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  1. Calling @jedi420! Your headers are ready! We have left voicemail, PM, and tried to call several times with no luck. Said you were going to will call and pay cash. Anyways, if no response in the next few days we will be selling your set of headers to someone else. @CubbyChowder want to get in on this? Or anyone else?
  2. Picked up headers. All orders shipping tomorrow. Check your emails for tracking information about 4pm PST. If you don't get one contact us on Friday and we'll get you a tracking number.
  3. Sorry for the wait everyone. Didn't want to come back with no or bad news. Anyways, fabricator sent me pictures and the batch of headers will be done today or tomorrow. So we should have everyone's order out by the end of the week.
  4. Yes, we went down to look and there is plenty of clearance. It looks like no clearance in the picture because the stud was hastily thrown in there just to jig everything up and is not installed all the way. The clearance will be a little tight on your downpipes from the first set of primaries going between the frame rail and the other primaries. 2.25" should have plenty of room he said. Both the downpipes will be going over the steering linkage. Anyways, we gave the green light to start production on these. And the fabricator gave us the ETA of 2 weeks to produce all 10 of them. Judging by his previous ETA's it probably means a little closer to 3 weeks. So, thanks for the patience everyone! We know your patience will pay off!!!
  5. Here is the second iteration. I think we will be moving forward with this one.
  6. Almost done with new prototype. More pictures to follow. Apologies for the lag on behalf of the fabricator. Ps. Happy 4th!
  7. Sure That shouldn't be a problem. There is only one being made at this time though just FYI
  8. *UPDATE* Went over and expressed some of our own and some of your concerns. One of the main ones being the design of the headers. If you notice the tube for cyl. #1 & #4 go up and over instead of angle down. Plenty of clearance for hardware and spark plugs. plenty of clearance for oil filters. Should be plenty of room to miss the steering linkage. He had the 1st set of primaries angle towards the steering linkage but with enough room for the down-pipe to angle back and over it. Also he stated the 2nd set of primaries will be angle slightly more away from the trans bell housing in the final iteration. Long story short, he is making another prototype that should be done tomorrow or the following day. Pictures to follow. We told him to go ahead and finish the welds on this prototype since it actually will work (and do in fact look really nice), and it may become our new design in the future. Just for now we were looking for more of a Racing Dynamics look-a-like. Peek-a-boo!
  9. Not at this time. All the 2002's here are race cars and have no provision for stock exhaust. Couldn't mock it up if we wanted to. However should be fairly easy to make a short pipe to the stock exhaust.
  10. @02tradition, @AceAndrew, @Mike G, @Streetcar, @hankster, @Round, @Nikk02, @draper68 @inkatouring Please take a look at these pictures and tell us what you think we need your thoughts on these. The prototypes are pictured, some slight changes can be made if necessary. The fabricator made some changes to the design from the traditional RD headers for clearance issues. He said they have plenty of clearance everywhere. We will be over to his shop tomorrow to inspect first hand and possibly take more pictures for you all.
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