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  1. Thanks for the ACTUAL help dudes, MUCH appreciated. That's the actual thing we were looking for but for some reason couldn't find it @Guest_anonymous. Anyways, since you helped us out now we wanna help you out, let us know if you ever need any parts from us and we can work out some sort of discount. THANKS!!!!
  2. We need to identify a pile of M10 cranks we have here. Searched far and wide here, google and our own archives. Is there a link someone can post with a list of forging marks and what they mean? @Conserv maybe you have some info? We have a list of 6 cyl cranks and what cars they came on, not sure if there exists such a thing for M10's. Mostly need help with identifying between 2L cranks and 1.8L cranks, without having to measure them, if there was just a visual way to do this as the cranks are loose and not in blocks. Thought about going by the date stamp and when the cars were in production, but that's probably not 100% accurate. Any info would help, thank you! PS: we have just about everything under the sun, 1600, 1800, 6 bolt, 8 bolt, E21, E30, 2002 etc. and a BUNCH of them, just trying to find the easiest way to sort them all out and properly identify.
  3. We have a bunch but condition of the knobs aren't very good.
  4. Skymiles!
  5. Ireland Engineering


  6. Come join us for beers, food, and of course cars!
  7. We have a whole assortment of carb parts here at the shop, should have what you might need.
  8. we think the PO was going for that carnival/circus look inside the car.
  9. You should put the pressure switch in where you have marked with the divot, as that area has the lowest oil pressure (furthest from the pump). Our .02 cents.
  10. That block looks zinc plated hehe . S54 Crank? Mahle 10:1 pistons??? If so pretty sweet build. Sorry can't help out on the needle bearing though...
  11. Agreed. That thing is looking saweet!!!
  12. We see some familiar items! Thanks for the Support! Looking good!!!!

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