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  1. Hi all, This is one of many parts requests I'll have as I get ready to receive my car back from paint. Hopefully someone out there has extras in their stash. I'm located in central Los Angeles but can also pay for shipping. I'm currently looking for very good to NOS/new condition examples of the following parts as best I understand their numbers: Door Hardware Grommets (As many as I can find, but need 12x for 2 cars) 52-20-8-238-999 BMW Hood Gasket 51-23-5-480-192 Chrome Spray Nozzles 2x 61-66-8-445-110 NOS/new Chrome Taillight Ring Left 63-21-1-353-317 NOS/new Chrome Taillight Ring Right 63-21-1-353-318 Taillight Gasket x2 63-21-1-351-664 Please send me a DM to discuss what you might have. Thank you very much in advance and be safe Yego
  2. Hello, as the title states, I’m looking for a crack free top portion from a 3 piece dash. I have everything else needed for a nice dash, but I’m hoping someone out there has what I need tucked away. Please comment or send a PM if you do. Posting photos of my own cracked piece for reference. thank you Yego
  3. Do you have to do paint? Can you do a partial vinyl wrap to see what you like first? I like all the dark green options with Sahara and gold wheels. Agree with the remark about satin flat black being an option as well. Whatever you go with, I feel like it needs to be pretty solidly mid-70s. The E21 color Sepiabrun would look the part probably.
  4. Ridiculously low price for a shorty console (66-mid 71 spec) with pretty minor DIY repairs required. Someone buy this, plz.
  5. Yeah, agree. The football washer tank, grills, possible presence of embossed nose trim, dash, console are worth $500 by themselves to some folks.
  6. It looks like you went to visit Beverly Hills Car Club. NOT the place to buy from, fun to browse but they definitely flip rusty cars for too much money. There’s a decent Malaga roundie for sale on CL in SoCal just about once a month if you can hold out for the right one...
  7. The past few days I’ve spent with my aunt in McNeal, Az. Rolf made it all the way down here. Before that, I broke down 3 more times, guys. I couldn’t figure it out, the battery kept dying even though I swapped it out in Flagstaff. I pulled into a gas station in the middle of nowhere on Navajoland and the car wouldn’t start back up. Hmm, alternator? I got a jump start from some Samaritan and continued on confused. Fast forward another three hours and I need gas again just outside of Phoenix, 20 mins from a friends house. I pull into the station feeling dread at the idea of the car not starting again. It didn’t. I looked under the hood and saw the issue. And I see an issue, the alternator indicator light wire had pulled off... the spade ripped from the wire and just dangling there. Ok. Luckily, I happened to be next to a dude who said he was a mechanic. He has some electrical stuff in his truck and he soldered me a new wire. (Of course this issue isn’t what’s wrong but at the time it was the only issue I could see.) Car still won’t start on its own but I’m feeling ok and trying to drive the rest of the way to my friends house to figure it out in the morning. It was dark and getting late. I got back on the freeway hoping to make it 20 mins to my friends place. 5 mins later all my lights went out and I was forced to pull over at the next exit. WTF was happening? Car won’t start, lights are out. New battery is dead 5 hrs after I swapped in a new one. Then I see the issue I missed when at the gas station a few moments before. The ground wire on the alternator is completely broken off. Only two lonely eyelets remained with nothing to connect them. So obviously my alternator was charging at all. I didn’t have a ground wire or eyelets or a crimper in my toolkit. Well, time for AAA and a tow truck. Two hours later I pulled up to my friends house. I had missed dinner and the kids He’s had since I’ve seen him and I wanted to meet are asleep. The next morning I get a jump to autozone to get some wire kit and then another jump to a mechanic’s my friend says he trusts near by. I’ve been kinda disappointed in all the break downs, so I agreed to bring it to the mechanic rather than get the supplies at autozone and do it myself. As I’m making this decision I have a sinking feeling that the mechanic wasn’t going to understand old cars and I should just do it myself. In the end, that was the case. The guys at the shop couldn’t care less that I was trying to get on my way, there were 3 brake jobs in front of me. I tried to be patient and went to a diner and ate with people twice my age. Impatient, I called Ken Blasko a couple of times to go over the logic of the problem. I walked back to the shop and they hadn’t touched my car. So I asked a young mechanic if I could quickly use his wire strippers and crimper. I made up my ground wire, even tho my wire I bought was red not black or brown as I later remembered it should have been. I asked them to use their portable battery charger. I jumped the car and asked the guys to see if the alternator was charging. Finally, it was. It felt good to go through this experience. Even though I was sick of making mistakes, I still knew/cared more about my cars issue than random guys at an auto shop. I should trust myself a bit more in the future... I drove down to see my aunt in South AZ and have hung out here the past two days enjoying the quiet and the sunsets. Yesterday, I took the care into the incredible Chiricahuas and Rolf did well. Today I’m going to attempt to make it all the way back to LA, a 9hr something drive. Headed out now. Wish me luck. Zion
  8. Boy, is it great to have friends in the 2002 community! Thanks to help from my network I was able to fix the issue. The shift rod had disconnected from the transmission. Not the platform as initially thought. What’s strange is the pin was still in the sleeve end even tho the ball was naked? Did the pin shimmy out of the ball and then slip back into the sleeve? Super unlikely but can’t think of another reason why that’d be. In any case, I jacked up the car, crawled underneath and struggled with it for 30 mins until I finally connected the two again. I rotated the sleeve so the pin holes were covered and it would fall out again. I’m just happy I can be on my way tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  9. Welp, shifter linkage came off in my hand just leaving St. George. Thankfully I’m only 10 mins from my buddy’s house, waiting for the tow truck. I called my old timer friend Tommy Cleaves, he kinda walked me through what I’ll be trying to do tonight. He thinks the shift plate just came off and I was having a hard time shifting out of 3rd cuz I had no leverage. The 8mm Allen bolts are hopefully still attached. if anyone has any advice about how to make sure I do it correctly, it’d be super appreciated. All in all, I’m surprised I’m not more bummed, but trying to keep it positive. If I can’t do it myself I think I’ll try getting towed to back to sin city bmw and from there south to Arizona to get back on track with my map.
  10. Transmission issue: I was able to get under the car at a lube place in St. George and had my buddy shift through the gears as I filmed this video. We didn't see anything in the way or any issues with the linkage... hmmm. Didn't see anything in the way, but I don't know a ton about transmisions yet, tbh. See video below of the car shifting smoothly through gears from below. The starting/battery issue, does seem to be the starter itself. I checked the connections, retightened everything and now it *seems* to be working. Could it be the solenoid thats the issue? Its a new starter off the shelf, bummer if there's issues with it already. This morning I did a quick drive through Snow Canyon outside St. George to test it. It drove smooth and started up a number times. No issues, so fingers crossed it stays that way. I think the plan is to just continue on with my plans. I don't feel like giving up or turning back right now. Headed to Zion and then southeast into New Mexico... File from iOS.MOV
  11. Ok, so TL;DR is I had my first couple of issues with Rolf today on Day 2. Luckily both of them happened after I had already reached my friend's house in St. George, Utah. First there's maybe something wrong with power to my starter. Second, 3rd gear got stuff in position twice while driving and wouldn't release for nearly a minute. Here's some details: 1. After 350-400 miles of driving without issue, I pulled into my buddy's house in St. George and turned off the car for about 10 mins. When I got back into the car to drive us to lunch just moments later, I tried starting it it sounded like the battery was dying, the engine turned over a few times, but then I just heard the clicking noise of the starter, nothing else doing. I tried again and nothing. My friend jumped me with his car and it started right up. We went to lunch about 10 mins of driving away. Afterwards, of course, it wouldn't start again and we had to get jumped. Actually we had to get jumped twice, because after I started the car the first time it died at idle... But it wasn't the battery, because the headlights and dash lights would still work. I called a friend and had some solutions texted to me from friends and I think maybe I've narrowed it down to an issue with this new lightweight starter that was installed just before the trip. Its not the S14 starter but similar. Maybe its the solenoid? I doubled checked the wiring... and now it's starting. But I couldn't even get a click going when it was feeling like it was dead. I'm a bit stumped, but I'm praying it'll start at least long enough to get down to Farmington, NM to see IRDave's guy Brian at Speedin' Motorsports... I was gonna put the old stock starter in the trunk just in case, but I felt was too heavy... 2. The second problem has happened twice, both times during the same timeline as the problem above. When driving and in 3rd gear preparing to downshift or stop, the shifter gets *stuck*, like fully stuck in the 3rd gear position. I tried pulling on it pretty hard but its stuck in that position, then seemingly magically, it releases and I can shift into all gears and neutral. I had come to a stop in a turn lane in traffic in St. George on my way back from lunch and cars were behind me. While getting ready to turn, I realized I couldn't get into 1st gear to accelerate across the oncoming traffic. I tried and tried to get the gear out of position. Eventually I had to just let the clutch out and the car died in the turn lane... with the start problem happening I was stalled out with cars lining up behind me. The car wouldn't start at all. Thankfully, the good townspeople got out of their cars and helped push me out of across traffic to the side of the road. Any ideas what could be up with the trans? Here's some photos of before all this stuff happened. Overall it was 97% a fantastic day of driving in incredible landscapes.
  12. Today was Day 1. I left Los Angeles just after morning rush hour at headed up to Lancaster, CA, about 1.5 away. Nice little drive to shake out Rolf's legs. There's a guy up there called Matchstick. Yes, Matchstick. He is in the middle of nowhere. He's commandeered an old airplane fabrication shop. It's awesome. I know of him from a friend who's big into the Custom American Van scene. He actually runs Custom Vanner Magazine. He is also a metal and fabrication wizard. I was only there for a short visit but in that time he dropped all sorts of knowledge and I could just barely keep up with what he was talking about triple welding chevy replica brake calipers... See a few pics... As I left Matchstick's, I got my first lesson of the trip. If you see a gas station and you are at half a tank, refill! I feel some pangs of anxiety as I continued to empty my tank on super straight nobody-in-sight back roads. I was 35 miles from a gas station, luckily, it wasn't so bad and I made it, but lesson learned. Eventually I made it to the civilized path of the 15 east and drove to Las Vegas for my first night. Not where I'd normally want to go, but I was invited to make a pit stop by Chris at Sin City BMW. Those guys are the ones who built that ridiculous "X2" off-road 2002, that patina NK with a modern 6 series drive line, and the 8 series convertible, if you've seen those images around. They also do really nice 2002 and E30 restorations. Chris is a buddy of my friend Ken Blasko and it was really friendly of him to show me around the shop and talk cars, even while customers were showing up at closing time. Cool folks. Tonight is actually my first time in Las Vegas. I'm not sure I like it, but I got a fancy hotel room for cheap via some app. Tomorrow I'll either drive to Salt Lake City to see friends, then to St. George. Or I'll skip Salt Lake all together because its 3:40 out of my way... Rolf performed well, knock on wood. More tomorrow, for now a few pics from today. Thanks for all the responses, I'm taking the winter weather warnings seriously, I appreciate the look out... Yego Images, typically I prefer to overpost images on my Instagram stories @hellayego but here's a few random ones from today There are 20 vans and/or carcasses at Matchstick's place. This one he painted and turned the side door into a gullwing using his own fiberglass mold. Rolf at the turn off for Lake Los Angeles Apparently Sin City BMW has the NOS back up flares for the Jagermeister race car. These were in some junior bmw technicians basement in Chicago until Chris found them.
  13. Heading out of LA this morning, feeling somewhat prepared. Got my spares, got my snacks, a boombox and a good attitude. Thank you again for the well wishes, I’ll post progress as interesting things happen or don’t.
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