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  1. I was thinking about removing and re-anodizing the slats but decided to take the quicker and easier route for now. I ordered an $8 pack of 3M colored vinyl tape, cleaned up the side grills and taped everything up. I'd rather execute this look in anodized aluminum, and I plan to do that someday, but this will suffice for now. BTW, any tips on where I can find and replace the missing clear plastic reflector on the driver's side headlight surround? Thanks in advance.
  2. Greetings all. In 2017 I acquired the outdoor barn find '71 2002 you see below and in my profile pic. I know the previous owner through a mutual friend, and he knew I had owned and worked on BMW 2002s previously. He acquired it in pristine condition in 1987, which is the same year I finally got rid of my '72 Riviera Blue 2002, after my foot went through the floorboards. My father purchased that car in 1973 from an auto auction. It was only one year old, had 37,000 miles, and had been hit in the front and totaled. My dad was a mechanical genius when it came to cars and he taught me a lot. We found a 2002 in a junkyard that had been hit in the rear, so we grabbed the hood and nose, did some welding, body work and painting, and got it on the road. He drove it daily for 10 years then gave it to me. I drove it through college and grad school and was sad to see it go. I also had a 1600 rust bucket in for a while. From 2002 to 2014 I built a GT40 replica to about 80% completion but had to sell the project. Last year I helped a buddy do a mechanical restoration on an '86 Alfa Spyder, where I honed some of my sheet metal skills. Try replacing a spare tire carrier in one of those... Anyway, it's time to get started in this 2002 project. I have a 1994 E36 318i in my driveway that will donate its M42 engine, G250 tranny, LSD and assorted bits to the 2002. The 2002 has a Weber-carbed M10 that has had new internals, racing pistons, etc. I really want to do an S14 swap but those engines are unobtainium now, so I'll see what I can squeeze out of the M42. That's the story for now. I live just a few miles from Kimball's Ice Cream in Lancaster, where they do a car show every Friday in the summer. Seems to be mostly American muscle but I'd welcome an opportunity to meet some of you. Thanks for listening.
  3. That's a nice, clean 2002 you have there. Welcome. I'm also in central Mass, and have owned 2002s previously.
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