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  1. We apologize for not being able to answer many phone calls. Between Jeff being on vacation, to other employees going to school etc. not all of our time can be spent in the office answering phones all day. We take boxing up and shipping out orders as a priority, obviously if we made a mistake and need to send out new parts this will take that priority. If we spend all day answering phones and not shipping things out it really just perpetuates the amount of phone calls that come in. Right now best way to contact us is through email for immediate concerns (aka warranties, or shipping errors). Also use email if you need to place an order you cannot place online, or have questions about or product, though we may not get to it right then and there at this time. Here is my personal email address and the best way to get in contact: [email protected] I'll have my cell on me while I'm out in the shop fabricating parts so I will be periodically checking in on it. Jeff will be back end of Sept. so hopefully by then we will have everything back in full swing again. We really do appreciate you patience and your business!!! We have been really growing these last couple years and it is hard to keep up with the demand! As of today just myself, one shipping guy and one parts ordering guy. PS. If you know anybody that would like to come work for us send them our way!
  2. Event Title: Ireland Engineering Open House Event Author: Ireland Engineering Event Date: 10/12/2019 11:00 AM to 10/12/2019 02:00 PM Come see the shop, cleaner than ever! If you've been to this before you know what's up. Ireland Engineering Open House
  3. until
    Come see the shop, cleaner than ever! If you've been to this before you know what's up.
  4. Thanks for the ACTUAL help dudes, MUCH appreciated. That's the actual thing we were looking for but for some reason couldn't find it @Guest_anonymous. Anyways, since you helped us out now we wanna help you out, let us know if you ever need any parts from us and we can work out some sort of discount. THANKS!!!!
  5. We need to identify a pile of M10 cranks we have here. Searched far and wide here, google and our own archives. Is there a link someone can post with a list of forging marks and what they mean? @Conserv maybe you have some info? We have a list of 6 cyl cranks and what cars they came on, not sure if there exists such a thing for M10's. Mostly need help with identifying between 2L cranks and 1.8L cranks, without having to measure them, if there was just a visual way to do this as the cranks are loose and not in blocks. Thought about going by the date stamp and when the cars were in production, but that's probably not 100% accurate. Any info would help, thank you! PS: we have just about everything under the sun, 1600, 1800, 6 bolt, 8 bolt, E21, E30, 2002 etc. and a BUNCH of them, just trying to find the easiest way to sort them all out and properly identify.
  6. We have a bunch but condition of the knobs aren't very good.
  7. Looks like the "Flock-It" kit, just google the name. Works great, super easy to do, and you get enough to do like 20 glove boxes.
  8. We use this on #5 car and works great! http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/new/02rak.html
  9. Use a standard 2002 or E12 alternator! We made one to use on our run stand for when we put a Tii motor on it and decided others may benefit from it as well. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/new/tiialtak.html
  10. Yes that was a typo meant to say compressor. One little mistep and people jump on ya here.
  11. We always say anything is doable with enough time and money! Anyways, don't see why the condenser wouldn't fit. that shouldn't be a problem. Just wondering if you happen to have stock 2002 evaporator and lines, and if the lines had the same fittings for the M20 condenser (doubt it). If not, making new lines is not that expensive or difficult. Also curious to know what mounting looks like on the 2002 condenser. Would it possibly bolt to the M20 bracket? (also doubt) We just put an M30B35 in an E30 that had an M20B25 in it. The M20 compressor bolt right up to the M30 block/bracket.
  12. Yes we have some on our race cars and they are being monitored every race. Nothing wrong so far!

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