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  1. Do you know the size difference or measurement? I think I may have a blue one.
  2. It probably would be for that. Maybe you have a 2.5L motor though.
  3. @MOESPEED2002Headers would be stainless like the above picture I posted.
  4. If we ended up making one with a 2.5" collector one could possibly use our header adapter to stock exhaust. https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/adapter-ie-step-header-to-oe-resonator-flanging/
  5. Not sure on what the consensus is but we thought people wouldn't really use a stock 2" exhaust system with this motor. Maybe not?
  6. @jimk Thank you for those pictures. Correct me if I'm wrong, but looks like someone modified the downpipes to clear the steering and obviously used v-band instead of the stock 2 port flange. A minor inconvenience but we were thinking to make something that's drop in and clear the linkage w/o modifications. And make it look really nice too (not saying yours is ugly). @irdave@Ian@Mmathew Yes, they would be performance headers. I don't think it would make much sense to spend the kind of money to only make a replication of the stock headers. We think the 4 into 1 design would keep the cost down as there aren't as many collectors. But we are open to ideas at this point. The one the fabricator is making now is a 4 into 2 or we could do a 4-2-1. Obviously the more complex the header gets the more welding and cost is involved in making it. This is what he is making now for a customer. He said the 4 into 2 was kind of a pain in the arse because you have to put in a cross-over for the 02 sensor.
  7. Would there be any interest in a 2002 specific S14 header? We know the original one fits "OK". from what we saw it had to be hammered quite a bit to clear steering. Anyways, we were thinking maybe a 4 into 1 w/ a 2.5" outlet and a v-band on the end. Made from nice stainless like our M20 swap headers. Let us know if this would be something useful or needed and we can start doing some small batches of them. Price TBD once we get the general idea of the design nailed down. For now thinking somewhere in the $1500 general area.
  8. Does anyone know of a place that can do all the work to completely rebuild the box? Like size the bronze shaft bearings, replace the inner race, and replace the roller gear shaft? At the moment we don't have enough man power to take on this type of work.
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