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What did you do to your 2002 today !

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Since the last post I have done the following


1) Install new rubber seals for under the hood, left and right side

2) Installed driver window scraper, grommets, sound deadening, power lock and weatherproofing. 

3) Installed new rear speakers

4) Installed new fiamm horns

5) H4 conversion with LED headlights including relay harness

6) New rear tail light seals

7) LED dash lights

8) Vacume Gauge, volt gauge, AFR meter

9) 80A breaker circuit with 4 GA terminal 

10) Painless Wiring additional 3 circuit relay switch. 

11) New door switch for dome light

12) Replaced door handle with new keyed lock 

13) 80 Amp alternator. 

14) Rear speakers

some other stuff. 



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1.) Put tranny back in, replaced slave cyl, etc

2.) Painted valve cover

3.) Polished timing covers

4.) Painted oil pan

5.) Cleaned up the engine bay walls a bit, removed some leftover emissions wiring, etc

6.) Reassembled head (did i mention in old thread? cant remember)


Eh, I'll get some pix together next update.

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It is nice that we have a 'copy' of the original thread to contribute to.


The title really ought to end with a question mark though... as opposed to an exclamation point.

(even though it really is an exciting topic)


As for my car, I am dealing with a failing clutch master cylinder... which is only a few years old.

I have had it out of the car two days in a row now.

Not today though.  No.  Not today.  Not again.  


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