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  1. I was there about two weeks ago to pick up a used engine, and he seemed healthy and was just working away.
  2. Welcome from a fellow Verona fan! You'll hear many people recommend Patrick at @midnightmotorsport, myself included!
  3. Cool. PM'd. I'm in North Seattle.
  4. Nice! Shared this with my dad and he might want to take a look. Where in the Seattle area are you based? -Sid
  5. Yeah, I definitely need to dial that in too! I had a full alignment done after I rebuilt the front and rear subframes and it seems fine in the corners, but "wonders" between the lane paint on the freeway. So I need to have a better shop take a look when things free up a little bit. I'm a little confused at how those adjustable plates mount in the fender though. If I loosen those allen screws, you can see I won't be able to adjust it much farther. Did I install them wrong? Thoughts?
  6. Just installed my Bluetooth model, and it made a HUGE difference, and I haven't even dialed it in yet.
  7. Installed a 123Ignition Bluetooth distributor and.... WOW! I expected a little improvement, but damn! I haven't even done an actual timing adjustment, or played with the curves yet, and it has made a HUGE different. I had already upgraded the plug wires and coil when I bought the car, and I didn't have any major problems with the current distributor which had an older Pertronix ignitor in it. I was able to start it on the first try, and it was idling rough until I turned the distributor by hand until the idle came up and smoothed out. After that, it was idling too fast, so I turned it back a bit and it settled down. This is a stock, tired old motor, yet the throttle seems more responsive, and it is much happier and smooth from 3k to 5,500 RPM where it starts to run out of breath. So much more fun to drive though! Next up is to dial in the base timing with a light, and adjust from there. I could also *feel* that i need to adjust the valve lash, which I'll do after the timing.
  8. I didn't try it without the bottom pad so I'm not sure if it makes a different or not. I also didn't flatten that factory locating bump either. I basically just didn't want metal on metal squeaks to materialize there since I already have full poly bushings everywhere. Seems great so far. Also, I'm pretty sure I have 350# springs which are great on smooth tarmac corners, but not super nice on the shitty roads around Seattle that haven't been repaired since they were shelled in WWII. 😉 I just got it back on the road in October, so I'm looking forward to some curvy backroads drives this summer.
  9. Thanks! Sorry, I meant to add that. They are 195/50 r15. Continental Pro Contact. No fender rubbing at all (that I have noticed anyway).
  10. While not the same, mine is close, and I could probably get it spot on. I have the ground control adjustable coilover kit, and the adjustable rear trailing arm pivots from Ireland. This pics is from before the alignment, so the camber is a little more aggressive now. Wheels are Rota mesh 15x7 with et25.
  11. Dang! That looks sweet!! Can't wait to see it in person... from at least six feet away of course...
  12. Agreed, some organized drives vs. standing around in a parking lot would be good fun!
  13. Nice! Just in time for spring/summer warm weather cruising.
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