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  1. Dudeland

    Heater flap foam density

    Get the kit. It comes with all the bits to make the flaps open and close correctly. I thought it was an easy, glue, scrape ...cut... nooooooo. I said WTF to the $70 bag of foam and metal, but something in my gut said that it isn't that easy. I thought my heater box was fine..... everything that didn't turn to powder, wasn't working right.
  2. Dude ...same setup, same year different rims, same tire Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So I got my intake back... in one day. I think he is getting a little excited to see this thing going. Some more picks. I thought that there may be an interference problem with the coolant pipe that comes out by the carb, but it is on an angle and will not interfere with the TPS sensor on the EFI. I realized after the mock-up that the fuel inlets will have to be around the front since the throttle lever needs to hang over the side to work. This is something I needed to commit to right up front because the flange and adapter are offset. I tried flipping it around and nothing lined up. Perhaps I could mod the throttle lever to work on the other side, but I feel that the lever rotation towards the firewall will make it easier to put together a linkage. Also If it ends up not working, It will be saleable. I had to order a new water diverter, I could feel the pitting on the inside of the pipes, so it is just a matter of time before it pushes through all the way, and I have a leak. I also ordered a linkage kit for a Link manifold. I thought it was the most flexible option I have at this point, although I am not willing to let go my beautiful heim jointed linkage just yet. (silky smooth) I had the port on the intake drilled and tapped for the 3/8 npt coolant sensor, It should be ok, but I will double check. I could be wrong, but it looks like a standard GM unit. I had the other vacuum ports for the emission hoses welded shut as well. I had the intake ports matched to the head. I had read that had helped. Also, I ordered a 1 1/4" flex-hone, to help smooth out the casting in the intake. I am not taking it down all the way to a polish, but just smooth it out a bit. Now back to the stupid heater box. So dam fiddly, I will be glad once it is in. Every time I think I have all the cracks fixed, I find more. It should be in by Monday... make that Thursday or whenever... The weather is gorgeous here in Vancouver, and I will be spending as much time as I can with my family. .
  4. Dudeland

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    No matter what you do, it is all about customer experience.
  5. Dudeland

    Temp Gauge location

    So here is what my fabricator was able to do. I have a FLIR so once I get it up and running I can see how well the sensor is placed. It just seems like it will be tidier .
  6. Thanks Holley for jumping on my humble Blog. And yes my car was/is running the best it ever had. I have had an AEM in the car since I purchased it, and it does operate well enough to tune the car. I can see where it is rich, lean and in-between. What will really help is the data log that the sniper will produce. I ordered the try-y header from I.E. (or will be once I get the PayPal invoice from Jorge). I have an old beater of a header where a mechanic had installed the bung for the 02 sensor incorrectly (angled up, so it catches the condensate). That shortened the life of the sensor and has reciently failed. I have a new OEM Bosh for the AEM, and the sniper comes with a new sensor which I will only install once the Sniper is in using the clamp on fitting, and eventually the new header.
  7. Dudeland

    Linx manifold cable linkage

    What is the throw of the cable approximately do I get over an inch?
  8. Dudeland

    Linx manifold cable linkage

    Yes I am going to use it for the Holley Sniper. I expect I will have to fab something up. The challenge is that the throttle shaft on the EFI is on the end of the carb, the 32/36 is on the side. I upgraded my linkage with the rod with heim joints. I know I am going to miss the feel of that. I need something easy to do right now.
  9. Dudeland

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    Dude if I was in the neighbourhood...., if you want to open an HQ in Vancouver, call me first. I do tech consulting, and do very well at it. If you want someone to bounce ideas off of, just PM me. I know you guys must be going nuts. Jorge usually gets back to me in a matter of min (perhaps hours), when he does, he is always very helpful.
  10. Any hints or tips to installing the cable linkage for the Linx manifold?. I am using it in my project and some have complained about the feel and had re-installed it a couple of times to get it right. Thanks
  11. Dudeland

    Temp Gauge location

    I am actually taking a third option. The 1975 has a fitting in the manifold that I am having re-tapped as a 3/8 npt.
  12. One thing that I didn't think of is how close the TPS sensor in relation to the coolant pipe when the assembly is on. I gotta swing by my fabricator dude with all the bits. No biggie he can just extend/change the location of the inlet (or outlet).
  13. The injectors consist of a ring of holes drilled just below the butterfly. The FItech uses a typical injector.
  14. Dudeland

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    Well if anybody wants to have a good laugh, and provide a little help, I am about to start the Sniper install. I am positive I will have something insurmountable to fix. We can talk NOS, and what it takes for our cars to hold a lot of it!! On the BC bud front, all seems just the way it was before, except for the 1300 car pile-up that has been happening over the past day.