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  1. Skymiles!
  2. Ireland Engineering


  3. Come join us for beers, food, and of course cars!
  4. We have a whole assortment of carb parts here at the shop, should have what you might need.
  5. Currently undergoing resto.
  6. we think the PO was going for that carnival/circus look inside the car.
  7. You should put the pressure switch in where you have marked with the divot, as that area has the lowest oil pressure (furthest from the pump). Our .02 cents.
  8. That block looks zinc plated hehe . S54 Crank? Mahle 10:1 pistons??? If so pretty sweet build. Sorry can't help out on the needle bearing though...
  9. Agreed. That thing is looking saweet!!!
  10. We see some familiar items! Thanks for the Support! Looking good!!!!
  11. Hey do you mind if we use this photo on our website listing for our strut brace? Good to know it also clears M42 motors.
  12. until
    We are having our 12th annual open house. Cars, burgers & dogs, beer...What more do you need?
  13. we have a few here from bad cores we have received. They sent them back all apart so its ready to go. $20 Shipped?
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