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  1. Does anyone know the length of the automatic speedo cable? Gearing up to do a 5 speed swap and a buddy has a pile of cables I just need the length to know which one to grab. Cheers, Kevin
  2. We have decided to do it right and have started disassembling the car in preparation to strip it to bare metal and start over. Thanks to my boys, my friends, and some horse trading with new friends this project is strongly underway.
  3. I’ve finally pulled 1660001. Thinking about letting it go. Anybody that’s interested hit me up. May end up going to bring the trailer or eBay with it if there’s not much interest
  4. There is no designation on the cam flange besides the TDC mark.
  5. Thanks for the info. I always assumed casting marks were raised and stampings were stamped into the metal. Have you ever seen this casting mark before? This is the only marking whatsoever on the entire camshaft besides the stamp for top dead center.
  6. Steve, it is from 1660001. I'm at a loss as there are no other markings anywhere on the cam.
  7. So I’ve got a camshaft that has a stamping of 889 or 688 depending on which way you look at it. LOL looking for some help identifying it. There are absolutely no other marks on the cam except for a yellow paint mark and a white paint mark near the stamped number. There are no casting marks on the shaft and the flange for the timing gear has no number stamped on it either near the TDC Mark. Just curious if anyone has seen this
  8. Par for the course for me I bought another 2002 which tuned out to be an 1802 German car. Had a door tag I’ve never seen before. I’ve attached a pic of the tag which is hard to read because it’s pretty scratched up. Anyways I just wanted to pick all of your brains to see if anyone knows anything about it.
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