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Racing and Safety

Information about getting your BMW 2002 and Neue Klasse car ready to go racing. Gentlemen, start your engines! Submit an Article if you have something to share.
Dieter Quester driving the factory BMW 2002 had won the 1968 European Touring Car Championship by just one point to the privateer Helmut Kelleners in his Porsche 911. The 210 horsepower engine in the 2002 was equipped with a 43mm Schnitzer slide throttle and kugelfischer fuel injection. Alex von Falkenhausen head of BMW competition engines knew this was not going to be enough power to win the 1969 season against the 225hp 6 cylinder twin spark plug Porsche or the supercharged Autodelta Alfa Romeo GTA-SA making 230hp. In December of 1968 von Falkenhausen came up with the idea to add a KKK turbocharger to the 4 cylinder BMW engine, Engineer Paul Rosche was tasked with the development of what would become the 300 horsepower M14 turbocharger engine. This was also BMW's last official effort to race the 2002. 
The 1969 300 horsepower M14 engine to power the 2002tiK 

The 2002tiK used the larger E9 side loader differential and the ZF 18/3 transmission  

The 2002tiK cockpit with the turbo boost gauge to the left of the tachometer 

The start of the 1969 Spa 24 hour with Hubert Hahne taking off after qualifying 2 on grid 

 The complex fuel system of the 1969 2002tiK 

The following is a very basic listing of what constitutes a true racing suspension for a trackworthy 2002. Be aware that different sanctioning bodies will require different setups, so check your rule books! Or, don't and just race against yourself!
Front Suspension:
Adjustable height coil over for standard 2.5”ID racing springs
Springs – 400 to 425 lb/inch x 7”
Shorten struts approximately 2”
Shocks – special shorter body (VW Rabbit) Bilsteins
Bend struts 1 to 1.5 degrees for maximum camber adjustment
Adjustable racing camber plates with solidly-mounted spherical bearings
Camber setting – 3.5 degrees total camber and toe out 1/16” to 1/8”
Strut brace – should be straight not bent
Urethane bushings for control arms and strut rod
Sway bar – Ireland Engineering 22mm hollow bar or 25mm solid bar
Rear Suspension:
Custom adjustable camber and toe installation necessary to achieve:
Camber and toe settings of – 2.25 to 2.5 degrees camber and toe in 1/16” to 1/8”
Stock-location springs – 350 lb/inch –
Optional weld-reinforce stock shock towers for coilover rear shocks – adjustable height coil over springs on shocks – 275 lb/inch x 8”
Coilover shocks – Bilstein sport
Sway bar – Ireland solid 22mm adjustable bar
Urethane bushings for trailing arms and differential mount
Solid aluminum rear subframe mounts

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