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  1. Depends on condition too. Really nice almost new looking might get $200 All greasy and smudged about $100
  2. 3 is plenty strong. We have a similar. I can mount an entire M30 Engine (intake, exhaust, everything) with the trans attached also with just x3 10mm bolts
  3. Is that so? To the naked eye they looked exactly the same to us. What is the difference?
  4. Not super knowledgeable on the subject either but I was under the impression that the long-neck ring gear and pinion gear had a different offset than the short necks (aka can't swap pumpkins). Or maybe it was just the E21 LSD. I seem to recall @Schnellvintage saying something along these lines.
  5. Those 2 pieces are now NLA, we sell the updated aluminum 1 piece version. https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/cylinder-head-water-fitting-m10/
  6. I suspect the dates crossing over in the ETK might be that option #1 continued on with the 1600/1600-2 while option #2 rolled out for the 2002 cars???
  7. I think you might be right. #225 must have been an option on the earlier cars with thin sill plates until the later cars rolled out with wider plastic ones. We were just thinking out loud. what if we made one that both simultaneously projected into the car to cover the carpet like 1.5" and projected outside of the car to cover the rocker. All one piece, kinda like you picture but both pieces made as one.
  8. Thanks for that! What is that book called? Off topic but we have a special scanner coming in to specifically scan books. We were thinking of creating an online library for the BMW community of the out-of-print stuff. I've never seen that one before!
  9. Aww man we thought you knew everything! Haha. Anyways thanks for the input. We were just going by date ranges given in ETK. Could there have been crossover? It does mention that #1 part number was superceded by #2 so maybe we got the wrong part number. Though 51477470007 is listed as "GRAU", we don't think #2 ever came in a gray?
  10. @mvpvintageparts is making some door sill plates for our cars but there seems to be some confusion as to what models/years came with what. Possibly a few minor fitment issues as well. We want to definitively nail down what's what. We have found some info on the web, but what's making this hard is the ETK pics are never helpful, they are NLA, and the interchangeability of the parts between years/models. Thanks to @Forrest_KoogleWerks for bringing most of this to our attention. This is what we have so far and PLEASE correct us if anything is wrong. Any additional info is greatly appreciated, it will allow us to keep making great things that actually fit and are affordable. #1. 1600/Early 2002' and 1602's (03/'66 to 04/'72). Characterized by the gray color and the fact that it screws into the sheet metal on the interior of the car. Also the rubber strip is not channeled into the plastic but rather clipped from underneath the plastic sill plate. Part numbers seem to be #51477470007 (Sill Plate) and #??? (Gasket) #2. Mid range 2002's & 1602's (03/’71 to 08/’73). Characterized by being clipped to the seam of the door jamb instead of screwed in. Rubber strip is channeled in the plastic and held in by clips. Has a thin flexible rubber "foot" on the interior side. Part numbers seem to be #51471808680 (Sill Plate) and #51471822072 (Gasket). #3. Late model 2002's (08/’73 to 07/’77). Square tail light cars? Characterized by the increased width of the sill plate that extends all the way to the edge of the rocker. Uses clips to attach to the seam. The rubber strip is channeled into the plastic and retained by clips. Has a thin flexible rubber "foot" on the exterior side. Part numbers seem to be #51471822070 (Sill Plate) and #51471822072 (Gasket). We are also aware of the OEM aluminum sill plate #51479555225, but are unaware of any other variations or original options. Also please advise if the touring models also fall under these date ranges as well. @Conserv? Another thing, what if we made a large one that was sort of a combination between #2 and #3? Like it had a sill plate on either side of the seam?
  11. Calling @jedi420! Your headers are ready! We have left voicemail, PM, and tried to call several times with no luck. Said you were going to will call and pay cash. Anyways, if no response in the next few days we will be selling your set of headers to someone else. @CubbyChowder want to get in on this? Or anyone else?
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