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  1. Always liked BMW Tourings. I tried to get my S/O in one like yours, but no luck. My Summertime daily Touring. Untitled
  2. I have the Ram Air foam filter. Been pretty happy with them.Uni is a good name but I couldn't get them to stay in place. Ram Air also offers a aluminum backing plate if you want that also.
  3. I think I paid $1300. plus $200 shipping for a pair from the Recaro Seat guy in Thailand. It was one of the last seats he did before retiring and moving back to the states. Someone else took over the bidness, pictures of his work look good. But no idea of his quality of work.
  4. 59-64 ft lbs, good to know. I think my Enkei's are sitting torqued to 80# as it sits in winter slumber. Good info here as per usual. thank you members 🙂
  5. Good call I think. It took me well over a year to find mine. The Vintage Asheville NC in May is a long haul from California but could be worth a trip out just see so many 2002 and knowledgeable people in one place. But should also be several events in Cal. to help you in your quest.
  6. My thoughts were to do a restore on one but prices on solid used 02's were going up rapidly. So I went with one that someone had stripped to almost bare metal with photos to document. The paint could be alot better but its a cool car and I can just drive the thing and not worry about it. It still needs $1k of stuff but I'm thrilled I purchased a mostly done complete car. I have Recaros waiting to go in it. Then a lsd and some smoking 3 piece wheels on my wish list. I think I'm in a great spot money wise on mine. Was worth the extra cash up front. Doing a whole car isn't a easy undertaking for sure.
  7. If they work on my 73 I'll take them. Are they interchangeable ? thx
  8. Wish I had a sunroof to be snobby about
  9. I did not know him but recognize his screen name.My sympathy for you and his family. RIP
  10. Early models have the black plastic rings . Not sure if those will fit the later panel.
  11. Did mine a while back. On the backside glass just sets in first, then the trim rings twist to the right tighten. The trim ring fits only one way IIRC, so just rotate the ring till it can turn to tighten. It will only tighten a 1/8 inch or so not all that much. I believe the center ring and glass are just a bit larger diameter then the two outside glass so double check that. Don't forget to clean glass on inside before it goes back in the car. easy peasy
  12. Cleaned up old weatherstriping glue around driver door and rear bumper over riders. PO used the if more is good,lots is better method of applying . 1/8 inch thick in places. More to remove,but killed enough brain cells for one day.

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