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  1. I think mine is grounded by that body clip also. Thought it looked a little janky. Also just purchased a new AGM battery from Interstate Battery store and found out they will make you a custom battery cable at the store.
  2. IMSA is showing a live feed on their web site on some of the historic races. https://imsatv.imsa.com/
  3. I had the privilege to know Tom Hattem back in the 80's and 90's. I worked with Tom on a small Sports Car team for five years or so and had the honor to see him get married. He was a great person, smart and a helluva mechanic and a genuine good guy. RIP
  4. I cleaned up my new used instrument bezel and one of my Son's coworkers redid the pinstripe around the gauges. Turned out, he did a great job on the pinstripe. Also repainted the backing rings and redid the matte white. Now the fun begins. 😊
  5. Nice job on the hubcaps. Whats a set of restored hubcaps worth ? I have five or six that came with my 02 that need restoration. Looks like a nice little project to do.
  6. Thanks, I might have to take you up on the offer. Pretty excited, he said he was going to stop making them after the first of the year.
  7. Purchased a set of Recaro's for my 73 2002. Now their on a slow boat from Thailand.
  8. I think I would attempt to clean that up also. Tyvek suit, face shield mask and a grinder. Be a dirty job can be done. Maybe more pics of inside of roof. How stripped down is the rest of the car ?
  9. Interior looks very very nice. Love the colors. Well done.
  10. Made a new battery hold down for my new battery. Cleaned up the electric fuel pump ground and fuel gauge ground. No more jumpy needle.
  11. Double checked my radiator install. Everything seems to be okay.I've driven it quite a bit and the temp gauge stays right at half. A little surprised it didnt take any extra water.
  12. Replaced my radiator with a spare tested radiator I had. Seems to be working pretty good but don't think I got the thermostat to open yet. Kinda late and not to anger the neighbors I called it a night.
  13. Purchased an Interstate AGM battery for my trunk mount. Nice battery but of course its a 1/2 inch taller and my threaded rod hold down is now to short and its metric thread and nobody in town stocks the stuff. wtf really
  14. From just those few pictures appears to be quite a bit of rust. The paint job could be a little suspect also with the runs and pealing. I think its cool and very nice that your trying to help someone out, but I bet its not worth nowhere near what the owner thinks. Hopefully it wont be an exercise in frustration. Good luck with it.

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