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  1. Keeping the front 15mph bumper? 😂 Don
  2. Top-End Performance BMW 2002 Rear Strut Tower Brace and Battery Relocation Kit. Complete Kit. Brace, Mounting Hardware, Batter Cable, Lugs, Terminals and Instructions. New, Never installed. Decided to go another route. Shipping to US via FedEx ground at buyers expense Pay via PaPal BMW 2002 Rear Shock Tower Brace and Battery Relocation kit. Don [email protected]
  3. Going with your post's title, you are in the correct spot with the 2002 FAQ. https://www.bmw2002faq.com Don
  4. Definitely not 3M spray 90. 3M spray 80 for high temp. trust me. don
  5. Mom was a seamstress, I know her definition of material. Me, I go back to mom’s definition. Not a bean counter, married one, that’s enough. Don
  6. Not sure what cloth has to do with it but in order the be a BMW CCA 2002 Forever Chapter member one has to be a BMWCCA member. Yes there was a lot of interest, I signed the petition and joined the chapter. At the time of the petition it was not divulged a membership to BMWCCA was required to join the forever chapter. This is by no means a dis on the forever chapter. Compared to the original interest, the question was raised, why no more members. My suggestion is the possibility that the ownership of the more than "100x" 2002s around are not BMWCCA members, thus are not eligible to become Forever Members, that is all. Mouse drop. Don
  7. What percentage of '02s ownership currently out there are BMWCCA members? It would be surprising if most or any were members. Don
  8. Just thought about Real OEM. You also need the rubber for the leading edge of the window, #4. Gasket you have is #3. Don
  9. The angle in the foam would be located at the lower corner of the Hofmeister Kink. IIRC I started installing the rubber from that point, then trimmed to fit at each end. Yellow circle. Don
  10. Ever the helpers. Where else does one go during a thunderstorm?
  11. I found some blank vinyl fillers at Lowes years ago. Not sure what section, maybe plumbing?? Don
  12. Thank you Scott. Obsessively, Don Notice rubber gasket between stainless steel signage and hull.
  13. Yeah, nobody is obsessive here. 😑 Don
  14. Is there potential for galvanic corrosion with stainless in contact with aluminum? That said, I may have used stainless screws 13 years ago when the repair was made. Don
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