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  1. Do you have any better pictures of how the tension strut mounts to the control arm?
  2. Actually almost exactly like that. Are you running this setup on your car? How has it handled?
  3. Not really, at least not in any more danger than the original configuration would be. Plus on a race car the suspension does not really travel a whole lot.
  4. I guess the real question we want to ask is if the geometry relationship between the OEM control arm and OEM tension strut is that way for a reason? Would we be compromising or weakening anything by, in a way, bringing them a little closer together? PS. This race set-up we are developing we are trying to use a re-buildable ball joint, and you will have various lengths to chose from that will change and correct bump steer (no need for spacers). PPS. We're going all heim joint suspension pretty much because as most racer's know the OEM '02 suspension has a lot of bind and restriction in it especially due to the fact that the car is extremely lowered and cambered.
  5. Thanks for the input! Yes, I agree. The original arm has 2 slight bends in an "s" pattern and mount rearward of the subframe. If you had an arm that mounted in the middle of the 2 "shears" of the subframe towards the rear of it (using a spacer to take up slack), you could use a perfectly straight-across control arm and end up virtually in the same ball joint position as stock (no caster adjustment). But as you stated, with the adjustable tension strut that could always be adjusted.
  6. We are working on developing some control arms and tension struts for race cars (also street cars don't worry, but this question only pertains to the race crowd). Now, is there a reason that the control arm should not be mounted in the middle of the sub-frame instead of behind it? Note that the heim joint and control arm will clear and move freely and that if the control arm was straight across instead of an "S" shape it would bring the cost down a bit. We understand that the triangular shape of the geometry would get slightly narrower, we are just unsure of the pros/cons of this. Pictures for reference.
  7. We have a set of Alpina-like "pig cheek" fiberglass flares here for sale. Unknown origin. They appear to be new, just dirty and dinged up from getting kicked around for years. Probably looking to get $300 plus ship for them.
  8. You are correct. @Furry Camel aka buzzbomb, Shut up dude! We assure you he does not represent the opinions of the company in any way. He's not even technically an employee. As to your follow up we sent the customer new head gasket, new valve, new eccentric, new keepers, and new retainer to repair the problem. FYI To everyone following this, emails records show that we MAY not have been the last ones to touch the valve adjustment prior to this happening. Not sure if that is true or not, @West Palm 2002 will have to clarify this. -Andrew
  9. Can you ban people based on IP address? Though this would yield similar result.
  10. We apologize for not being able to answer many phone calls. Between Jeff being on vacation, to other employees going to school etc. not all of our time can be spent in the office answering phones all day. We take boxing up and shipping out orders as a priority, obviously if we made a mistake and need to send out new parts this will take that priority. If we spend all day answering phones and not shipping things out it really just perpetuates the amount of phone calls that come in. Right now best way to contact us is through email for immediate concerns (aka warranties, or shipping errors). Also use email if you need to place an order you cannot place online, or have questions about or product, though we may not get to it right then and there at this time. Here is my personal email address and the best way to get in contact: [email protected] I'll have my cell on me while I'm out in the shop fabricating parts so I will be periodically checking in on it. Jeff will be back end of Sept. so hopefully by then we will have everything back in full swing again. We really do appreciate you patience and your business!!! We have been really growing these last couple years and it is hard to keep up with the demand! As of today just myself, one shipping guy and one parts ordering guy. PS. If you know anybody that would like to come work for us send them our way!
  11. Event Title: Ireland Engineering Open House Event Author: Ireland Engineering Event Date: 10/12/2019 11:00 AM to 10/12/2019 02:00 PM Come see the shop, cleaner than ever! If you've been to this before you know what's up. Ireland Engineering Open House

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