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  1. Ireland Engineering

    Reproduction front grill?

    Here they are for anyone interested:
  2. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    Sorry no actually forgot about you 😕
  3. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    Indeed. Bear with our newbies, they may not know too much!!! Very, very difficult to find someone with a background or an enthusiasm for this marque, I think most of them have already found their niche in the industry. Somethings happening though and we're not sure what. Like 5 or 6 of our major domestic vendors/machinists/etc. are super back-ordered and cannot keep us stocked, us included. We can't seem to find enough time/labor to get ahead of the demand of the stuff we make in house. Some of our vendors even refuse to take on new business because they have too much already, I guess that's a good problem to have??? Feels almost like the market is growing which is weird because they don't make new 2002's, E30's etc.! It's not a busy season thing either, just slowly and steadily for the last few years been getting more and more busy. Wonder if in this age of social media, popularity of BAT or celebrity owners, etc. has everyone more willing to throw money at these cars because there is more value in them now. All I can say is that it's gettin' crazy up in here.
  4. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    1. Did you read our last post? Email is best form of contact currently. 2. Looks like someone forgot to upload tracking, probably because we have people taking care of this that have no experience doing so. Anyways, looks like it was delivered and signed for on 9/28. Tracking was sent to email you provided.
  5. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering on vacation?

    Apologies to you and everyone for the inconvenience. We are EXTREMELY short handed. Had a person leave us and Jeff is on vacation for a while. No one here to answer phones on some days. We are focusing on getting orders out the door, and myself (Andrew) trying to interview and hire people in between solving issues and running the place. Email will be the best form of contact for a short while, until we can get the new recruits hired and up to speed. Sincerely, The 3-1/2 of us at Team IE
  6. Ireland Engineering

    Rebuilt Manual Pedal Boxes

    We can definitely put it together. Question is: What is your timeline like? We do zinc plating and powder-coating in batches so it is kind of at the whim of whenever those batches come around again. Could be months, just depends on what comes up.
  7. Ireland Engineering

    Rebuilt Manual Pedal Boxes

    Yes, we sold out. We have no more cores left to make any.
  8. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!! - 09/29/2018 11:00 AM

    Some pictures of the show from one of our machinists!
  9. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!! - 09/29/2018 11:00 AM

    Thanks for all who came and glad y'all enjoyed it!!! We will try to make the next one even bigger and better!
  10. Ireland Engineering

    Did anyone see this?

    There was someone who used a Miata chassis as well wasn't there? Oh and there's Sin City BMW with theirs, iX or VW pan can't remember either.
  11. Ireland Engineering

    5 Lug Swap Front Hubs

    $700 plus shipping. There are only 2 sets available then that's all folks. These are billet 6061 T6 Aluminum. They WILL ONLY WORK WITH STANDARD 2002 STRUTS (aka small bearings). Will not work with Tii struts. Bolt pattern is 5x120
  12. Ireland Engineering

    1975 BMW 2002 at Copart - Sale 9/10/18

    I'm pretty sure that's the insurance claim for the value of the car before it got hit. Anyways Copart is a bunch of bologna. Just a way for insurers to determine value before they make a payout. Many of us know Norm and his blue restomod 2002. His car was listed on Copart a few months back but was never actually for sale as he retained his car. I think he uses Hagerty, they determined the amount to payout by how high the bidding went.
  13. Ireland Engineering

    3.0CS from the LA Auto Expo

    Not sure you'll be able to prove it was in HIS name. Probably just a dealer/company owned car that he got to drive around and called it his, since he owned the place. Even if it was ordered specifically for him, there is a chance he would have paid everything through the company, put the car in the company name etc. Did you buy it from the individual who purchased it from Max? Hope you weren't sold on that line. Again a very beautiful car to own though!!!