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For over a decade, BMW 2002 FAQ has provided the largest technical resource and community for BMW 2002 and BMW Neue Klasse owners. We work hard everyday towards promoting our hobby, users, and suppliers.


Our Supporting Membership program helps fund our financial obligations while providing you online and offline benefits and resources as a BMW 2002 owner.


Membership to the site will always be free, but if you would like to remove the ads and gain a couple other perks, please, chose one of the paid membership options.


Supporting Membership Benefits


  • No Advertising: With Supporting Membership, you will not see any external advertisements. The site will look cleaner and act a lot faster
  • Supporting Member Moniker: Under your posts you will be seen as a Supporting Member.
  • BMW 2002 FAQ Decals: You get two high-quality vinyl cut BMW 2002 FAQ decals.
  • BMW 2002 FAQ Bottle Openers: Turbo and Alpina members will receive a BMW 2002 FAQ bottle opener.
  • Discounts on FAQ Accessories: Alpina members will receive discounts on BMW 2002 FAQ Accessories at our store
  • Unlimited Private Message Space: With Turbo and Alpina memberships, you will get all the space you will ever need and more to communicate with fellow 2002 owners.
  • Private and Restricted Photo Albums: With Turbo and Alpina memberships, you will have an option of creating private photo albums.
  • Win Prizes: Supporting members will be eligible to win free prizes.


Membership Cost


  • Kugelfischer Membership: $4.02/month, $20.02/6 month, or $35.02/year
  • Turbo Membership: $7.02/month, $30.02/6 month, or $50.02/year
  • Alpina Membership: $14.02/month, $60.02/6 month, or $100.02/year



3 products

  1. Kugelfischer Membership
    From $4.02/month
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  2. Turbo Membership
    From $7.02/month
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  3. Alpina Membership
    From $12.02/month
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