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  1. They look awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. +1 on the sound deadening spec sheet for Peacemat plz
  3. Two largish, rare and fairly sought after printed items from 4 decades ago would fetch $60 in most collector venues. Just saying... 1970 bmw 2002 and 1990 bmw 325i
  4. Those trips certainly sounds epic to me, Adam. Did you end up posting the photos elsewhere?
  5. Pm'd for black set. 1970 bmw 2002 and 1990 bmw 325i
  6. In line for whatever is left, please 1970 bmw 2002 and 1990 bmw 325i
  7. Not mine, no affiliation. Somewhat dubious status report given by the seller, but spotted this resprayed 1600 on CL reduced from $5500 two weeks ago. Still cool, and now had for $4800. http://losangeles.en.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/5894916297.html 1970 bmw 2002 and 1990 bmw 325i
  8. Pm'd 1970 bmw 2002 and 1990 bmw 325i
  9. Wait tho @danco_ What's happened since April? This was my favorite project blog going on. Outside the beautiful updates you're doing on the tii, I'm especially interested in the results of the 4 door e30 paint job in TJ... how'd that turn out? Godspeed
  10. Also interested in URO's repos! Thanks for letting us know Jeff, would love to know more from the company...
  11. Another big vouch from me for @Mark92131. It's clear he posts in the spirit of sharing with his fellow 02 enthusiasts. I, for one, have gone back and looked at loads of old classified posts (many posted by Mark92131) and read the comments from users and learned what to watch out for when looking to purchase an 02. There's a big emphasis on community on this forum, and in 02 culture generally, and that's a big part of what keeps me coming back. In fact, awhile back I asked for help checking out a 1968 1600 posted (...by Mark92131) in Portland, OR, one member offered to go out and take a look at it for me. He ended up sending me super detailed photos and notes that dissuaded me from buying it. That's why discussing CL and eBay posts on the forum as a community of enthusiasts is cool, man. There's not really a back door to that one perfect deal on CL, so we might as well share the info for the benefit of all who read this enthusiast forum. When I finally found my own 2002, the CL post was a few minutes old and the guy already had received a few calls. I got out to Van Nuys to see it as soon as I could. Felt pretty good about what I had learned from reading the forums carefully. Car looked clean and felt I could give her the life she deserved. I had cash in my pocket and was hot to trot so I brought my baby home that very evening. The listing was down before anyone on the forum posted it, no one to blame. But without the shared pool of knowledge (and sometimes BS) that comes out in the banter over CL and ebay listings in the classified section I wouldn't have known where to start to find the right 02 for me. Thanks to Mark and Repoman and all the other classified posters (and Conserv for the almost daily history lessons)
  12. Thanks Steve, I'm sure I'm not the only one who really appreciates all the work done to make this site the great community that it is. I'll try to build up a habit for using the mobile site over Tapatalk.
  13. Having the same issue, forums and groups won't load in the app. And its the biggest bummer, hope its only due to the pending site upgrades.
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