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  1. I rented a U Haul trailer and a Ford Super Duty from Enterprise truck. Not the cheapest but no worries at all. Mine was a 2000 mile round trip. The truck was $74k with 900 miles on it, a pure joy to drive and made the trip fun and easy all done alone. Nowhere N.Dakota. 2002 fits easy on a UHaul trailer.
  2. I purchased LedSuperBright.com bulbs and been very happy with them. I have all the rear lights and did the dash lights and warning lights with no problems.
  3. I would drink my dinner, truly sad
  4. Congrats to Liverpool. Hard to be a Arsenal fan lately. 🤕
  5. I'm with American Collectors Ins. I pay a little over $600. with a agreed upon value of $22k. They had three tiers of Ins. of barely drive(shows,parades) drive whenever( work,errands and such) and daily driver. I have drive whenever I want but not as daily driver. IIRC Hagerty wouldn't insure me cause I wanted to drive it whenever I wanted. I have towing and a hotel if out of town. My regular Ins. agent recommended them to me. I need to raise the value to $25-$30k because BAT effect.
  6. Drove two hours on back roads yesterday. Pure joy,
  7. Hows the ride with half a spring cut ? I have Bilstein and H&R springs also. Have considered cutting the front spring.
  8. Seven days to pay in full. I would pay for that one in person. Lots of good stuff,I could go down the rabbit hole on that one. Glad it was far, far away
  9. New rear IE urethane spring pads, Condor Speed rear tow hooks and cleaned up the copper fuse tabs, nice and shiny.🙂 Also ran wire for AEM afr gauge,need my Son to weld up the O2 bung.
  10. Both sides would slip off the bottom spring pad. I ended up taking 1" flat steel bar and a nylon lock nut with a 2" bolt and used the hole in the center of the spring perch to hold it in place when in full droop. Seems to work pretty well. kinda hard to see in picture
  11. mike, thanks The springs came on the car and are at least three maybe four years old. I did have to use a spring compressor though. I only undid the shock and sway bar. Hope your right when I drop it on the ground. TobyB, thanks I thought about a strap to keep it in place. The shock doesn't appear to be bottoming out. Curious if after three plus years would the springs "take a set" memory, in the position they were first installed in ? I did get it to seat correctly and compressed the shock as much I could while still on the jack stand. Will let it set overnight just for grins. Think I will add a strap also.
  12. So I'm replacing my old spring pads with new Ireland Engineering urethane spring pads. The problem is on driver side,the bottom of the H&R Spring won't stay seated on the new IE pad it keeps shifting towards the front of the car. The previous owner had installed the rear springs upside down. I'm thinking he had the same problem as I'm having now. Bilstein shocks, H&R Springs 50401 and Ireland Engineering spring pads. New spring pad. Passenger side with upside down spring. My Son noticed the bump stop is not centered in the spring, is that normal ? I will measure the sub frame tomorrow to see if its in spec. I have tii trailing arms also, but that shouldn't matter ? H&R said not to be concerned that spring is upside down,but ocd. I know this is a very common set up and never heard of this problem before. Anyone ever run across this before ? Thoughts ?
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