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  1. I am assuming you have heavy enough springs for the cam? Internet dyno folks say dual springs . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I am sure it was, and would beat mine with two pistons tied behind its back. I was thinking of that exact setup as a future build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Shocked. I would think you would be 160+ on that setup, but what do I know. How much for the build? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I like I.E others prefer other vendors. You are the peak of the peak season. Lots of people trying to get their rides sorted out. I have never found shipping reliable In the automotive world. I think it is the size or weight of the parts going to domestic locations that throws things for a loop. I have a efi system being delivered with ups. Just got my third and last notice today. I didn’t even try to get it. The guy rolls in stealth, tags the door quickly and vanishes, no knock or doorbell. I find email best during this time of year. And then you new address and you will have it for when you get there. I have also used Blunt and Rogers , 02 again, summit, jegs, and a dozen others. All rank about the same.... I take that back Tom at 02 really helped me a lot with my crank pulley. Above and beyond. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. "Merica" We can't decide on a national dish in Canada... half the people want poutine, and the other half want a bowl of maple syrup. P.S love the greeneryie .
  6. Dude come visit Vancouver you would feel at home. The junkies check my car every night to see if I locked it. It costs $3.5-4M for 2200 sqft 40-60 year old home with no back yard and 1 parking space (maybe). Thank god for the 2-3 months of solid rain, at least the place gets rinsed off.
  7. Ok a little venting, you can ignore this update. i hate UPS. They just don't try to deliver in Canada. I camped out by my front door all day, they never even tried, they didn't even darken my doorstep, they just give up after the first try, and now I will have to wait until they "try" to deliver tomorrow, then it goes to a UPS center, which invariably is a 45 min drive from where I am, and only there on Monday ....after 3 Pm... completely useless. A note to trying to sell stuff to Canada, from the U.S. Most Canadian online shoppers won't use UPS, this is second only to the GSP program EBAY has. USPS all the way, or DHL and lastly Fedex. I spend at least $30-$35K a year online, never with a vendor that uses EBAY GSP (Global ship program) or UPS. There is a reason why Amazon is Amazon.
  8. Or you can drill and tap it for a nitrous setup... I think it makes sense, this way you don’t have to pull it apart later . [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Way ahead of you regarding indexing the pulley. I can put whatever crank angle I want using the sniper. It is pretty easy to dial in, just hope it works. The magnets are very robust and used in many other projects. I have a new oem sensor with a oem extension cable so that it fits into the plug on the tbi. Just waiting at my door for the UPS person. They don’t have a great track record with me, hope this time it is different. I love the $31 charge to “broker” the package. USPS does it for $5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Ok so a quick update. The UPS person was here, they did their job well. The second I stepped in the shower, they must have come along. This could only mean one thing, my TBI is back from getting repaired. In the meantime I I have installed the crank wheel and trigger. Hopefully it does what it is supposed to. I rigged up a pointer on for the crank trigger, it will work for the purposes of syncing up the timing, but part of it resides in the groove for the A/C pulley, so I will have to remove it for that job. This was me mocking it up, before I realised that I needed to push the A/C pulley (behind the timing wheel) back as far as possible to clear the belt past the trigger holder. For anyone with the EDIS setup using the reluctor wheel. Is the offset 60 degrees, somewhere I read that it was. When I took the reluctor wheel to my fabricator, I had him copy the center of the tooth gap to the center of the magnet. I will ballpark it at that and hopefully be not too far off to get it running so I can then set up the timing correctly. Still love the "flocked" comment regarding the oil seepage on my timing cover.
  11. In light of swapping motors and getting a better transmission, you can put a F20C out of a S2000, and get the complete package for about 5-7k. I am not sure where the shifter lands. I am not sure about the impact to value, and ease of selling, but on the surface you get a 200+ hp motor, and a 6 speed transmission.
  12. I purchased a racingdiffs one, but haven't gotten around to installing it. it will be something cheap(er) and cheerful. I don't drive it long distances, so it may last me for a long time (not necessarily a long distance). When it eventually goes for a shit, I will get a LSD.
  13. Before you do that, pull out the filter in the carb. there is a brass filter just after the fuel inlet.
  14. The 190 has long been my desktop car, and the 356.. well it is a 356 what more needs to be said.
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