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  1. Woah! I'm probably reading too much into it, but love the chassis number: 70077
  2. Cool! Can you remind me if the conversion kits require bodywork (filling holes or cutting new ones)? I've love to ditch the diving boards!
  3. That is a really good point, and apologies that I don't have them. At the time, I was excited to drive the car and just asked for an alignment and didn't specify what aspect I was prioritizing (cornering vs stability etc). At this point, I've resolved to get another alignment done to confirm the setup, but thought I'd check here to see if its somewhat expected. Yeah, that is my next step. It has all new poly bushings everywhere. 350lbs springs (I could probably have gone with 300), and the "factory" GC rebound damping on the Koni shocks. I think I'm at -1 degree camber in the front, and will play with the adjustment. Thanks for that! All in all the car is such a hoot to drive around!! Thanks!
  4. So last year I rebuilt both front and rear subframes, and had a local vintage BMW shop weld on new posi style camber and toe kits. When I took it to another shop for the full alignment, they said they thought the rear adjustors were possibly not installed correctly, and they could get the alignment close, but not perfect. It's super fun to drive, and at first just felt "darty" on the highway, which some folks said was pretty normal for an aggressive suspension, but sometimes I notice what I can only describe as "rear wheel steering". It's a pretty subtle seat of a pants observation, so I can't tell if this is just the result of a vintage car with such an upgraded suspension or something that needs attention. I have Tesla Model 3 which handles amazing, (actually they both go around corners like champs), but the alignment just feels weird. I'm planning to take to take it to another more specialized alignment shop for a second opinion, but thought I'd see if there were similar findings here. I have an LSD to install, so I'd just get those mounts corrected when I have it apart if needed. Thoughts?
  5. And now that motor is in my shop, ready to be rebuilt for its second life of fun! 😇 Can't wait to score a ride once you get the new turbo motor in. That might just inspire me to go the turbo route too.
  6. I had an unreal amount of long decking screws holding everything together, and all four corners were bridged together. Otherwise it would have been!
  7. I'd also like some RPM or Throttle position ideas, but to tune a 38/38 I plan to put on, I have an Innovate O2 sensor, and just bought their PL-1 pocket data logger for $99 bucks. https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/pl1.php
  8. I live north of Seattle now, and love the idea of going over the north Cascades highway, down through Chelan and Wenatchee and back on highway 2, but that would be a much longer day...
  9. Very sorry to hear this! I was able to find a '02 that doesn't need a bunch of body work, but I know that day will come. It does need mechanical help, which I'm much more comfortable with. I just bought a used long block to rebuild, but I'd be interested in hearing about the rebuilt engine if you do intend to part the car out.
  10. Thank you! This is such a great resource and its great to know that it is being maintained!
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