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  1. For anything bonded on/in the roof area where it heats up from the sun a high temp resistance adhesive is a must. Neoprene based adhesives used in a two surface bond (contact adhesives) will be best. Don
  2. Please use 3M Rubber and Vinyl Spray 80 instead of 90. Spray 80 has a much higher temp resistance and will not be affected by and plasticizer in the headliner material. Spray 90 is mostly recommended for HPL such as formica and wood veneers. "Fast Bonds for Rubber and Vinyl As a high-performance, neoprene-based contact aerosol adhesive, 3M™ Rubber And Vinyl 80 Spray Adhesive produces high- strength and fast-setting bonds for strong application results. This rubber and vinyl adhesive provides tough bonds that exhibit exceptional heat resistance as well as resistance to plasticizing oils. These resilient bond properties offer excellent long-term durability for performance that is built to last. This product is typically used to bond rubber, supported vinyl, leather, pleather, wood, metal and many plastics." https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Rubber-And-Vinyl-80-Spray-Adhesive/?N=5002385+3293194236&rt=rud Don
  3. I have State Farm with an agreed upon value on my '02. It isn't my only car and it's in a locked garage so it does not apply to OP question. They were very open to insuring my car. Price is very reasonable though a limited number of miles are allowed. Don
  4. Looks like the one on my Dad's 60s Olds Dynamic 88. Don
  5. Plasticizers are exactly the issue. Plasticizers are what allows plastics and rubbers to be flexible. Plasticizers will leach out until they are gone. After they leach out, your vinyl dash will crack. If it is yellow, known affectionately as Gorilla Snot, it is incorrect. Don
  6. Don't know what you are missing. They have been in place on my car since 2010. Go ahead make your own. Don
  7. Geez, looks like that knob was a dogs chew toy. Don
  8. Traditional Coco, Jaspe, with Esty Salt and Pepper. No opinions on other combinations. Your Car, All is good. Don
  9. I used Racedeck last fall and couldn't be happier. It would positively be used again. It went over poorly installed, homeowner installed (me) enamel "garage floor" paint. Racedeck offers a flow through version for snow snow and Ice. Snow and ice could be an issue in an unheated garage if one is in that type of climate. Don
  10. Can you give us a brief update. No Instagram for me. Thanks, Don
  11. Thanks Mike. Louisiana, not sure of $ maybe $75 for a lifetime time renewal. One time payment, additional for personalized. Don
  12. Must have run out of 1s at the gas station. Don
  13. Seriously, this is a huge issue? Good night. Don
  14. OMG. Love your story. So glad you shared it. Don
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