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  1. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Hey Ryan, 02bumpers is not affiliated with Blunt, however, we do work together on occasion. The bumpers are manufactured in Vietnam, then sent to San Luis Obispo (more specifically Morro Bay) where they are then distributed to the customer. I am more than willing to meet for a local pickup. We have discontinued the chrome bumpers and offer only stainless due to the stainless steel's superior traits over chrome plated steel. You can buff out scratches with a buffing wheel and use metal polish to shine them up. You will never have to worry about buffing through any playing because there is none! I'll PM you about your custom order. Thank you for your interest! -Chris
  2. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Hey Seth. So the body work that would need to be done is purely cosmetic when using the conversion brackets that are offered on the website. Here is a brief overview of the holes that are left when converting from late model bumpers to early: There are holes in the front fenders and the rear quarter panel that are left from the accordion side mounting points, as well as cutouts in the front nose where the late model brackets are inserted (the bracket kit provides the sheet metal to close up these cutouts around the conversion brackets), also there are holes which span across the lower part of the rear panel, I think there is roughly 8-10 screws which are used to mount the rubber flap which covers the gap from the rear panel to the the inside lip of the late model bumper. The rear bracket mounting holes are covered by the rear bumper. Another option, if body filling isn't one, is putting plastic grommets which can be found at your local hardware store to plug each hole and paint them to match the color of the car. This option is more of a "quick fix". Please email me at chris@02bumpers.com if you have any other questions. Hope this clears some things up! -Chris
  3. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    I apologize for the long wait. I have emailed you with an update. This year we are experiencing major delays due to the Lunar New Year. I am very sorry...I have been pushing as hard as I can to get your shipment.
  4. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Looks great Mario!! Thank you for sharing
  5. I am selling a couple of rear wrap around stainless steel bumpers at a heavy discount due to some minor scratches on the bumpers. Please check the auctions here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143077337267 https://www.ebay.com/itm/143077352527
  6. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Yes, these are made in Vietnam.
  7. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Yes the long rear bumper sides conform to the notched cutouts in the rear panel where the corner wraps around the side.
  8. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Nice to hear from you again!. Please check out the following link for the rear brackets. Blunt sells them for $32 each. Hope this helps! https://www.blunttech.com/products/4136299
  9. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Updated! 10% off until 2019! Coupon Code: EOTY2018
  10. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Please do not think I was taking offense or taking your comments as any sort of incitement. I was just stating that we are in fact a legitimate business, so no worries. I am not certain the email has come through on my end. You can reach me at chris@02bumpers.com or DM on the FAQ. Thank you!
  11. 02bumpers

    Early model bumpers 1968-73

    Looking to purchase a set of shorty bumpers 1968-1971 and a set of wrap around bumpers 1971-73. Thanks!
  12. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    We pride ourselves on our product as well as our customer service and if there are any issues you have with any of our products, I am here to personally help solve them. I am certain the FAQ members who are previous customers will agree with these statements. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks for the interest! -Chris
  13. 02bumpers

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Sale ends 12/31/2018
  14. 02bumpers.com If you have any questions for us please respond to this thread, PM or email me directly at chris@02bumpers.com http://www.02bumpers.com Stainless steel bumpers Seam Covers Bumperettes