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  1. 2002 Register. Any interest?

    There is a similar thing here I should have done VIN numbers for names. Do you actually have a database of all the vins and associated car specifics for them? Steve K.
  2. Membership renewals

    We take Paypal and not Credit Cards directly, so, all the changes have to be made there. Steve K.
  3. KGB Raicing #26 at GGC BMW CCA Autocross around 2011 Name: KGB Raicing #26 at GGC BMW CCA Autocross around 2011 Category: Racing
  4. Ads with sound

    Then you have to go somewhere else to find Kardashian Ads
  5. Ads with sound

    You just ruined it by typing in "Kardashian"
  6. Ads with sound

    LOL, no regrets. All ads that we currently have come from Google. The ones that come with sound, will have a little Megaphone on them. Clicking it will silence the ad and all future ads for your browser. Steve K. p.s. ads are not the same for everyone, they are based on your browsing history.
  7. I do not believe that seller did anything wrong and thus i will remove both reviews. steve k.
  8. For the topic, it should be the name of the topic, not the link. It will be filled in as you start typing Steve K.
  9. Conversion to VW Disk Brakes

    Look at the 3rd photo in the article. You only need one bracket per control arm. It will be mounted to the two bottom bolts with the rounded part towards the rear of the car.
  10. Conversion to VW Disk Brakes

    Just one bracket par side, in the bottom
  11. As you might have noticed we got some spam in the last few hours. I have cleared all that i have seen and the users have been banned. I have also modified the way people sign up for accounts with a different style of captcha. Hopefully this will help as the previous style was not working. Steve K.
  12. Korean attack!

    Was still asleep. All fixed now.
  13. Did the FAQ get hacked?

    Done. Sorry, wrong timezone
  14. You have left a negative feedback for someone not because a transaction went bad, but because you did not get the item. I think that is highly inappropriate as seller does not have a responsibility to sell you anything, just as the buyer does not have a responsibility to buy anything after asking a question. You might thing think that the seller have done you wrong, but he has not. You leaving a negative feedback for the seller mars sellers reputation. steve k.