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  1. here is my presumably original spare for 76'02, which now sitting on a shelf as nostalgia.
  2. Reinstall that Fuel Return Valve back once the return hose is replaced by gas tank.
  3. Larry, did you try Roger's tii? BMW 1602 & 2002 14mm Heater Box Inlet Hose for models from 03/66-01/72
  4. Yes. No. I started my reply/post with typing the text and then uploaded the pictures. Once I hit the "submit Reply" noticed my reply/post missing what I typed in. Regards, Farshid
  5. Outer seal flush with the edge of hub. Inner seal about ~2mm reaccessed. Pictures before of seals and bearings removal. I submitted technical article which is available under Technical Article. Key technical point id to coat the sleeve with 35g of your favorite grease.
  6. You got them literary free. I bought one several years ago and still as good as day one. They are pricey, but I know I cannot afford to buy tools twice.
  7. This not any ordinary pruning shear. It is Swiss made and is by FELCO.
  8. Now your are one circlip away to remove piston, spring, etc. inside then clean the innards and repurpose it
  9. I think so. you said converted to to dual side draft carbs. I don't see any harm Speed relay powers white electro-magnetic valve closed. no vacuum flow above 1650 RPM.
  10. I cannot help you, but i like the pictures you have attached. So clear and bright.
  11. I have done this twice and each time came out of the front..
  12. @nhep23, that relay is either EGR choke relay or SPEED control relay presumably this is on the same car (74'02) that you picked up on the way to Denver. From its location on the firewall per OP picture it is most likely EGR choke relay as suggested by John76.
  13. I forgot that is hex head screw instead of flat head screw as I mentioned in my reply. nevertheless, once you take that hex head screw out mirror with its leg will detach from the base. There should be a concave brass washer between mirror leg and the base.
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