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      This weekend I spent some time working on the new set of wheels for the Roundie. I had originally built a set of BBS RSs for my E30, I ended up making them 15x8, which would have been too wide for this car. But if I put the stock lips back on it would have been perfect. However it's all a wash, because my 2002 has been swapped to 5x120, and my BBS RSs are 4x100. So I put the RSs back in storage. I figured it wasn't really worth the hassle going back to four lug, and I happened to have a set of wheel faces sitting on my shelf that I hadn't figured out a use for. 


      If only my car was still four lug


      In come my OZ Vega faces. A few years ago I bought a set of faces for $40. I had no use for them, but for the price I figured I could hang them up on the wall. When I bought the Roundie, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to do something with them. They're the right bolt pattern, and Vegas use 30-hole BBS parts. I just so happened to have a set of 1 inch lips sitting around from my RS rebuild. 


      Before powder coating.


      Before polishing

      Finally found a set of center caps.


      I sent the faces off to get powder coated. I had them redone in a very similar gold. It's tough to capture the color right, in the shade it looks much darker than it really is. But next to the Sahara Beige, it looks fantastic. 




      Before sending off the lips for polishing, and ordering barrels, I wanted to take a few minutes to test fit everything and make sure I knew what I need. I need 15x5.5 30 hole barrels for sure, so if anyone is selling a set, please let me know. These will ultimately sit at 15x7, and I'll be putting 195/50 tires on them. I may need a small spacer in the rear, but that is to be determined. 










      This week I drop off the center waffles to get color matched, and the lips to get polished. I'm still on the hunt for some good, used barrels (as new barrels are well over double the cost). I'll get some new hardware, and slap them together soon! I've ordered a few more odds and ends as well, hopefully those parts arrive this week. I had wanted to take the car to Stance Wars Las Vegas this year, but I rather not rush the build to make it there. I'm shooting for Big SoCal Euro as the Roundie's first big road trip. Lots of stuff to sort out between now and then (mainly the cooling system), but definitely doable.

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      Doing some 'mock-up' work on my radiator/cooling system and dry sump oil system.  There is a method to the madness you see on the various car shows as far as basically building the car then tearing it apart, then painting and putting back together.  It definitely saves on drilling and cutting through fresh paint which is never a good thing....paint is over a year old now so maybe not so fresh.

      I feel like i have the radiator and expansion tank just about right, maybe need to raise the expansion tank just a hair.  Biggest problem at the moment is that somewhere I need to mount a 1 liter catch can/bottle - with the oil cooler and hose running through the front of the nose, nowhere to mount it there....maybe in the wheel well (will need to confer with my expert fabricator friend on that one).

      Dry sump plumbing/hose is working out well I think, I used one of the old oil coolers as a mock up.  According to Setrab, it needs to be a little bigger (the cardboard behind represents the dimension it would want to be).  The one hose I have in now is the inlet (pressure in), the scavenge/outlet is slightly smaller and would connect into the oil cooler on its way back to the tank in the trunk.  The oil cooler gets into the plane of the radiator some but now way to avoid (either side is the same way), + the bulkhead support/hood support blocks some of the cooler so I am thinking about whether I could remove some of the material (hole or holes) to allow air to connect with the cooler (another reason I am looking into a fiberglass or CF hood.