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  1. Original paint. It's something special...
  2. Bezels are fine. I might try to have a specialist restore the grills...
  3. Chris Macha tells me I need shallow bezels for my 73.
  4. Indeed. I had deep bezels. Not sure what’s correct.
  5. I managed to rear end a Mercedes today. The 02 lost. My ‘73 bumper dove under the MB and my grill got wrinkled. it appears these bits are NLA. Anybody have a nice set available? I would be most appreciative! Thanks, Greg
  6. Sure looks the same! ish.
  7. If this is a Turbo filter, I could spare one at my cost. But they aren’t cheap.
  8. Lengrep


  9. If I can find the correct (614) tank for my ‘73, I’d be glad to sell you my new 604!
  10. Are the 614 and 770 tanks available? I have a new 604 I bought as a spare for my ‘73 tii, which currently has a patched tank... And I’d like a spare for my Turbo.
  11. They are in early development. Working on molds.
  12. Ha! I just have the wrong panels installed. Or so the experts say. Switching to the “correct” chrome trim configuration. I love my Turbo, but honestly, the tii is more fun in the mountains. But the sound and road feel of the Turbo is pretty special on open road or the track...
  13. Probably so. Small lot production without the original tooling is very expensive. Although many metal components could be CNC machined for a reasonable cost. That tii was built with a lot of NOS parts as well. I saw a recent under the hood shot of an oily valve cover...glad it’s being driven, but it should be a little embarrassing! The Mobile Tradition one piece dashes went NLA right as I tried to order one for my ‘73 tii...five years ago. About $1800 then. Haven’t heard whether they were done well or not. I bought a complete set of tobacco/black interior panels then. Quite nice. Also a pair of black door panels for my Turbo. Haven’t installed those. Greg
  14. A good calendar and social media feeds. Even the BMW Classic museum and workshops are open only Saturdays with a ticket purchased in advance at BMW Weld. Sigh. The good news for the dashes is that their business appears to have been brisk for Z-cars, and they’ve finally started work on the ‘02 products.
  15. A well regarded outfit called Vintage Dashes has started work on repro dashes and interior panels for our 2002’s! North Bay Bavarian loaned them original one and two piece dashes, along with NLA interior panels. They currently manufacture a replacement dash for Datsun 240Z which has been very well received. $799. Email address is VintageDashes@gmail.com. Best way to see what they are up to is on Instagram. Username is @vintagedashes. Kinda shames BMW Classic...
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