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  1. Ireland Engineering

    Oil Pumps

    BUMP. We just ordered the very last new OEM oil pump currently available from Germany....when will these be restocked???? Who knows.
  2. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    It's cuz we are a cult! Yes indeed it is pretty hard to scam us (2002 community), there are too many people that keep too many tabs on VIN numbers and what cars are where it's amazing. We don't need anymore Mike Honari's....
  3. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    Nice, getting somewhere! He ripped off a few other known shops as well and apparently they are collectively seeking retribution, which we are now a part of. Thanks for all the help guys!!!!!!
  4. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    Beauty of the internet.....
  5. @BuzzBomb here is your write up.
  6. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    Have not been able to find him. His address was in Oakland. Oakland PD are useless as was the FBI we called. Yes and that was the very strange thing is he would call us on the phone!!! 99.9% frauds you would not be able to get a hold of they use fake email and phone number. Our fraudulent order was in excess of $7500.00 Yes of course our payments went through as well until a couple months later when the credit card companies filed a charge back. You might want to double check your bank statements. He used same Ship To address each time but the Billing address was always different. You cannot apparently dispute a charge back claim if the two addresses are different. If he is knowledgeable on 02's this guy has to be a member of the community possibly on the FAQ. Probably attends bay area shows as well. Somebody must know something...
  7. Ireland Engineering

    1600 shift boot on a 2002. Mounting options?

    Its not on the site. Its actually still attached to the car, but we can cut it for you. Can send pictures later. PM inbound.
  8. Ireland Engineering

    1600 shift boot on a 2002. Mounting options?

    We have a tunnel piece with the cup you could cut out and weld on.
  9. Ireland Engineering


    Currently undergoing resto.
  10. Ireland Engineering

    E21 Big Bearing Hubs

    We had these billet aluminum hubs custom machined for us. Approx. 19 pairs available then they are all gone. We have updated and made them included in our Tii Wilwood kits or they are also sold separately. Priced as a pair.
  11. Ireland Engineering

    M10 mechanic in LA

    Are you reasonable?? 😋
  12. Ireland Engineering

    M10 mechanic in LA

    Reasonable? Well you got @jfahuna at JF pro in Van Nuys/Northern LA area. Le Tran is in Ontario East of LA. Bimmerheads in Santa Clarita. Mac's Performance in San Fernando. I'm sure there are a couple I am missing. Would not recommend that company in Sun Valley/Glenoaks that's all over Craigslist. Bavarian something or other???
  13. Ireland Engineering

    Oil Pumps

    Yes they are interchangeable just there was an earlier version and a later "updated" version. Don't know if the sprockets for the 3-bolt are still available from BMW.
  14. Ireland Engineering

    Oil Pumps
  15. Ireland Engineering

    Oil Pumps

    We have 3 rehab'd M10 oil pumps, the earlier ones with the bolt on sprocket. These have been gone through and cleaned and been given clean bill of health. $250 plus ship. We also have some pumps on our website that have brand new pumps (E21 M10 pump) installed with an OEM 2002 used pickup (we will have more of these in the future just 5 for now):