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  1. Not that motivated! Stock steering is fine on my Turbo.
  2. @wkohler Carl tells me I’ll be happily driving mine this fall. Come on out! (Hoping we don’t have to cancel...)
  3. 1977? Something is amiss...Only 1974 and 1975 models were built. Basic owners manual is the normal 2002 manual. There is a Turbo supplement. Tough to find one of those...I have some photocopies and I think a PDF of an English dealer supplement.
  4. Sold at $156,000 (plus $5k BAT fee) to a dealer in Texas. Nice price! Now he can try to overhaul the KKK turbocharger... Original paint is pretty sweet.
  5. Acceleration reminds me of my Turbo when the turbocharger was ready for overhaul. Same cool exhaust sound, though! i kept waiting for him to turn onto a freeway on-ramp!
  6. Chamonix. It’s had a respray at some point. Lots of overspray but finish is great!
  7. I can’t tell. It’s just small exposed places.
  8. I have red paint under the Chamonix on my Turbo...revealed by overly aggressive cleaning under the hood.
  9. Do you have a color chip for that orange?
  10. Not sure what you are referring to...but the castings are new, using modern metallurgy, to the original prints. Internal parts are mostly new from a NOS rebuild kit. So, in essence, it’s new. Greg
  11. Carl tells me the Turbo is holding up well. Soon it will be my turn to put it through some heat cycles... Greg PS-- @Einspritz I haven't forgotten...I'll ask
  12. Happy with Koito H4 LED replacement bulbs. $$
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