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  1. Better chance if you try the classified section. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/forum/11-parts-for-sale/
  2. Steering column could have been "adjusted". The two holes in my post circled in red should line up with the threaded holes circled below in Inka. If these line up and the others do not, something is out of alignment. Don
  3. Yes, take some fiddling. Also, just now remembered. It was always a PITA for me to hold up the shroud while attaching the upper column cover. While replacing the shroud most recently, I learned (pretty sure it's the two circled holes) attach directly to the steering column and allow the shroud to be held in place and locating it properly with the horn ring. While then lining up all the attaching holes and indicator and light stalks. Don
  4. Pretty sure there is not adjustability in the shroud. In your first photo it looks like the attaching holes are not lined up. I went from a broken plastic shroud to an aluminum one like in your picture a couple months ago. The shroud not only uses the holes to line up, but if the horn ring is off it may not allow it to line up with the attaching holes? Hope this helps.. Don
  5. I purchased these from Bus Depot 9 years ago. In the day they were $22.48 each. They were Bosch, Made in Germany. The lens has "motorcycle" molded in the glass. FWIW. Don
  6. Price on Amazon is per each, not per pair. Not very clear on Amazon. Don
  7. Of the two copies on my coffee table, only the original copy picked at the Icon exhibit opening is signed by Jackie. Wish I could get the second, expanded copy, signed also. Coffee table is filling up. Don
  8. This site IS the FAQ search especially using the method above. Ray is okay, don't let him call. Don
  9. Jim, thanks, sounds good. Mine cracked and sent the horn ring to a point where I would turn the key and the horn lit up. Definitely woke me up. Don
  10. Yes, yes he does. GET WELL!!!!!
  11. WTB: Uncracked plastic or metal lower trim panel on the steering column. Something like this: Thank you, Don

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