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  1. Just an update we took the car to the fabricator on Tuesday finally after a small delay. He said he would finish up prototyping the headers rather quickly, so there might be some pictures to follow in the next week or so of the prototype headers being mocked up for your consideration/input. Looks like there is plenty of room to clear the steering linkage. And we gave him samples of both the oil cooler filter head and non-oil cooler filter to make sure headers clear both.
  2. Currently races B Sedan Lite in VARA
  3. Raced SCCA, VARA, BMW Club, etc. for last 30+ years. Currently runs B Sedan in VARA.
  4. Specializing in the manufacture of vintage BMW performance and race aftermarket parts (especially 2002's). We have everything to satisfy your need for speed. OEM and replacement parts are also available for those looking to keep their cars stock.
  5. 1. @02tradition 2. @AceAndrew 3. @Mike G 4. @Streetcar 5. @hankster 6. @Round 7. @Nikk02 8. @draper68 9. @inkatouring This is our list so far. With the up front money collected from you we will be making down payment in the next couple days so the manufacturer can purchase material. Sample car will be delivered next week sometime I believe to begin R&D and production. Still one spot up for grabs! More can be added if necessary but get your name in quick if so, might be a while if this is ever to happen again.
  6. One on ebay right now. Different image on the knob so maybe bavaria? or later car.
  7. We have one. Sandblasted to check for cracks. Other than a couple snapped bolts for the heat shield its perfect. $200 plus shipping.
  8. Cannot confirm this because we have no way of test fitting them.
  9. Got 5 or 6 with emblems and missing leather, got a few more that are missing leather and emblems.
  10. @Guest_anonymous NOS OG OEM BMW hose $20 shipped in USA
  11. No problem. We may actually have a rubber one around here somewhere.
  12. We got some silicone ones relatively cheap if you want to go that route.
  13. Please everybody check your PM. I have a couple people who have not responded to get this thing moving. Don't want to call people out but may come to it!
  14. We have one. Powder coated semi gloss black, yellow zinc hardware can also be included
  15. $250 for a good used transmission 4 speed.
  16. Duly noted. This is totally doable.
  17. 1. @02tradition 2. @AceAndrew 3. @Mike G 4. @Streetcar 5. @hankster 6. @Round 7. @Nikk02 8. @draper68 9. ? 10. ? Please check your PM's we will be contacting you for your contact information and to get orders typed up and in the system and collect money. 10 sets is the minimum order quantity so there are still 2 spots open for now, but we could increase the batch quantity however many depending on if people join the group buy in time. Per the manufacturer, he stated he can get started on the project around the week of the 8th of May. Again, last time it took almost 2 months to have the batch made (you can't rush art!). We will be towing a shell over to him with a mock up sub-frame and steering linkage, and obviously motor and trans (Getrag 245). The shell is a '73, we don't believe there to be any differences in early vs. late in the areas of the car we are concerned with. He wants down payment to get started which is why we are collecting money up front for the group buy. The main issue with the E30 specific headers seems to be the angles of the collectors running straight into the steering linkage. they will be angled back slightly more and should clear either the 245 or 260 Getrag. If when this batch is all done and gone another group buy could always be arranged.
  18. 228mm or 215mm? I think we have both in steel we could have refurbished for you. Also we can get new aluminum ones as well.
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