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  1. I have ran 3 bolts on the car for years. No issues. You should get about -3 degrees by that point Steve
  2. The Payment method that was used for your reoccurring transaction has been removed by me about a month ago to see if this affects the site performance as they collect some data to prevent fraud. The invoice was issued and was due on June 6th, After 14 days it expired and was cancelled and thus your membership was demoted back to Solex level. I have cancelled your Turbo upgrade and gave the credit back to your account. I have also reissued the invoice so that you can set up a payment method. In the Menu -> Store -> Manage Purchases, you will find the expired invoice and the membership that you can renew. Thank you, Steve K. P.S. There are many ways to contact me. P.M. if needed, or "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. P.P.S I view the site with ads to make sure that the experience is not detrimental. We do not have Pop Ups and i do not think the number of ads and their position is too intrusive.
  3. I am running a 19L from http://www.worldsourceone.com/. Seems to work well so far. Start right up even after 3 weeks. steve k.
  4. And this is why surgeons count all their tools
  5. Saw that green beauty on the freeway, heading home, after the show. It was hard to miss. Steve K. P.S. I might need to start bringing name tags to the NK&K
  6. For those who took the photos, would you please add them to I had to miss the last event, but looking forward to the next one. steve k.
  7. I am now in possession of the headers. We have the extensions for all of them. They are in different length and the longer one is fro the e21 cars. So, all can have en extension, some might have to cut it to fit the 2002. With a few people dropping out, here is the list that i currently have @zinz Header + Extension @Ryan P Header + Extension @jplips Header + Extension @inkatouring Header @CristianGarcia Header + Extension @mccusername Header + Extension Is this list currently accurate? I am hoping that people local to bay aree can pick up the headers at the next Neue Klasse and Kaffee. I can also get them to Laguna Seca for those who will be there for the Historic Races. I am working on figuring out how to get them shipped to people who are not local. Steve K.
  8. The banner is cookie based. The cookie is valid for 30 days. After that it will ask again. If you browser clears the cookie, then you will get asked again. I know links from Facebook do not go to main browser and their browser does not store anything. But if you are just in Chrome and Safari, things should persist.
  9. Neue Klasse and Kaffee is tomorrow in Los Gatos. Hope a lot of you can make it! steve
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