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  1. Dudeland

    Vintage Air ??

    I got my own parts. Sanden 508, parallel flow condenser, Spal(ish) fan, the most important things are Hobbie Dave's bracket for the 508, and Rob's book. I started with a Behr evap unit in my car, but all the rest was gone. This is good because it would have likely been garbage. Vintage air supplied the expansion valve and the adapters from a compression fitting on the Behr, to a modern o-ring style. You will need a #6 and #10, and PM me if you can't find the copper seal washers. Also get the kit from Blunt for the seals and grommets for your heater box, because if you haven't done it , the box is likely cracked and the seals junk. The reinforcing plate for the heater valve is really smart to do as well. Take pictures, because it will take a lot longer than you think to do, especially if you test your heater core. Rob's Book https://www.amazon.com/Just-Needs-Recharge-Mechanic-Conditioning/dp/0998950718 See my post here below, this is the plan that I went with, I am waiting on a header so I can finalize the routing my hoses to the compressor and condenser. The only addition is some heat shield for the hoses routed through the engine bay.
  2. Dudeland

    Vintage Air ??

    FWIW I ordered some parts from Vintage, Some never came, Got sick of calling and emailing, The parts never came, no calls or emails returned. Learned my lesson and moved on.
  3. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    I am experimenting with open/close loop. I had it set for 140 degrees for CL but it didn't like that, Just wanted to see what it would do. I have now set it for RPM, So it will go CL for anything above 1200 RPM, just to see what the AFR's would do at idle. The CL comp would normally cycle from -4 to +6 at idle. I wanted to see what would happen on open loop. It made little difference except when I let it idle down, about 40% of the time it would keep going to 100 RPM, lean out to 32 and then recover. The only thing I am seeing is that it tends to overcompensate less. The header will be here by Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully, I don't have to drag it to an exhaust shop after it goes in. Attached is my current config file. I am playing around a lot with stuff. I think I may start a fresh file from scratch when I do the header. BMW2002 v 16.sniper
  4. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    Burble is a fun word to say. I am not seeing anything to far above 15-16 on the AFR, just by eyeballing it. I haven't really done a deep dive on the data. I am waiting for the header. There is some sort of sensitivity setting to do with the O2 sensor. It has to do with the distance between the collector and the sensor. I really don't want to play with that right now. Not sure if that is something that you can play with on the Megasquirt.
  5. Dudeland

    EZ Steer Power Steering

    Just out of interest how did it feel? Did it feel connected to the wheels? Or did it feel digital?
  6. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    I think it tries to maintain afr during deceleration. All questions I will be asking Holley once the header goes in.
  7. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    Ok good news the header is shipped. Hopefully they put the bung in. Having said that, I am loosing hope that this is causing the issue with the idle bottoming out. I suspect that the manifold is loading up with fuel on deceleration, and then dries up suddenly causing a rich and then a crazy lean condition and stalling. Since the car doesn’t flow much the system is overcompensating then goes full rich, then cycles out again. I have played a lot with it. Everything else I have mapped out ok in terms of if I change this , then that. I just don’t think a leak at the header could cause this pronounced a problem. We we will know soon.
  8. I can’t access my blog from my iPhone using Tapatalk, Crome or safari. It tries but gets multiple errors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Dudeland

    EZ Steer Power Steering

    I will take it, if it isn't sold.
  10. Dudeland

    Need a New HotRod Motor Plan

    FWIW, look at my blog. It is running well. the EFI, designed to accommodate boost, or nitrous, or both. I just need my header so I can sort out my idle. Love tuning it with my laptop and more importantly, data for troubleshooting. Looks basically stock.
  11. Before my fuel injection conversion my car popped and barked, my opinion is that the car is small and if you can be seen you should be heard. Popping I don't think would hurt anything. I have a header, which is about to get bigger, resonator delete with a single exhaust tip. Now it is EFI, the mix is much better controlled, so no pop.... unless I can program it back in. I like it, It is loud enough for SUV's to know I am beside them. Regards
  12. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    Kinda. I transferred and smoothed (once). I will see what it does tomorrow.
  13. Dudeland

    Now for a nice tune.

    Just F'n around with settings today while out for a drive. I thought to myself; maybe less is more. So I moved the decay on the IAC control from 6 seconds, down to 1. This essentially means that when you put your foot down and the revs go above a pre-set level, in my case I think it is about 2000 rpm, when you then take your foot off, the EFI system lets the car return to idle at a set rate, the less decay in seconds, the quicker this happens, the more seconds, the more gradually this happens. I had it set at 6 seconds, which means when I take my foot off the gas above 2000 rpm, once it hits 2000 rpm on the way down, it will hold the IAC at a %, in my case 20%, for 6 seconds, then return to regular programming. The result of this was taking the foot off the gas, Idle down gradually for 6 seconds to 850 rpm, then close the IAC to a typical duty cycle which Holley said should be between 2-10%, mine being about 5%. Shortly after that it sometimes drops to 50 rpm, then recovers. I then changed it to 1 second, so virtually no gradual return to idle. I take my foot off, and it drops quickly to idle, and I find the dip much less. What do you all make of this discovery? BTW the header is stuck at the ceramic coating folks, so I don't know when I am going to see it. I may need a loaner if I am going to get this working correctly.
  14. Dudeland

    1974 BMW 2002 Refurb (Canada)

    That reminds me of a Chevette. I actually had one drive by me the other day. Little known fact. they had to change the rear end gear in the car if you had A/C because it would not meet the safety standards in Canada/USA. I was told because it was so underpowered. Digging your new ride, thanks for taking the ground effect LED's off.
  15. Dudeland

    The Esty of sun visors

    Dude the 123 is sweet if your dizzy is shot like mine.