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  1. You possibly could have 2 scenarios; 1). if RTV/ sealant was used only on two locations in the picture below then risks is very low. 2). if you or PO applied RTV/sealant on entire parameter of of head gasket for upper timing cover instal then there is chance that you may peel a layer of head gasket. In either case remove all upper timing cover bolts and separate cover from top just enough to get snap off razor knife between two mating surface. Apply same technique to release bottom part of timing cover from head gasket. https://www.amazon.com/Darice-Retractable-Razor-Knife-Assorted/dp/B002C12EHM/ref=pd_sim_201_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002C12EHM&pd_rd_r=XYF71THJWZZ2T43J34JE&pd_rd_w=fzuGP&pd_rd_wg=db7Xo&psc=1&refRID=XYF71THJWZZ2T43J34JE
  2. I cannot confirm shaft seal in your OP is correct or not. I know there are two sizes and depends on what year, etc. I can refer you to following link
  3. Not necessarily. It depends..... Part listed below will be on as needed basis upon examination to eliminate additional oil leaks. 23141352153 - Switch, reversing light and idle gear 07119963130 - Gasket ring 23128677736 - Shaft seal 23121222355 - Gasket
  4. Lift front wheels off the ground at once then try turning steering wheel while turning ignition switch.
  5. You may want to clean two ground wires connectors at the base fuel and coolant temp gauges in addition to extra ground wires to thumb screws and ground wire under neath the regulator. That was remedy to my coolant temp gage fluctuation in recent week.
  6. I never had to install new pins since my original ones were just fine. But if I have guess, I would say to clean up receiving part splines in the car or at least take close look inside of it and make sure is clean and then line up splines on the new pin/bolt by hand, twist a little bit and if there is no rotational movement hammer that pin. If does not want to go in all the way, then hammer it in partially and then use old rubber mounting and old self locking nut to draw it in towards ground.
  7. This should explain better than I could "ANGLE CONTROLLED TIGHTENING A tightening procedure in which a fastener is first tightened by a pre-selected torque (called the snug torque) so that the clamped surfaces are pulled together, and then is further tightened by giving the nut an additional measured rotation. Frequently bolts are tightened beyond their yield point by this method in order to ensure that a precise preload is achieved. Bolts of short length can be elongated too much by this method and the bolt material must be sufficiently ductile to cater for the plastic deformation involved. Because of the bolt being tightened beyond yield, its re-use is limited." Taken from here: http://www.boltscience.com/pages/glossary.htm Not sure if Pdf document provided by link in my previous post reviewed or not . Here is snapshot of same document showing tightening procedure for M 10 engine along other engines .
  8. Hope that you will find is just the gasket. Next time use OEM or Erling head gasket and use torque and angle method. That 60 ft-lb torque in 3 steps was for old gasket and gasket technology of 60 and 70's . Instruction from reputable manufactures tells you to use torque and angle and even service bulletin published by BMW in June 1986 says so. 4. Service-Information - Group 11, Engine June 1986 (Pdf file) Let us know what you find out and Good Luck.
  9. leads meaning spark plug lead/wires? should be replaced. NO RTV required to get leak free valve cover to cylinder head. Invest in new Cap Nut with captive washer. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/cap-nut-priced-each/11617549043/ Bosch Blue coil - hmmm, is the ignition system equipped with with a external Resistor? Not sure what year car we are talking about here or perhaps missed it.
  10. Buckeye

    Weber 32/36 idle screw richness

    When you rebuilt the carb did you remove the choke mechanism? How did you adjusted the choke if it was removed? Did you also remove throttle shaft and plates out as well? Looking at 2nd photo, it looks to me the choke cam is engaged and that is why idle screw not contacting. You did not mention pictures were take while engine cold or warm. I suggest that you disconnect choke mechanism and remove linkage I have marked then re-assemble the choke without linkage, start the car and keep it running manually until engine is warm and the try to adjust the speed screw.
  11. Buckeye

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Picture of coolant temp gage shown with the range (picture credited to dlacey)
  12. Buckeye

    Hose Help Needed

    Just replaced mine about week ago. Ask for 5/16" ID coolant hose (NAPA has Gate brand) which is made in USA.
  13. Buckeye

    Shock removal from the strut

    cut the cap across thread with cutoff wheel, but not into the thread. Use a chisel to split it open and then unscrew it.