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  1. It's unclear what the PO's did to my driver side door, but I needed to use a rivnut setup. I also have a passenger side mirror but haven't yet drilled the holes so this thread is handy.
  2. I'm definitely in! In October I finished my full subframe, ground control, wilwood refurb, and like hell I'd miss showing up!
  3. That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!
  4. Thanks for resurrecting this thread! I realize I forgot to report back. First, the build quality is great, and I love the sound. It isn't raspy or loud. I need to spend some time going back through it to massage the fit now though. I just finished rebuilding both front and rear subframes, and in the pic below you can see the transmission bracket is broken/bent, so I bought a new one but the pipe diameter is too small, and for some reason the placement of the down pipe is now lower relative to the transmission than before, so the bracket doesn't work. Also the rubber hanger doesn't want to stay hooked to the rear hanger near the bumper. So at the moment, the exhaust is only mounted to the cylinder head, and the hanger at the rear subframe. Regardless, overall I'm more than happy and just haven't had a lift or time to tweak it. I might just take it a muffler shop given that someone could probably fix it in an hour. Good luck!
  5. Thanks guys! I've ridden by Group 2, so I'm glad hear they are a good option. I'll go by and talk to them. I got to drive my car a bit this weekend and damn, it is super FUN!! Unfortunately the engine is now very obviously the weak link. . Now that it's back on the road, I'm looking forward to the next meet up though. Cheers!
  6. So I just got my car back on the road after I rebuilt the front and rear subframe with Ground Control springs/shocks, Wilwood brakes, sway bars etc. I have the adjustable front Camber/Caster plates, and I had a local vintage BMW shop install Ireland's adjustable rear camber/toe subframe mounts while I had the subframe out of the car. I took it to another shop to have the alignment done, and they said that the rear trailing arm mounts don't quite give them enough toe in adjustment because they weren't installed properly. It's not enough to ruin the tires, but I should figure it out at some point. Does anyone have any recommendations on a place in Seattle that check the rear alignment and confirm whether or not adjustable brackets are correct or not? I wasn't sure if Patrick does alignments too.
  7. Update: HOLY CRAP. This weekend I got my car back on the road, and despite the alignment being shot to hell (we eye balled it so I could drive it to a shop), this car is amazing already. I was worried the spring rate would be too high, but at first ride it feels perfect. It feels like the way the car was meant to be!! Now I just need the alignment done, the brakes bedded in, and to spend some time on curvy roads and I'll be in heaven.
  8. Nice! I'm nearly done doing the exact same thing to my 76, except Wilwood brakes and the IE sway bars. Just need to finish installing the brake lines and to put the carpet back in place. Scope creep means I also rebuilt the pedal box, brake linkage/booster and clutch master cylinder. Needless to say I can't wait to try it! Ground Control said they gave me 350 pound springs, and I'm hoping they set the Koni's to their recommended setting. I'm also going to need to figure out a good camber setting. Have you dialed things in any further since last winter?
  9. Thanks irdave. Yeah I have new 1 dot top and bottom pads, but rather than flat pads, they a shaped to accept the coil spring (photo) and the inside diameter of the raise part is to big for the inside of the springs. I've googled around a ton, and haven't seen or read about anything obvious. I was just thinking i wouldn't want metal on metal contact on either the trailing arm or the body. I'm a little less worried about the top, because the adjustable height collar fits super snug against the body and the spring rides in the adjuster, but I may just have to modify the bottom pads by hand. And yeah, I pulled the OE bump stops out.
  10. I'm nearly done rebuilding both front and rear subframes with the Ground Control coil over kit including the rear spring with height adjustor. This pic from a from a different thread demonstrates my questions though. What "spring pad" should I use for the height adjuster to body interface, and given that the springs are ground flat, I need some kind of lower spring pad that is flat for the spring side, but has the protruding bump on the trailing arm side. I'm kinda annoyed this isn't included in the kit...
  11. Cool! I recently had all my seats redone, so I'm not in the market, but I'm looking forward to the restoration blog!
  12. wheelieking

    Subframe in

    Thanks! I guess I hadn't dug deep enough in the box yet.
  13. wheelieking

    Subframe in

    Oh man, it looks so clean under there!! Congrats. I'm about to install the same GC kit. Did you use both upper and lower spring pads? I have new ones for both, but I'm curious how that threaded collar is supposed to sit against the body.
  14. Cool! My car still has the subframes removed, but I'll try to be there. BTW, @Teelinger I saw you driving orange kermit down Stone this morning. . I also saw a silver 02, with red/blue stripes on the front air damn. I hadn't seen that car around this area before.
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