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  1. @gwillis this looks like it should have gone in the forums instead. You'll get better feedback there. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/8-bmw-2002-and-other-02/
  2. Totally fine to refer to me by my forum handle, but the name's Michael. Good to meet you! Yeah, surprising amount of scam activity here. I confidently buy parts via a bicycle forum I frequent (bikeforums.net, I go by "tricky" over there), but you do need to be a paying member to post for sale ads there. It might piss a few people off here, but I think it would be worth it give the thousands of $ I've seen people lose through here.
  3. Hi @Damienh, below are a couple wheel fitment resources to dig through. And here are some Rota Alpina replicas that are made specifically for 2002s: https://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-2002-alpina-look-rota-r20-15-x-6-wheel-set-of-4/
  4. popovm

    Poor planning

    Hey Chris, my suggestion (besides adjusting the idle screw before you start the car, start the car to check the idle, rinse repeat until you get the idle you want) would be to ask this question in the forums instead of your blog so that you get more eyes on it. Do you have a 32/36 carb? Here's a thread on how to adjust the fast idle/choke on that carb. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/219332-fast-idle-stopped-working/
  5. @AceAndrew do you happen to have copies of these pictures? Photobucket nuked them
  6. I heard back from WA DOL. Similar to a couple other states, they want $120 for two hours work to pull the data. 😕 I did ask specifically for 2002s. I’ll see if getting all BMWs would be free.
  7. Never thought I would say this about container ship traffic, but this is exciting. It helps that the car is badass and we are getting real time updates. Your comment about the backup not being as bad in Seattle made sense to me. I don’t see many ships at anchor in Elliot Bay these days. Nothing at all like the west coast longshoremen strike from a couple years ago. Side note, but think it might be worth keeping the details to a minimum from here on out and perhaps scrubbing the name of the boat from your earlier post? The recent thefts in the PNW of some very specific vintage cars has me sketched out. Hate to rain on the constant update parade cause it’s really fun but I also really want to see a post about it arriving safely to you.
  8. Ugh, that sucks. Will keep an eye out. There was a really clean Porsche 912 stolen from Seattle this past weekend. I wonder if it's related. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLTPzjilWFq/?igshid=1njb7bydj4k1k
  9. Installed new coil (pertronix can now go straight to it and bypass the resistor wire) and swapped out and swapped out my broken plastic shifter surround and boot for the vinyl covered one I got from @Vintagedavid
  10. Bummer, yeah @roadhog0, the images are broken. Have a link to the ebay listing or seller for these? I am doing a lot of driving at night because of the short days here in WA state so this is probably a good idea.
  11. haha! Truthfully, I am only partially sold on the name. The other front runner is "Earl" which is also good and is the name written in the owner's manual with a phone number! I haven't called that number yet...
  12. Great question. “Fred”, my new-to-me ‘76 2002 needs a lot of work. I have been trying to prioritize my list and setting some time bound 2021 specific goals is a great idea to keep me going. It runs and drives and I won’t be doing anything to take itnout of commission (intentionally, at least). Since you’re twisting my arm here and making me commit, I’ll say: -Getting brakes in good shape -Buy tires and install the E21 wheels I already own -Early bumpers (also already owned) -Install missing trim -Figure out the extent of drivers side floorplan rust, get together supplies, and find some shop space to use for the repair. City dweller problems... -New shocks and struts Stretch goals: -Actually fix that drivers side rust. I suspect it’s more wide spread than I initially thought given the other rust I keep finding on the car. 😶 -Replace front bushings
  13. Good to know! I wonder if that build kit would work on my '76 master or if something about the sensor port significantly changes the internals. Maybe I'll just go for a new master once I need it.
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