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  1. jp5Touring


    Who doesn't like Beer and Engineering
  2. jp5Touring

    For those looking for an M2

    Wow, how sad. I always wondered how they turned them out so fast. Answers a few questions.
  3. jp5Touring

    Under dash speakers

    Kooglewerks ?
  4. jp5Touring

    Bay to Socal drive for Socal vintage

    Much better than mediocre, looked like a great time and a whole lot of fun.
  5. jp5Touring

    Why are 2002s so cheap at Mecum auctions?

    Any idea what the all white 1967 1602 went for ? Lot of the "upgrades" could be undone. Looked to be a solid car. I thought about going.
  6. jp5Touring

    76 2002

    Was on BaT before. IIRC was on Craigslist for something like 24k
  7. jp5Touring

    74' Tii in San Jose craigslist (Not Mine)

    I would take one for the team and take crusty off your hands to give you more garage space.😊 jus sayin,
  8. jp5Touring

    72 Tii on BaT

    You need two people to get big money on BaT,today there was only one. Was a very nice 02 though,
  9. jp5Touring

    1972 BMW 2002 2002tii

    It sold once at $10,100. No idea what happened there. I sent the VIN into BMW and its a legit Colorado car. I don't think it's presented very well in the pictures. Appears that most the good stuff is there. Chassis pics would go a long way.
  10. jp5Touring

    72 Tii on BaT

    Tis a beautiful car,so much work put into it. My guess $75-$80k anything less, RNM.
  11. jp5Touring

    1972 BMW 2002 2002tii

    Anyone know anything about this one ?
  12. jp5Touring

    02 Prices / Values

    Oh, I will thanks. Just looking for that special one.😊 Whenever I see some of the higher prices.I just think about where my Son works. He does fabrication for a shop that does resto work and a lot of pro street muscle car builds. The builds range from 100k to 1.2 million. So even with the leap in value lately these cars are still a great value.
  13. jp5Touring

    1971 BMW 2002

    Is the correct dash that hard to find ? I know they're pricey.
  14. jp5Touring

    02 Prices / Values

    Modern,but with crank windows. Seriously old school