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  1. Please add one more to the waiting list. PM sent. Thanks.
  2. Great afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway. No fall colors yet, but clear skies and beautiful views. And a car that loves the curves.
  3. I had a similar situation with my '74. Following suggestions by Paul Winterton, JP5Touring, and SpuriousSpeedo, I replaced the flasher relay with a Grote 44890 (Equivalent to NAPA EL-13L1 or to CEC EF-33RL). It has a fourth (pigtail) contact compared to EL-13, which connects to ground. This flasher relay does not seem to care what kind of bulbs are attached, it just works. See my June 18 post under "Signal flasher upgrade easy to do & what a difference" at the link below. P.S. The BluntTech / Classic Auto LED arrays are GREAT!
  4. Similar to Paul Winterton’s 1/1/2019 post, I decided to upgrade my 1974 SquareLight 2780988 tail lights to LEDs by ClassicAutoLEDs, provided by BluntTech. I highly recommend these lights - the results are amazing, and visibility is much improved. With the stock flasher relay, LED taillights, LED dash indicator light, and incandescent 1157 front turn signals, the dash indicator would flash once only, but outside lights worked just fine. With the emergency flasher, everything worked fine. Following BluntTech’s advice, I checked to make sure we had a good ground on the front turn signals, and that the turn signal wires were connected to the high wattage side of the 1157 front turn signal bulb, but there was no change. I decided not to change the dash indicator back to incandescent since I like the way the LED idiot lights look. So the next step was to install an electronic flasher. I followed a combination of Paul Winterton’s 1/1/2019 photo, and that from jp5Touring 6/4/2019 above. I used the jp5Touring relay/headlight socket, and wired the pigtails with spade connectors to the vehicle relay socket as shown on Paul’s photo: #49 Violet-Green (Power from hazard switch) to relay pole “X” #49a Yellow-Green (to lights) to relay pole “L” #C White-Black (to instrument indicator light) to relay pole “P” #31 Brown (Ground) Spare With LED taillights, LED indicator light, and incandescent front signal lights, I plugged in the suggested Tridon EL-13 (equivalent to NAPA EL-13) flasher. Everything worked fine, and no misbehaving lights! I then decided to upgrade the front turn signals to dual brightness LED bulbs (SiriusLED 35W 2835 Amber). They are kind of long, but I found they could fit in the fixture. Then none of the signal lights worked with the EL-13 flasher. I exchanged the flasher relay for a Grote 44890 (Equivalent to NAPA EL-13L1 or to CEC EF-33RL). I connected the flasher’s fourth contact pigtail to ground like SpuriousPseudo’s 9/3/2018 picture, but to the vehicle socket #31. Everything now works great, with no misbehaviors. I zip-tied the result up so it was out of the way and not rattling. So for my ‘74 it looks like LEDs all around and a EL-13L1 flasher works with no issues, and visibility is hugely improved. Thank you to those who have worked through this and shared their experience!
  5. I had an experience similar to NYNick. My ’74 tii fuel gauge went from working fine to pegged full after an extended stay at the paint shop. After trying to think what they might have done, I switched the wires to the two leads at the sending unit. I was lucky, and things went back to working fine after switching the wires. I still have no idea why a variable resistor like the sending unit would have a polarity. But I was thankful for a simple fix after having earlier wrestled with cleaning up the internals of the sending unit and adding supplemental grounds to the instrument cluster. John
  6. Hello all, I am very new to posting on this forum, but I have been reading your posts for several years. I wanted to say “thank you” to all of you for your contributions, and the help you have been to me and to my car. Clay Weiland’s guidance on headliner installation, Chris Blumenthal’s instructions for a heater box rebuild, and countless other tips gathered along the way have been great support. My first 2002tii was 2761282 (the story is in the Registry), which was the car I kick myself for not holding onto. After over thirty-five years of hand-wringing, consoled by a series of BMW motorcycles, I was fortunate to find 2780988 (also in the Registry) in 2012. Like many, I envisioned a “buy-it-and-drive-it” plan, but it often doesn’t work out that way. It has been a journey for 2780988, and I have had lots of help. I can do simple stuff by myself, but for serious work I need the pros. There is more to do, and there probably always will be. Happy 17th birthday to the forum, and thank you again for your help!
  7. I believe the 2002tii trunk badges for roundies can be distinguished from those for squarelights just by the position of the posts without measuring too much. In 2015 while my '74 tii was being repainted, I bought a tii badge off eBay. It was described as for a '71 to '73, but you do strange things while angsting about scope creep on rust repairs. Sure enough, when it came, it did not match the holes on my '74. Since then it has been a nice shelf ornament next to my Kyosho model 2002tii. I compared the posts on the "roundie" badge to that on my '74, and it seems that the posts on the badge for the roundies are closer to the front of the letters on the initial 2 and the second 0, and the third is on the t rather than the first i. I'm attaching some pictures below. The picture on the graph paper shows backside of my roundie badge (I believe it is 51141815197). The second image is from the Walloth and Nesch website (51141826842) and is identified as being “1973 up” and its post spacing seems to agree with what I saw looking in the trunk of my '74. I didn't pull my '74 badge off, but the pin location seems to agree with the W&N image. The third picture just shows the distances between posts for my roundie badge for information.
  8. JMMcR75


    Steve, Thanks for the feedback and for noticing the antenna! The AM/FM radio antenna on the trunk lid came with the car when I bought it. I have never seen another like it, either in Germany or in the US (and I have been looking). As you can see from the camping picture, it required a hole through the trunk lid, and it was very springy and compliant. After the first time closing the trunk, you learned where to stand so it would not slap you on the head. There were no A-pillar holes to indicate that any other antenna had ever been on the car. My under-bumper foglights were stolen during the shipment home. My driving lights and the rear fog light did not pass the VA state inspection by people not accustomed to seeing them. The "D" country sticker covers the hole where the rear fog light used to be. John 1974 2002tii 2780988 Verona
  9. JMMcR75


    1974 BMW 2002tii US 2780988 was manufactured 11 January 1974, and delivered shortly thereafter through Hoffman Motors. The vehicle’s window sticker shows Port of Entry Baltimore and delivery to Leith Lincoln-Mercury in Greensboro, NC. BMW Group Archives indicate its original color was Polaris Metallic. The original owner moved the car to Florida, where it remained through a series of later owners. One of those previous owners changed to color to red. I purchased 2780988 in July 2012 and moved it back to North Carolina. Our 2016 re-paint maintained the red theme by selecting BMW Verona.
  10. JMMcR75


    My First BMW: BMW 2002tii 2761282 (Chamonix) was manufactured on March 27th, 1972 and delivered on the same day to JBS in Frankfurt/Main (a military sales contractor). I purchased the car in Karlsruhe from its original owner in May 1973 for $3650, and brought it back to the US in 1975. Probably because of this non-standard delivery, 2761282 is not recognized in many of the online VIN indexes (e.g. RealOEM. com), but the manufacture and initial delivery have been confirmed by BMW Group Archive. In 1976, I traded 2002tii 2761282 for the purchase of a used 1975 Datsun 280Z ($2600 trade-in value), and have regretted that decision for a long time. The 2002tii was last seen at Platte Avenue Datsun in Colorado Springs, where it was quickly scooped up by persons unknown. The most positive outcome of the trade-in was that it facilitated my long-term relationship with 1976 BMW airhead motorcycle R75/6 4946226, which still resides in my garage. John
  11. JMMcR75


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