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    Today Ben Nichols and I completed a 3-year restoration (I know that's a controversial term here) with a Euro conversion.* With all the upgrades in suspension and brakes and the addition of E21 sport seats it drives superbly and handles in pleasant (read, extremely level) ways I never expected. Now, some shakedown runs; some tweaking, tightening, and adjusting; and then drive the pee-pee out of it on every twisty road I can find. I sincerely thank Ben for sharing your automotive experience and for teaching me mechanical skills, Wheeler Dealer for being the genesis of "Hey, maybe I can do that, too.", 2002FAQ members for answering questions and for being the ultimate collection of 2002 resources, our many suppliers who continue to stock an armamentarium of parts, Bob Winkleman for performing 7 months of superb body and paint work, and my wife, Lynnie, for saying so many times, "Get the hell out of here and go to the garage." * Yes, I probably missed a few Euro-defining items. And yes, I know the license plate lights are not Euro. I could not bring myself to drill holes into the rechromed rear bumpers. Larry
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    I’ve been hard at work on a 1968 barn find that scared many any from bidding. looked like rust ? Nope just red Georgia clay . looked like mold ? Nope just dust
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    Very excited to be posting this. What you see is the culmination of a very long development process. Some of you know that I used to setup c/o’s of all types. There were some really fun builds and the systems worked great. That being said, I’ve wanted to see what it would be like to go up to the next level. Well here you have it. A couple years ago a friend (at KW) and I talked about the possibility of them doing a line of coilover systems for the 2002. Around the same time a different 2002 friend wrote to say that he had since graduated with his ME degree and was working at KW. A lot of talking/designing later and KW has come through with these bad boys. While this set is a standard-height system and has been built specifically for Project DianaV2 (primarily a street/canyon car), KW now offers their V3 Coilover System for the 2002. The standard V3 setup is a “shortened-height” system. The V3 system features larger strut tubes with double adjustable strut inserts. The bases have been modified for the lower adjuster and reinforced. The camber plates are nice because they have an insulated ball joint that offers a bit more compliance than a straight-spherical setup. The rear adjusters sit snugly up in the rear. I am NOT selling/profiting from these setups, just excited to offer something new for the 2002 community. You might not see them listed for some time yet. However, they ARE available, and a good BMW specialist that works directly with ST/KW should be able to handle it (IE, Blunt, CK, etc.). You will need to provide your strut cores up front. KW’s pricing will be more than 3k, but less than 4.5K. I know CoupeKing has a couple sets inbound for a couple builds already.
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    Some of you wanted to see photos of the interior of the rehabbed tii. Attached. I gutted the interior and did a rehab as follows Steering Wheel: The best part of the entire car! This steering wheel is from the 1973 Rivera 2002 my wife and I drove as our only car for 34 years. Therefore, I quite enjoy being well qualified to love both square tails and roundies. Door Panels: new boards (Aardvark Racing), batting, and vapor barrier Sound Deadening: fake Dynamat; chimney sealer; just as good; much, much less expensive (Lowe's) Carpet (Esty) Front Seats: E21; German corduroy and vinyl (Aardvark Racing) Rear Seats: original; German corduroy and vinyl covers (Aardvark Racing) Radio: ~1974 Blaupunkt with an ear-shattering 4x6 speaker; MP3 Jack Floor Mats: Chequers (Coco) Glovebox (Flock It!) Handbrake: tight; no slop at all; four clicks and locked (williamgruff kit) Fire Extinguisher: halon; under driver's seat (Bracketeer) Seatbelts: original; refurbished (Al "bluedevils") Enigma Orange Button: manual On/Off for electric cooling fan Larry
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    When I asked a professional detailer he said "Use what products you like, Mother's, Meguire's, Zymöl, Zanos, Chemical Guys, P21 etc. All detailing depends on elbow grease and time" Best advice: Always work in straight lines front to back. Work in small overlapping sections. DO NOT work in circles unless you want swirls and radial scratches. I do everything by hand, I do not use any machines. ProductsI use: Zymöl Clear Auto Bathe, HD Cleanse and one of the 6 Zymöl Waxes I have. All their products smell wonderful. Turtle Wax Chrome Polish Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant for vinyl Invisible Glass Cleaner Würth Silicone Free Rubber Cleaner Black Magic Tire Shine applied with a dedicated pad Griot's Speed Shine & Best of Show Detailer between waxings Simple Green for under carriage dirt and grease. Materials: Zymöl Foam Sponge, Foam Wax & Terry Cloth Applicator pads Blue Paper Shop Towels Q-Tips, buy the 750 pack Microfiber Towels Small Purdy paint brush Various size detail brushes Vern & Athena have won some awards along the way. Since I do drive my BMWs long distances, it makes an award extra special.
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    OP should of just drank a bunch of beer with friends,bitched about work and moved on.
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    Finally got me wheels and tires mounted today. I was kicking myself for not driving my wagon to work this morning, but then I remembered that I don’t have my passenger seat installed at the moment. I’ve been sitting on these wheels for 4 or 5 years. It feels great to be this close to mounting them up. Lots of new suspension bits going on in the next few weeks; Ground Control front coilovers, rear IE stage 2 springs and shocks, IE camber plates, tie rods, etc.... Then it's time to do some body work and get her painted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Installed Kooglewerks air dam!
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    Finally got all my dash lights working. I had a bad bulb holder but that wasn't the only issue. The contact material on the board had worn out over the years so it couldn't complete the circuit. I ended up running a couple jumper wires and now the lights work great! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I love cleaning up barn finds. I use inexpensive cleaners (you'd be amazed at how well that "dollar store" stuff works. And lots of 1" wide disposable brushes. Acetone / Lacquer thinner, soap and water, and comet scouring powder…no need to buy the $8/bottle fancy car stuff, for a baseline cleaning after sitting in a barn. One of these days I'll write a big article about techniques and materials that seem to work well WITHOUT damaging the original paint or upholstery. You'll be surprised at how mundane they are. The bottom line is: elbow grease. Love that you saved this thing, and that you've found cleaning to be such a rewarding experience. (for the record…I now wash my car once a year…maybe.) Sorry for hogging up your original post with all these photos of my last project, but I'm not sure I ever shared them on the FAQ before. Stay tuned for meaningful tech article about cleaning decrepit cars, to make up for my rudeness. Before and after photos of the last car I rescued. (front sits high because engine is not installed.) Was parked for 37 years. Yes…THIRTY SEVEN. I had grand plans for this one, but life got in the way. It's all good. The new owner can afford to fully restore this never hit, never painted, numbers matching tii to the level it deserves - and i know he'll be a good caretaker for it.
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    I know, I know: your old favorite was “2002AD: Secrets Revealed”.... 😋 Regards, Steve
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    This is the most recent addition to my collection : p I have recently been playing with plastic welding and find that a pencil type (flattened tip) 25 watter works great and that weed eater line makes excellent filler rod. I prefer a hotter one for soldering, since I don't like waiting for things to heat up. Maybe you can buy two of them at harbor fright... one for soldering and one for welding.
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    On a short road trip. Couldn't resist this mural.
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    Bought myself a nice purse at Goodwill for $2.19 😂 Actually a perfect size heavy Italian leather one that I clipped the straps off of... and it will last me for years as a tool bag to put in my new trunk box I made. Maybe a nice set of high heels is next to use as wheel chocks 😉
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    This has devolved into a silly pissing match. Just to clear the air. BuzzBomb's opinions are his own and do not reflect my opinions or those of Ireland Engineering. Ken does great work building engines and cars. I often recommend him to customers. We are friendly competitors on the track and I have no problem with how he conducts himself on the track. I chose not to build engines on a regular basis because I feel spending our resources on our core parts business is a better business decision.
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    Close call for ‘Ol Bobby Yang here on the FAQ lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzYO0joolR0
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    To all of you that were able to attend the 2018 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix / Oktoberfest in Pittsburgh: A huge thank you! You made this event amazing! It was a BLAST and (as always) a truly re-energizing experience, as is The Vintage in Asheville! To all of you I missed and didn't get to hug and meet… next time! See you in North Carolina in May! And to Peter Stillwell…. I will never hug your sweaty, hairy, bare chest again. I love you man….but even **I** have my limits! I'm getting flown out to Monterey next month courtesy of the Sam Smith / Mark Francis / Carl Nelson / Thongsai goon squad… hope to see some of you there!
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    Take immediate precautions bad things come in threes. Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
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    This. This is my new favorite thread Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rumor has it, this job can be performed in one hour and fifty six minutes….by flashlight…outdoors…in the parking lot of a hotel. Being surrounded by the right friends certainly helps! Definitely sounds like head gasket. Have the head checked for cracks / straightness before reinstalling, if you can afford it. I had to get mine home the next day, so I didn't have the option. 4 years and 50,000 miles later, it's still doing alright!
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    Nice. Warning! Be SOOO careful screwing down the center console to the tunnel. If the screw grabs the thread in the carpet it will create a run. Major piss off. I like to burn a hole in the carpet to cauterize. Pencil type soldering iron works lika charm.
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    Esty #5 carpet kit finally in as Polaris takes another big step to heading out on the road. Note new front speakers installed and Paddock dash oil temp brain box next to be mounted. Tomorrow...center console,head unit, and rear speakers? Hmmm. That might be optimistic...🤔
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    Been stayin' out this for a bit... but dude. You've got 30 post on this forum... and all I've seen is trash talk. You first popped onto my radar to jump into a "is this Ireland engineering motor blah blah blah worth it" post to talk shit on another long-term member and turned a completely civil thread into one where your employer (Jeff) had to step in and comment/pretty much apologize. Who's the troll? One thing I really like about this forum/community is the level of respect and civility that is typically maintained. A level of rib-poking, sarcasm, or good old fashioned humor is fine... I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but you come across to me as just another ass behind a monitor.
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    Here it is! The trees have grown a bit, but it's a neat look at the city a half century ago. The brochure seems to be from late 1970 and is a treat, with lots of early owner tips and FAQs about this crazy little car. I'll need to scan it sometime for the board's archives. -Dave Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    For the past 10 years I’ve wanted to convert my rear bumper to euro spec. Today I finally did. Added some seam covers and a pair of plate lights and voila! Some bits are a bit shinier than others, but that’s ok. Thanks mojojoy for the template for cutting the holes for the lights. (Don’t mind the puddle under the car. My [emoji190] got a little excited and 🤮. She’s ok now.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk