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  1. Do you have a link to where it was for sale?
  2. I am considering doing a product review and at the same time a Vendor review section (yelp style), so both might be coming soon. Steve K.
  3. No matter what i put in place i will not be able to stop the scams, but good practices can. But I am still making changes. We have had a requirement of having first post approved by a moderator for a while, but that did not affect Personal Messages. I have stopped unverified accounts that were coming from Tapatalk when we ended that support. As of now I have added a requirement for a user to have a minimum amount of content posted before they can use Personal Messages. Hopefully this will help prevent some of the scams. Steve K.
  4. I am performing some testing as we are having some problems that are in the background. We will be back to normal look shortly
  5. Yes, different. Gallery is a central place to upload photos in an organized manner. You can use them later in a post. Either by adding individual photos, or by posting a whole album.
  6. There is no way to mass add tags or change description once the images are uploaded, but we are looking for quality and not just quantity. There is a "Update Date" and the "Upload Date" Only the update date will change, so if things are sorted by the update, they will get resorted, but you can still see when the image was first added. Thank you all for doing this! Steve K.
  7. As it is very easy to generate new email address with gmail or other accounts, people will create many accounts with sites using these "single use" email address and then direct everyone to a single location that is easier to check. As you can see by this scenario, it is hard to catch these during registration. Still working on ways to do that. Steve K.
  8. As a lot of us are now stuck at home and cannot enjoy the outdoor activities, i have a request for those who already have images in our Galleries. Please, look through your images and add descriptions and tags. This will help our search engine and also external search finding useful images. thank you, Steve K. p.s. tag "bmw 2002" is actually very useful. p.p.s. please use tags in all your posts and activity on the forum in increase visibility.
  9. I have cleared some cached objects, and this has fixed the problem for Brandon.anyone else still having issue ?
  10. Any details is highly appreciated. I am trying to implement something, but need to work through the bugs. Steve
  11. Are you sure it's 3 days and not just yesterday afternoon? Steve
  12. Sorry, there is no way to "unread" the posts. They are sported by date, newest updates at the top, but other than that, not much can be done. steve k.
  13. Not sure that you will get many responses here to your question as people here are interested in cars made in 1960's and 1970's steve k.
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