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  1. Installed new intake gaskets on one of the webers, it would leak after you turned it off. Installed new 90° banjo fitting. Wired up signal relay, tried to match color codes best I could.
  2. All your choices are great. I looked at that steering wheel and those wheels, love them. The seats look beautiful. Well done.
  3. After, also tidy up some of the fuel lines and fittings. Waiting on a 90° banjo fitting and plan to do the Kooglewerks air filter over the Summer and add a catch can.
  4. Had the weber 40's rebuilt and tuned, also added a fuel regulator. Car runs great, little surprised at all the attention it gets. But where okay with that.
  5. I get it that modern lighting is so much better, but I don't know if I can get on the band wagon yet. My 73 2002 has cheap sealed beams with a brunt out high beam right now. So great time to upgrade. Leaning towards just doing the Cibie upgrade. Most modern lights just look so out of place on that beautiful front end to me.
  6. I had the pleasure to watch him on TV as a kid. The cars seemed so fast, so exotic and so far away. He will be missed, R.I.P.
  7. I introduced myself to Mike Self at The Foundation this weekend and promptly started quizzing him on all the little things I needed to fix on my new to me 2002. Mike was more than happy to help and provided great, easy to understand help. The knowledge he has is impressive to say the least. A big Thank You Sir. Jim
  8. Someone call Allen, won't last long
  9. 11 hour drive, with a car I can't enter. But don't care it's as much about the people. Least I have a 2002 in my garage at home. Witch is more that I can say about last year.
  10. I believe those are it I could check for a model number. I don't know how big a hurry your in but I will be selling these at some point if you'r interested in them. Be a couple months at least.
  11. Thanks, but not Panasports. Their Koneg reps, 195/15. I haven't had it long enough to confirm any clearance issues. Fenders are rolled a bit. On another note, I spent over 3 hours chasing a flooded engine only to find the the distributor cap coil contact had broke and fell out. It's all coming back to me now.
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