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  1. Are people interested in heaving a Car of the Month competition? We will run it for a month, every month. Winner will get some prize. Top three will alway be on the Wall of COT.
  2. Congratulations to Our 3 Winners! @MOJOJOY @NickVyse and @2002#3 From the last contest Photos from a Driving Event. NK, '02 Related You will be contacted in the next few days! I never expected a 3 way tie for the first place, but we have it. I broke a glass and the shards will be shipped to you next week! New contest will be started shortly! Stand by! steve k.
  3. please use https://www.bmw2002faq.com/competition/4-photos-from-a-driving-event-nk-02-related/ to enter the contest. Steve K.
  4. As all Car Shows and Gatherings are being cancelled or postponed, we will start our own. Second event is "Best Photo from a Previous Driving Event." Very simple: post your favorite photo from a previous BMW 2002 related Driving Event and let everyone decide the winner. This is not a vote for the best car at the event, but the best photo that represents the BMW 2002 community. Add your entry to the competition or vote. Competition is open until 05/24/2020 11:59:00 PM Voting opens - 05/20/2020 12:00:00 AM. All times are Pacific Steve K.
  5. steve k.

    Water Crossing - Shamrock Rally 2017

    A great photo of what happens at a water crossing when '02 is properly driven
  6. Presented to us by @dlacey @dlacey is a winner of BMW 2002 FAQ Pint glass. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/competition/entry/13-bay-area-02-event-may-2002/ Next competition coming later today! Steve K.
  7. Das große BMW-02-Buch Das große BMW-02-Buch Book Author Stefan Schrahe ISBN 3893655093 Number of Pages 1 Year of Publication 1996 Publisher Heel Verlag GmbH Category BMW 02 and NK General Knowledge  
  8. Formula Racing 1966-2000
  9. Explore Southern Germany’s rich automotive history and discover the culture and personalities that define it today. Coverage includes over 20 automobile museums, specialty car tuners, the legendary Nürburgring and Hockenheimring race tracks, and the car manufacturers that made Munich, Stuttgart, and Ingolstadt famous. This is the ultimate travel guide for anyone who loves the car.
  10. haha, well, that was my bad copy and past from Amazon
  11. 14.7 is a stoichiometric (stoich) at which both gasoline and oxygen are fully consumed during the chemical reaction. Other fuels will have different numbers. If your AFR is above 14.7, you are running lean (more oxygen then needed to complete fuel burn), if you are running bellow 14.7 then you are running rich (more fuel than needed) General consensus is that you idle at stoich, cruise at slightly lean (up to 15.5), and max power at slightly rich (no less then 11.5) The actual numbers will vary based on efficiency, timing, all sorts of other things. One thing to remember is that your AFR today will not be the same as your AFR tomorrow or even 2 minutes from now. Carburetors measure air by volume only, so the amount of oxygen in the air will always differ based on temperature and pressure. EFI system will include at least and air temp sensor in addition to oxygen sensor to help ECU decide the volume of oxygen. Adjust your jets based on the type of driving that you do in the condition that you have. On the Autcross car I used to tune the carbs and later the EFI to run at full throttle. It is easier to tune EFI to be more efficient at different stages, with carbs you mostly aim at one spot and hope the rest follows. DCOE carbs give a little more adjustability than DGAS or DGAV, but at no point will you be perfect. If none of the above sticks aim at this WOT 11.5 - 13.5 cruise 14.7 - 15.5 idle 13.5 - 15 steve k.
  12. If anyone needs help, Just post ISDN here and i can add them.
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