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  1. Does anyone have photos of the tool kit, tools and jack for a 1970 2002ti I trying to make sure I have the correct pieces for my April 1970 built 2002ti Thanks Jeff
  2. PM sent, I’m local and can pick up Jeff
  3. I had a early steel A4 air filter box and it had no provision for the cold start injector. The early air box was made from very thin sheet metal and was prone to crack.
  4. I've now just noticed this thread is 10 years old...
  5. You might have the wrong clutch release bearing, the 228mm clutch kit requires a 47.5mm off set bearing BMW P/N 21511204224. if you have a 215mm clutch release bearing with a 42.5mm offset it could be your problem. I also recall if you replace a rear transmission seal output flange bolts with anything longer than a 6 X 22mm bolt it can limit the shift selector for one or more of the gears, I forget the gears, -Jeff
  6. Here are some NOS BMW E12 head 89.5 9:3 compression pistons.
  7. I’m not sure what the throwout bearing is used with the early clutch. There are two different off set throwout bearing depending on the clutch used. The 215mm clutch or the 228mm clutch. You should measure your throwout bearing offset before choosing
  8. To utilize the mechanical clutch with a 5 speed would require a early getrag 235 close ratio gearbox due to the throw out bearing fork arm location in the bell housing. If you plan on using the later E21 transmission it will require a E 21 clutch slave and you will need to change the pedal box for the later type with a clutch master mount.
  9. Here is a pdf of the 1970 2002ti brochure BMW 2002TI Brochure (1).pdf
  10. The connecting rods could have been resized poorly with one rod shorter than the rest, time to disassemble and measure rod length too. Good engine building is about about checking all the small details and keeping everything very clean.
  11. I really like the silicon spade connectors that British Wiring have. http://www.britishwiring.com/Spade-Terminals-s/39.htm
  12. I limited my public comments about this 2002ti on this page since I wasn’t bidding. Certainly it’s a collectable car that could be very valuable one day.
  13. A big red flag for me is the carelessness of the Primer overspray on the pedal box, power booster mount and wiring harness, if they are proud of this picture where else did they cut corners?
  14. Most of the black painted Bilstein shocks in 2002 are actually Alpina bilsteins, never be hasty to get rid of those and always check the numbers on them.
  15. A few areas that concern me about this restoration is lack of a paint booth and the possibility of a fair amount of dirt flaws in the paint. also there seems to be some rust on the trunk floor area that was painted over or not painted at all. The distributor appears to be early iron one from a 1966-67 1600 of NK car not a 2002ti.

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