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  1. I lost my VW to a fire. Cracked the carb, it was an inferno before I could pull it over. I do carry 2 fire extinguishers, but they are for getting my passengers out safely. A full race extinguisher is a route, but plumbing and charging it would be a pain.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. An ultrasonic cleaner with a little bit of WD 40 in it would get them loose.
  3. At one point in my life I will have to own a car with pig cheeks.
  4. Holly cow dude, those are nuts. I have never seen something that twisted.
  5. The oil pressure version essentially uses the oil pressure switch as a trigger for the fuel pump relay. the pressure switch shorts to ground when it is below a certain pressure (or above, please check). So put the 12v positive to the power side of the relay, the ground to the oil switch(or the other way around). You crank, the pressure switch trips and then pump turns on If you have no oil pressure it implies that you have perhaps crashed, or your engine has exploded. Both good reasons to shut the fuel off. The possible downside is that you could be out of luck when starting your car that had low oil pressure. In my experience my car gets good oil pressure (sometimes 30+psi on a cold morning) when cranking over so that shouldn't be an issue. In computer land you can program it to ignore that rule when cranking. What I may do is run a relay off the oil pressure switch and a pressure sensor on the turbo oil feed line, and then make sure I have fuel and spark dependent on those being in the green. I ultimately still think that the inertia is the only way to go. Theoretically you could still be hit hard enough crack a fuel line, be bad enough to disable you and not stall the car. My thought is that the oil pressure is more about not blowing up things too bad, but if you don't have the budget it is a good second option and it may save your life. For the cost of a 5 dollar relay and a bit of wire, you can make one.
  6. So in place of being able to work on my car, I am proudly sponsoring this thread I call tool porn. Looking down the barrel of taking the 02 off the road for a retrofit, I am looking at tools that will save my mind by making it easier to find mistakes. I came across this thing. Soo overkill for what I need, but for that time that you wished your car could talk to you. There is this thing. https://www.amazon.ca/POWER-PROBE-Master-Combo-Kit/dp/B01KY4APFQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=power+probe+4+master+combo+kit&qid=1584937888&sr=8-1 So it sparked this thread to highlight all the crazy expensive or single-use tools that you purchased just because it made you feel like a pro. The rules are the following: 1) You must own it 2) You have to say why you got it. 3) How much better was it compared to what you know you could have done without it. So here is my post. I got this thing to do my a/c lines, my a/c is not even working yet, and if I took it to someone who did it for a living, it would be working by now. But I felt like a pro crimping my ac lines. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/AUTO-AC-A-C-Fuel-Hose-Line-HAND-Crimper-Crimping-Tool-Kit-6-8-10-12-DIE/273737119829?hash=item3fbc00f855:g:8WsAAOSw1p1ambTX&vxp=mtr
  7. Ok sorry. Seems weird that the plugs aren’t wet.
  8. If you have good spark on 3 and 4, then you need to do a compression test. I think you popped your head gasket between 3 and 4.
  9. The US government detected fake accounts on twitter and facebook by taking a look at their behavior, during the Russia investigation. They showed that they have virtually no activity in the chat area, and follow nobody. So you should look for newly registered people, that only use the classifieds. They never will comment, add, or like posts, it is a waste of time for them. They only will post in parts for sale or parts wanted sections. They want to keep low on the radar. Also the newly registered fake accounts will use screen names that are very close to other members, by adding a period, space or number. They will likely never use a premium account because that would require a real name and CC. if you need more help PM me. I can run some algorithms to help detect fake accounts, or point you in the right direction. I use the same fraud detection algorithm that the banks use to detect credit card fraud. It is kinda easy.
  10. Dibs if BobBreed doesn't get the bridge. LOL
  11. Winterton got some foil stickers repoed for bosch alternators. Maybe he could help.
  12. Try the hydraulic chain tensioner. If it is cold, maybe the oil is cold enough to make it work. Oil gets hot, and thin, then the hydraulic tensioner is no bueno. I replaced mine a while ago and made it much quieter. The other problem that I had was the support bracket for the oil pump came loose and started to knock on the journal bearing. This happened after the oil pump was replaced.
  13. I would call I.E and let them know your situation. They are great folks, and will sort you out.
  14. Ok.... I will bite, ...was the bulge in it to keep it round? or stop it from rubbing, or part of the manufacturing process?
  15. I use this style. Take off the dizzy cap, loosen the motor mounts and as long as you have a stock sway bar, you can pull it out. I did it three times, no biggy. Use the loop by the thermostat housing. You will only need one link.

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