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  1. beammmer

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    Ha, I knew I’d getcha. Better buy two. 😊 You won’t be disappointed. Shake well and adjust the nozzle for the direction and volume you want. Have the part you are spraying at the widest part of the Spray pattern. Don
  2. beammmer

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    Spray80 will last much longer than 6-7 years. Don
  3. beammmer

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    Hope it works for you. Don
  4. beammmer

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    Don’t know either. Might be at a Hobby or art’s and crafts stores? Also in the automotive world, sold by a different division of 3M, Autozone, O’Reilly’s, etc... should have #8090 In the automotive world it is known as #8090 trim adhesive. Exact same as Spray 80 Hope this helps. Don
  5. beammmer

    Blunt trunk insulation adhesive

    Spray 80 is a neoprene based adhesive designed for higher heat applications ie headliners, trunk lids, etc... I used 80 on mine at least 6 years ago, still good. And if it ever needs to be replace for whatever reason, the adhesive is easy to remove with a solvent. Spray 90 is Hi-Strength for Formica laminating. Doesn’t work in many auto applications Spray 77 has very low temperature resistance, used on paper and other light weight materials. Certainly use use whatever you are comfortable with. Don Retired 3M Adhesive Rep
  6. beammmer

    ICON Weekend 2019

    Wish I could have made the trip. Thanks for sharing your video, it was the next best thing to being there. Don
  7. Thanks, not sure I would have received the same from Steve. Joking. Don
  8. Hey Steve, the link says 1974, will it work on other years? Don
  9. beammmer

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    Who exactly is Ray? Don
  10. beammmer

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Fall in the South, I guess it's winter most everywhere else. Don
  11. beammmer

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    Ha, funny and on your 11,000th post. Don
  12. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    What is Lift Off? Never heard of it, MEK?
  13. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    The adhesive used is an acrylic polymer. Alcohol or most solvents do not loosen it like they would a rubber resin adhesive, masking tape, packaging tape, etc... Don
  14. beammmer

    Pictures of 3M stick-on trim tape

    If you need to remove the taped on stripe and after removal tape residue is present, use a 3M Moulding & Stripe Removal Disc. It will remove the gummy adhesive residue and not touch the paint. Don