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  1. Picked up my 2002 May 7th 2019. Can't believe two years already. Car has been a lot of work and fun. Somewhere far far away.
  2. Not a big fan of redrilling wheels but would be easy to do with style 5 wheels.
  3. Pulled instrument cluster and changed out one of the glass covers because of very small scratch. Also changed out alternator instrument LED with a incandescent bulb.
  4. Yikes,, spray adhesive ?? no way. I cleaned everything up lacquer thinner and 3M adhesive remover. Then laid painters tape down next to weatherstriping 3M black adhesive was applied using a small Harbor Freight paint brush. Apply to body and weatherstrip let dry 15 min. install with clamps. Redid both doors last Summer with zero problems so far. Harbor Freight brush use and just throw away when done. https://www.harborfreight.com/painting/paint-brushes-rollers/12-in-horsehair-bristle-acid-shop-brushes-36-pc-61880.html
  5. I'm pretty sure that is rare rides. Their like 90 minutes from me,always tempted to check them out when he has one for sale. I've read some of the horror stories of past. But IIRC there have been two recent purchases from him with pretty happy owners. So T-Mo don't be to bummed yet and enjoy your trip home. I bought mine site unseen and its worked out pretty well.
  6. Not wishing or hoping anyone goes out of business. Just my opinion of where their going. Old habits are hard to break. I was sent two invoices on different days with different invoice #'s. I was sent two emails on different days asking me if I wanted what they had shipped. Replied to both within a hour to ship what they had. Then a phone call days later saying the header was now out of stock. He sounded relieved on the phone that I cancelled. I do hope they get their shit together, just not too optimistic. People just need to realize what can happen when ordering from them. I'm sure this Summer I might try ordering the fuel rail, looks like a nice piece.But knowing it might show up or might not.
  7. I tried to purchase a header ,fuel rail for my Webbers and a tube of anti-seize. I had three emails asking me if they should ship what they have ? I said yes. On the Eleventh day of nothing shipped I get a call telling me the header is out of stock and they only have them with ceramic coat for another $120. Oh and hey someone else cancelled their order so they now have a fuel rail. The Website states everything is in stock all eleven days, but hey what do they know. I decided to cancel the whole order. At this point my opinion of them is nothing but a Clown Show. To bad they have some things I would like to buy. I think I'll just wait for The Going Out of Business sale.
  8. I looked at that one but at $950. plus add a bung,V band and the header springs just get the new one. The $1695. one is 2.25 and my exhaust 2.50. It never ends.🙂
  9. yes they have but have another order coming in a couple /three weeks.
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