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    BRUNHILDE PASSED TUV!!!!! It only took 6 months, tons of paperwork, hours and hours of internet-sluthing for vintage approval paperwork for aftermarket performance parts, 1400 euro in paint/bodywork to patch some non-structural rust, and a shit-ton of patience. I immediately drove home to strip off my 13' TUV wheels and throw on the baller' BBS's . Now to setup a Dyno tuning day for the fattest chokes 40's will fit. Suck it, TUV.
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    I did make brake and clutch now and did a blog writeup, just need to finish install. I didn't do as well on the holes but tried to make a rounded profile due to the bottom hinge pedal. It's not to everyone's taste but I enjoy the process, learning new skills... and saving money.
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    So, we've all thought: "Wouldn't it be nice to have a 2002 like it was straight out of the factory?"... This 1972 2002 has.... drum roll, please.... 4,500 ORIGINAL KMs... yes, that's right, don't ask me how. Those are the original factory/dealer service stickers. Engine as it looks has never been washed. Carpets are clean, soft, pliable, with original Coco Mats on top! Factory seats with vinyl sides and textile centers are like new, horse hair pads feel like new. All original paint. Just arrived today, hadn't even been washed yet! The dealer sold it before it even made the carriage across from the original owner in Austria! I cannot post videos owing to file size. Once polished and detailed, it will look brand new. He's trying to figure out how to detail the engine without disturbing those paper stickers!
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    Installed Cibie headlight units with LED bulbs last night. Look and perform much beter than the old sealed halogens! - and half the electrical load:) From Amazon: 2 - Cibie 82440 Light Units 1 - BEAMTECH H4 LED Converion Kit
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    My two favorites...that I bought back to life.
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    Helped Barney trailer his 02 over to the paint shop this morning. 😁
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    Painted parts and assembled sub frames...car is being bead blasted on Thursday and off to painter Friday...
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    Here's my story, somewhat long: About 3 years ago I purchased a rebuilt dogleg from Connor Elkington/Vintage Autobahn (wasn't cheap). Patrick at Midnight Motorsports installed it a couple of years ago and it transformed the car. I've owned my car for nearly 38 years and I had always wanted one. I had an opportunity and purchased a (mostly) complete Alpina setup (pump, injectors, stacks, TBs, linkage, lines, and airbox top) a couple of years ago also from Connor. Again, wasn't cheap but since the Alpina fairy isn't around anymore I jumped at the chance. The following year I had Wes Ingram (and Herb) rebuild the TBs, pump and flow match the injectors. In my mind, money well spent in prep for install. My original plan was to have Rob Torres install the A4. A QR steering box had also been purchased and sent to SLO but it was lost with the 2002 Haus demise. This year I finally had the budget to have Wes install the A4. Also wasn't cheap but well worth it as the car starts easily and is very driveable. Had to source another airbox bottom (Thanks Rey!), new "gummis" (Thanks Lars!) and replace the injection lines (Thanks Carl!) to complete the setup. I need to finish up some things with the car and fine tune the AFR - i have a wideband installed but the car has be completely re-transformed. Blipping the throttle and listening to air flow through the stacks makes it all worth while. I'll likely have it dyno'd next year with the local BMW club to see the end results. Sorry if I didn't answer your question on price but I think Mark is in the ballpark. An A4 Alpina isn't getting cheaper and nearing unobtanium status. Don't sell it. Install it. Drive it. You won't regret it. Won't be selling my A4, dogleg or my car. ever.
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    So I finally stopped navel gazing and ordered the gear up to install a Holley Sniper 2BBL EFI system. The parts list is below. HLY-558-443 HARNESS USB/CAN SNIPER TBI $49.95 SNE-550-849 2 BBL EFI THROTTLE BODY $849.95 SUM-230615 S.S. HOSE -6 15FT $57.99 SUM-251000 FUEL PUMP EXTERNAL $119.99 (ordered this as the Holley unit seems to fail quickly in some cases) SUM-251010 FUEL PUMP MOUNTING KIT 1 $7.99 VPE-16612 -6AN TO 10MM X 1.0 METRIC STR $11.90 Also ordered a Holley 350 (same base plate as the Holley EFI) to Webber adapter. Anticipating that I may want to go EFI I have installed the following already 1) AEM wideband 02 sensor 2) Electric fuel pump with a Painless Performance relay harness 3) Inertia safety cutoff switch (cuts off the fuel pump in an accident) 4) 90A alternator 5) Ireland engineering radiator (to make sure that everything is cool) 6)-6 braided fuel line from the tank into the car (pre-pump, post tank) 7) All (I think) of the maintenance stuff and while you are at it stuff. Things I will need to do other than the obvious. 1) I will likely have to take off the intake. It has to be "hogged out" to make the intake opening compatible with the EFI unit. 2) I will port match the intake to the head and maybe smooth out the inside a bit. I had read that the two inner runners shouldn't be touched, and just do the outside two runners as this will help even out the flow. 3) I will also modify the bit where the upper rad hose goes into the motor to accept a standard temperature sensor so the EFI can be appropriately tuned. 4) I may have to get a -6 inlet put in the gas tank as a return as the one for the evap tank (my car is a 1975 Cali spec) is rather small and may cause fuel backpressure issues if the return line is restricted. 5) I will have to figure out the pedal linkage, this is easy stuff, my fabricator guy, and I can figure a solution out I am sure.
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    Park a stolen trailer behind your own house, bring the loot into the house, some one call NASA there's a couple of rocket scientists on the loose.
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    I've got 2 extinguishers, one at each end. I've also got this fun addition, which I recently found doubles as an emergency eyewash station.
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    Popped for some of the full-res versions from the photographer. Point me by please, Miata!
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    My son is visiting friends in San Francisco and sent me this great shot from earlier today. Looks like a nice way to spend a Saturday.
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    @david4121, as I explain in my book (see link), there were three dealer-installed a/c systems in the 2002: The Behr, Frigiking, and Clardy systems. Of these, the Clardy is probably the best, but it's quite rare. You can get any of them to blow cold by replacing the old bulky piston compressor with a small compact rotary-style compressor, and upgrading to a parallel-flow condenser and a big aux cooling fan on it. You can also look at the kits from both ICE Air and DTech that include everything, but they're expensive, and I strongly encourage you to search here and read the posts on them and their vendors. You can buy a modern climate control assembly (one that mixes heat and cold and delivers them in a single stream) like Grizzlebar above, but there's a fair amount of adaptation to get it fit and working, and you lose the ability to get fresh air into the car unless you open a window. I saw a Vintage Air mini system successfully installed in a 2002 Touring while I was at Oktoberfest, and the owner lives in Austin and was happy with its cooling, but the glovebox had to be customized to make it fit. Long story short, there's a fair amount of research you have to do to determine your tradeoff off cost, customization, and final appearance. My advise to most people is that, unless they live in a snot-not climate, they'll be happy enough with the stock evaporator assembly / rotary-style compressor / parallel flow condenser / big fan / R134a approach that it's worth doing. I just did it in Bertha, my '75 2002 with the stock Behr evaporator assembly, and in the mid-90-degree heat we had up in Boston in August, I was getting 42 degree vent temperatures while driving. --Rob Siegel https://www.amazon.com/Just-Needs-Recharge-Mechanic-Conditioning/dp/0998950718
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    multiple 02 and beemer projects today. two guys without real jobs...spent day in ML2Motorsports shop. JimG did door latch/lock and mirror mount on tii, I did some exhaust work on the M2 and some K75S beemer maint.
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    Not a tii, not a round taillight, but it is Polaris, it has a tii clock, and it is very shiny. And if the new paint still shines four years from now, it will have exceeded the low standard established by the original Glasurit PVC-frei two-stage.... 😋 Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for a “Polaris thread”? I don’t give a rat’s *ss if this is a “Polaris tii thread”: the train’s leaving the station and I’m going to be on it! 😉 Regards, Steve
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    Which becomes carpet toppings!
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    Hooked up with BMWCCA Charlotte members and drove the Devil's Whip and Diamondback, both North Carolina roads similar to the Tail of the Dragon. Oldest participant with the oldest car (2002 Tii). Had a great time. Had lunch in Spruce Pine with the group. Lots of compliments on a 44 year old car. Thanks Bob Atkinson for arranging on a beautiful NC day. Glen
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    What is in your '02 presently? It might contain some key ingredients to a decent A/C system -- a "decent system" as that phrase might be defined for an '02, which was not designed by the factory to have A/C. Because the '02 was not designed with A/C in mind, the essential problem is the lack of effective and even air distribution, not a matter of producing adequate cold air. Regardless, don't do anything until you've bought and read Rob Siegel's book on A/C. To AustrianVespaGuy's point, my opinion is the following. An '02 is truly a great car without A/C. But having owned '02's both with and without A/C, since 1973, I would probably install A/C in any '02 I had, except for: (a.) a factory turbo, (b.) an early 1600-2 (1966 and 1967), or (c.) a 1600ti or 2002ti (1967 through 1971). Those cars, in my opinion, are cars that never would have had A/C when new, and I'd want to keep them "pure". But, in my experience, even the "merely decent" A/C of '02's -- "merely decent" when compared to cars designed with A/C -- often makes the difference between deciding to: (a.) drive the '02 for a particular excursion/trip/outing, and (b.) leaving the '02 at home because your other automotive options are much more comfortable. Yes, some of this relates to my "significant other" but some also relates to me, as an "over-60" guy. I recently took the '76 on a two-day, 700-mile solo trip, in 90+ degree weather. I'm not certain I would have done the trip without A/C! I live in the Northeast. My feelings towards A/C were probably even stronger when I lived in Atlanta. Regards, Steve
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    UPDATE: shirts are in production and I added some XXL's to the order as I had some requests (reflected on the website). It also seemed like more folks were interested in white rather than the grey so I changed the t shirt color over to white right before production. Stickers are on their way but for peeps that batch ordered (t shirt and stick), I'll wait for T's to come in and mail all at once. Chad
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    Wow incredible and miles can be verified by ultra white washer bottle. Sadly it appears the Polaris is starting to fail in the engine bay and hood with some golden hue making its appearance. Wonder if a new respray would be covered under warranty with the low miles.
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