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  1. Preyupy

    Seattle area cars and coffee?

    The one at Redmond Town Center is the easiest one for me, when I'm in town.
  2. We use the same seals as the water cooled VWs. VW # 026 109 675
  3. Bimmers are cars, Beemers are bikes. This is what I was told at my very first BMW club meeting in July 1973 by 2 members that owned both. The term Beemer was used very soon after WW2 for the motorcycles and when the cars became popular this was a way to differentiate between the cars and bikes. The car people did not want to be associated with the "motorcycle hoodlums" !
  4. Preyupy

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    There was obviously a couple of 2002 fans in the room. They sold a Turbo for $112,000 this Blue Tii for $60,480 and the Inka '74 Tiifor $56,000 (the amounts including buyer's premium). Hopefully the buyers were well informed and knew exactly what they were buying. The cars are worth what ever someone is willing to pay for them and the owners are willing to accept on that day. Both Tii's did very well based on the presale estimates but the Turbo did not fair so well (most likely due to an optimistic estimate and things that might have shown up in the on-site inspections that caused the bidders to re-evaluate it's value). Given the points that have been brought up about the Blue '73 it seems interesting that the Inka '74 was only $4000 away. I know most people will look the other way for the modifications they like (OD 5 speed being the biggest one) but the '74 still had it's 4 speed and the Big Bumpers but was a much more "honest" car. My opinion is that both Tii's were well sold and the Turbo was probably right at the market value for that car on that day.
  5. Preyupy

    BMW 1800 TISA

    Looks like it sold for $70,000 on an estimate of $125,000 - $175,000 I'm a bit disappointed maybe the paint job was more of an issue than we thought?
  6. Preyupy

    M10 Crankshaft Mystery

    Have you actually checked the stroke, or just assumed that the piston being 0.010" down the bore meant the stroke was off? It's just as possible the piston pin hole is that far off. I have never found a BMW crank with anywhere near that much error. If it has been turned .010 under, even if they offset ground it, it would only be off by .005". It is also possible that someone resized the connecting rods and did not match the center to center distance between them. Try swapping the piston and rod into a different cylinder and see if the error follows the rod/piston or stays with the crank throw.
  7. Preyupy

    timing chain replacement "tricks"

    We used to do this all the time. You can do it with just the valve cover off and a chain breaker. Stick a couple of rags between the cover and the chain holding it on the sprocket. Take the cap off of the tensioner and release the spring. Split the chain at the top of the sprocket and attach the new chain to the end of the chain that runs down the exhaust side of the engine. At this point it is a lot easier if you have someone that can help you. While making sure the chain stays engaged to the sprocket so the cam turns along with the crankshaft remove the rags and turn the crank slowly (plugs out really helps) and feed the new chain as you keep tension on the end of the chain coming up the intake side. When you have completely run the new chain all the way to the top of the engine you can install the new master link using the cam sprocket to hold the chain in place. Put the tensioner spring back in and tighten the cap. We used to do them in less than 45 min. I am not the biggest fan of master link chains, even though I have never had one fail, and I don't use them in my race engines. If you are replacing the chain because you have run out of adjustment and it is loose it could also be because the sprockets on the cam and crank are worn.
  8. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    Then this is going to be easier. I have seen more than a couple of people just take manifolds and bolt them on without checking and discovered it ran horribly. They kept changing jets and playing with the distributor and could never get it to run worth a damn. Then someone found out there was a 3mm step all the way around each port (in the wrong direction) and there was fuel laying in a puddle at the bottom of each runner.
  9. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    it looks like you probably have the correct manifolds for the 118 head.
  10. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    You are comparing the carburetor end to the cylinder head end of the manifold there. You need to compare the port match between the manifold and the head. put the gasket on the head and see how it fits then try it on the manifold and see if it fits exactly the same.
  11. Preyupy

    No BB in flywheel

    Remember you set the cam with the engine at TDC. NOT AT THE BB! The BB is 25 deg BEFORE TDC
  12. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    If you are going to put side draft carbs or ITB’s on a 118 head you need to make sure you get the correct manifolds. The 118 has significantly smaller ports than the 2 liter heads (121, 121Ti, E12, E21, 1.8 etc). You will run into a giant step between the manifold and head.
  13. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    I have never used the 292 cam on anything so I don't have any direct feedback on them.
  14. Preyupy

    292 cam in a 1600

    Anything you can do to make it breath will help. I spent a lot of time with a 1600 and 40mm DCOE carbs in the 70's and it was a ton of fun. I had a copy of the TiSA cam in that engine and with the stock flywheel and clutch it did not change the idle very much. It was my daily driver when I was in college as well as my autocross and track toy.
  15. I probably would not have let that go for under $50k either. All of the un-restored Ti's I have seen have been total rust buckets. The cost to make any of them into decent drivers (not show quality) would have easily exceeded $50k WITHOUT factoring in the cost of the car to begin with. If the reserve was around $50k that was more than fair.