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  1. Here is a pdf of the 1970 2002ti brochure BMW 2002TI Brochure (1).pdf
  2. The connecting rods could have been resized poorly with one rod shorter than the rest, time to disassemble and measure rod length too. Good engine building is about about checking all the small details and keeping everything very clean.
  3. I really like the silicon spade connectors that British Wiring have. http://www.britishwiring.com/Spade-Terminals-s/39.htm
  4. I limited my public comments about this 2002ti on this page since I wasn’t bidding. Certainly it’s a collectable car that could be very valuable one day.
  5. A big red flag for me is the carelessness of the Primer overspray on the pedal box, power booster mount and wiring harness, if they are proud of this picture where else did they cut corners?
  6. Most of the black painted Bilstein shocks in 2002 are actually Alpina bilsteins, never be hasty to get rid of those and always check the numbers on them.
  7. A few areas that concern me about this restoration is lack of a paint booth and the possibility of a fair amount of dirt flaws in the paint. also there seems to be some rust on the trunk floor area that was painted over or not painted at all. The distributor appears to be early iron one from a 1966-67 1600 of NK car not a 2002ti.
  8. It most likely needs to have both front brake calipers rebuilt. If the car had been sitting for a long time with worn out brake pads. The exposed part of the piston can rust and stick in the caliper seals when the new pads are installed since the thick pads push the pistons back into the caliper. Or the caliper seals could be old and stiff and cause the piston to stick and lock up the caliper. Rebuild or replace both front brake calipers would be my recommendation.
  9. It is not obnoxious at all, this car gets used for several rallies and hundreds of miles of driving a day. It’s a little sporty then the stock tii system that it replaced.
  10. I’m running the Turbo center restoration and rear muffler. I fabricated the S bend tailpipe for my 1972 2002tii so it would look original. Sorry I don’t have a sound clip, it’s fairly quite with my Alpina A4S engine and I like it that way.
  11. The lower hose / winter mode goes to the exhaust manifold heat shield to warm the carburetor and keep it from icings up in cold conditions. Yes carburetors can ice up and the throttle can stick. I would use it and keep it in the Summer unless it gets very cold out.
  12. It won’t fit easily, the 2002 axle is 28mm in diameter and the E12 axle is 30mm and steps up to 40mm for the inner bearing. But man has flown to the moon so with a enough money and talent it can be done!
  13. Yes the air box with the red circle is the correct one for a US spec 1974 2002tii Here is a picture of a 1974 From quick google search.
  14. The red circled fitting is for the fuel tank vent hose. Your air clearer housing is for a 1974 2002tii
  15. 2002tiK Dieter Quester driving the factory BMW 2002 had won the 1968 European Touring Car Championship by just one point to the privateer Helmut Kelleners in his Porsche 911. The 210 horsepower engine in the 2002 was equipped with a 43mm Schnitzer slide throttle and kugelfischer fuel injection. Alex von Falkenhausen head of BMW competition engines knew this was not going to be enough power to win the 1969 season against the 225hp 6 cylinder twin spark plug Porsche or the supercharged Autodelta Alfa Romeo GTA-SA making 230hp. In December of 1968 von Falkenhausen came up with the idea to add a KKK turbocharger to the 4 cylinder BMW engine, Engineer Paul Rosche was tasked with the development of what would become the 300 horsepower M14 turbocharger engine. This was also BMW's last official effort to race the 2002. The 1969 300 horsepower M14 engine to power the 2002tiK The 2002tiK used the larger E9 side loader differential and the ZF 18/3 transmission The 2002tiK cockpit with the turbo boost gauge to the left of the tachometer The start of the 1969 Spa 24 hour with Hubert Hahne taking off after qualifying 2 on grid The complex fuel system of the 1969 2002tiK

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