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  1. This set is sold, but I have a fully restored set available. Posted separately.
  2. Ha! Must be too cheap. Lots of interest. I think they are E21 wheels painted for Turbo use. The Turbo and E21 steel wheels are the same size. Different part numbers because of paint color.
  3. Five 5 1/2J 13 ET 18 Steel Wheels; four with five year old Michelin XDX 185/70-13 tires. These just came off my Turbo; I found a NOS set of wheels in the original Turbo color. These have black centers with silver rims--which I see on most Turbos, unless they have Alpina's. All five wheels are in excellent shape; lots of tread life left on the four XDX's. The spare wheel has an older Michelin 185/70-13 tire mounted. I could ship if you want, but I think these are a better candidate for local pickup in SoCal. Cleaning out the garage! Greg
  4. This is a fully restored set of four 6Jx13 ET 12 Alpina's. Finish is flawless (to my eye). Not mounted since restoration. All four are straight and true. Perfect finish for your restoration! The photo is of one wheel which is unpacked; the others are just as nice. I'm including a complete set of the correct lug nuts for your installation. I was going to mount these on my Turbo, but found a set of NOS steelies with the impossible to find correct paint... Free pickup in Thousand Oaks, or shipping anywhere in the US for $100-$200 FedEx Ground. I'll charge the actual packing and shipping charge if you go that route. Time to clean out the garage! Greg
  5. Fantastic set of four 6Jx13 ET 12 Alpina alloy wheels. Two 1978, one 1979, one 1986 casting dates. All four are straight, ready to mount. The centers are not painted black, but I've included the stencil I purchased to make it easy. Prior owner put weights on visible surface, so the silver paint may get damaged when you remove the weights. I've included a set of correct wheel nuts which I sourced from Coupe King. I bought these several years ago after a long search for a set of Alpinas, then never installed them. Time to clean out the garage!! Pickup in Thousand Oaks, CA or shipping for about $50 a wheel FedEx Ground depending on where you live.
  6. Follow up question. It appears the adjustment screw is in all the way. But I’m getting 1 bar boost. Does this suggest the internal parts are seized? If so, what do you recommend I do? Other than enjoy full boost…
  7. It feels like it!! Good tip on spark plug gap...but it's definitely not misfiring. More like it's begging for more... As I recall, the original Road and Track interview with BMW engineering mentioned that the engine was capable of much higher boost, but the company didn't think drivers could handle it... Greg
  8. So, gentlemen, I have a handy MAP gauge on my iPhone thanks to the 123Tune distributor. My best guess is that someone cranked the blow off valve all the way in hopes of getting whatever boost was available from the worn out KKK. With my twin scroll replacement, my gauge in the car seems reasonably accurate; but the blow off valve (waste gate) is not doing anything. Boost flies up to 1 bar if I hit the throttle. Fortunately, the 10-degree ignition retard under boost and 100 octane fuel are preventing detonation!! So…just adjust the screw until I see max boost down around .6 bar? And meanwhile, drive with one eye on the boost gauge… Greg
  9. No, I didn't have to do anything on my last Longstone to California shipment. But with current exchange rates, Lucas is cheaper (even with sales tax) and certainly faster, so I bought a set this week from them.
  10. Well, I’m happy enough with my CN36’s on my tii to order a set for my Turbo. Baby needs new shoes. And ditto re: Koni’s. I remember putting adjustable Koni’s on my new 1973 Capri 2.6. They were definitely “in”. Greg
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