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  1. Nice! Are you going drive it to Asheville, NC event this year? --Farshid
  2. Here is source for carriage bolts. should be able to figure out size you need by measuring threads on the existing one by thread gauge. https://www.belmetric.com/stainless-carriage-bolts-c-563_1130/
  3. @Toca Service book instruction is to replace Securing plate 07119935671 not hex nut unless it is damaged.
  4. Think is time to bench test that starter. Then chase ignition switch if starter passed the test.
  5. Get your downpipe fasten to support bracket first per service manual instruction then use hyd. jack to raise resonator inline with downpipe. At this time insert the donut and adjust resonator height as needed. Use a wet rag and wipe ends and donut. Apply sealer and proceed tightening bolts and nuts. Should be okay to go over the joint with your index finger. You can break up the sealer if needed in the future.
  6. Referred document has the word Hypoid underlined a couple of time. Maybe you want use this oil instead. I filled mine with this oil when I replaced all bearings in mine. https://products.liqui-moly.us/hypoid-gear-oil-gl5-sae-85w-90-1.html
  7. I have nothing to offer for troubleshooting your start issue, but looks like your distributor inserted 180 degree opposite. another word capacitor should be facing firewall. and that is not the reason your car won't start, but should be readjusted at some point time.
  8. been using Liqui Moly Anti-Seize Compound; LM508 for some times and very pleased
  9. Getting my car emission OEM compliant as rolled off of assembly line for engineering reasons and more HP 😉 with a minor issue with ABV/BOV on hand
  10. Congratulation Steve, exciting times ahead. Best Wishes for You and Your Family
  11. @kid2002 looking for exhaust "76, 49 state" manifold. Do you got one?
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