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  1. Get V.R. seal. That what I used about 6-7 years ago and no issue what so ever. It has tension ring like the original one I replaced https://www.ecstuning.com/b-victor-reinz-parts/rear-crankshaft-seal/11142249533~vr/ Not so good for rear crank seal application.
  2. This https://evapo-rust.com/thermocure/ and this https://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/BMW_2002/08-WATER-Coolant_Flush_and_Replacement/08-WATER-Coolant_Flush_and_Replacement.htm
  3. I have for sale a Getrag 232/4 speed Gearbox. This gearbox was completely disassembled and cleaned. All parts have been inspected and checked against specification to replace all worn parts. Parts replaced include seals, gaskets, bearings, etc. Original casting date of gearbox is May ‘72. This gearbox is equipped with BW synchro rings. If you have any questions, let me know. Will provide rebuild receipt as proof of what’s been carried out, upon request. Buyer responsible for PayPal fees and shipping costs. Thanks.
  4. You are not providing any info regarding Mfg. name, etc., but wanting to know...... Anyway, If that is Zimmermann Coat Z Disc Brake Rotor slap them on as is.
  5. June 21, 2020 in my driveway. Was arranged by my sons with local detailer as part of Father's Day gift.
  6. you are mentioning plug wire with boot vicinity. I am guessing is either from coil wire or fluid pump
  7. put that ring in your vise and close and flatten it then install. if it is a tight fit in the grove your are fine.
  8. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/state/front-license-plates-in-ohio-will-not-be-required-on-most-ohio-vehicles-starting-july-1#:~:text=Facebook-,Front license plates in Ohio will not be required,Ohio vehicles starting July 1&text=The license plate must be,front of the motor vehicle.
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