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  1. Translation: Hello Baikal, I am looking for a grille for my BMW 1602S from 1973, could you send me the address of the site where you got yours. they are superb. thanks in advance.
  2. hi im just looking for some information about a guy you guys had trouble with jblue(brian baker)i joined this group just for this reason only sorry.i see he has scammed lots of your mebers and has scammed me on another ford forums site.one of your members "mike a"  says to email him if brian baker has scammed you.is there anywhay you can put me in contact with '"mike a"?would be greatly apreciated.thanks.

    1. steve k.

      steve k.

      We do not give out user's email addresses, but i will contact Mike and see if he will let me.

  3. Haha, no problems with that, but I need to attach the baby seat in there
  4. Nick, Thanks! Did you do anything for the rear seats? Steve
  5. Sorry, thought I answered this already. No there is no way to mark unread. But you can create borders if you need to keep track of things. Steve
  6. That link is one of the comments, not the article itself. Sorry, do not know much about that site.
  7. Thanks, I am aware of the problem and investigating. Refresh usually clears the issue. Steve
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I am investigating. Steve
  9. We can set up a spot here for sharing the files. Dow we have enough right now? steve
  10. I made my own spring removal/installer tool by taking an old very large fat screwdriver and adding a cut down the middle of the blade, this lets me grab the spring to pull it off the brakes and also easy to install it. steve
  11. From what we gathered, the color was available from 1975 till 1977. We have several cars in that color in the registry.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. I will need to investigate this one. Never looked at the "Custom Search". There is a "Filter" for the non mobile site that does what is needed steve
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