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  1. What is your suspension set up, cause perfect.
  2. I have the IE fuel pump mounted at the gas tank and it feeds two DCOE's just fine. So definitely could be part of your problem. If you go back to the mechanical one I would be interested it as a spare. Nice car from the pics. Good luck with it and Welcome to the club.
  3. No empty space for the text to type. I type then add pictures most times and never have had a problem. I did pictures first this time because I copied off facebook and never did that before and wanted to make sure the pics worked. I very well could have just not figured it out correctly. Some computer stuff I just don't get because self taught. Hell still tryin to figure out electricity 🙂.
  4. Tom I posted the pictures first that I copied off facebook. Then tried to add the text in the same first post but I couldnt get the text to appear. So I just made to separate posts. Could very well be operator error. I know just enough to be dangerous. jim
  5. Couple of pictures from DeutscheMarques Show stolen from facebook. Over 475 German cars, perfect weather and a great show.
  6. This one went for 50k. The exterior paint is almost perfect with a well done interior the rest of the car was average with a black painted engine compartment and black trunk. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-2002-48/ Past 2002's on BaT https://bringatrailer.com/bmw/2002/?q=bmw 2002
  7. This ? https://www.blunttech.com/shop/replacement-parts/body-mechanical-trim/51-23-1-819-381
  8. Nice, looking forward to more pictures.
  9. I have seen this car at The Vintage and it is beautiful. Agreed that it could be worth 45-50k. Good luck with it Girt. Hate to see it go, jim
  10. Spent the afternoon cleaning up for The DeutscheMarques Show at Gilmore Car Museum Saturday.
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