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      I would like to introduce everyone to the FAQ memberships. A fun way to fund the site and to contribute for those who are interested.    Everyone starts as a Solex Member.  This membership is free and not much visible is changing (I limited the personal message storage to 150).   Kugelfischer membership.  As a reward for your donation of $20.02 per year, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers.   Turbo Membership.  As a reward for your donation of $50.02, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster.  You will also get unlimited Personal Message storage, ability to create Private and Restricted Photo Albums. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers and a Bottle Opener.   Alpina Membership.  As a reward for your donation of $100.02 per year, you will not see any external advertisements, the site will look cleaner and run a bit faster.  You will also get unlimited Personal Message storage, ability to create Private and Restricted Photo Albums, and an ability to upload Movies to the gallery. You will also get a couple of BMW 2002 FAQ Stickers, a Bottle Opener, and discounts on our accessories at the store.   There is also a fancy title that comes with each membership.  
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    1. It's been a while...


      The ’02 was stored in my garage during the unpleasantly long winter, here’s a shot prior to putting the cover on.






      A few semi-exciting off season acquisitions.


      • New pair of 45DCOEs from Redline (allautomotive)
      • 123Ingition Tune+ distributor, in on the group buy.
      • New rain gutter trims
      • A KMPH speedometer from Netherlands


             Also during the winter/spring I took care of a few tasks to help things progress.

      I re-re-upholstered my sun visors,  I didn’t like my previous job with the same fabric as the headliner, so redid it in vinyl.

      33633889341_85365652f9_m.jpg 33859095076_d805b9dd9f_m.jpg


      -       -   With the same vinyl, I made a small cover to go below the handbrake, not because I thought it was necessary but because when I was installing the center console last year, a screw pulled a thread in the carpet L... which will now be hidden by the vinyl cover


      -      -    I removed the kmph speedometer from the cluster and verified and then repaired the odometer.



      -      -    I made a wire harness for the 123ignition, because harnesses are cool.




      Finally with the snow ending I rolled the 2002 into its “spot.”


      -      -    I installed the new gutter trims. I first smeared some grease on the roof’s metal gutter lip before popping the trim on, rust protection.



      -      -    I used and old quilt to make fender protectors while I work on the car because I’m a cheapo J.



      -    -      I installed the new 123ignition distributor

      33502066633_d86697fa7e_m.jpg 34258830131_9e53a0b920_m.jpg


      -     -     Adjusted the valves (aka gave the car a VJ), I hadn’t done this last year, an oversight on my part.





      -     -     Started the car to confirm the new distributor functioned properly, then started on swapping out the settings from the (unmatched) Italian DCOEs, to the new Spanish DCOEs.


      -     -     Removed the Italian DCOEs and started to swap the settings to the new Spanish DCOEs. Installed new Spanish DCOEs




      -    -      I ordered a new throttle linkage because I wasn’t happy with what I had. Instead of re-installing what I had, I decided to wait a week for the new throttle cable.


      -     -     During that “unused week,” I took the cluster out to swap in the KMPH speedometer. I added an extra ground on the back of the cluster, like other have done, for good measure.


      34092055390_e747887809_m.jpg 34435859636_d67d1d7575_m.jpg



      -    I had originally planned on installing the rocker trim but...

      o   I sprayed the rocker with black plastidip, it’s a unpermanent way of getting the job done, plus I’ve always wanted to try this stuff.

      o   After getting the job done and installing the rocker trim, I decided I preferred how the it looked without the trim. And unfortunately because I didn’t do a perfect masking job figuring the “line” would be hidden behind the trim, I had to redo it.

      o   I removed the plastidip and reapplied it with a nice crisp-line. This stuff is cool.


      34578825232_b67d68a30e_m.jpg 34356400930_277212f887_m.jpg 34609525861_9ea403e04b_m.jpg33931867713_c1c4c4475f_m.jpg


      -        -  Over a week later, I received the new linkage and fabricated a throttle cable bracket which attaches to the transmission. I used some scrap aluminum for the job, it’s times like this I’m glad I keep garbage lying around (piece of aluminium).




       I also had to shave velocity stack #3 slightly, in order to clear the brake booster





      Eurokracy http://www.eurokracy.com/


      A couple of guys I know (mainly Rick), throw a car show every year just north of Montreal, in Mirabel. It’s actually the biggest car show in Canada. This year my buddy, Kosta, who assisted with the restoration project (especially the dismantling, cutting and welding) was peer pressuring me to enter the show & shine. In order to enter you need to be “invited” as one of the Top 100 entries. I don’t feel my BMW is anything special, I mean it’s special to me because all the work I put in to it , plus everything I know, I learned because of it.


                      After some more peer pressure, I filled out the entry form and a day later I received my invitation to the show J...Luckily I did not immediately purchase the entry ticket because this was prior to knowing there would be issues with my new Spanish DCOEs :( 


      bumm, bumm, bumm, bummmmm... To Be Continued...

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      This is the car in question. Its a 1976 BMW 2002 that i bought senior year of high school for 4K. The car served me well and lasted 2 years as a daily and even manged a trip from PA to IN and back. When it returned i took it auto-crossing and binned the valve-train. I tried to fix it in the apartment parking lot but had no luck. This is where the tear down began.I ended up pulling the motor to try and rebuild it. Upon removing the engine i also tried embarking on other maintenance things such as bushings. As the car came further and further apart i found more and more rust. I also started to discover botched jobs that the previous owners did(i'm surprised a passenger didn't fall through the floor). I stopped work to head back to college and this is where i though long and hard about what  wanted to do to the car. Did i want to restore it. Did i want to part it out and buy another one. What i finally decided on was that i wanted to turn it into a race car. I could replace lots of the metal with fiberglass to reduce weight and prevent rust, as well as make the car completely how i want to while having fun improving my skills. So this is where the journey of the Group 5 2002 begins.

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