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  1. Preyupy

    Pulling Turbo motor

    I would need to take it apart and look at it again. It has been almost 9 years and I just don't remember. It has been working so I have not spent any time trying to adjust it. What is yours doing?
  2. Preyupy

    Pulling Turbo motor

    I'm not sure how much "adjustment" there is. Like I said I took mine apart, cleaned it and put it back together and it was right on the money so I did not try to adjust it. It is really the tension of the big spring that sets the blow off pressure. If it is too low you can try shimming under the spring, if it is too high I'm not sure how you would adjust it. If I remember correctly I might try turning the screw IN to try and lower the pressure, it looked like there was a passageway to bleed some of the boost to the back side of the pop off valve this would help raise the opening pressure. Restrict this and it should lower the opening pressure.
  3. I probably have a couple of them stashed away. I would trade you for the ones you have. On the race cars we don't hook them up so it does not matter which ones we have.
  4. Are you looking for the crankshaft/flywheel bolt pattern or the Block/Bell housing measurements? I think I have the Bell Housing pattern somewhere.
  5. 30mm, you will need a thin walled socket. Don't forget to remove the lock plate before trying to get the socket on the nut.
  6. Preyupy

    Perfect motor build

    Why did it fail Mag inspection? This is very uncommon with M10's
  7. Contact Pierce Manifolds they will have the correct cold start plates. They are interchangeable
  8. Preyupy

    Correct Redline?

    With a 300 cam I believe you will find that HP has peaked by 7000 rpm and even if it is “still pulling smoothly” past that all you are really doing is making more noise and waiting for something to break. Spend a few bucks and get it on a dyno you will be surprised where peak torque and HP are and how fast it falls off once you go past peak HP.
  9. Preyupy

    2002 Turbo Intake Reproduction

    I need to get wirking on it. The rest of the restoration is moving along nicely. I’ll let everyone know once I figure out who to have do it. I could easily have them machined but they need to be cast.
  10. Preyupy

    2002 Turbo Intake Reproduction

    I’m still looking myself. I may have to pull the one from my car and use it as a pattern.
  11. I did them for sports racers that had to run against the Brabham BT8's with 2.5L (or 2.7L) Climax FPFs.
  12. I do not believe you can effectively sleeve a M10 block to take a 94mm bore. With a bore spacing of 100mm that only leaves you 6 mm between the bores or a wall thickness of 3mm in each cylinder. The S14 bock uses a siamese cylinder wall design (this is why they use the small water passages between the head and block to move some water around that part of the cylinders. The M10 has some space between the cylinders)
  13. I agree, if this is going to be a street engine I would run the S14 front pulley/damper. Race engines never sit at one RPM for very long but street engines get set a one RPM and cruise for long distances and harmonic vibrations become a huge issue. I also don't lighten street cranks. As far as having Maximum torque at 6000 rpm you are not going to do that with a 292 or 300 deg cam. More than likely max torque will happen closer to 4000 rpm. Depending on your intake and exhaust you might be making max HP about there. 336 deg cams usually make max torque around 5800-6000 rpm. The advantage of the S14 block is the cylinder walls are designed with the larger bore in mind and you can run at 93-94mm without worrying about wall thickness.
  14. Preyupy

    Alternatives to stock air filter

    I have 1 extra from this last batch. Worked out to right at $100 each + shipping.