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    1. This @esty carpet was fun to put in. I could have done a bit better of a job  but it turned out fine. Definitely need a good pair of scissors. Definitely need to let that 3M 90 Adhesive spray sit before you apply it. Definitely rewarding once you are done. Took me about 3 hours. My issue now is fixing my doors and making sure they are water tight and slapping those door cards on. Almost there! 









    2. Hello again,

      This past weekend was full of activity. I have the M42 officially bolted in, hopefully for good! The transmission and driveshaft are also bolted in and my shifter is finished as well. Here are some pictures of the process. I didn’t take too many pictures of the shifter build but it was a lot of work! I used the original 2002 shifter housing and shifter but had to shorten the housing about two inches. I then cut the linkages in half and used half the e30 linkage and half the 2002 linkage and shortened it the same two inches. The original E30 shifter mount was too high and I didn’t want to weld the tunnel…. so I cut off the E30 shifter mount and now had to somehow bolt this new assembly on. There was two holes beside the shifter selector shaft that I tapped holes in, made little adapters and bolted the whole thing together! I am quite pleased with result! My transmission bracket also requested some creativity as I didn’t want to weld any brackets to the body but instead use the original mounts. The original e30 mount didn’t work at all, so naturally I cut it up. I used only the mounting holes off of it and welded a piece of metal bracket underneath to support it. I couldn’t use the e30 or 2002 rubber mounts so I decided to use the original sway bar end link bushing. I think it worked out great! Speaking of sway bars, I purchased a much thicker Ireland engineering one (22mm). However the original sway bar actually mounts in front of the engine and this aftermarket one is underneath. The m42 is a tall engine and I was nervous to do the install… It didn’t fit. If the engine was a smidge further forward it would be fine. That would demand recreating all of my mounts and shifter linkages, so naturally the only other way is down! I added a small spacer to the sway bar mounts and shaved my oil pan a little. Its very close still and I will have to have the car running before I can firmly decide wether or not it’ll do, but for now I am very happy with it! It was such a pleasure to use basically all new/ clean/ redone parts. Everything bolted together smoothly and even my “custom” shifter lined up beautifully. 

      Here is my shifter, the linkage on top is half 2002 and half e30. And here is the entire assembly dissembled.


      Here is my transmission bracket, and with the sway bar bushing installed.


      The engine all ready to go in! Can’t tell you guys how happy I am to be at this stage.


      Its close!


      Now to mount my radiator and wire it all in.... Thanks for watching!

    3. Another Saturday, another afternoon at the garage sorting stuff out. James arrived along with his dad who is a bit handy with cars and offered to lend a hand with some electrical issues.



      he also took some photos of the car (will put these at the bottom of the blog) can you see his super cool merc infront of the bmw, air'd out 


      the rest of the deadening materials turned up, however im still not finished yet and need to order some more of the silver stuff to complete the doors.



      6mm closed cell foam for the floors and doors.


      10mm for rear wheel arches and panel under the rear seats. complete blockage of air born noise.



      the 6 on the floor, this will go underneath the peacemat XR and XL (to be continued) 



      the 10 in the doors, i did also cover the rear wheel well inside that panel.



      inside the rear bench seat support.



      added the sticky stuff, more to go down still 



      thats all the silver stuff down for now, doors left to do 



      now for the ccf to go ontop the tunnel



      tunnel covered, theres a bit more to go in at the back underneath the seats, however i still have amps and wires to go in there so need to cut and measure my mounts up first.


      meanwhile, whilst james was cracking on with the fiddly sound deadening, me and paul tackled the rear lights (hopefully for the last time), managed to isolate everything and new connectors and wires we had it working (with a bit of head scratching)



      numberplate lights arent connected as they are causing me some issues.


      the rear deck floors were annoying me and the covering was really old and smelly and dirty, i whipped it off, sanded them back and gave them a prime and coat of black




      excuse the messy garage, i will clean it soon


      so that was it for the day, really pleased with how much we got done, will be able to have nearly a full weekend on it next week so excited to maybe get some glass in at the front and some more of the sound system.


      see the pictures below which paul too. very atmospheric







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