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      I would like to introduce everyone to the FAQ memberships. A fun way to fund the site and to contribute for those who are interested.    Everyone starts as a Solex Member.  This membership is free and not much visible is changing (I limited the personal message storage to 150).   Kugelfischer membership.  As a reward for your donation of $20.02 per year, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers.   Turbo Membership.  As a reward for your donation of $50.02, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster.  You will also get unlimited Personal Message storage, ability to create Private and Restricted Photo Albums. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers and a Bottle Opener.   Alpina Membership.  As a reward for your donation of $100.02 per year, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster.  You will also get unlimited Personal Message storage, ability to create Private and Restricted Photo Albums, and an ability to upload Movies to the gallery. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers, a Bottle Opener, and discounts on our accessories at the store.   There is also a fancy title that comes with each membership.  
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    1. 02PCC NORTHBAY- 02s and NK's will now be a regular gathering every Last Sunday of the month!


      Join us on Sunday April 30th 9am -11am


      466 Ignacio Blvd. NOVATO 94949


      Marin Coffee Roasters is holding their special round-about parking lot for us and distributing FREE coffee for drivers only with a TESORO card! Donuts will also be provided by BAYAREA02.

      Hope to see you there to enjoy our beautiful spring weather!

      Yay for car season!


      Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.51.07 AM.png

    2. Well it's been a while since I have posted (again). As before, the tempo of work has slowed and now I am tackling things as they arise and as the opportunity presents itself.  Since my last post, I have fitted my 123 Tune + distributor which I am now having fun (in a good way) playing with the tune.  I should probably write a post on that on its own just to document what I have done installation wise plus, of course, how I have tuned it. Bear with me if you are tuning in for that, I will get to that later on.


      While investigating a no-start condition, I idly triggered my multi spark CDI ignition having blindly been cranking the engine for some time. The bang as the cylinder full of fuel and air mixture ignited was massive. My ears rang for the rest of the night and it took a few minutes for the smoke to clear. My wife came running out of the house, convinced that I had finally killed myself as I came blinking out of my shed.


      Once I had figured out my problem with the 123 and got the car started, I detected a changed quality to the exhaust note plus a notable 'chuffing' from underneath. The explosion had knocked a hole in my down pipe and blown a chunk out of the sealing flange between the down pipe and resonator. To be fair, both were in terrible condition. The resonator had seemed solid enough but was red with a granular rust all over. The downpipe looked like it was related to Frankenstein as it showed the scars of being welded many times. As the RHD downpipe has been unavailable for many years, this had been patched over and over to get through. I had always had a small exhaust leak somewhere up front and this had been my number 1 suspect for some time. 


      Since I had finally killed my exhaust, this gave me an excuse to get something better. I am a big fan of stainless steel exhausts on classic cars so this was my chance. I considered getting the Ireland stainless exhaust but then rejected it for a number of reasons. Firstly, as I needed a new downpipe and Ireland did not make a RHD version, I would need to get this from Jaymic in the U.K.  From some limited research I am happy to declare Jaymic as the sole source of RHD exhaust down pipes in the world. Rather than double up on shipping it made sense to ship from a single source and get their exhaust as well. Secondly, the overall price was OK - not because it is particularly cheap but because the pound sterling (GBP) was getting hammered due to Brexit. Export trade being a silver lining for the Brits. Thirdly, I am not really looking for anything more than a mild upgrade. The Jaymic system does this through decent mufflers but uses stock sized piping. This means less problems in getting it to fit using stock hanger locations, brackets etc and no gaping 'coffee can' at the rear, just a nicely polished tip.


      The exhaust itself is well made, fits well and sounds good. Jaymic gets them fabricated by Larini Systems Ltd in the U.K.  Looking at their site they obviously know a few things about performance exhausts. https://www.larinisystems.com/technology/lightweight-mufflers so I am expecting a reasonable life out of this exhaust. For various reasons, I did not fit the exhaust myself as I would normally do. Instead, I dropped it and the car off at a local Mom and Pop exhaust specialist for the fitting and to get a bung welded in to the down pipe for a wideband O2 sensor as I am planning an AFR meter to assist with tuning sidedrafts later in the year.  I also dropped off a fitting kit, bought separately from Jaymic, with gaskets, hangers and clamps within. The mechanic used the supplied bolts in the flanged joint between the down pipe and the resonator. This joint is crucial, not just for leak free operation but also as a means to keep the exhaust in adjustment and not knocking. After a few return journeys with knocks and rattles, I realised that the problem lay with this joint and the ability to clamp tight enough to stop the exhaust from rotating. The supplied boots were 'necked' and had been tightened until the threads bottomed out. I replaced these with hex head set screws with thread down their whole length. This allowed me to get more bite on this joint when tightening, fixing the problem before I had to get in an argument with the specialist who wanted to tack weld my exhaust. No hard feelings, I would go back there!


      When the exhaust was off, we discovered that the existing exhaust manifold had been broken and bodged in the past. A large chunk of the flange had come away surrounding one of the downpipe studs. This had been bodgied up with exhaust cement and was another late entry in the category off suspects for exhaust leaks. I needed a new exhaust manifold so I got him to get his cement out and bodgie it up again until I could replace it. Hitting the FAQ wanted board, Facebook Australia and eventually, the U.K. board wanted, I got hold of a great replacement for my 'rare as rocking horse shit' manifold (at least in Australia).  I got a good deal on one shipped from the UK. Wire brushed and coated with Eastwood high temp paint, it was ready to fit. A new cylinder head gasket (finally got an E30 one with the heat shield) and we are all good. 



      Label on the centre section




      Laid out. 




      Detail of the down pipe. 




      Detail of the centre resonator. 




      Rear muffler




      Polished tail pipe tip. 




      Replacement exhaust manifold. 




      Break in the original manifold and welding on back. There was no stud installed prior to removal. 




      Reinz E30 exhaust gasket.  This hangs up slightly on the threaded bosses on the RHD manifold for the long lost heat shield. A few punched holes with a screwdriver sort that. Note that the right hand threaded hole is actually straight through to the exhaust runner. I scratched my head for a few minutes as to where the exhaust leak was coming from. M6 bolt fixes it ( though I need to trim it down). 




      A view from below showing the flange between the manifold and down pipe. Much better than the lash up of exhaust sealant and leaks that I had before. 



    3. larryt
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      Hi All, 


      after my recent trip to NYC and a very busy few weeks organising my upcoming wedding, i was left with little time to get to the garage to work on the car. the other issue was the state of the garage after a few months of neglect and never putting tools/parts back where i found them.. so i decided it was time for a spring clean!! 


      i was having to pull the car out of the garage to work on it as there was no spare space in there (due to rubbish, parts, shelves) so, i pulled everything out and spent the afternoon cleaning it out and re-arranging the tools and parts. im pretty happy with the result.




      feeling rather impressed with myself, we pushed the car into the garage and pursuaded her up onto the stands, ready to start stripping as much as possible to be cleaned/stripped/painted/powdercoated/replaced/repaired.




      ive come across a few issues and i am hoping someone on here might be able to help!!


      1. I removed the nuts from the steering arms, i cannot get the spline out of the holes, any of them.. help


      2. the studs on the manifold are cheesed up and the bottom rear one is literally round now, i cant get anything on it.. ive tried a grinder but nothing will fit in the gap due to the steering box/downpipe in the way.. anyone had any luck using other methods to remove this?




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