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  1. Ireland Engineering

    Racing Alternator Kit - Single Wire

    We use this on #5 car and works great!
  2. Ireland Engineering

    Can't find Tii alternator AL40X?

    Use a standard 2002 or E12 alternator! We made one to use on our run stand for when we put a Tii motor on it and decided others may benefit from it as well.
  3. Ireland Engineering

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    Yes that was a typo meant to say compressor. One little mistep and people jump on ya here.
  4. Ireland Engineering

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    We always say anything is doable with enough time and money! Anyways, don't see why the condenser wouldn't fit. that shouldn't be a problem. Just wondering if you happen to have stock 2002 evaporator and lines, and if the lines had the same fittings for the M20 condenser (doubt it). If not, making new lines is not that expensive or difficult. Also curious to know what mounting looks like on the 2002 condenser. Would it possibly bolt to the M20 bracket? (also doubt) We just put an M30B35 in an E30 that had an M20B25 in it. The M20 compressor bolt right up to the M30 block/bracket.
  5. Ireland Engineering

    5 Lug Swap Front Hubs

    Yes we have some on our race cars and they are being monitored every race. Nothing wrong so far!
  6. Ireland Engineering

    5 Lug Swap Front Hubs

    We don't. We would get a good set of Tii hubs and fill and redrill them. If you are looking for billet try Le @ 2002 Garagewerks.
  7. Ireland Engineering

    WTB E30 M3 S14 Starter(s)

    We still have some though not rebuilt by bosch. Remy rebuild.
  8. Ireland Engineering


    We have many pedals w/o a box, also other parts if interested.
  9. Ireland Engineering

    WTB: Rear Bumper Spacers

    We have x1 piece if interested.
  10. Ireland Engineering

    Wilwood big brake kit tii for 13" wheels

    WOW surprised this has not sold. very good price.
  11. Ireland Engineering

    Beware! There are criminals afoot here...

    Also, let us all take a minute to leave feedback after each transaction. Doesn't take long and it's a very easy way to gauge the integrity of the seller/buyer.
  12. Ireland Engineering

    QSC E12 Tii Pistons $188/4 ???

    Report back to us! We hear they are good enough quality but the bore diameter varies A LOT between each piston in the set. AKA 4 different bore sizes on the block, which will work, just make sure you mark which piston is for which cylinder.
  13. Ireland Engineering


    It is a variation of the Munich flag, where the monk is holding the bible and pointing to the sky. Checkerboard are the Bavaria colors. Munich=Bavaria=BMW get it? The beer stein and the caliper are our additions, because we like beer and engineering!
  14. Ireland Engineering

    Reproduction front grill?