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  1. Neither. It was made by "Boost Bros" I am not sure if it is the boost bros found on youtube. I purchased the whole lot off someone here on the forum. It was built for the 2002, but never installed. I talked to the guy that had it made. Welds are a work of art and the v-bands are pretty trick. I opted out of the computer he had for it, but took the timing stuff, 318 manifold, injector rail and some beefy injectors intercooler etc.. I am a techie type of person, so lots of sensors including per cyl EGT.
  2. I am following this one closely as well. I am not nearly as close as evil02, but is a stroker out of the question for a turbo build?
  3. I looked long and hard at the ebay turbo kits, but they have a tendency to crack. By the time you start to take it of, gusset the heck out of it, I think you may be further ahead getting one made. That being said I have no idea as to the one I have will perform. It is heavy as all get go, with a thick flange but ultimately part of a basket(ish) case. It may be overkill.
  4. I seem to remember that some folks adapted a M series twin cam cyl head to a M10 block.
  5. That is the problem. I have no turbo motor . I have stock old unknown quantity of a motor which will need to be done up. I am feeling a stroker, as I will need pistons and I might as well do the rest of it when I am there. My biggest worry right now is actually getting the parts. What is the lead time on a custom head gasket these days? I will be in it too deep by the time I figure out I can’t get the parts. I am likely going to reach out to the Toronto folks to get a good block and go from there. That way I can build what I want and not be without my ride for summer. The next one will be electric.
  6. I am looking down a barrel of just that. I am building my garage just so I can handle the car build. Lots of heat, lots of wire, lots of upgrades needed, not to mention the challenges you run into with the drivetrain. If I were smarter I would sell the lot and go electric, no drama , instant torque and it would run forever.
  7. Perhaps a windage tray will help control the oil and keep it from spraying too much oil all over. I.E makes one. It may be worth a try before you start ripping it apart. At the same time put a baffle in the oil pan. You will have to clearance it to accommodate the stroker crank.
  8. Dont forget the filter in the carb itself. It is under the big brass nut where the fuel line goes in. If you are moving chunks like that, it is the last line of defense before it goes into the carb,
  9. So there are worse people to give money to than Mr. Ireland. $1500 for a transmission rebuild... no sorry.. it will be a refresh.
  10. I am trying to not to cut the tunnel as I have a Behr a/c system and zero room to massage it. I have a 5 speed in it now. Would I need more room than that ?
  11. The Hoonicorn is is so fast it is kinda boring. So far nobody seems to be able to touch it. it is just Pop Pop Pop on the line, then bang bang bang though the gears... win ...rinse .. repeat.
  12. Thanks for the reply, I expected that it would be a racing based solution. I had a faint hope that something was adapted from a flappy paddle box. I know I will blow up my 245 with a turbo, it is already kinda tired. I am poking around the idea of using an adapter and putting in a mazda 6 speed. $500( canuck dollars) wouldn't even pay for the syncros I need, and I can get all I can eat 6 speeds at that price. $500 CDN wouldn't pay for the syncros on my 5 speed. I have already jumped the shark in terms of originality, so I am thinking a focus on reliability and driveability would be my best focus. Not having a transmission made of glass behind a 200(ish) high revving motor would be a better long term play. Just wondering where the shifter would end up relative to the 5 speed. I am kinda hesitant to pull the thing apart just in case an already rare bit of kit (like a custom head gasket) all of a sudden becomes short term unobtainium. Parking Brake cables, suspension, pedal box rebuild and completing A/C are on the list I have the parts in hand or in the case of the A/C all I need to do is crimp 2 hoses and charge it. After that a pair of sport seats are there for me to rebuild, ready to replace the good condition stock ones i currently have. Happy Holidays.
  13. I have combed through the archives ( I think), but didn’t find any this current. So has there been any recent developments in sequential gearbox options ?
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