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  1. The underside was painted with a brush ? Impressive,looks great
  2. jp5Touring

    Semper ubi sub ubi

    Very nice
  3. jp5Touring

    Just for arguments sake

    Funny place to put your toast
  4. jp5Touring

    Just for arguments sake

    yeah,but no
  5. jp5Touring

    Time to come clean - picked up another S14

    Nice find, jealous no,envious yes
  6. jp5Touring

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Thats a lot of foam. What are you using for soap ? Is that a foam cannon also ? Nice Koozie,bought three.
  7. jp5Touring

    What do you do for a living?

    I like this gig
  8. Thats how I took your post.😊
  9. Increase on everything but maybe a mint tii.ti or 1600 and only if the car is very original . IMHO
  10. jp5Touring

    matching numbers ?

    Karl is that 1600 from Sparta Mi. ? I had a look at it a month or so ago. Chamonix with a sunroof and for some reason he hadn't hooked up the front calipers. Very solid car in need of little TLC to be a very nice 1600. I was there when he cleaned off the grease and realized it wasn't numbers matching. He seemed surprised by that. Nice score,Congrats.
  11. jp5Touring

    1990 E30 325is Sold for $29k on Ebay

    E30 have been taking off recently.I thought long and hard on this one,went for $19.750. plus .
  12. jp5Touring

    71 2002 on ebay

    I did see this at The Vintage. While I only had time to take a casual look, I remember the exterior being almost perfect. Is a stunning car in person. Not a fan of the black engine bay or trunk,but that could be addressed and well worth the investment. Worthy winner of award.IMHO.glwa
  13. jp5Touring

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii

    Theirs this
  14. jp5Touring

    Clean and coat inside of gas tank

    At Watkins Glen one year we had a gas leak in a showroom stock Honda. A Fireman told us to rub Ivory soap on the hole to stop the leak. Worked for a least four days when we pulled the tank to repair. Helped us finish the race. The fat in the soap seals the tank, Ivory soap has some of the highest amount of fat in it. Most bar soap will work.