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  1. I looked at these, but you need to make sure your floor meets specifications. From what I can tell you need a minimum of 4" thick concrete to support the jacks properly. You could break out the concrete, and poor a pad in the place where you want to mount it. I know I wouldn't trust my 8 year old floor which is probably 3 inches in places. I would want to reinforce it, not because my 02 is heavy, but perhaps the next person has a truck. Still a great idea, and gets around some city bylaws that forbid the installation of permanent hoists (and pits for that matter) in residential areas.
  2. I just was on the website, they do have cross beam adapters which would allow you to use the jacks sideways. https://www.quickjack.com/accessories/cross-beam-adapter/
  3. The next show after the last. Check out this one. At least it isn't set on the mud.
  4. I took an angle grinder and cut a groove in the rubber blocks, kinda hack, but it works. They do sell pinchweld ones, but they didn't have them in stock when I ordered mine, or maybe I was being cheap, I can't remember. Because I worked (and will continue to work) in a one car garage space, my ability to work side access is not really a factor, hence i don't find the Quickjacks a hindrance. I weighed the options of having a scissor jack hoist, but felt that having unrestricted access to the center of the car with drive axle, exhaust and transmission access more important than height and side access. I seem to remember that there are some scissor designs that give you better center access than others. If side access was essential, I suspect that you can put them sideways instead of lengthwise, but you would would have to run some sort of adapter because the jacking points on the Quickjacks would be too far apart for our little 02's width. Unless you are a structural engineer, I would use them as designed. In addition I can throw these in a truck myself, take them to track days (I have never been to one), or easily lend them to friends, unlike a scissor lift . As I write this I am watching some random Youtube ( I think this is "budget buildz") . Check out the angle on the jack stand. DANG!! *** Important update** I just received a note from one of the folks here regarding pics of the car on stands, and I remembered that the length is different on the ones Costco sells. I have and used the 3500 LB version of the Quickjack. I don't have access to my car, but the 7000 lb version may be too long to fit between the front and rear tire. Please confirm before you buy. BL-3500SLX Lift point spread I - Maximum: 50.5" (1,283 mm) J - Minimum: 27" (686 mm) BL-7000SLX Lift point spread Length - Maximum: 60" (1,524 mm) Length- Minimum: 31.5" (800 mm)
  5. For those who read my stuff (i am so sorry... ) know that I am about having things safer. I was never a fan of floor jacks and stands. They are always marketed as "axle" stands, but I don't think I have used them on an axle since I was in my teens working on my 79 Camaro ( and yes, I did listen to the Dead Milkmen's "Bitchin Camaro." Quickjacks give you proper height and allow you to maneuver longer things (like exhaust) out of the way easier. And they don't get easily knocked over. If you can afford them, get them, if you can't, try to save up. I know it is way cooler to have a nice shiny toolbox, or new rubber, or coilovers blah blah blah. Every time I get under the car, I am confident that I am not doing any damage to the pinch welds, and can push and pull with the confidence that things won't fall on me. Costco has these on for a crazy deal. I ordered mine from the U.S and paid easily $400-$500 more due to taxes and duties and exchange. I know it is a lot but have seen what can happen when big things fall on small people. Quickjacks should have been one of the first tools I got, not my 250th, that is for sure. https://www.costco.ca/quickjack-bl-7000slx-3182-kg-(7000-lb.)-portable-car-lifting-system.product.100485193.html Sorry... not exactly 02 specific tools. Here is one. A tool to change the cam. I will likely need one of these soon...
  6. I think if you are bending them, you may need to re & re your brakes, the adjusters should move quite easily, at least that is my experience.
  7. Is it a bad sign when I already feel that way, and I haven't turned a wrench.
  8. I got one of these. It is on mothballs because of life. I wish I got it about 20 years ago when working on shitty cars and trailers. I don't really like chasing down electrical issues, this may help.
  9. In short, you are hooped. I use PP for Sh*&T tons of stuff. Unless you sent him an invoice stating that the deposit is nonrefundable, PP will rule in favor of the purchaser. You will have to prove that you have a lost of revenue as a result of him backing out the transaction. I have had to dispute tons of stuff, some bigger dollar stuff (for me), and the heavy burden is on the seller to prove that he/she is out dollars. PayPal... the "Pal" part is for the the buyer. Sorry. I hope you are able to work something out.
  10. I just got a A4/B6 as a daily and thought that it would make a good swap candidate, but then I realized the vacuum crap was/is a PITA, so no. Boost comes on from what i can tell about 1500.My turbo inlet is about twice the size of the k3( I think that is the model) turbo.
  11. I was thinking the client may be someone on this site. But so far.. crickets....
  12. Thanks Jim. I do have the bit and pieces for my boost controller, along with a bevy of pressure and temp sensors, dual 02 sensors and EGT sensors for each cyl (just in case). This is in hopes that I can detect a failure before it gets to be catastrophic.
  13. Dam if that think is $42K, mine will be $75K after I am done. Looks like the parts bin threw up. Chewing gum and bailing wire and getting 350- 400HP out of that? Stock internals maybe... who knows? Doesn't look like it has a computer controlled BOV, I see the reference hose headed towards the intake.
  14. it is for these reasons that we can't run a cage and get insurance, At least in Ontario and BC. I will try to stiffen the chassis any way I can, but most folks I talk to, think you should have a helmet. You may be able to get away from it with cars that have taller roofs, but If I put a 1-1/2 to 2" cage, the side of the cage is just about level with the top of my ear (admittedly I have have a large chassis myself).
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