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  1. steve k.

    Diecast 2002 1:18 models

    Took me a little time but i found my touring. So yes, they do show up on
  2. Mice work well for me, but so do the keys. Cache issues on the browser?
  3. steve k.

    Blogs on iPhone

    Tapatalk only really works with the forums and not the blogs, but i do not know why you would have problems with the browsers. What kind of errors are you getting? steve k.
  4. steve k.

    Introducing FAQ Memberships

    There is no set percentage for the Alpina member, but a pint glass is $7 instead of normal $8 I have not had a sale as I recently moved and cannot guarantee timely shipments. That will have to wait until i get all the boxers organized. steve k.
  5. How to do a basic rust repair on a BMW 2002 Name: How to do a basic rust repair on a BMW 2002 Category: Technical Videos
  6. 1970 bmw 2002 SCCA FSP 126 Steve K Name: 1970 bmw 2002 SCCA FSP 126 Steve K Category: Racing 1970 bmw 2002 SCCA FSP 126 Steve K
  7. First time in 2 years Name: First time in 2 years Category: Technical Videos First time in 2 years
  8. BMW Turbo F1 engines - Part 2 Name: BMW Turbo F1 engines - Part 2 Category: Technical Videos BMW Turbo F1 engines - Part 2
  9. Just scanned this today. With OEM numbers and pictures. Orignal & Complete BMW-Sonderzubehoer.pdf View full article
  10. steve k.

    Camp Fire, Paradise CA

    The fires in California have been devastating this year again. It is heartbreaking to see all the property loss and even more tragic to see the death toll this year. If you drink beer and want to help, find a local brewery that makes Resilience Butte County Proud IPA that was started by Sierra Nevada. And for those who are making it at home
  11. It's a bug in the current version of the software. Should be fixed in the next release. Steve K.
  12. Just did some more testing, The problem also exists on the other articles. I do not know why at the moment as editing is enabled. will keep looking. Thanks for the reminder