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  1. New trailer - what size???

    I was thinking he had a broken tie rod, look at the difference in angle between the 2 front tires!
  2. I have seen back to back engine dyno runs between Dino and Synthetic oils that show both an increase in Torque and HP as well as a drop in oil temp while holding the same water temperature. The life expectancy of any engine is much more dependent on the materials used (piston rings, bearings, pistons, valve seals etc) and the machining tolerances AND the kind of driving you do. If you start and run your car for less than 30 min and drive around town on the AVERAGE for 100,000 miles, that works out to around 20-30 miles each time you drive it you will never get the oil warm enough to evaporate the moisture out of the oil. If you don't drive it often you will find some amount of surface rust on some internal engine parts just because of the before mentioned moisture in the oil/crankcase. If you get a small amount if surface rust on the cylinder bores when you start it up you won't be doing your piston rings any favors. If however you drive it 100+ miles on AVERAGE every time you start it your engine life measured in miles will probably be quite a bit longer compared to short trips. Without doing a direct comparison between 2 engines that are driven exactly the same way and are put together with the same parts and care there is no way to quantify the advantage of one oil over another. If you are talking about a track toy or race engine and are talking about the ability to lubricate properly in a high temp and load environment there is no question that the synthetic oils have shown an advantage over many years. For street cars I'm not sure if you will see a significant increase in engine life but the fact that the dyno shows a reduction in internal friction and heat would lead me to believe it can't hurt. I have been running synthetic oil in everything for over 30 years because no one has proven to me it is worse than Dino oil.
  3. Originality Qs regarding '72

    1)The tank next to the washer bottle is a part of the fuel vapor recovery system. 2)If you look at the “paint” at the bottom of the engine bay you will probably notice it carries down and under the entire car, it looks like aftermarket undercoating to me ( it might have been done by the delivering dealer or sometime later in it’s life but was not done by BMW) the bottom of the car should be the same color as the top. 3)The panels under the rear seat are sound deadening insulation. 4)The carpets look original. 5)I agree, looks like the fuel tank was replaced at some time in the cars life.
  4. I was asked if I wanted to put my turbo in the display but the thought of sending it across the country for the better part of the year was a bit much for my wallet. It would be a great honor but I'm sure there are a number of really fantastic turbos on the east coast that would be much easier to get to the display. I wish it was a bit closer as I would love to be able to see it.
  5. Front tow hitch thread

    If I remember correctly it is 14mm 1.50 thread
  6. Front tow hitch thread

    I would pull on the dolly
  7. Exhaust part numbers

    #3 is a spacer sleeve that fits inside the rubber "joint sleeve" this allows you to torque the nut and bolt and not over crush the rubber bits.
  8. Alternatives to stock air filter

    Ok that's it I have ordered 7 and I should have a price and delivery time in the next week or so. 1 tisalover 2 m6smitten 1 Einspirz 3 preyupy
  9. Front tow hitch thread

    I would NOT use the towing bracket to move the car (that is a very light duty bracket and unless you pull absolutely straight on it, it will bend) if you need to hook to something to pull it around go around the front cross member or use one of the eyes on the end of the cross member (see the upper left hand corner of the picture)
  10. The Washington state requirements for a Historic license plate fall easily into the normal requirements for a "Classic or Historic" limited use insurance policy issued by most companies. I was asked the mileage on each one of my "classic" cars when I insured them with a stated value policy. In my case they state less than 2000 miles/year. They have not asked even once in 12 years what the current mileage is on any of them. I could probably drive any one of them full time for the entire year and not catch up on the mileage. The state of WA has not asked for a report on mileage either so how would they know. The only way I figure I could get busted is if the same cop sees me day after day commuting with a "historic" plate and gets grumpy about it. I have been pulled over a couple of times in my E30 vert for not having a front license plate. Once they figured out it had a Historic plate they both let me go and said "sorry" they didn't realize a 325ic was old enough to have a historic plate. I actually have a 1986 WA state license plate with a 1986 date sticker so one of the officers said the lack of front plate caught his attention and then the out of date sticker on the back plate was even more reason to pull me over. He was a nice guy and we talked about the car for a bit before he let me go.
  11. Alternatives to stock air filter

    No problem Peter. I’ll let everyone know a final price once I get it from Richard.
  12. BMW Tool 7012

    I have 4 of the early 2002 trans bearing pullers. I'll get you the tool numbers. I would be happy to send them so you can copy them.
  13. Changing M10 Cams

    You can lift the head off a 2002 with the intake manifold with carburetor(s), AND the exhaust manifold with downpipe (or header) still attached. Disconnect the exhaust system from the down pipe, remove the support bracket at the back of the transmission, disconnect the water hose at the back of the head and any on the intake manifold (with a 316 cam I am assuming you are running side draft carbs so you don't need to worry about this). Remove the valve cover and upper timing cover, remove the 4 bolts holding the sprocket to the cam and move the sprocket off the cam. You can either leave the sprocket with the chain on it resting on the chain guide and tensioner or remove the sprocket and let the chain fall. Disconnect the fuel lines, throttle linkage, and wiring for the distributor and oil pressure sender. Remove the distributor cap and rotor. Remove the head bolts and lift the head off.
  14. Alternatives to stock air filter

    Richard just called looking for a final number. I'm going to order 6 unless someone else wants to jump in 3 for myself 2 for m6smitten 1 for Einspriz
  15. BmW Race Head Porting

    I have found the 118 heads don't have a lot of room around the exhaust ports it is very easy to break into the water jacket (even if you don't sooner or later they will crack and leak) I have not had any trouble with any of the 2 liter heads modifying the combustion chambers into the full hemi shape and you start out with larger intake and exhaust ports as well as larger valves. I'm impressed with the workmanship.