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    I wanted to express my deeply felt gratitude to all of you here who have helped me so freely over the last year. You share your knowledge and expertise making my life as a part time mechanic and full time 2002 owner a real pleasure. I shudder to think how different it would be without you all. Let me wish a wonderful New Year for each and every one of us. Warmest Regards, Scott in Fort Lauderdale
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    Groan...resra, you’ve awakened The Slavs!!
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    Just the two 2002's taking part (and a few other Aston, TVR and Ferrari, etc..) but what a cruise! The crowds did seem to like the sweet little '02!
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    I have my original seats, just not in the car. This eliminates the need to try to sell them, which could be tough. It also takes up a lot of room in my garage. But I made a decision early on in my projects life to save EVERYTHING I took off the car, except the disposable stuff like shocks and spark plugs. Seats, sway bars, springs, bumpers, a/c stuff, console, trim etc...everything. First, I thought whoever buys the car down the road will appreciate bring able to revert the car back to stock without having to spend a fortune to do so. Second, it might make the car more desirable on the open market. Third, these things belong with the car, IMO. Lastly, there's not a lot of money to be made selling this stuff, although some things are more desirable than others. But hey, that's just me.
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    We were all 2002 newbies at one time...some of us long before the internet, and had to learn this stuff the hard way! So we're happy to share hard-earned knowledge with other 02ers. mike
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    I think that is one of the pins that they brazed to the floor pans, to hold the masonite/tar/foam sound dampener panels in place. The ones on your floors probably went away with the pans. I had rust repair work to do to the front of my pans too, so I cut off what was left of those pins and then welded on homemade tabs to replace the rusty ones on the floor.
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    Hello, This is my 1971 bmw 2002. I never thought I would be saying this, but I am looking to sell. I am reaching out to the people that know these cars the best. I know some are going to say "you ruined it" and some are going to say "looks awesome". I'm just looking for thoughts on what she would be worth. I bought the car in 2006 from a man across the street from my home for $500. There were zero modifications done to car. The only thing needed was the differential replaced. So I replaced the differential and immediately went to town modifying a some what reasonable nice 1971 2002. The work completed consist of sheetmetal all around the lower half. Bagged rearend, fenders flared in rear for clearance, homemade turbo headers for blow through turbo, cam, heavy duty rockers, modified intake manifold to recieve a holley 350 carbruator, 3" stainless exhaust, Volvo front big brake modifications and suicide doors with shaved handles, tucked headlights with simple grill, plus many more littles things here and there. I completed this work in the early stages of my fabrication skills to current. So some things could be gone back over again. You wont see any high end parts on it. I used what I had access to and and handmade everything else. Long story short, whole lotta time and lil money turned into this. So, what do you think shes worth? Thanks
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    No need to go wild with Wildwoods! If you already have ti/tii calipers or any of the non-vented, early six-cylinder calipers, I have reproduced the spacers and kit you need to make them vented. PM for details as I haven't announced their availability yet.
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    I’ve had Liesl for just over 4 years now. Over that time, did some tuning, brakes, new clutch, interior, and tinkering. About to start a new and more involved restoration. Beginning next month and through the next few winters, planning on engine rebuild, 5 speed and lsd swaps, suspension overhaul, and finally, bringing her back to the original Ceylon color. Although not my original plan, will start next month with engine rebuild and 5 speed swap as I have the opportunity to take part in it along with a local friend who races our little cars and knows the ins and outs of the tii engine. For me, this is incredible. Would never have thought that taking apart my own engine would have been remotely possible just a few years ago. Will post pics along the way. Here are a few of the rebuild prep for starters! Vince
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    From a friend and fellow car guy. While this doesn't apply to all us '02 owners, it does apply to our cars. And with New Years--and the new year--coming up, it behooves us to...be careful out there. cheers mike (it does apply to me)
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    I am STOKED! The paint looks absolutely gorgeous. They also painted the engine bay while the engine was still in there. Note that the hood torsion bars had been painted previously, so I had them paint them again. Sunroof panel and Kogglewerks duckbill. American Auto Paint and Body did an incredible job. I can not say enough good things about Junior and the boys at American. I feel they did an outstanding job and provided excellent value for the money. I highly recommend them. I'm also so glad I spent the extra money and went with the upgraded PPG Deltron paint. It made a huge difference. The color just pops. Now, it could be due to today being the rainiest day we've had in Seattle in several years - and that's saying a lot - but the color on this dark, wet day was eye catching. There were just a few, very minor imperfections that the guys are going to touch up on Monday, then it's off to Midnight Motorsports for reassembly. More on that in my next post. James
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    at Bovine Bakery 😋 Happy New Year! Wishing everyone happiness and health for 2020!
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    This is the first thread I have ever seen on this topic. I've gathered a few lids with that gasket missing and I don't think it makes too much difference. The metal to metal fit is really pretty tight and any air that might get through there is going to go through the filter. If you're someone who's painted your assembly, you will appreciate the gasket. It keeps the parts from chafing. It also helps with sound dampening the "air silencer". Pound on the top of a clipped down lid and it is a very dull thud. I love snapping the lid down, with those wire-bent spring-clips. I don't think there is room for a rOund rubber strip. The original stuff is more like neoprene and quite thin. As for the filter itself, my car came with an off-brand filter that was similar to the crappy ones Jake describes. Then I found a MANN filter in an air cleaner housing I bought and it won my appreciation. The rubber is much thicker and softer, with a ridge around the top and the bottom. In the two barrel housings, there is a little rubber plug that is a cushion between the filter and the fuel pump. The top of the plug sticks up (too far) and poked a hole in the underside of my old filter rubber. (this one has been ground down) This filter has much better clearance, with the ridge on the bottom. I am now a FAN of the MANN filters. Tom
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    Here is the tool kit from my '76. Never used!
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    Hmm.... Tony, do you know that forum member HENRYNBMW owns chassis VIN 2762988? And, Henry, do you know that forum member Ensign owns engine number 2762988? If neither of you knew this, how about them apples? The power of the forum Registry! 😉 Best regards, Steve
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    I like the badge on the trunk lid, makes a good place to shut the lid without touching the paint.
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    Please don't install the fan backwards (you'll realize why, and then do a palm face). You'll need to address the alternator issue, and install the fan correctly. -KB
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    Thanks its my old 1864 Pennsylvania Bank barn that was converted to a work shop. Great place to spend time in.
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    I'm still waiting on AMC Pacer prices to pop.
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    Motoexotica is going to struggle with this one. They got it in a Sotherby's auction (September) for a reported $27k and were trying to sell it quick for $36,500. They might be rueing getting it now. I guess they could put it on BAT; someone might pay silly money for it there.
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    Yep: I’d be a big fan of this car at $119, but not even a little fan of it at $11,900... 😉 Seller’s dating looks about right: smooth hub cover on a three-spoke steering wheel says 1968 model from October 1967 or later; outside rearview mirror set back from the door’s leading edge also says October 1967 or later. I can’t tell if that’s a chrome-trimmed dash with sections blacked out, or a fully-padded dash with sections “brightened up”. If it actually is a chrome-trimmed dash, then the car is certainly pre-January 1968 and probably pre-November 1967. The front seats with headrest support holes are January 1969 or later, so not original to this particular car. I’d expect a VIN in the 1561xxx to 1562xxx range. Probably a good buy at $1,190, if you want to “split” the seller’s decimal shift.... 😋 Regards, Steve
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    Here is the height I used to easily remove the F and R subframes. Say, 2 1/4 mounted tires high. I used 4 6-ton OTC stands to suspend the car -- beefy, quite adequate height, and relatively $$$. However, I felt extremely safe under the car during its suspension rehab.
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    I made these from metal roof vent flashing you can adjust the angle of the speaker to the direction you want the sound to travel. They are available in different sizes.
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    Clean, scrape, or whatever to remove as much as possible easy-to-remove surface rust then treat with Rust-Mort by the directions. Yes, paint over the thoroughly dry end product. Any good quality automotive finish-matching paint should work for your purposes. Ask a body/paint guy near you (PPG? Dupont?) or whatever FAQ'ers recommend. You can always trust 2002FAQ'ers...right? In case you need to use Rust-Mort to treat areas which are less delicate and likely to be abused (frames, steering rods, axles, brakes, diffs, etc.)... Attached are photos of suspension and steering parts before treatment with Rust-Mort and after painting with SEM Rust-Shield (a black, glossy, heavy duty "paint" and rust preventer; needs a hardener). A really good product for this purpose. So far, it has lasted impressively. However, I DO NOT recommend using Rust-Shield for the visible areas with which you seem concerned: engine bays, body panels, and other nicely visible sites. NOTE: Rust-Mort has no effect on clean bare metal.
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    Re GM air filter vs the BMW one for a one barrel Solex carb setup: I happened to have some of each, so I did some measuring. OEM filter, in a BMW box marked "Freunde amt Fahren" (or something similar) so it's pretty old: 10" in diameter, 1 7/8" tall Fram CA 189PL filter: 9 3/4" diameter, 1 7/8" tall. It's the height that matters as that's what seals the filter properly in its housing, and I don't thing a 1/4" difference in diameter makes any difference. mike
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    Name: 3423875 Category: BMW '02 Touring Date Added: 2020-01-01 Submitter: 3423875 3423875
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    Quick recap from Monterey: Tuesday 08/13 - Carmel Concours on the Avenue : Derby was shining like a star this year! After last year's win on the Avenue, I entered Derby again this year and had such a great time sharing Derby's new refresh engine. The class we were in was a little different than last year. We were in the "Foreign Family Favorites". As much as we received lots of smiles and comments of people reminiscing their happy experiences with the BMW 1600, who could resist a 1969 VW 21 window BUS as a family favorite? 😁 The VW Bus that was parked next to us won the award along with this strange little baby Blue Mazda. Wednesday 08/14 - Little Car Show : Derby won a little award from the Little Car Show. I did fall in love with this beautifully restored Chamonix GT tho.... 😍 Thursday 08/15 - Enjoyed spectating and having fun lunches, dinners, and drinks with 02 friends and other car enthusiasts such as the DWA Crew, Magnus Walker, car photographer Michael Alan Ross, etc, and of course, hanging with my parents 😉. Friday 08/16 - Legends of the Autobahn: I accidentally entered Derby in the wrong class, but we had a great time hanging out with Bimmer friends! Saturday 08/17 - Headed home back North on trailer to avoid the crazy crowd down in Monterey. I love my little town of Monterey, but the traffic definitely gets gnarly during car week! 😉 Had a really nice time this year and I'm thinking next year for Monterey will be about spectating and no car shows during the week. Its so stressful! LOL!
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    Perhaps you should have married her. And, you could have ended up with a Ferrari as a hobby car instead of the 02. And, you could have ended up conversing with the Enzo snobby poo crowd instead of the likes of me. Ha Ha Ha !
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    Bear in mind the Haltech system is not sensitive as to where the sensor is placed. A sensor is simply a microphone that picks up shock waves transmitted thru the block. The software includes a spectrum analyzer that display all noise. A knock is induced at low rpm for like 1 second and the analyzer shows the frequency the knock emits. Set the software to look at that frequency +/- a few hundred hertz. Noises at other frequencies are just engine parts rattling around. The frequency I found correlates with what a post grad student found on a E30 S14 as presented in his thesis. Then build an engine noise threshold map that if exceeded indicates a knock. It takes about 2 minutes on the dyno to log the engine noise at rpm rows for the table from zero throttle to WOT holding rpm for each row. A knock stands out like a sore thumb in a datalog. i also set a check engine light indicator if a knock occurs. If the timing is right, no knocks. The software will also either temporarily retard timing or make a permanent change to the ignition map if so desired. Each engine configuration is different, so there is no way to plug and play from an OEM design to the M10. The mounting point I used is on the exhaust side just forward of the engine mount an slightly up. The mounting bolt is not an ordinary bolt on the bosch sensor either. Take a sensor from a donor engine and examine the bolt, it has it's own part number.
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    Thanks Steve. The three little wrenches (13/10) in my first pic have three different finishes. Plain/yellow/silver. I chose the yellow one (13/10), to install as a battery terminal wrench, using a small magnet to stick it to the fender, behind the relays. That was not a size offered in our kits, apparently; but a very useful combination. That wrench is marked W. Germany and HEYCO. As you can see, my relays are not correct either. They should be plastic capped on a '76... it took some hunting to find the five prong relay on the left that is marked GERMANY. Most of them are marked SPAIN. (I may have to chisel the weld BBs off... a few more chips in my paint won't matter, but I do hate weld spatter!) Tom
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    My god man, JUST WHEELS, JUST WHEELS....... how can you say that about wheels! 😂🙄😜
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    Yes, BAT appears to have a good share of un-informed — er... I mean enthusiastic — buyers! Best regards, Steve
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    Mmmm... 288GTO... favorite ‘80s Ferrari Agree... Lotta money for wheels and tool kit, but where ya gonna find another set? Ed
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    Tobacco actually(as it should be for a '71) with Saddle rear panels and rear seat bottom. Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    Found it, one of the ,members of the local BMW community found it abandoned in front of his house late Saturday.....these BOLO actually work.
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    I just finished setting up a S14 in a 2002 on a Haltech Elite 1000 in California and I'm in Denver. He fought an Electromotive Tec III for years. He drives around and it tunes itself.
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    The bottom cushion of the driver’s seat has been recovered: it has 10 pleats versus the factory’s 12 pleats and a slightly different vinyl than the original. The 10-pleat covers came most often from World Upholstery. I can’t quite make out the number of pleats on the passenger’s seat, but it looks more like 12 than 10 pleats. And the driver’s backrest appears to have 12 pleats and the original perforated vinyl. These are, as you suggested, nice seats. No doubt, these would substantially improve 5 out 8 ‘02’s with a black interior! They are not, however, in my opinion, at the level of joysterm’s set. GLWS, Steve
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    Two post and a gmail account, I would tread lightly.
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    Greetings, On behalf of Double 02 Salvage inc. I’d like to reach out and say that as of right now, we are reorganizing and consolidating the business. We have kept a lot of the 02 inventory as well as some e30, E28 and E24 parts. We are hoping to return on a much smaller scale. In the near future we will be accepting online requests and by appointment pick up of parts. The plan is to re-open as an online only business. While the speculation about the spike in rent is accurate, many factors led to the decline in business. One of the main factors is the sharp increase of illegal home dismantlers. They not only do not comply with legal dismantling, they don’t have EPA inspections, Fire inspections, etc etc. Those are all things we complied with and had to pay for. Another factor, shipping, Places like ECS tuning and FCP euro offer free shipping, that was something we could not do and most people expected us to do. Another factor. We cannot compete with online retailers who sell volume. Some online retailers make just a few cents or dollars off of parts in addition to offering free shipping. It was something we could not compete with, especially with the cost of rent, inspections, payroll and insurance. So with that, we leave you with a “see you later” and please follow us on Facebook and instagram www.Facebook.com/Double02Salvage @Double02salvage for the latest updates. Thank you all for the support. Double 02 Salvage Inc.
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    These need to go back to where they came out of
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