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  1. Unfortunately I'll be in Portland racing but I think my car is going to find it's way down without me. I have a couple of volunteers that are trying to figure out the LONG way from Issaquah to Renton and back.
  2. There was a change in metallurgy on all 2002 stub axles about the time the Tii's came along. The earlier axles were weaker but once the new axles were introduced for the Tii all of the cars got them. We did check the Rockwell hardness on new replacement axles back in 1976-77 and they were all the newer design.
  3. Preyupy

    G240 and 245 overhaul kits

    As far as I know there is no such "Kit" available. You will need to look up the part numbers and order the parts individually. There are a few special tools that make the job much easier too (only from BMW if they are still available)
  4. Preyupy

    Help Identifying a Transmission

    I looked long and hard for a 2nd BMW gearbox so I would not have to modify a bellhousing and driveline. Elite was willing to build a custom main shaft so we could use the stock BMW output flange but I just could not find a gearbox. All I really needed was a complete case I did not care what condition the internals were in.
  5. Preyupy

    Help Identifying a Transmission

    Mark, I have 1 Gp2 CSL that runs that gearbox (the reason I have one laying around) They are a fantastic gearbox and there is a company in England that is reproducing all of the parts including complete transmissions. The problem is finding an original BMW version, Alfa, Ford, Maserati and a number of others used a version of this gearbox. The difference is the input shaft (length and spline) and the output (The BMW version is short with a flange, most others were longer with a sliding UJoint yoke much like most domestic gearboxes). The New gearboxes they are building have the front case attachment points as used in the Ford Escort. They are able to install any length and spline for the input shaft and you will need to modify the driveline to attach to the UJoint yoke (NO GUIBOS!!!!!) . The shift tower is very solid so you would need to move the hole in the transmission tunnel to match it (this would bring the shifter closer to the driver :-) ) The one big issue with this new gearbox is you will need to modify an original removable bellhousing from an early 6 cylinder engine car to attach the gearbox. I just did this so we could have a spare gearbox for the Schnitzer CSL. Contact A new gearbox with the correct BMW input shaft is close to $7500 delivered to the US. I do know 1 person that has put this new gearbox in their racing 2002 and it was not a huge issue, he is very happy with it.
  6. Preyupy

    Help Identifying a Transmission

    The ZF 5S-18 gearbox they are referring to was used on the early E9 and E3 as the optional close ratio 5 speed. This gearbox was homogated for racing in the Gp2 2002, Turbo, CS and E3 cars. This is the gearbox you are referring to.
  7. Preyupy

    Help Identifying a Transmission

    I can assure you that is NOT a 2002 Turbo gearbox.
  8. Preyupy

    Help Identifying a Transmission

    My Eyecrometer thinks the bolt spacing at the top of the block looks too wide to be M10/M30 it is probably from a M20/M42 variant. There should be a date stamp somewhere ( maybe inside the bell housing) this should give you some idea where to start. Remember BMW has not made anything with a M10/M30 engine for almost 20 years and all of the newer engines used a different bolt pattern for the bell housing.
  9. If you really want a 6 bolt crank how about this one? I have a 6 bolt Aluminum flywheel set up for a single or dual 7.25" racing clutch too.
  10. Compression ratio is just part of the equation. How much cam are you running. The effective CR goes down the more valve overlap you have in your camshaft. I would never consider a 13:1 CR if I was running a 284 cam, even with 110 race fuel you would have trouble controlling detonation. I have never had the oil pump bolts work loose but it's just time if you want to drill and safety wire things.
  11. Toby, The failures I have seen have all been in 12.5-13:1 compression ratio race engines. The usual failure is between Cyl 3-4, The head is hotter back there and even the ones that have not failed yet show signs of the gasket moving between the cylinders. The guys running big overbore have a much bigger problem, Everyone that wants to run a 92mm bore needs to remember that only leaves 8mm between the cylinders! That does not leave much gasket to survive the beating it takes from both sides.
  12. Yes, 60 ft/lb is about 2x the clamping force of the stock head bolts at the stock torque spec. With a 9.5:1 compression ratio the Cometic gasket will work just fine (again, and I can't say this often enough, the surface finish on the block and head IS CRITICAL!!! If you can see machining marks it might not seal correctly!!) but is overkill as are the ARP studs.
  13. Preyupy

    Cracked Block?

    If there had been any water sitting in that cylinder for 20 years there would be a ton of rust build up on the cylinder wall. I believe you spilled water down that cylinder when you removed the head and then more water spilled in because you have not drained the block. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water, take it apart and inspect it carefully THEN decide how to proceed. If you don't know what you are looking at ask someone that does (they don't have to be a BMW expert as long as they know what to look for INSIDE an engine (the bottom ends are all very similar, "Big cast iron lump with multiple holes it in where chunks of aluminum go up and down, fuel gets burned and it all turns into a rotary motion)
  14. If your Block and head are mirror smooth then the copper coat is not needed but the MLS gasket will not deform into any small groves in either surface and small water and oil leaks can happen.
  15. Preyupy

    Cracked Block?

    Can you see the crack in the cylinder wall?