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  1. Now is that dash core for tii or all 2002's?
  2. Best coil springs IMO are the ones that are on your car when one coil cut on each combined with a Koni or Boge.
  3. I don't know about replacement for the one you had. Maybe it is time to switch to a German made one recommended by our friend. https://www.maximillianblog.com/blog/oil-filter-socket-for-2002s
  4. This is a copy of spring rates someone on board here created and I kept a copy for me. BMW2002Springs.xlsx
  5. Should drive seal remain outward (in position your picture is shown)
  6. Symptoms described let me believe carbon brush and/or slip ring are worn out. After returning from mini vacation go thru following procedures obtained from Manual Service book and before you take to bench. Test results from procedures should confirm to actual components conditions after disassembly.
  7. From your 2nd picture say you need needle bearing with sleeve. and part No's. are
  8. I have repaired a couple of them in last 2 years and they are not difficult to work on. You need tell us what is doing or not doing. That is important. You could open it up and examine brushes and slip ring diameter. You know slip ring minimum dia. should be 31.5mm In my case both alternators worked on needed new bearings, brushes and slip rings.
  9. 2 years ago just before BMW Vintage. Take it back there and show him this post and ask him what he is been smoking
  10. Walter, here is place to get alignment NTB-National Tire & Battery Address: 5360 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, OH 43016, USA
  11. ^ I read some place that original design/ location of gas filter is before pump and kept it away from engine heat and that is why will find proper location over trans bell housing. Steve might be able help us in that department by inserting a picture of the subject
  12. My recommendation is to utilize fuel return valve with your weber. In fact original Weber conversion/ installation left fuel return valve in.

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