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  1. Not a thing haven't driven it in two weeks. Just looked at all the saw dust covering it from doing house projects before the Michigan winter. Plan to drive it Saturday for sure. Also purchased yellow paint to correct that dipstick. Love the little details. You guys are a bad influence.
  2. Need to remove the [/img] tag for them to work ☹️
  3. AEM also makes a very good one if not one of the best. https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/gauges/digital-gauges/x-series-wideband-uego-afr-sensor-controller-gauge
  4. I forgot about this thread. Ended up with a Renown steering wheel. Nice wheel has the motorsport colors for stitching. A little small 330mm in tight spaces, otherwise perfect. Great purchase have shift knob that matched. saved_resource(2).html
  5. Just a picture I know but would try to save. Nice find. I had my Touring back seat redyed and looks brand new.
  6. My concerns are the paint work looks pretty poorly done. Also the amount of undercoating that is very liberally applied to the undercarriage . What's it hiding ? The new owner story of I didn't think I would be high bidder is suspect also. I would be concerned he got the car and is not happy with it. If interested I would get a thorough PPI or see it in person. I would pass on it.
  7. I used Superbrightleds.com bulbs the NAPA light relay and Hal Boyles led third brake light kit. Everything works like factory. Bright and reasonably priced.
  8. Ha,, I live in Michigan and Discount Tire won't touch a car with spacers. One of my Son's worked a Discount Tire years back and he said it was policy back then. Liability
  9. Car does look great, love silver on German cars.
  10. Mine had a vibration around three k this past Summer. Started checking everything underneath with no luck. My Son suggested the exhaust and it ended up being just a loose exhaust clamp. Was surprised on how loose it was. Sometimes it the simple things.
  11. I checked and redid my jets and all four bottomed out. Don't know if that statement about the jets is true ???
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