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    Time for some mid day exercise
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    As of Wednesday I've owned 2002s continuously for 48 years. I took delivery of my Nevada '69 on 3 May 1969 from Bavarian Motors in Queens--and still have it. It was the 40th "second series" '69 off the assembly line, complete with short neck differential, three speed heater blower etc, and one of the last 400 built with a six bolt crankshaft, coil spring pressure plate and an adjustable clutch slave cylinder pushrod. I bought my Sahara '73 here in Beavercreek in June 1978 from its original owner (who bought it new from Mill Valley Imports in California) and still have it too. Haven't used up all my fun quotient yet, so guess I'll just keep driving 'em. cheers mike
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    After going '02-less for far too long, I've struck a deal on a beautiful '73 Sahara 2002! My E30 will have to be sold, but that's OK; it was fun, but, come on, who do I actually hang around with? Who do I identify with most keenly? The '02 owners! They told me that I would be back. I wasn't so sure. I thought: "So many BMWs, so little time..." However, ever since Dieter was loaded onto Simon's luxurious trailer in 2013, I have missed being an '02 guy; that indescribable something was missing from my life. So, wish me luck. I need to arrange a trip to Denver ASAP! Can't wait!!
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    The first registration of my Belgian CKD BMW 1600-2 was on the 22nd of May 1967, exactly 50 years ago today. She's still going strong, and she's even made a little friend, which is a few years younger (Dec. 1971). In honour of her birthday, I gave her a good wash today and took her for a drive. Happy birthday!
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    Couple pics of my 76. Roof rack doesn't belong to me but have to admit it looks damn fine! Picked it up from Le Tran (2002 Garage Werks) for Rudy Menseenus as Le was passing through town heading back to Cali from Mid America.
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    Here's some shots from today ...
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    Often overlooked on any restoration of a heater box. This article details a great upgrade. So I know that the heater valve/fresh air Bowden cable is still available but I couldn't find the two flap cables. So initially I restored my heater box with old cables because they were working. But the thought of those cables getting rusted and stuck again, was daunting. I've decided to do a research on alternative options. The oem metal wire has 1.4mm diameter and it's not so strong. The wire cover itself is made of metal spring and vinyl skin but over time, rusty metal cause friction and eventually wire or lever get stuck. I decided to search for a stainless steel wire in bigger diameter that would strengthen the lever force and basically won't rust. So I went to local hardware store and bought stainless steel wire in 1.6mm diameter. To replace the old wire cover, I chose Shmano brake line sleeve. It's made for mountain bike application with extreme brake use conditions and is much more resistant and durable than the oem cable. It's available in most colors (of course I went with inka!) for around $6 meter. The brake sleeve has 5mm external and 2mm internal diameters. Be aware of fake copies out there! After using the stainless steel wire with Shimano sleeve, I notice a complete improvement with almost no friction. Here is a comparison: The hardest part of copying the oem wire was the swirled attachment tip to the lever shaft. Stainless steel wire was really hard to bend and it came coiled under tension which made it harder to bend in opposite direction but I finally figured it out. Using a screwdriver with same diameter as the lever shaft, hold the wire with a plier over the screwdriver and use your thumb to bend it around the screwdriver. Then cut the excess with wire cutter. Once you master these, the rest is self explanatory. The lever movement has improved to better than the oem part and will last longer. I can move levers with my finger nails. I hope this help so many of members out there looking for better, more reliable and cheaper alternative. Cheers. View full article
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    Great tour, was too busy to get action pictures. Rain held off most of the day. Mike Pugh's 1600ti, is amazing.
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    I don't know if some of you have heard of all the crazy "eventful" stories of traveling to and from Vintage, but the second pic of the Bristol 70 car had a blown tire on the way and they hit a guard rail... The owner was ok, but it was so sad to see this original Bristol get hurt on the way. Last pic is of Brandon Washburn with his girlfriend Tory, Cindy and Andrew Wilson, and Robert Olemedo with his son. A great group of friends on or way to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for dinner in a shuttle bus.
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    Now that the engine bay is prettied up, I added EZ Cool heat shielding... Then I finished the exhaust manifold area with Maxess ZircoFlex ceramic sheets...
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    Sitting at the dock of the bay...
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    Finally, got the "Green Machine" running again. Motor has been sleeping for 15 months. 12 Dec 2015 16 May 2017 - unfortunately, I'm not finished yet........just a matter of time.
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    Just some things I'm playing around with....
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    back in the office today, what a great time/event....thanks to Bo & Barb and all the folks that had a part in making it happen...Victoria and I rolled up 1945 miles on our trip from Austin / Eureka Springs / Memphis / Austin...I'm sure it's been over 20 years since we have put that kind of mileage on the 2002 in one trip...only lost one wiper ( on for over four hours straight ) and a E clip on the shifter in Hot Springs on the trip to Eureka Springs ( repaired in five minutes with the use of a lift at a small shop )....the rest of the trip was trouble free....already looking forward to next year. Eureka Springs is such a cool little town...
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    Cleaning up shop today and found the digital file for this diagram. We have a giant one laminated here at the shop. Don't bother emailing the address/company on the page, we've tried to reach them but no response (out of business?). Hope you all enjoy this, could be very helpful for some people. ed.pdf
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    Arrived in Eureka Springs at 2 pm, just after fueling up for the drive. With Mike Self and Larry Gray.
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    Put on Brunhilde's freshly polished shoes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Early Polaris 20 year restoration .lol Almost done ! Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
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    Well I can finally post in this thread for real 😀. In Michigan working with Jake @classicdaily getting my car finished and detailed for vintage. The car will be in the Classicdaily/Blunttech area, stop by and say hi !! Ray that means you too 😁
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    Filled and epoxy primed the front after fitting new wings and early centre panel.
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    Made these two funky brackets to hold my 12x18 condensor. It just so happened that the width of the two uprights is exactly the 19" required to mount the condensor.
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    Those look absolutely terrible in your car. Seriously. You should just take them out, put them in a box, ship them to me, and forget you ever put them in there. (I think they look fantastic)
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    making slow and steady progress on my BBS project... 45 min to remove bolts 3 after-work evenings to sand/remove clearcoat/anodizing and sand down major imperfections. 1 evening to polish 3 days at 1 coat-per-day of sealant to allow a proper cure. x 4 wheels. 3 lips polished, working on the last one now. I decided to keep them fully assembled through the process as I didn't want to re-glue, and had no intention of re-doing the centers. I rather like the derelict nature of scars, chips, and scratches of the original paint. Going with that trend, I'm debating on either re-using the corroded hardware as a nice contrast to the polished lips, or to drop too much money on new Ti hardware to take some rotational/sprung mass out of the equation. (i'm leaning the expensive route....ouch)
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    After 30+ years of 2002ing...and countless aftermarket exhausts....I have come to the conclusion that nothing fits or performs as well as the genuine BMW exhaust, on a tii. Yes...it's quiet, but the car runs stronger / better than ever. Ansa rots out or comes apart internally, the IE stuff does both *and* cracks / requires fitment fiddling. Ansa or Bosal (not to be confused with BOYSEN - which truly IS one of the original manufacturers for BMW) "stock style" is less expensive than the real deal BMW stuff, but you may end up replacing it three times, versus the life span of a genuine system. Exhausts aren't cheap, but if you can forego your desire for "sporty sound" and can fit it in the budget, it's the way to go . Just my experience... but man o' man do i LOVE having a stock factory BMW exhaust again!!!!
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    Per your requests, here's a brief story of how I came to buy an '02. I saw one of the first 1600s at Ralph Schomp Imports in Denver (they're still there AFAIK) in the fall of 1967. What impressed me about the 1600 was the fit and finish were identical to the 2000CS they had, at twice the price. Unfortunately,the 1600s they had were 6 volt; having owned two 6v cars in cold winters, I didn't want another. Besides, there were rumors of a 2 liter version to come. In the spring of 1968, a fellow AF lieutenant bought what had to be one of the first 2002s off the boat. I rode in it and drove it; I was hooked. Had to have one. That winter I started getting serious, even writing to Hoffman motors with detailed questions about how I could equip my '02 (I still have the correspondence.) The only other car in the running was (don't laugh) a Fiat 124 coupe; however, when the dealer's demo wouldn't start one cold upstate New York morning, I scratched the Fiat off my list and in January ordered a new 2002--Nevada with a sunroof and Michelin XAS tires. $3452: no discount. Then a dock strike shut off all imports until May, thus delivery that month. It was our family go-on-vacations car until 1978, when we bought a 5 year old sunroof '73 from the original owner--with air conditioning. At least that's what was claimed. It became our vacation car and wife's daily driver (she wanted A/C) until she decided that she couldn't live another day without a nice, new Buick Century (this was 1985). I knew the Buick dealer wouldn't give me squat for either BMW, so I kept 'em both: the 69 for winter, the 73 for summer. I pretty much kept ahead of the rust on the '69, but by 1999, it was ready for the last of the rust removal and new paint. That was all finished by 2000, and it hasn't seen a winter since. While the paint and bumper chrome are new, the interior and trim is mostly original, as is the engine (a valve job at 157k). I plan to take it to the BMW CCA Oktoberfest next year, as it'll be the 50th anniversary of the 2002, and there aren't too many of us original owners left. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! cheers mike
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    I’m trying to catch up a little now, I registered and insured it recently and have been driving it around as much as possible! I have had Recaro seats out of a mk2 jetta for a while and finally got some brackets to make the install possible. I was worried about the seats looking completely out of place in this car but it works good and man are they ever comfortable! Anyone interested in putting these seats in your car need the power seat versions as they have the six bolt recaro bases where as the manual VW recaros are vw specific. Also cleaned up the rear seat and finally put it in! This car sat inside and the interior really cleaned up nice. Another thing that bugged me was the 2002’s original licence plate mounting position. When you mounted a plate it would cover the trim between the tail lights and leave a gap between the plate and the bumper. I didn’t want to drill holes and a licence plate bracket off a Mercedes actually works perfectly. I found that on the forum, so thank you! I took a picture of the part number for any other 2002 owners out there. It is super easy! I welded the bolts in place so I do not have to wiggle my hands in behind trying to tighten them to make it even easier. Also I did some research and in Alberta you can legally register your car under a vintage plate. So needless to say….. Wiring! I cleaned up the engine wiring harness connector by ordering a BMW c101 Chasis side connector and the factory pins. Just got some parts back form the powder coaters, including my 75 modified windshield washer fluid bottle holder. I moved this out of the stock location just to clean up the engine bay a little. I had to cut this bracket up to move the bottle out of the way of my throttle cable. The bottle itself is out of a 80’s Audi I think. After driving it a bit I realised the stock radiator wasn’t cooling the engine as well as I had hoped. This three row, aluminium radiator seems to work well so far. This May long weekend was a warm one and it didn’t overheat. I’ll consider that a success!
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    An old shot laying around.
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    There's this stroker M20 sitting out in the shed, you see... 2.7 liters, stock, screaming for 3 40's and a limited slip... All in, i think it cost as much as one bolt for an S14... and it was paid for in beer. heh t
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    I bled my brakes... again. The other day I used the Motive pressure bleeder to push new fluid into the system and on the last caliper, I was not paying attention and blew air into the master. I was trying to watch the fluid level, to stop and refill the reservoir, but apparently got distracted. Well, today, I rigged up a Mayonnaise jar as an inline reservoir, to keep the Motive clean, but not have to stop and refill so often. I also drilled the lid on another Poulsbo Pickled Herring jar, so I can bleed both sides at once. My floor jack was too tall to go under the car, unless I drove it up onto something. That was getting old, so I made a new plywood 'puck' to replace the original part. It is nothing fancy, but does the trick, with half an inch to spare.
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    Worked like a charm everyone! Thanks for the help
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    Buffed out the paint twice with a product from a detail place and gave it a good wax.
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    Gents, this is great... like listening to genealogy scholars debating a missing link! I posted my VIN and some photos from my originally Germany-delivered '72 Tii. What do you make of this 2,2..0 marking? Engine markings seem consistent with date of manufacture: April or May 1972 have to check another computer for file. You know what they say about "beauty being skin deep"... This one looked perfect, great body, terrific interior, and "fully rebuilt engine"... Body yes, interior yes, engine far from it. Now I can say it's rebuilt down to the last detail! Needed over-sized pistons...no telling how many times it was bored, I figure at least 3 times. Looking good now, though!
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    I upgraded my dipstick and the distributor cap clips I also added some spade terminal covers as well as some reservoir screw tip covers And An Antenna tip cover. yep, it was a very productive day around here. I will sleep well tonight, for sure.
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    It is Monday 12:30 in Albuquerque I took my car from the dealership thinking they were not the right place to be looking at my 72 2002tii and I was right. We found Dieter German Car Repair 4 miles away. Was that a good choice. A German Family run business. Trained in Germany complete expert on 2002's and tii's. Dieter said let's do the plug wires clean the plugs change the fuel filter. He had his mechanic do that then he adjusted the injection a little for the altitude difference. One of the plug wires was arching he doesn't like carbon wires so he put a new set of Bosch wires on. He told me I would not have made it as far as I did if it was a fuel problem. Thank you Dieter German Auto Repair. BACK ON THE ROAD IN THE MORNING HEADED FOR FLAGSTAFF
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    It's true, I too have had to re-install my clock a FEW times. Keeping the clock in position and spinning on the knurled nuts takes 3 hands unless...you have a tool to hold the knob while spinning it on. 1. Position the clock and slide the bracket onto the studs. 2. Use a block of wood or a rolled towel or anything on the dash to keep the clock from pushing outward while you are negotiating the nuts. 3. The problem is getting the nuts into position before turning to thread them onto the studs. I made a simple tool out of a clothes hanger, 10" long with an "L" shaped bent at the end with an approx. 3/8" long bent section to fit into the end of the nut. I wrapped a small piece of masking tape to keep the tool inside the nut. Not too long of a bent section - you need a few threads exposed to start threading. With this tool you can position the nut at the proper angle and use your other hand (finger) to spin the nut. Once it grabs the threads you can remove the tool and continue to rotate the nut. This has worked very well for me and reduced the time to 5 minutes per nut. Good luck.
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    75cents concrete anchor and a bolt. Came loose with a bang.
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    So lets see, 50.00 for a used valve cover, 40.00 for 'powder coating', 20.00 minimum for shipping, the time invested to do the sanding/planning, seems like a fair price. Don't like it? Don't buy it. Why bust the guys balls? GLWS, it looks great. Bob
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    A few more photos to add to the mix. Was great to see everyone and catch up. Good times.
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    The show is this Saturday and we will be there again. We will have some stickers, badges, shirts and sweatshirts to sell. Not bringing as much as in the past. If there is anything someone wants, let me know and I'll bring it. I am not sure if i will be able to, but i will try to bring name tags Steve K.
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    Attended BMWCCA local chapter event at the Charlotte, NC spring Auto Fair held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in mid-April. About a dozen BMW's showed up.
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    It was a fantastic day for the Bay Area 2002 Swap and Show meet. I was floored by how many high quality 2002s were there. Here's just a couple of quick shots I took with my phone.
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    Talbot 333 arrived from Germany yesterday. Papa will be pleased. Ed
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    I too decided to leave on Saturday to try and beat some weather. Had a heck of a time (several hours worth) getting around flooded roads, some of which were pretty intense! Here's what was a road in southern MO, but you wouldn't know it from the photo :0
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    I would like to personally thank everyone this year. As George Zimmerman said, "this is the only place I feel normal." I really agree with that statement. It is good to be around likeminded people when it comes to our cars and their technology, or lack there of. I have also noticed while traveling that we are the ambassadors of our club and cars. I am proud to represent all that is '02 because I am in such good company. Thank you All!
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    Beautiful turn out today at 02PCC NORTH BAY! Great to see people from the EAST BAY too! Thanks for showing up! Time to get ready for Brisbane this coming Saturday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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    I worked on the damn thing just about every day this week.
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    When I redid my engine bay I bought all new stickers and a new VIN tag from La Jolla. I then bought this 5mm number punch set off Amazon for $15 and carefully stamped it myself. I DID also keep the original for authenticity's sake. . . https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001AKHURK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Just wrapping up my 4x4 conversion... Getting the Super Swampers mounted tomorrow. see yall Thursday eve 😃 Ed Z