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  1. Okay, I was not smart enough like Steve (Conserv) to buy tii clock back in 1976, nor lucky enough like Ed for a friend to give heads up what's in junkyard and nor like John76 to find the right one somewhere. With that, every time I drive my car looking at the dash looking for what time it is and obliviously is not there. Has anyone have recommendation if any newer VDO clocks will be suitable. I really like to have clock in there. The ones I am looking at don't have bezel and mounting apparatus look different. https://www.vdo-gauges.com/instruments-displays-and-clusters/by-series/vision-black/clock.html Thanks,
  2. There are some good pictures in below link regarding rocker panel paint. The car seems very original.
  3. +1 @John_in_VA said. If I was going to redo front suspension allover again I will do entire job at once, this means springs, struts, rubber mounts, ball joints, tie-rods, center link, control arms bushings, radius rod bushings and motor mounts, etc. Lessons learned. You will be good for another 40+ years. I installed Eibach pro-kit and very pleased with performance and ride. I think H&R will give you equivalent performance, but will lower your car about 1.5" verses Eibach will lower the car only 1 inch.
  4. What's all included with this engine and trans?
  5. Routing of valve cover to air cleaner by hose is correct and Having trace of oil from valve cover in the carb is ok, but lots of oil is trouble with engine. You didn't explain issues with the car shortly after transplant. Post pictures.
  6. I have some good used syn oil. What grade and how many liters did you need? Shipping cost included, but MSDS will be extra at $38.35 per shipment
  7. Copper nuts and Molylube anti-seize lubricant works every time.
  8. for most part should not cause any issue by removing fuel return valve. If decided to do so, then install tee fitting between fuel hose coming out of fuel pump to carburetor and then tie existing fuel return line to the tee fitting. Now, I would not remove that valve if I was you. In-fact I installed one after I saw your original posting a few months ago if you recall. It make sense to me what is the purpose of it and why was installed by factory in 1st place. @FunkyLaneO has explained how it works nicely in following link;
  9. 1). Welcome! 2). Like to see pictures of your car. That is Rule #1 on this forum for Newbie(s). 3). where you located
  10. Bosch assembly plant in Stuttgart, Germany in 50's
  11. useful information for auto trans
  12. pm'd regarding Bosch distributor
  13. Tom, awhile back I refurbished distributor for fellow member here in central Ohio and when took it apart that anti-friction pad was in pieces. Could not find Bosch part number for it and with little search found following website. I contacted Glen via email and he was kind enough to sell me one. http://www.glenn-ring.com/bosch/