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  1. Not enough, mainly due to turbo failure. Based on my annual miles on my tii, it would be around 4,000 miles. Greg
  2. The folks at Oldenzaal are open to selling additional units to non-clients. If there is interest, I can see what we could get for a group buy discount. It is supposedly a drop in replacement, requiring no modification to the fuel injection curves. Boost comes on at lower RPM, typical of modern turbochargers, they say. Stock boost.
  3. We have a known quality, modern German (I think) turbocharger coming from Oldenzaal in the Netherlands. It's what they've been using in their restorations for cars that are driven with excellent results. That's what I'll put in later, but Marc and I just agreed to give the Chinese unit a shot before doing that. If it's decent quality, it would provide all of us an attractively priced option for road use while keeping our KKK's in a glass case on the shelf... The housings are new castings, not old stock, so perhaps reverse engineered. From what we can see, it looks legitimate, and certainly many thousands of turbochargers are produced every year for the domestic Chinese auto market, so I wouldn't assume (though I fear) that it's junk. The Chinese auto industry is fairly mature at this point, thanks to all the foreign manufacturers who stampeded into the Chinese market with their advanced technology and manufacturing know how. I just can't learn anything useful about this particular rather small manufacturer, which appears to specialize in replacement turbochargers. I'll let you know "soon". Greg
  4. Marc fabricated the oil supply adapters. Need to carve out time to install and test. Eager to report results! Greg
  5. Marc Norris is optimistic. He's ordered the adapters for oil lines, and evaluated potential fit issues. So far, so good. I'll update the group when I've got my car back in his shop for fitting...hoping for the best! If this works, it's a very affordable solution. Maybe we can work out a group buy and adapter kits, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Can't wait to drive the darn thing again...with full boost...for more than a couple hundred miles! Greg
  6. Sorry, they are sold. Went quickly...these are European style with symbols. Pretty cool.
  7. That’s the idea! I may have underpriced these babies, but I can’t use them. They’re really nice.
  8. I have three early style dashboard switches, plus a cigarette lighter. Headlight, fan, wiper, plus the lighter Not sure which year they go on, but definitely nothing in my garage! All are in very nice condition, but I have not tested them. The headlight switch is labelled "12V". $8 Shipping by USPS Flat Rate box or pick up if you're local.
  9. This is a new BMW rear license plate base for the later model 2002's. It's new, never used. No scratches or other damage. This part number is NLA from BMW. I purchased it in 2013 and no longer need it. Selling it for what I paid. Shipping by USPS $15 or pick up for free if you're local.
  10. Thanks!! I ordered the repair kits. Originals are really poor quality!!
  11. Do they adjust properly, or are the screws stripped like mine?!
  12. Still looking for that unicorn NOS KKK turbocharger... Feel free to DM me. Thanks!
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