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  1. I have 195/50x15 , I know there not 14's but these might come in your size. Dunlop Direzza,Bridgestone Potenza, Toyo Proxes, Yokohama Advan AO52. Mine came with 15" and after looking at other sizes decided to stay with 15" because of so many more options . Good luck with it.
  2. Other people here posted cars from Oldenzaal and were warned that they should get a PPI. I do think there is always surprises when one purchases a 2002. I purchased mine for the the most part sight unseen. I talked with the owner several times had tons of pictures of the tear down to bare metal. I put a $500. deposit down and showed up with a truck and trailer 1000 miles from home. If the car wasn't close to what he said was I had the option to walk. I would of lost my deposit and another $1200. in travel cost. The car,lucky for me was in better shape then I had hoped. It does have a lot of little things that are not correct, was some electrical,several washers and wrong bolts, bushings not installed correctly. The gentleman I purchased the car from was my age I'm 63, he's a fireman who was awarded a medal of valor for saving someone's life. I felt we had a great repor in all are conversations. He was honest about the car and we both did everything we said we would do. Mine was a great experience, even the three days on the road. Sorry yours turned out bad to be a bad experience. Most stuff look to be cheap fixes except the rust. I'm always amazed what people say is no or minor rust. i hope once you get settled in with the car it turns out to be the joy that these cars can be.
  3. So for grins I check my coil and resistor and find a 1.8 coil and 0.9 resistor. Glad it's an easy swap of the resistor to 1.8. Oh the details,
  4. I seen this, very cool car. Should do well. GLWA
  5. Good luck with this, its one of my favorite sites this and, um, aaah well nevermind.😏
  6. Pretty sure those are holes, and then some
  7. impressive amount of work,well done
  8. Looks like they all work but the last one I posted Screen Recording 2019-10-07 at 7.34.37 PM.mov
  9. The Likes is still not right for me, Thanks for working on this.
  10. I think two at least of mine have separated. Not thrilled about pulling everything to fix it. I have Recaros coming and pretty sure they sit a inch or so lower. So hoping I can live with it for a while, maybe tackle it over the winter.
  11. Agreed, what a great time to drive that, well done enjoy. Oh yeah Congrats to.
  12. Name: jp5Touring Category: BMW '02s Date Added: 2019-10-05 Submitter: jp5Touring jp5Touring
  13. Great idea, the pedal keeps them in place ?

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