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  1. Selling a pair of front seats for a friend. The seats are in decent shape there is some tears in the drivers side seat but the passenger side is in good shape. I might ship them if someone is willing to cover the cost of freight. Please respond to the ad or PM me on the FAQ. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hey everyone! 02 Bumpers is having an overstock sale on stainless steel shorty front bumpers exclusive to FAQ'rs. I am offering them at $75 off retail. Total cost is $464 + Shipping. There are -4- 3 units available at this price. It is on a first come first serve basis. Contact at [email protected] or PM on the FAQ. Thanks for looking! Click the link below for pictures: https://02bumpers.com/collections/frontpage/products/bmw-1600-2002-short-stainless-steel-front-bumper-1968-71
  3. Hey Dave, I will be getting in a bulk order in 2-3 weeks that will have enough sets where I can break a couple up and sell the individual pieces. I will keep you posted on that. Chris
  4. Dave, The match will be a little off if you decide to go with single pieces. The stainless steel, when compared to the stock anodized aluminum, is much more of a bright mirrored finish. If the mismatch doesn't bother you, I have a shipment of 10 sets coming in the next couple weeks and could potentially be willing to break up a set if they haven't been sold. I'll keep you posted.
  5. I will order some extra sets of belt line seam cover clips for you. Anyone else have any interest? $35 plus shipping for all 4 pieces.
  6. Hey James, I'm working on getting the video out here shortly. It will be available to those who purchase the kits. I am past the r&d stage with my exclusive manufacturer and everything is fitting and looking great. I have sent out 5 sets and will pass the feedback along once I get it. I have 10 more sets coming in the next shipment, 5 of which are spoken for and 5 that are available for purchase. I will let you know once the video is finished! Thank you for the interest
  7. It is not guaranteed that the beltline will fit over the plastic clips due to the varying states of integrity of each clip for each 2002. I have successfully installed trim with the clips but I found the worn out clips wouldn't hold the trim effectively. So, I was going to have to replace the old clips with new plastic clips anyway, so I decided to make stainless steel fasteners that will never wear out and will never have to be replaced.
  8. How many do you need? I may have some extras lying around from my stainless steel beltline kits.
  9. Hey James, I am at around 5-6 weeks lead time for sets that are ordered now. This will become shorter once I have an inventory going but that will happen after this first shipment. I will do my best to keep an inventory so you guys don't have to wait, but the sets are going quick and the first shipment is going to have 20 sets in it, half of those have been claimed. Lead time is 4-5 weeks for bumper sets. But sets that were ordered from Dec18-april19 will be all caught up in June.
  10. As far as I know the 5mph bumpers that are on the late model 2002's are not within the safety standard for the cars on the road today. The 5mph bumpers are a 40 year old standard so I think you should be good with the switch. I have never heard of an insurance company making a stink about it. But I am not 100% on this, so proceed with your own judgement. Our bumpers are fairly robust and will be able to absorb some of the energy of an impact but in all reality, a 2002 in any state will take a beating from most cars out on the road today. Any insurance guys have any insight on this?
  11. Hey Seth, I have been pretty busy with private messages and with guys on the Facebook side of things and have unfortunately pushed off the FAQ post as a result. I have been unfaithful hahaha please forgive me!! 🤣 As far as the fit, please read the above post, I think I may have answered your question. There is really no special care needed besides general cleaning and maybe the occasional polish. But the shine comes through as long as you didn't just go rally the Baja 4000. Jokes aside, they will outlast the OEM easily. Paint does not need to be masked off but, I do recommend taking extra care while securing the fasteners, you want the fit to be tight but you don't have to go crazy on it. Let me know if I got all your questions covered! -Chris
  12. I have been meaning to respond to your questions James! My apologies for the delay. AN UPDATE: I have been personally working in the research and development phase with my supplier to produce this belt line trim set for the last 2 years now. The trim and bumpers, for that matter, are made by a new manufacturer in Vietnam that has started his own company. This individual has been my contact the entire time when he was at my old manufacturer's operation but now I work with him as a separate entity at the new facility he started and the quality is better than ever. Since he has left the old factory, I have personally assisted him in replicating the 2002 bumpers to be more true to the original. For example, We have changed the impact strip holes in the long bumpers to slots so customers don't need to purchase $15 clips to install the rubber strips: multiply $15 by the 20+ clips to attach the rubber strips and you are looking at a hefty bill. With the slots cut in the long bumper, the fasteners only run around $5 a piece and you only need a few of the $15 clips for the end holes, also, we have made the edges more crisp and defined to replicate the originals as well. Through this retooling process we have experienced a back order on bumpers, but we are now getting production back to normal operating speed. So for all of you waiting for your bumper sets they will be on their way very soon. So, enough about bumpers! Lets talk about the trim: FIT: I am very confident with the fit! Each piece of stainless trim is fit to the radius and contour curves of the 2002 at each corner. This has been one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome, we've tooled up and have all we need to really nail down those pesky contours and radii. Now the trim really hugs those corners nicely. The lengths are accurate all around the car and the ends are capped and polished. The inside mounting rails match that of the stock pieces with the cutouts to slide in the fasteners built in. The fasteners slide freely up and down the inside of the trim with little effort FASTENERS: The metal fasteners will replace every plastic clip on your 02 except for the two on the pass and driver doors near the door hinges, those plastic clips will be left there because you cannot get a metal fastener in that location from behind the door panel...but our trim will fit over the stock clips at that location. It is recommended you get new plastic clips for those locations by the door hinges. I have attached the pictures of the fasteners to give you guys a better idea of what they look like below. They come with metal washers, nylon washers, and nuts to secure the belt line to car. 60 fasteners total. FINISH: The finish is a nice polished mirror and is very durable. It has a nice, smooth reflective surface and It is not plated, so if you scratch it you are able to buff on the surface without having to worry about burning through plating because there is none! Also, the trim will never rust or oxidize. MAINTENANCE: You will need to clean them just as much as you would clean the outside your 02. There is really no maintenance besides just cleaning it every once and a while to clear the dirt and bugs off! It also wouldn't hurt to hit it with a metal polisher like Flitz or the like to shine em up every once and a while. INSTALLATION PICS/VIDEO: As far as installation pictures. I took some but they are not very good because I was trying to be the camera guy and the installer. So, I have got an installation video production day on the calendar to demonstrate how to get the trim pieces on. So keep an eye out for that, its coming down the pipeline. P.S. The car in the pictures is my personal 2002 and this is not the first set I have attempted to install. TBH, I've gone through many frustrating days in order to ensure the best fit and finish of these sets before I brought the trim sets to market. I have corrected all mistakes and found avenues to nail down the accuracy of the trim. With this last installation I am confident and very excited that the sets coming down the line are up to the "overall" standards in the 2002 community, IMO. I know these sets have failed in the past with the fitment but I have been determined to overcome those previous failures due to the need for these pieces in the 02 community. I also have heard from some folks at the Bay Area Swap And Show at the Brisbane Marina that even the OEM pieces have been misfitting lately. But I am happy to say that this is not the case with 02bumpers.com sets. P.P.S. I am working on getting the touring sets for all you hatchbackers out there. It will happen. Best, Chris
  13. Would like to purchase the left and right side 2002 touring belt line trim. Just needs to be straight and dent/kink free. Oxidation is okay.

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