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  1. beammmer

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Fall in the South, I guess it's winter most everywhere else. Don
  2. beammmer

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    Ha, funny and on your 11,000th post. Don
  3. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    What is Lift Off? Never heard of it, MEK?
  4. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    The adhesive used is an acrylic polymer. Alcohol or most solvents do not loosen it like they would a rubber resin adhesive, masking tape, packaging tape, etc... Don
  5. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    If you need to remove the taped on stripe and after removal tape residue is present, use a 3M Moulding & Stripe Removal Disc. It will remove the gummy adhesive residue and not touch the paint. Don
  6. beammmer

    That signature '02 interior aroma

    I got that wonderful smell yesterday upon opening the door. This after several years ago reupholstering all seats without vinyl or horsehair, removed and replaced carpet, removed most of the factory applied sound absorbing material and replaced it with another material. Only still original in the interior is the headlining material, the dash and door / rear seat cards. Don
  7. beammmer

    Center console heater deflectors

    Mine, pardon the spaghetti. +1 on the wood screws.
  8. beammmer

    Center console heater deflectors

    I used very thin plywood from Lowes or Depot. It's much more rigid than the original. Sand smooth and paint flat black. Don
  9. beammmer

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    Received today, GREAT JOB Thank you. You do like reproduction!! Don
  10. beammmer

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Ray doesn't know how to install, ask me how I know. Ha Ha😜
  11. beammmer

    2002 Starter Motor question

    Rob did an article in the most recent edition of Bimmer Life. Maybe this will help, I haven't read in detail. Don
  12. beammmer

    2002 ancient history pictures

    A few from 40 years ago,1978, when I owned a great Sahara car. Don
  13. EPDM is very difficult to bond, that said the Würth product works well also (I'm currently working with a Würth distributor). It takes a little more work to find the Würth products. NAPA has it as 08011. It's very good, if applied to a clean surface and following directions and as much mold release removed without abrading. Don
  14. FYI, You are not using the best adhesive for EPDM gaskets. Don