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    Another one of our own has become a little more famous. See if we can make him blush @pichos1
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    Some of you must have known Bob if you live in the greater LA area. Sadly he passed away suddenly this March. Him and his wife were planning on moving before the sudden occurrence, so Bob had a lot of '02 parts we picked up that he was planning on selling, and it gave us a chance to talk to his wife for a bit. We know its a bit early but this year's Socal Vintage meet falls on Bob and Cheri's anniversary so Cheri wanted to attend the event and do a kind of caravan there in memory of Bob. She will be driving Bob's car from Little Rock near Palmdale. Not sure how many of you would be coming from that way, but she did mention there was one other '02 owner that she knew who lives in Little Rock. If you are interested PM us and we'll get you in touch with her. If you can't drive there with her but will attend and you knew Bob make sure you stop by and say hey, his car is pictured below. We post this also because she mentioned she want's to get in touch with Bob's friends and she will need a mechanic to perform regular maintenance on the car. And we weren't sure if she knows about this website or not.
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    I re-wired mine to remind me when I leave my headlights on. If the key is turned off and the headlights are on it will buzz when I open the door. It only took two times that I left my lights on at work to decide I needed this (though it is a good way to find out which co-workers carry jumper cables)
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    I think what David Layton is saying is that the mirror glass is actually loose in its plastic frame. If that's the case, you might try inserting a thin piece of rigid plastic between glass and the plastic frame as a shim--it might take several pieces inserted around the glass to stop the vibration. Once shoved in, cut any visible pieces of shim off with a razor blade. If the mirror itself is vibrating (and grabbing the mounting arm stops it), try removing the mirror from the car and cutting a thin piece of flexible plastic (or a piece of inner tube or sheet rubber) to fit between the mirror arm base and the car's body (serving as a vibration damper), the snap the mirror back in place. The third source of mirror vibration can be the plastic mirror head (that holds the glass) being loose on its ball socket--just from wear and age. I've not tried it, but you could remove the assembly, then move the mirror head so a portion of the ball that the mirror head normally cover is exposed, clean the ball and put just a little contact cement on it. The contact cement won't stick to the polyethylene mirror head, but will make the ball sticky enough so the mirror vibration should stop. mike
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    Everything rattles right at 3k on an M10. Start looking at loose things.
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    I recommend using marine type cables instead of welding or other "home use" cable typically found at big box hardware stores. The marine cables are more flexible for routing thru the chassis. You can find this type along with suitable terminal ends at West Marine stores.
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    If you’re so inclined, a 2002 mirror could be made to work! Bob
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    FYI - Just swung by the local Pick-n-Pull and grabbed the positive cable to the trunk, negative cable, terminal block, and positive cable from block to starter from an E46 for FOUR DOLLARS. Yes, $4! That also included a Bosch coil from a Volvo. Ok, ok, $6. I had to pay $2 to get in. Took about 15min to pull it. I just chopped the starter cable because it was way longer than I needed and I didn't feel like skinning my knuckles.
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    Haha that’s the plan. I’ll strip it this winter and send it out for paint when I can’t drive it in PA due to weather.
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    Pretty sure the bumper sets Blunttech sells come from 02Bumpers as well... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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