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  1. hellayego

    1967 BMW 1600 152XXXX VIN

    Car is sold, went to a forum member. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. FAQers, I'm looking for inspiration and guidance as I prepare my 02, Dolores, VIN# 1668702 for a glass out, pretty damn thorough restoration. I love how it looks now and have spent a ton of energy getting , but I'm excited to root out any hidden rust and bring it back to beautiful Atlantikblau. As I look through the build thread section, it's daunting, there are so many. Hundreds. Any recommendations of your favorites, especially euro-inspired-resto-roundie-rally-tribute build threads would be greatly appreciated. I want to learn about methods of keeping organized, lessons learned along the way, horrible pitfalls to avoid that I can read about from the safety of my garage. I just learn so much about the different processes by seeing how others have approached them. It makes me a bit nervous to publicly state this, but I also would love to use the forum and this project as an excuse to write more and keep myself honest and accountable to my end goals. Here are two of my favorites I've read so far: Das Frogger Tilapia (clearly an influence on Dolores) Thanks, Yego
  3. hellayego

    The Care and Feeding of Frogger

    Uh oh, I remember the rotisserie... What was that about a concourse restoration?
  4. hellayego

    Gold Braun Seat Vinyl

    Hello FAQers, I'm looking to recover some Gold Braun seats for a 1969 restoration project and am desperately looking for gold braun replacement vinyl. Attached is a color reference of Gold Braun from my seats... Thank you Yego
  5. hellayego

    touring tail lights complete

    Cool, out of curiosity, how are touring tail lights different from the coupes? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hellayego

    1967 BMW 1600 152XXXX VIN

    FAQ Friends, I posted my 1600 the other day on Craigslist and getting around to sharing it here as well. Please DM me if you're interested. Price is $4500 OBO due to rarity and parts included. See posting below: For sale in Los Angeles is a very early example U.S. imported BMW 1600 project car. When inquired about the VIN history of this car the archive department at the BMW Group responded:"The BMW 1600 VIN 1521026 was manufactured on March 29th, 1967 and delivered on April 20th, 1967 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Tampico, paint code 005."Some details about the car below.Exterior and Body:The car will need some body work and paint to reach its potential, but is in pretty good shape for its age. Rust is not critical on this car. Only bad patch found is in the pedal box area and the spare tire well needs to be addressed immediately. The area will require a patch the size of a mini football. The spare tire well is also a situation in which a smallish patch is sufficient versus a complete replacement of the well. Otherwise, the car looked very clean minus surface rust when up on the hoist. Nose, fenders, rockers, arches, rear shock mounts all look very good for their age. The car retains the 2/3 of its original factory Tampico, including the engine bay. Tampico is rare paint color only found 1966-69, including on the 1600ti model. There is patina and fading on all horizontal panels and some verticals. There are also some spots that still shine nicely. There is surface rust and about 10 smallish dents on the tail, rear fenders, nose and doors, but truly nothing major. The rear right does look like maybe someone tapped the tail light area lightly while parking, but again, nothing compromising. The nose and hood have been replaced at some point by other panels, from a similarly early car in Chamonix paint. The inner lip of the hood has the correct three vent holes shared by the early cars. The nose has some light surface rust and a fixable dent. It also has some unfortunate body filler smeared on a 7 inch portion of the hood. It looks worse than it is. The fenders seem to be factory sheet metal replacements, partially spray painted along with the hood a copper color. The fenders are not welded to the nose panel on either side. All glass is in excellent shape and appears to be original. All seals and gaskets have cracked and will need to be replaced. All regulators and latches work as they should. A mostly complete belt line trim set comes with the sale. It is missing only the nose trim piece and driver's door trim piece. Chrome tail lights and early all red and white lens are in decent condition. The car's fair condition, original euro style flat turn signals are also included. A complete aluminum front grill set in decent driver's condition is included in the sale. Front and rear chrome bumpers are also included in the sale. The front bumper is lightly painted black, but as you can see, can be fairly easily removed with solvents. The rear bumper is in decent condition and features an amazing period bumper sticker saying, "Pray the Rosary." The rear bumper is the early style with inlaid license plate lights. All early badges are included in the sale.There is also an early and rare swan neck side view mirror included. Mechanicals:The 2.0L engine was revived briefly this summer, so it runs, but it suffers from a fuel delivery issue somewhere along the system. Could be as simple as the fuel filter, or could need new lines or the tank to be boiled and cleaned. But we know it runs when feed gasoline directly to the Weber carb.At some point the car has been partially converted to a 12V from its original 6V configuration. This was a common period upgrade for early cars, but for those interested in originality, the car still retains many of the pieces, such as the alternator, which make the 66-67 cars so unique. Within the last 6 months the dash gauges, front and rear lights and turn signals, were tested and found to have functioned. An extremely hard-to-find NOS football washer fluid tank is included with sale (gasp). Assume suspension is still stock and brakes will need to be fully overhauled. Car does has its original long neck differential. We didn't not even look into the condition of the drive line. The brake booster is seems to be missing, however. Parking brake works. Interior:The car's early interior is nearly complete and includes chocolate brown early front and rear seats in decent or repairable condition, front and rear door cards in decent or repairable condition. Early chocolate brown armrests and early door pulls and window cranks are also present, but need to be cleaned. The interior headliner lights are missing, but it is possible that spares can be included in the sale. The headliner itself is in better than decent condition and would likely clean up brilliantly with Goop and elbow grease. Early, all-white sun visors are in good condition. A newly polished early rear view mirror is there. The early all-silver gauge cluster is there with a 66-67 only mechanical clock in place of what would become the tachometer in later models. What is believed to be a factory ordered leather shift knob is included, though will need restoration. The interior glove box latches are broken, but it can still be closed with some love and it still presents nicely from the outside. Even the original carpet and floor mats are preserved, albeit very dirty, in the trunk. The original steering wheel, chrome trimmed dash in great condition less one crack, and an early shortie console customized to the driver's needs at some point.History:After importation, the car was subsequently sold new outside Portland, OR at West Slope BMW. It is understood that the car then remained with the original owners, evidently a catholic family, in the Portland metro area. At some point they replaced the 1.6L original engine with a higher capacity 2.0L 2002 engine. The engine is now attached to a 32/36 Weber dual barrel carburetor. 2nd owner had purchased the car from the son of the original owners who lived in his neighborhood in 2008. The 2nd owner had multiple 2002 projects going and had had it covered on his property mostly untouched. The car was purchased out of Vancouver, WA by the current owner in February of 2018 and shipped to LA.An Oregon State title is in hand, but car is currently out of register and in the previous owner's name. Overview:If you're looking for an early 1600 in a cool color, this car is a fantastic candidate for restoration. Our plan was to make a 1600ti tribute and to bring the car to life, but focus must narrow and remain on other projects. Car is located in a driveway in Mid City, Los Angeles and will definitely need to be trailered. We can do our best to help loading it up.
  7. hellayego

    3D printed swan neck mirror gaskets

    Please put me down for two of these gaskets, Geoff. I’ve had a WTB ad up for some for a while with no luck. I also got the measurements from Mike, but my 3D printing contact at UCLA didn’t think 3D printing was the way to go and couldn’t make the time to help me figure it out. He suggested instead relief cutting it out of foam. The image he sent me to illustrate this process is attached. Regardless of how you end up making these, I’d love to be a part of whatever batch you produce. Yego Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Wow this is such a cool idea. [mention=39712]simeon[/mention] please keep us updated on your plans... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. hellayego

    Sunroof clip, parts

    Email address bounced back... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. hellayego

    Wtb: headlight buckets

    Here’s what one of mine looks like stripped down, hope that helps determine if you’re missing metal... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. hellayego

    Cheap 75’ 02 in the Bay Area

    Agreed, this author probably spends close to the same mountain of hours on CL as some of us crazies. There’s far too many nods to the tropes of sellers for this to be an untrained pen. I even got like the fact that it’s a Malaga ‘75, so on point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. hellayego

    Sunroof clip, parts

    Hi Al, I’m looking for a rubber sunroof pad just like in the attached photo, I’m not sure the name or the part number. Do you have one? Thanks Yego Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. hellayego

    Really Nice (expensive?) 1969 BMW 1600, unaffiliated

    This 1600 was for sale on Craigslist for a few months earlier this year IIRC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. hellayego

    embossed hood trim

    That’s a steal right there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. hellayego

    Swan neck mirror gaskets

    Bump - still looking for one or more swan neck mirror gaskets Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk