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  1. Your car looks great, Mario and his crew at VSR have done an amazing job!!
  2. I'm planing to come, I'm not sure if Mt Hamilton road is open to the top yet due to a slide.
  3. I only use a silicone grease to lube the seat rails. The petroleum based greases and spray lubes will leave your car cabin with a unpleasant smell on a hot day.
  4. This is a 1 3/8 Stahl Header, notice the nice gas brazing of the header pipe to the flange. I believe Bavarian Auto Sport sold a Stahl knock off header for awhile.
  5. Check with the Revs Digital Library at Stanford University, they have an exceptional collection of BMW photos. https://revslib.stanford.edu/ It looks like you can order photos from the Revs Institute http://revsinstitute.org/ -Jeff
  6. Thanks for the feed back, I think that I'll pick up a set and try them out! -Jeff
  7. How was the tire for a daily driver? Was it a noisy tire?
  8. I just noticed this Falken Azenis tire in a 195/60R14 size, is anybody using them? I'm wondering if it's a noisy tire with a lot of road rolling noise. They look like a decent performance tire available in that size. Any feed back on them would be appreciated. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Falken&tireModel=Azenis+RT615K&partnum=96HR4RT615K&vehicleSearch=false&fromCompare1=yes
  9. Wow, it looks like it's coming along nicely!!!
  10. Since we are on the topic of ignition, this kit caught my eye the other day, I like the fact that it is using a stock Bosch distributor and is something other then a Pertronnix unit. is anyone using this kit?? http://ahrend-02-tuning.de/index.php/verschiedenes
  11. Beautiful Chevron! I must come see it in April at the track!!!
  12. Nomad, The air box will not fit a 2002, it is for a NK 2000CS, 2000ti or 1800ti Jeff
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