck the screen at the bottom of the fuel pickup was black. The tank looks pretty good! Tomorrow I’ll drain the remnants of fuel out the bottom of the tank and replace rubber gasket on top and screen in the tank. Fuel line replacement, screen cleaning and a new fuel this week weather permitting. I’ve enjoyed getting reacquainted with faq since I decided not to sell my car. I had Good Old Girl for 27 years. It amazes me how many original owners are here. Alex
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    Greg, Did you actually step into someone else’s Want To Buy thread and try to buy the desired item out from under them.... 🤔 If so, that is a shitty thing to do! 🙁 Steve
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    Recently washed, but garaged right now. We just got three inches of snow for our first day of Spring.
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    Finally, i can see out of the back and drive in the rain.. if i really, really have to! Really should also get a trunk BMW badge on there also - gonna have to glue that one on...
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    Hang on. I'm making popcorn 🍿 for this one.
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    Monthly lunch meet up in Austin and Ed Z sneaking by in his sweet 02!
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    Done. Sorry, wrong timezone
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    My first modification. Now the kids are happy.
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    To all my friends... With a very heavy heart I must announce my beloved father joined the Communion of Saints last Wednesday morning. I had so hoped he would see this car completed and we would tour the states over the summer. It seems The Lord had bigger and better plans for Papa. I am, and will always, miss him tremendously. He and I have been almost inseparable these last 5 years while I cared for mom and then him; so, you can imagine the empty space in my heart right now. The car is painted and polished about 10 days ago and Mitch, knowing Papa couldn't get to the car, shot a quick video and posted so I could show it to Papa. Papa was a car nut and he LOVED this car... "I can't wait 'till we get those mirrors out on the fenders" He very much wanted to be a part of the restoration and help out. He begged me to let him pay for some of it. I told him it wasn't necessary, but as a token, I let him pay for the NOS Talbot 333 mirror I found in Germany. That made him very happy I am eternally grateful for the genuine friendship of Barney Toler over this last year. He and Papa became best of buds while we toiled away on the Coupe in Barney's shop. Papa very much enjoyed our Saturday outings to work on the car and eat fried catfish on our lunch break; but mostly, he just wanted to spend time talking with Barney and Barney always patiently obliged the old man. I am also very blessed that many other BMW friends who met Papa were so gracious to him and welcomed him into the fold. I regret that I didn't bring him to MidAmerica last year and had hoped to rectify that this month...Papa will be there in spirit, for sure. Once I have some time to right myself, I'll get back onto reassembling the Coupe. In the meantime...if your folks are still with you, I suggest you call them today and tell them you love them. Build memories now that you can carry with you every day. If there is a burned bridge... start rebuilding it through grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Blessings to all, Ed Z Cedar Park, Texas
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    How about these? Unfortunately I’ve never seen another 14” set.
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    Just got back from the VARA High Desert Challenge: Car was FAST, but luck went the other way for us this weekendTeam kicked ass, turned the best lap time but Sam had to start at the back of the pack. In qualifying Saturday the #49 510 spun after the RX3 blew up his diff and oiled down the track. Rolled back and hit our car...Sam followed the rules and came into Black Flag. (The 510 was Black Flagged after the shit show and finally came in) The second place car started on pole even though he spun under a yellow during qualifying and corner workers missed it! Going to paint next week. Next TABS2.5 Challenge race is the VARA British Extravaganza at Buttonwilllow Race Track May 4th, 5th and 6th, to continue our quest to BEAT the 510’s in the 50th year of theBMW 2002! All02 folks welcome to stop by for Beer/BBQ and watch the race Mark
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    I love all my vehicles, but draw the line on names. nope
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    As a guy that **LOVES** DCOEs and has used them on daily drivers / road trip cars for years, I offer you the following advice: Pick up a copy of Pat Braden's book on installing and tuning Webers. Read it cover to cover....even the parts that don't apply to DCOEs. Read it a second time. Sleep with it under your pillow. Have your helper friends take turns reading it to each other. Then....after 10 days of this... and ONLY after 10 days.... start taking parts off your engine. Webers are not friendly to those who lack experience. Poorly tuned, improperly set-up carbs will rinse your cylinders with gasoline and leave you with a compression-less boat anchor, where a once strong running engine was installed. There's far more to it than swapping a bunch of nuts and bolts and sexy looking parts. When setting them up, be mindful, meticulously methodical, patient, attentive to the sounds and smells and vibrations.... and after a few years... you'll learn to get them just right. Seriously.... they're great....but you don't just "slap 'em on in an afternoon while drinking beer."
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    Rapunzel is the name of my 72 Suburban. that name is German... so it sort of ties into this discussion. She is the only vehicle I have ever named. ( 325,000 miles and still going strong : )
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    My Lisa was a bad, bad girl... she's in a better place now but this is how I remember her.