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  1. If you talking about sheetmetal screws they are Sheet metal screw 12138530118 B6,5X16
  2. Do not get rid of your fuel return valve. Discount fuel hose that goes from fuel pump to fuel return valve at fuel return valve, crank the engine and see any fuel coming from fuel pump hose. you should use a bottle or canister to catch fuel coming out fuel pump hose. Did you replace fuel filter?
  3. Just make sure that orange seal/foam is soaked 2 in engine oil for 20 minutes prior to installation.
  4. IMH, You can always go with one and see how it rides, functions, etc. then if needed replace the other one. They are totally independent of each others as you know. But they always say to change them as a pair when it comes replacing tires, brake pads, drums, rotors and suspension components.
  5. What is shown in the chart is piston rod. Just got to figure out threaded area on piston rod is Mxx
  6. Followed chart below when installed BILSTEIN shocks
  7. Looking for Supporting bracket 11721261492 with hardwares if available. This bracket is none integrated oil dipstick base type. Thanks
  8. I thought you still have the #1 from archive found 1974 2002 tii distributor should be Bosch JFR 4 That 74tii distributor rotates clockwise. Is #3 car distributor rotates C.C. ?
  9. Larry, Why don't try use distributor from 2002#1 or 2002#2 in this car/engine. This way you will quickly determine what is culprit
  10. this is how I have done. Applied sealants to oil pan flange, laid gasket on top it removed excess sealants from flange holes and laid oil pan with gasket on top block, finger tighten bolts, waited 1/2 for sealants to cure some and then torqued bolts in alternating pattern
  11. All above suggestions are good, but when you study Weber installations paper didn’t suggest to omit fuel return valve, which was installed on later model years car. Of course worn out carb components and or float that Tom mentioned needs to be checked out too.
  12. New ones are available from Bosch unless it has to be an old one. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/ignition-coil-00010

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