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  1. That is not the correct alternator, the mount should fit perfectly between the ears on the mount. You can align the pulley and install spacers on BOTH sides of the alternator to keep it in the correct location if it is working ok. If you leave it like this the alternator can move and cause you to toss the fan belt (most likely at the worst possible time)
  2. The depth of the valve in the seat makes a HUGE difference
  3. That's right with what I have in my files as well.
  4. Or you can come borrow mine anytime you need one Toby. I have a M30 as well.
  5. There are a lot of good heads out there and being in LA I would suspect you won’t have too much trouble finding one. Iff al, else fails that head can be repaired ( it would cost more than a good used head to repair it). Just put an ad in the WTB section and see what shows up. Just make sure you get a written agreement that it will pass a crack/ pressure test.
  6. when you remove the cam sprocket just let the chain drop and get the sprocket out of the way. The chain will lay across the top of the guide rail and not drop all the way down. It does not matter what position the chain is in as long as the crank and cam are aligned correctly when you put it back together. I did this at Sears Point Raceway many years ago for a post race engine ins pectin after we won the regional championship. I had the head on the work bench before the water temp was below 130deg. There were about 30 people standing around watching. The “experts” were telling me I could not do it with the header on, I almost got one of them in the chest with the collector when I pulled the head off and spun around to put it on the bench ( it was HOT and I was in a bit of a hurry)
  7. I would start with the basic setup you have. The standard Tii linkage adjustment and starting with the Altitude Compensator in the “as run” condition is at least a good starting point. Don’t get too carried away getting the “perfect idle” right away, just make sure it is running well and not too rich while you put a few miles on it. The final adjustments need to start with full throttle mixture as you might need to adjust the Verboten Screw ( which changes EVERYTHING) once you have that then work on idle and light throttle using the AC and tuna can adjustments.
  8. If you have trouble with the nuts on the down pipe and don’t want to fight the manifold/head nuts you can remove the head with the manifold AND down pipe attached. Just disconnect the resonator and support bracket at the back of the transmission. You can lift the head and slip the pipe up the rough the engine bay, depending on your strength and/or if you have some help you can leave the intake manifold on as well (even if it is a Tii it’s just more bulk to deal with) just be very careful not to break the chain guide that sticks above the cylinder deck when you are removing/ installing the head.
  9. Walloth & Nesch have new Turbo radiators listed. €500. If you are having cooling issues with a turbo radiator something else is wrong. I can drive mine anywhere on a 100 deg F day and it never goes above the 80 deg C (180 deg F) thermostat rating, even if I'm flogging it or sitting in traffic.
  10. Any lubrication you put on the input splines will eventually wind up on the flywheel, clutch face and pressure plate. Centrifugal force will always win this battle. If you want to put a bit of molly on the transmission snout where the TOB rides that would not be a horrible idea.
  11. I’m with Toby on the starting point for your jetting. You didn’t say what size chokes are in the carbs but with a stock engine including camshaft I wouldn’t go any bigger than 32mm. The other idle problem could easily be your distributor. You need to check and see what is happening with the centrifugal advance below 2000 rpm. If there is a sudden loss of advance around where you are trying to get it to idle you will never get it to run correctly. For instance if the advance is 16-18 deg at 1000 rpm it might idle very nicely with the throttle at 1% ( just a reference number) but if the advance suddenly falls off to 8-10 deg the engine will probably stall, you might need 2-3% throttle to make it idle at that amount of advance. The problem is if the throttle can’t close to less than 2% because of the idle speed screw then the engine speed will never fall low enough for the advance to drop below 16-18 deg so it will “idle” at 1500+. You need to get the distributor to have a stable advance from at least 1500 RPM and below. I chased this problem for months when I put my 1st set of DCOEs on my car 44 years ago.
  12. Are you using the engine mount brackets on the block from the 2002 or the E21? If the engine is on the correct mounts (and brackets) and it is tipped down at the rear I would suspect the rear transmission mount. Does it have the original 4 speed or an Overdrive 5 speed. If it is a 5 speed the rear mount on the chassis could be in the wrong place. There is a transmission mount bracket that uses the stock 4 speed mounts to mount the 5 speed but sometimes people move the mounts in the chassis, and don't get them in the right location. If the tail of the transmission is too low that will lower the header collector as well.
  13. I don't remember the master cylinders that were mounted in the pedal box having the light switch mounted on the master. Also the single circuit masters only had one outlet. Is there a part number on the box? Even if it is a ATE number you should be able to trace it.
  14. Watch the video carefully, it costs $2500, it made 5psi of boost @ around 3500 rpm and fell off to about 2 up near redline. It also cost them about 15 hp when it’s not running ( you can run it for a Max of 4 min before the battery back must recharge, and they didn’t say how long it takes to recharge). If you are not running a tunable EFI system using it will be a major problem. If you try to use it on a blow-through carburetor system you will have a horrible time jetting the carb because of the restriction the “turbo” has when it’s not running it will be like having the choke partially closed all the time and your jetting is going to go stinking rich.
  15. I have it on the calendar, looking forward to it. In 32 days my '70 and I will celebrate our 45th anniversary together. If it's not snowing (and maybe even if it is) we are going for a drive.

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