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  1. Thats a nice fuse set. I thought "Pudenz" brand fuses were the only way to go though. I read that on the internet somewhere .
  2. Mine are just the foam with two holes. Surprisingly sturdy. I don't have the metal plate that some people have. Will have to look to see where I purchased them,someone in the States. https://www.ramair-filters.co.uk/products/automotive/carburetor-itbs-automotive/
  3. @sgaffman, sorry to hear the deal fell apart. Have heard of a few BAT auctions that the winning bidder backed out. So close on your reserve, I thought it would go to 30k. Hoping you find someone.
  4. Mine had some janky electrical work. Cleaning all the grounds helped quite a bit. My two cents, check everything.
  5. Replaced valve cover with newly powdercoated one. Still need to install catch can. whew,
  6. I could never get those Uni filters to stay put. The p.o. had oiled them rather generously. I bought the RamAir ones,been happy.
  7. Odometer Gears ? https://www.odometergears.com/products/BMW/Mechanical+Speedometer/9
  8. It appears to be a nice car, but at the end of day there is no way I would drop 30k on any car with two VINs.
  9. I'm going to go hug my Orange car now.
  10. I like my passenger side mirror. keep it
  11. Superbrightled,s has a 15% off Black Friday Sale. Nice LED's used them on my instrument and tallights.
  12. No photos, but at least this year I have a 2002. 🙂
  13. I always love these threads. I show the GF and tell her " See I told you I got a great deal "😊
  14. Thanks, I have read that thread. I'm going to have my Son make the brackets.

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