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  1. Weber sold 40mm DCOE carburetors to Alpina for a 2 liter engine under the designation 40 DCOE 88/89. I'm not sure what camshaft was used engine with this jetting, very likely a stock 264 degree camshaft to meet TUV requirements. I've also attached a PDF copy of the English Weber Tuning Manual -Jeff Alpina 40 DCOE 88/89 2 liter jetting 34mm Choke Sizes 4.50 Auxiliary Venturi 1.25 Main Jet .55 F8 Idle Jet F16 Emulsion Tube 2.40 Air Corrector Jet 0.60 F5 Starter Jet 0.40 Accelerator Pump jet 0.60 Accelerator Pump back Bleed 2.00 Needle Valve WeberTuningManual (2).pdf
  2. Jeff

    The drift

    A little too much rear brake bias, Laguna Seca 2005
  3. Do you have a spare ignition condenser to swap out? Some of the new replacement condensers from bosch are crap, I chased a ignition miss on my Porsche 912 with all new parts last summer and it turned out to be a bad new of the shelf BOSCH condenser. Jeff
  4. Jeff


  5. Here are some pictures of Dirk De Groen 1970 2002ti that was sold new in Sweden. The engine compartment looks to be very original.
  6. Jason please add me to your list when you are ready to ship! Thank you for taking on this project. Jeff Hecox
  7. I believe the mounts are the same as a 2002tii, Forrest at Kooglewerks has made reproductions of the 2002tii mounts before. I would send him a email @ forr[email protected] http://www.kooglewerks.com/new-page-1 Jeff
  8. I believe this photo was taken at a Turkish Rally in 1972
  9. Hi Steve, The pistons in the photo are NOS BMW part number 11 25 1 262 495 for a injected european 320i. A quick check on Real OEM shows the European M10 320i 03/1975 to 08/1978 using the E12 cylinder head. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2931-EUR-07-1975-E21-BMW-320i&diagId=11_0236
  10. If the engine is burning a lot of oil and is down on compression you should plan on new pistons for the rebuild. The Pistons wear in the ring lands (the ring groove in the piston) this needs to be measured. Engines running on the rich side of fuel mixture tend to wear quicker due to the fuel washing the oil away. I would recommend trying to find some original cast MAHLE pistons for a street car engine build since you can run tighter piston to cylinder clearance then a forged type racing piston. The tighter clearance will reduce oil consumption and piston noise. Here is a picture of the factory European BMW 9:3 compression MAHLE pistons for a E12 cylinder head for comparison. These came in European spec E21 320i with a M10 engine. To achieve additional horsepower on your engine build consider a Schrick 292 or 304 camshaft and possibly lighten the Flywheel some. For a street car using 91 or 92 octane fuel don’t go any higher then 9:5 compression ratio on the pistons. If you plan on using 87 or 89 octane fuel use the 8.5 compression ratio pistons. The stock valve sizes and porting will be fine for these camshafts.
  11. Does anyone have photos of the tool kit, tools and jack for a 1970 2002ti I trying to make sure I have the correct pieces for my April 1970 built 2002ti Thanks Jeff
  12. I had a early steel A4 air filter box and it had no provision for the cold start injector. The early air box was made from very thin sheet metal and was prone to crack.
  13. I've now just noticed this thread is 10 years old...
  14. You might have the wrong clutch release bearing, the 228mm clutch kit requires a 47.5mm off set bearing BMW P/N 21511204224. if you have a 215mm clutch release bearing with a 42.5mm offset it could be your problem. I also recall if you replace a rear transmission seal output flange bolts with anything longer than a 6 X 22mm bolt it can limit the shift selector for one or more of the gears, I forget the gears, -Jeff
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