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  1. Ireland Engineering

    5 Lug Swap Front Hubs

    $700 plus shipping. There are only 2 sets available then that's all folks. These are billet 6061 T6 Aluminum. They WILL ONLY WORK WITH STANDARD 2002 STRUTS (aka small bearings). Will not work with Tii struts. Bolt pattern is 5x120
  2. Ireland Engineering

    1975 BMW 2002 at Copart - Sale 9/10/18

    I'm pretty sure that's the insurance claim for the value of the car before it got hit. Anyways Copart is a bunch of bologna. Just a way for insurers to determine value before they make a payout. Many of us know Norm and his blue restomod 2002. His car was listed on Copart a few months back but was never actually for sale as he retained his car. I think he uses Hagerty, they determined the amount to payout by how high the bidding went.
  3. Ireland Engineering

    3.0CS from the LA Auto Expo

    Not sure you'll be able to prove it was in HIS name. Probably just a dealer/company owned car that he got to drive around and called it his, since he owned the place. Even if it was ordered specifically for him, there is a chance he would have paid everything through the company, put the car in the company name etc. Did you buy it from the individual who purchased it from Max? Hope you weren't sold on that line. Again a very beautiful car to own though!!!
  4. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!! - 09/29/2018 11:00 AM

    Official Ad
  5. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    Any updates @02bumpers? We still haven't gotten our 2nd deposit. Seems the only way to get a reaction out of this guy is to go public. We WILL be filing reports w/ FBI/Oakland PD so let us know if you want we can give you a case number or whatever.
  6. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!!

  7. Ireland Engineering


  8. Ireland Engineering

    Ireland Engineering Open House!!!

    Come join us for beers, food, and of course cars!
  9. Event Title: Ireland Engineering Open House!!! Event Author: Ireland Engineering Event Date: 09/29/2018 11:00 AM Come join us for beers, food, and of course cars! Ireland Engineering Open House!!!
  10. Ireland Engineering

    MIM Alpine 7x15 et25

    So NOW what are you putting on the car???
  11. Ireland Engineering

    WTB: Hazard Flasher Switch

    $40 shipped for a used one.
  12. Ireland Engineering

    Weber dcoe 40s

    We have a whole assortment of carb parts here at the shop, should have what you might need.
  13. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    We really hope not, not sure how you can get money back from a wire though. He used Plastiq, a company that basically uses a CC to make a wire transfer. Actually any info on if there could be a potential charge back on a wire transfer of this sort would be helpful. Not you too!!!! We know of about 5 companies now that this man has frauded. Basically through the FAQ we contacted him and one of the other companies he frauded gave us his contact info. Actually his phone number was on our orders and he even picked up the phone before he realized we caught on. We have an email for him PM if you want it. Anyways be ready to submit claims to police/FBI/PI/whoever in case he gives you the run around. We aren't entirely sure on the his whole side of the story and what has been said smells really fishy to be honest. I mean who does that much business like that? Gives cash and Venmo to someone and has them buy parts online for you with a CC??? With the latest order he made, the whole deal with us was over 10K in parts (combined with the other companies we are talking a very substantial amount of money). Also we get emails from him and PM on the FAQ and tries to play like they are two separate people. Feel like this "Bobby Yang" and his "housemate" are one and the same...our .02 so be careful. It is however clear to us "Bobby" is in on it. After a substantial amount of parts were sent in the first batch of orders we realized our mistake and that this was fraud. He tried to place more orders with us, and we turned the tables on him and gave HIM the run around (we were talking on the phone regularly about his orders and have recorded conversation of this). We offered him a savings on shipping since one of us was traveling to the bay area we offered to just drop off at his residence to which he agreed. Of course we had no intention of doing this and after the agreed upon time to drop off parts there were no more phone calls from Mr. Yang. Why? Because he realized we caught on. Which is also probably why he pulled Erich Horat into this as well because Bobby's name didn't appear on this latest invoice, just Erich's. Which turned out to be his mistake because Erich is a stand up guy, and actually led to more info on him. Please keep us updated and let us know how things turn out. CC companies will not allow you to dispute the chargeback on the CC if the billing and shipping addresses on the invoice are different. Again not sure how he was doing it (aka getting through all the fraud filters on our website/, usually the frauds that DO occur make no sense (ie order quantities make no sense) or you can check and see they've tried several different cards before they got one to go through. This guy got through the orders the first time, every time with out tripping any of the fraud filters. And finally yes the owner of Precision Motors, Erich, has been EXTREMELY Helpful. Good guy too. PS. we were supposed to get another small transfer made last week but never saw anything show up in our account.
  14. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    UPDATE: We got wired half the money yesterday. We are still awaiting the other half.
  15. Ireland Engineering

    Does anyone know Bobby Yang

    This guy is giving us the run around. Emails jeff saying "yes I will pay" then sends us a DM here on FAQ saying he has no emails from Jeff yet they are communicating back and forth. We are not the confusing ones you are @glyif trying to communicate via 2 methods. Will update the community as per the course of action we will take, please nobody do business with this thief!