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  1. I have heard reports of the message box not functioning as expected. Some could not upload images, some could not use it at all. I cannot reproduce the problem, so need to collect some data. If you have a problem, please reply to this post with the following details: Problem that you are experiencing, Device, Operating System, Browser. Thanks, Steve K.
  2. The ads should not be showing up for people with payed memberships. If they are, I will fix that. Sometimes, based on some add issues the site will run a little slower with ads. 99% of functionality should be there as they are a "lazy load" last thing to show up, but the script that pulls them in will run until completed. I see all the ads, and at the moment do not see issues in functionality on my side. I will investigate and see what slows things down. Are you seeing issues on desktop, tablet, or mobile? Steve K.
  3. I tried the fix that worked last time. Let me know if things are fixed. Steve K.
  4. Who is going to Los Gatos? Who is going to Sacramento? Who is going to both?
  5. For those who picked up the FAQ hot wheels, next time you see me, I will gladly autograph them for you Steve K.
  6. We are all packed and ready for the trip tomorrow morning. We are brining, Shirts, Mugs, Glasses, Bottle Openers, and Stickers! Quantities are limited, so stop by our booth early to get yours. We will also have Name Tags if anyone wants to wear one around the show. Steve K.
  7. Aware of the issue. Investigating. Thanks for the note, Steve K.
  8. Hi Steve-


    I think you are the correct person to address this with.  I am having issues with the PM function and have noticed another member mentioned the same issue this morning.  When you try to populate the body of the message it won't allow any text to be entered and in the form it looks as if the text box doesn't even exist.



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    2. steve k.

      steve k.

      Can you see if you can clear cache and cookies from the browser, restart the browser and log in again. Let me know if that resolves it?



      no change.  I notice I'm having the same issue on multiple devices (mobile and network) and with several different browsers.

    4. steve k.

      steve k.

      thank you!  i am investigating as i see it on my side also

  9. The annual NorCal caravan to Van Nuys More sinuous curves, less potholes! Pozo Saloon lunch stop the route: https://goo.gl/maps/upx9QQ66Y9EwtxUe8

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