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  1. I messed with this carb for about 6 months, including customizing the emulsion tubes. I could never get it to be 12.5, without hitting 14+ over 4500 rpm. I was able to smooth out that curve with soldering up the holes on the emulsion tubes. There is a great video on the tuning of this carb, he is a Mini guru but pretty awesome. This is why I went to EFI, and most people know my struggle on this forum with this. It did however smooth out my AFR curve. The trick is the emulsion tube in straightening out the AFR curve. Just got sick of messing around, knowing that I was going to go EFI and now forced induction (soon).
  2. Small world. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. That was my first thought. Pretty common issue. But the backfiring would indicate timing no? After that look check the plug wires. Something is funky.
  4. The gaps were dead on. I mean I was shocked, I thought I may have to man handle it, but it slipped in like a charm, no prying no fuss no muss. I slipped in every bolt by hand. I will keep an eye on it. Regards
  5. LOL I almost put it in my post. Hopefully it won't be a..... Sausage Party........
  6. Anybody running their MS project on E85? I have the bits, just wondering if anybody has an opinion on running it. FI people welcome.
  7. How do you ensure that your Driveline is strait? My eyeball meter says it is ok. The spacing for the guibo was perfect. Like thickness of a playing card close. Center support bearing is great. Perhaps getting on it too hard, too often? Just thinking out loud.
  8. Lol. I think that you could walk to IE before I get it shipped down to you.
  9. Ahem.... Ya... it was in bad shape. I can't believe it got that bad so fast. It has maybe 10K miles on it. German one went in. Thanks to Kristen Showers at Brian Jessel BMW. I called them, they didn't have one in the country. Then 5 min later she called me back and said she could get one from a reseller for me. Totally saved my bacon since I accidently ordered the wrong one from IE. Great service, things like that get me thinking of a BMW for our new car in 2022. Next step is getting the diff redone. I have the kit. Just need to take the car off the road to get it fixed up.
  10. I have one if you need it. Just ordered the wrong one for my car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. If it is still listed it's available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. This is the Amazon picture, but the actual guibo is OEM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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