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    Hey guys, I wanted to share some progress of my 72 tii restoration that's been underway for the last 2 1/2 years. It has been a slow process between parts, body work, and of course the biggest factor - time. This is my first restoration and not at all what I was planning to do when I bought the car in 2012. The slippery slope of "while we're here" lead me down this path, but I couldn't be happier. I have so many people to thank for helping me with this project. It's been very rewarding that so many friends and family have all had their hands in this thing at different stages. Also this community has a big part in it as well. The resources on this site were extremely helpful and useful as well as some vendors. I'm getting excited as the list is shorter than it is long, but still plenty to do. Here's some from earlier on and I will update with more. New quarters and tail panel had to go on after body was soda blasted. Damage from being hit in the back wrinkled both quarter panels enough that lots of bondo hid. Primed and ready to lay Riviera down. No single stage...i chose to go with clear coat too. First time I saw it in natural light Got it up on the lift after work to begin stripping the chassis down. I didn't go rotisserie, so with angle grinder above my head for countless I made a mess...LOL...3 nights of it while the shop was closed for that weekend. I had A LOT of cleaning to do. Next one will be rotisserie...will never make that mistake again. End result - worth the effort. POR-15'd the rocker areas for all those nooks and crannies. Put the Eastwood rust inhibitor in the frame rails, rockers, rear differential body support...basically anywhere there was a cavity. Undercoating applied Before it could get off the dolly, I had already addressed the suspension... Repaired and reinforced my front subframe. Then I had everything powder coated satin black. Powerflex street polys went everywhere. I had the detailers at our shop ceramic coat all of my suspension parts to make it easier to keep everything clean down the road (literally). I plan on driving this, so I wanted a way to keep the surfaces as clean as possible in a realistic way. Not that I'm going to be under there polishing it, but at least I can spray them down with a hose and knock off some dirt and road grime...polishing can maybe come later. Okay so I am a lunatic and also had them use some excess scrap PPF material on the rear subframe that faces forward to protect from chipping the powder coat. Rear wheel bearings packed before bolting up to the rear subframe. Subframes went up in order to get it off the dolly before hanging the body panels. The first night it came off the dolly. Hung the fenders and doors..then back to the body guy. Delivered it back to body with the help of this little dude who was also smiling at the sight of it looking the most car-like it had and in the sunlight. Next was to get it on the frame machine to make sure it was trued and then front fenders would get welded on above the headlights. Good thing because the nose was just slightly tweaked about a 1/2". Not a big deal for being on the road since the 70's. They got it corrected and then he finished up the front body work including the engine bay. Engine bay all done. Front fenders welded to the nose.
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    Big weekend: installed subframes, LSD diff, ground control coilovers, IE swaybars, IE poly bushings,IE poly subframe bushing inserts, new wheel bearings, ball joints, TREs, put the hood back on, installed brackets for 5speed, measured for driveshaft, etc...
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    Hello, I've been lurking around for a few months waiting to find and buy a great 2002. I've finally just received the car I imported from the Netherlands. Hope you like it! I'm in Tucson AZ, so I'll be looking for a good mechanic. An recommendations are WELCOME! At any rate, I want to thank everyone here for their amazing knowledge and insight. It's been a great help already. All best, Larry
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    I heard Slavs bought it to flip.
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    Running across Louisiana Flat highway driving I averaged 32+ with my single barrel carburetor and five speed transmission... The single barrel is a great carburetor for most driving, my favorite car to drive.
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    After re-wrapping the wiring, installing hood/trunk/doors locks and wiper motor... moved car outside, removed car from dolly and Set on lift to start engine bay and sub-frames install.
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    My 1600ti tribute finished finally. Correct engine internals, Borranis, SuperSprint, A/C & a few other owner preferences. No coronavirus!
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    This quarantine has made me realize a few things. One, I don't have as many hobbies as I thought I did, and the hobbies I want to focus on, I can't because of the strict government rules put in place. Now I've never been one to follow rules, but logic would dictate that Jail is not a viable alternative to breaking said rules. So no flying airplanes, no going into the office to do whatever it is I do, and no traveling to other countries and making a fool of myself while learning important life lessons and gaining experience. So I'm stuck with a project car I pulled from my pile of project cars - a 1971 BMW 2002 in Colorado Orange. This particular car has been sitting for a solid 15 years and I am determined to bring it back to life. So I managed to have it towed from it's hiding spot in northern Cal, to my garage in Huntington Beach. Here is how I found it, or rather, it found me. So after a bit of storage (I've been out of the 2002 game for a little while while I focused on Porsche and Airplanes and toxic relationships with girls I probably shouldn't have been dating in the first place), I decided to get her to my home where I can assess what is needed.
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    finally Steve put the nose on the 73 i bought 8-10 years ago...he said it was surprisingly easy, much easier that he thought it would be...everything lines up well...it's held together now with rivets that will come out when our neighbor does the welding for us...after it's welded and a bit of tweaking it will be on to paint...no body work is needed
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    My family is very much involved in supporting businesses so that they can weather the storm that we find ourselves in. Often companies rely on crucial seasons for the majority of their revenue. Ireland, Blunt, Wallo, Rogers Tii and others rely on our community to keep them afloat. Considering that the racing season and the peak spring and early summer seasons will be majorly impacted by the current events, I think that it is important for us to acknowledge and support these folks so that they can be there for when we need them. I am about to park the 02 for some significant work, including an EFI, better gas tank, and Turbo. I will be ordering the parts for this project shortly, although I may not need them until October. Perhaps we can help keep a small amount of revenue flowing until things get better. My thoughts and support go out to those in this community of enthusiasts that are affected. Kind Regards
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    Picked up my seats from Jim’s Auto Upholstery in San Diego! They look great!!!
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    This is a long post to get caught up on the progress on Ernie's restoration. I had to take a break from the project and this blog to attend to my father, who had emergency open heart surgery. The good news there is after 5(!) artery by-passes, my dad is healthier than ever and on the road to a full recovery. It's stuff like this that reminds us that life is short and time is precious. Spend it loving what you do and the people you do it with. And with that, I'm happy to be back and more stoked than ever about working on and completing this project... and driving the snot out of this car when I'm done. While I was out, Patrick and the boys have been super busy. Carpet, along with the stereo amp and alarm wiring and hardware have been installed. And before I left to be with my dad, I installed the completed trunk boards. The dash, gauge cluster and steering wheel are in. The headliner is complete and the sunroof trim is in place. All exterior trim, gaskets and seals, bumpers, grills, lights and glass are done. And bling like the swan neck side view mirrors, Italian turn signals and the @Forrest_KoogleWerks duck bill have been installed as well. And Colin and Andre have finished cleaning up the engine bay and getting rid of the residual overspray from the paint shop. Next up: - finish up under dash wiring and install the center console, stereo and auxillary gauges - make a new parcel shelf cover and install speakers - door panels and hardware - modify and reinstall exhaust
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    Recaro reissues classic seats with upgraded safety features and slightly wider bolsters. No word on price yet.
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    Forgot to post on this thread.
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    I know I don't share much but I like how this dash is turning out so here you go. About as far from modern F1 tech as you're gonna get..but I think there's something cool about an old school instrument panel. I've always just had a stock dash with these same instruments mounted all over the place and under-dash wiring that looked like a 4th grader decided to install an aftermarket alarm and stereo. Only the occasional inline fuse to supplement my luck. Yes I have nice terminal blocks to replace the wire nuts but I'm still recovering from the recent loss of my under-hood home j-box where my battery cables used to meet-up so I may just keep them for a while. -.060" aluminum panel and parcel shelf.. a few rivets into the underside of the dash bar -.060 Lexan cover panel fastened by Velcro..light and easily removed -dash panel secured only by 2 cage clamps..easy to remove or rotate forward for access. Now the rush is off since it's looking like we'll almost certainly all have an extended off season.
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    Got it out of the garage and took it for a drive. The 1st Corona Classic Car Rally. We met in a vacant parking lot. Parked no closer than 2 spaces apart. Talked for about 10 min (12-15’ apart) then went for a drive. At the end we flashed our lights at each and waved goodbye and each of us headed home. IMG_4685.mov
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    Morning light against the intercoastal
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    Mounted the new engine build on the test stand and installed manifolds, carbs and linkage. -KB
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    Social distancing isn’t so bad! 😉 Hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy! 😊
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    Spent much of the evening putting the engine back together, nice to see the new exhaust and intake/carb in place finally. So happy to have this grand project to work on during total isolation.
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    And...with so many states closing restaurants and bars to sit-down traffic (carry-out only) those of us fortunate enough to (1) remain well and (2) be at least somewhat unaffected by the pandemic think about supporting your favorite restaurants by ordering take out from them more often that you normally would eat out. This is a tough time for everyone (speaking as one of those "vulnerable senior citizens"); we should extend this Board's helpfulness and friendship with each other's automotive problems to the wider area of our friends, acquaintances and our community. And to put the corona virus pandemic in perspective, go on-line and read about the 1918/19 "Spanish flu" pandemic and be thankful that our medical community, researchers and public health procedures have improved in the last 102 years. Example: in October 1918, 195,000 Americans died of the flu. mike
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    Hey everyone, I am a 3d engineer kinda protype guy, and years ago i built a custom fiber glass air box (by hand) for my ITBs on my tii.. That tii brake booser prevents off the shelf type air boxes so i made one. Then i bought a industrial 3d printer that can print nylon carbon fiber and other exotic filaments. So i design a air box thats 2 walled and specifcally deidcated to air flow and looks. note: before i built a air box i was running just veloctiy stacks with little filters. Dyno at 138 hp at wheels. After the air box with very little tune change she was at 149 hp. I will dyno this air box as well to seeif anything changes. Here are some pics
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    The host hotel, Best Western Eureka Inn 479-253-9551, is sold out. All rooms were blocked for our group. It is likely there will be rooms available due to cancellation, but the Stone Gate Lodge 479-253-8800 has blocked rooms for our overflow. Last year we had 73 2002s from 26 states. It certainly appears we will establish a new record number of 02s for our event this year. Great news, but we need your help. PLEASE go to midamerica02fest.com - register, and let us know how many in your party will be eating Friday and Saturday evening meals with us. There is no registration fee or charge for the meals, but is is a big help in planning if we have a number. It also helps us if you will preorder caps, t-shirts,etc. These orders must be in by March 17. Registration and Friday and Saturday dinner count will remain open until the event. We look forward to seeing everyone. It is always great to get 2002 folks together.
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    Not mine but affiliated - my dad is a semi-retired architect and has taken up watercolor in his spare time. He’s been working on his technique and gave me this today. He’s done one of his ‘63 Tempest Le Mans (the one with the rope drive, widely considered a precursor to the GTO), and is planning to do more cars on commission.
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    This past Winter I lifted the car again and removed the exhaust system, driveshaft and transmission in preparation to complete the refinishing of the bottom of the car from the B pillar to the engine bay bulkhead. I could not leave the job half done, as I reminded myself that the rear subframe, trunk and under the rear seats were all shiny and fresh, while forward of that was grimy with patches of surface rust. Scraping, degreasing, grinding, sanding, rust treatment, masking, priming and painting. Done! Next is the engine bay and front subframe. Not sure yet when that will happen. Probably do that while the engine is being rebuilt. Someday. 2020 driving season starts tomorrow! Yay!
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    ‘Kung Flu’ not funny 🙄
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    Adjusted the valves. More satisfying sandblasting fun. Blasted the bracket. Electronics and tank are new. Headlight buckets looking like new. Also good time to note - front air dam measured and mocked up exactly where it is going to be on the car then trimmed for the bumper bracket. We just used this hardware to hold it in place for the time being. It's a bit redundant, but he just sprayed it early on with the body panels that weren't on the car. He wants to strip the whole air dam down then trim, rivet and paint it again. He doesn't mind nor do I. Had the original gas tank cleaned and coated by a local radiator shop. Comparison of what the gas tank filler neck pieces looked like before I sandblasted. The old crusty flange I replaced with a new one, but kept that lock ring. The bolt pattern didn't line up between the new quarter panel, new filler neck, and new flange. Despite all of the rotations I tried, it wouldn't sit flat. In order for the gas cap to fully close at the horizontal position, I had to redrill the quarter panel receiver area and rubber filler neck. That 45* angle was going to drive me nuts, now it's much better. All new rubber plumbing, new fuel filter, and fan. The wiring a little further in place. Fuse box in need of some love. My supervisor is always breathing down my neck. Looking like new with the tutorial in the article here. A little further with metal polish got the tabs ready for fuses and aesthetically pleasing under the new cover.
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    Fitted my new Bosal chrome tailpipe tip. Woo-hoo. I am good at projects that only require a hammer.
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    Chamonix ‘73 Airdam is fitted. I wasn’t super happy with the seams between the airdam and the flares. One the drivers side the airdam was trimmed too aggressively and I got a little wild on the pass side flare. Soooo I get to do both ‘glass and ABS work to get them where I want them. All in all the fitment is good and I’m happy to finally have them all hanging on the car. I also managed to get the front subframe primed and painted. The gloss should die down some after it dries. The overspray was still settling when I snapped this pic. I need to order some strut rod bushings (thought I had them) and clean up a pair of control arms so I can assemble the front suspension soon. Can’t lose sight of the fact that there is TONS of bodywork yet to do, but I do feel like it’s actually staring to come together... 🥳
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    I apologize if this is considered off topic but for the first time in my life, I own a bimmer produced in this century. Until today I owned ONLY two cars, a '97 Z3 and my '02. Needless to say, winter sucked, and the Z3 was starting to get pretty long in the tooth. It was the car I learned about cars on, drive stick, change the oil etc., and it had some scars as a result. Hard to trade in a sports car for a wagon, but I was thrilled by the performance of the 328i XDrive. It'll be hauling 2002 wheels and other parts in that big hatchback soon enough.This picture is awful because I spent six hours negotiating at the dealer and it was dark when I got home, but it's nice to see the generations side by side.
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    Got the new plates
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    stopped for a cold one on Mare Island....
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    Thanks for the nice replies and tips. I don't have many pics yet, as it's just recently off the truck. I have attached a few picture for now. The color was is a windows out repaint (from original) in BMW Fire Orange, which looks pretty nice. The car is numbers matching but of course wasn't a restore to roll-of-the-factory floor. It's a nice restore to make it a car to enjoy. I'll add more info and for sure post questions later. I was just trying to see if anyone else might have owned this car in the past (prior to restore), since the history is somewhat limited.
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    Greetings FAQers, I'm leaving LA and going on a road trip tomorrow in my 1975 2002, Rolf. It's the first time I've gone on a trip solo in over well over a decade and I'm pumped/a bit anxious. I'm been working since I was 15 and I'm about to turn 37. I feel the time for me to do certain things starting slip away. So, I quit my job last week and fixed it that I don't start my new job until March 16th. I figure I have about 7-8 days to drive around a part of the country I've always wanted to visit in a car that is a blast to drive. Lucky guy. While I've planned a good amount of the route I'll be taking, (you can see my map here), but I'm very open to suggestions and recommendations. I plan to leave early to take a big 7-8 day loop going first NE from Lancaster, past Barstow on the 15 E then past the town of Zzyzx, CA and detour around until I hit Las Vegas. I'll give a visit to Chris at Sin City BMW, who's always been friendly. I'll likely find a place to stay overnight outside the city and then the next day head to St. George, Utah after a visit to Hoover Dam and/or Lake Mead and/or Valley of Fire. I'll see an old friend in St. George, then visit Zion National Park, somewhere I've always wanted to go. Then North to see some new internet friends in Provo, UT. Any recommendations for food, sights, roads, refuge, etc is very appreciated as I don't know much about this area. I'll head Southeast from Provo to Arches National Park and then continue to the very southwestern tip of Colorado before crossing over at the Four Corners. It'll likely be touristic there but I've always wanted to go. I'll be driving through Navajo and Zuni land and reading Joe Leaphorn books the whole time for any of the nerds out there. Then to Santa Fe, where I don't know anyone, south to Albuquerque, then southwest to the Gila National Forest. Then back east to Truth or Consequences, NM, where an old mentor of mine lives. It seems like a cool town from what I understand. After a short visit with my friend, I'll head west for the last time into Arizona on the 10 W before dropping down south to the 80. I'll end up right on the border, 5 miles away, in Douglas, AZ, where my aunt lives. She build her adobe home herself in the late 70s. It is the literal middle of nowhere, very surreal for a city boy like myself. I'll stay with her for a few days in her geodesic dome that serves as a guest house... she's the cool aunt. Then back on the road through Tombstone, Tucson, and Tempe. I'll hit Scottsdale for the sole purpose of visiting the fancy Otto car club for fun. I plan to head out of there on the 8 west to Yuma, then into California again and north on the 86 past the Salton Sea. After that it's back to LA and real life. Maybe hit Joshua Tree or Palm Springs before reality hits, but it winds down right around here. That's all I got. Again, ANY RECOMMENDATIONS APPRECIATED for automotive museums, fun routes, all kinds of food, nice coffee(!), cool wine/beer things, nature, science, history, archaeology, weird, novelty, WHATEVER. This trip is a chance for me to be with myself, in my car, at peace with the beautiful country around me... but I'll have plenty of that. So, if any other 02 drivers want to join for any portion of this trip, holler, I'm not precious. Again, here's the map. Thanks in advance, Yego P.S. Big shout out to the 02 folks that helped me be Rolf ready for this trip: @kbmb02 @CoastalCrush @MOJOJOY @BLUNT @Pierre @Forrest_KoogleWerks and my buddies Seth and Mark.
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    Cheap Chinese rip-offs of the made/engineered-in-the-uk Jenvey Throttle Bodies . These are the same FAJS guys who knocked off real webers DCOE's. I'd recommend buying the real ones if you are going to go ITB's. Not only much better quality, but the money would go to people who help innovate within industry (and not go to some place whose aim is to simply knock-off designs of others). We have to recognize that the automotive aftermarket on things like carbs will only shrink in years to come. A big part of keeping this market alive is by supporting companies like Jenvey, not parasites like FAJS. I've seen their copies run as low as $35 each (Weber IDF knock-off's on ebay) in order to try and get people to buy them. Seeing FAJS/similar knock-offs on a project always makes the whole project seem a little more....tacky/cheap. Note that if you want to return them for defects, their general practice is to have you send them all the way back to China. -Andrew .....climbing off the soap box...
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    Turned the Touring onto it's side to have easier acces when grinding some of the remaining welds flush. On to the next welding job !
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    Finished taking the fuse box apart and rewiring the ceramic resister to an open spade on #12 After really cleaning the fuses contact points I re-installed Even took the diagnostic hub off the parts car and moved it to my 74’ build. Really straightforward... matching wire colors, using bullet connections and putting it all back together. Mai......my 74’ now has a diag. Hub! Voila! The prongs to keep the hub set in place were not working so well so I took a semi-spring-SS key ring to make a jumper/keep closed thingy. After many checks and re-checks I dropped her in... I think she looks pretty...... (not the correct fuses). Made a visit to Carl @ LaJolla Independent and he gave me a fuse box decal (they’ll send you any decal on your car) and I was able to sort out the correct fuse’s Then I cleaned up what was left of the emissions delete (cables, hoses, plugs etc.) and it went from this: To This........ I’ll be removing all these parts but before I paint I’m enjoying rearranging the cables and cleaning Mai up! I’m happy with all of this........ and yes, I’ll be re-wrapping ALL those harnesses......in the end it’ll look line a “Shiney green suit”...... ( a line from “Good Morning Vietnam”)
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    I dunno, when I see potential purchases like this and then do the math in my head to get the car to a proper state I say why not just go in and buy a high quality example (like the one that was debated here for $35k) and just cut to the chase? You'll wind up spending that much at least - most likely more in the long run, and life's too short. You could be driving and enjoying versus working and cursing. 2 cents as always!
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    With the help of my wife Tory we installed the rear sub frame today, pedal box tomorrow with any luck at all...
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    20 years have come and gone between pics. How the time flies! bob
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    Added an adjustable redline needle to the tach using a clock window and an e30 speedo needle. I had to cut the needle down to make it fit but no biggie. I forgot how much fun removing the cluster was! 😂 Bob
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    Working on rebuilding a 4 speed manual transmission
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    So you have some fuel pressure but no fuel in the lines to the injectors.... i have a quick-n-dirty solution you may wanna try. Remove the top plastic belt cover from the injection system, move the engine to TDC on No1 and then remove the belt from the top toothed pulley. Unscrew the 4 top caps that you put the new o-rings onto, carefully lift-out all four suction valves (good quality tweezers required). Now when you look inside you are seeing the tops of the plungers/pistons which push the fuel down the injection lines. Turn the toothed pulley by hand...you should see the plungers going up& down...if they don't then thats your issue. Take a wooden rod about 5mm diameter (this could have been what chopsticks were invented for), squirt the plunger top with WD40 and then press down on the top of one plunger with your chopstick while rotating the pulley...can you get the piston to move? they may be stiff and partly corroded after years of slumber...but you should be able to exercise them all with generous WD40 until all move freely as the pulley is turned....if you get to that point, then a quick turn of the ignition key to the 'drive' (NOT Start)position for 1 second only should push clean fuel through the top of the pump and flush out any debris (this will create a mess). Then put your suction valves & top caps back, retime your pulley and re-fit the belt and try cranking it over again...you may need to crank it for 30 seconds before fresh fuel is pushed through to the injectors.

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