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  1. I always knew that there were big fish sitting in the weeds. Great video.
  2. So I am back in the T. Hundreds of boxes later, and not even close to thinking about anything other than taking the car out once every three weeks for an hour or so. The garage is a disaster, I have to rearrange everything. Move hoses, wiring etc. I have a whole shop air filter to install. If anybody is doing anything somewhat serious then think about one. 200-400(ish) will get you one on Amazon. Some people put a bag of activated charcoal in the filter pockets to try to absorb VOC's. I am not entirely sure it would make a difference. The filter removes fine particles, that regardless of what they are, they are small enough to cause problems as they get deep into your lungs. Everything got here fine. Merging toolboxes is a painstaking chore. Something that I do while paint dries on something. I will be lucky to do anything on it until Feb at this rate. House and family need my attention now.
  3. I should have said "try" to rev to 9K.LOL
  4. I love the look of it. Make it water tight, make sure that the structure is ok and protect the patina. Rev to 9K and repeat.
  5. Hey folks, Hope all is well. I finally arrived in the T. and am looking to unload some oem stuff. I would rather unload it locally. I will be able to list the parts in about 3 weeks. I have a good webber, I owe someone on the forum a header, and another person a battery cutoff, other than that I am open to offers. I will have access to my bead blaster in about 3 weeks (the gloves are welded together) so I can clean them up before I send them out. If anyone is going for a covid friendly cruize, please reach out. Thanks.
  6. That is super cool. Now all I need to do is get rid of the one I imported from Turkey.
  7. i love the random xbox thrown in the mix
  8. I have the same setup. The gearing really helps the top end.
  9. All I know is that the front gets super planted about 85 mph. I think a spoiler on the back would keep that planted feeling in the back. I wouldn’t want to do anything more than about 100-110. My speedo is off, but easily got to 95 ish.
  10. You are right and I apologize. I have communicated directly with the originator and left the door open for further communication .
  11. Yes, it was the worst. New 02 sensor every 2000 km. Even the dealer gave up and installed a switch in the glovebox to bypass the 4-6-8 functionality and made it a plain 8 cyl. If memory serves it was a 400ci or 440ci. There she blows. I took my driving test in one identical to this.
  12. Seems like a great place to hang a methanol bottle.
  13. I remember that my dad had a.... wait for it... Cadillac 4-6-8.... ...I will wait for the younger folks to google that "choice" system... ... Ok now that you have had a good laugh, It was a GM TBI injection and I could see the injectors spit fuel at the throttle plates, and run off the edge. The challenge with the holley is that it can spit so much that droplets are actually ejected up and out of the top of the TBI system. Maybe because the Holley runs 60 PSI (or is it 45?... I will have to check) rather than the gm 10PSI the fuel leaves at a pretty good clip. Some of the folks on the Holley forum said that it helped with controlling the idle. I suspect that they were running older motors with blowby and perhaps jammed up the IAC with crud coming through the PCV.
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