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  1. jp5Touring

    friends ..... and their mechanical skills

    On a good note, my 25yo Son is turning out to be a hell of a fabricator. The floor pans started out as flat sheet stock metal.
  2. jp5Touring

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    Car okay,the back is awful.
  3. PayPal credit baby,😊
  4. jp5Touring

    Too many cars?

    Most I've ever owned at one time was six IIRC. Right now we own three. Mazda 6 BMW e39 garage queen BMW e39 winter beater In search of a 2002 and a Pole Barn,House and 3 acres. Also, my Son has a Duramax Silvarado and a 550 hp Mitsubitsi Evo. The Evo is going in search of a Split Bumper Camaro and his own house, hopefully his own cellphone plan also.🙂
  5. jp5Touring

    73 2002 on Craigs

    How would they get the engine in ? 😕
  6. Agreed,would start here
  7. jp5Touring

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Wait,wut. I thought he was the Stig ?
  8. You do very nice work,beautiful .
  9. jp5Touring

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Happy Birthday Ray
  10. jp5Touring

    1968 1600 on Craigslist, Looks nice!

    Whats the knob on the instrument cluster ? This is a little over a hour from me, Hmmmmm
  11. jp5Touring

    Rsherwood Buyer beware!

    The GoFundMe thing is brilliant. Almost made reading all this whining worth it.
  12. Just put the Nebo Big Larry on my Christmas list.Looks like a nice flashlight
  13. jp5Touring

    IT'S HERE! - 2019 BMW 2002 Calendar

    Just ordered one,can't wait to know what day it is.