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  1. Thank you. The provision of new February 1973 rims for an October 1983 purchase makes one wonder how soon production of the steel round taillight tii rims ended after round taillight tii production ceased! I must admit, I’ve not yet seen a round taillight tii rim dated after 1973. How about other forum members? Regards, Steve
  2. Have you read the following: I’m not certain the differences between the e12 and Volvo calipers are material from a stopping perspective, and both can create fitment issues for 13” rims! Regards, Steve
  3. Present it as you see fit, but... this forum revels in dramatic before-after transformations. 😉 We get more excited by an abandoned ‘02 that becomes — 10 years later — a beauty than we do by an average ‘02 that becomes a little better-than-average! 😋 Even the best of 45-year-old cars has gone through “down” years. That just makes us love them more. I bought my 4? or 5?-owner ‘73 tii in 2014, a factory Inka car with a backyard Malaga paint job. The first three photos show it as found. The fourth and fifth photos illustrate some of what I’ve done to it thus far: tidying up the engine compartment, tidying up the interior, rebuilding the trans and differential, rebuilding the front and rear suspensions. But, as in the sixth photo, it’s still in desperate need of a good paint job, replacement of missing trim, etc. Even my ‘76 — which I bought new — has had its down era. The seventh photo was taken February 1977, the eighth in April 1977, the ninth photo in 1998 (close to the bottom of the trough here!), and the tenth photo was taken in 2019. Cars have histories. Relish them! Regards, Steve
  4. +1 When was the last time the pickup screen in the tank was cleaned or replaced? If you can’t remember when, it should be done now. Even if it is not the proximate cause of this particular problem, it will eventually be the cause of a similar issue! 😉 Regards, Steve
  5. She got a sister? 😋 Best regards, Steve
  6. Warning: attempts to “edit” Internet history can lead to unexpected notoriety: Regards, Steve
  7. Based on the number of ‘02’s with no bumpers whatsoever, Mike, I have come to the conclusion that bumper-less 45-year-old cars are (1.) never parallel parked, and (2.) not regularly used in urban or suburban settings, i.e., not driven from stoplight to stoplight. They go to cars and coffee events, car shows, and carve a few canyons: all “bumpers optional” events... 😉 Best regards, Steve
  8. Agreed: good-looking rims and I’ve never knowingly seen another set of them! GLWS, Steve
  9. Another period photo of an Alpina-prepped interior, this one from Gert Hack’s 1971 book... Regards, Steve
  10. That doesn’t look like Golf to me. That doesn’t look like an ‘02 color to me. There are, however, some possible remnants of Golf in the heater/defroster plenum and scattered around the engine compartment. Given what a mish-mash of parts this car is, I’d confirm the original color — which may well be Golf — with BMW Group Archives ([email protected]). Best regards, Steve
  11. That particular spare 5” Opel rim, with the re-bodied Agave car, was also unusual in that it had multiple slots around the perimeter of the center disk — not just four “handholds” — unlike an ‘02 rim. I’d say look for both ‘02 and Opel rims. I must admit: here in the States, I haven’t seen a ‘70’s Opel in 30 years. But Europe must have lots more! Best regards, Steve
  12. The 1967-ish 1600-2 has a later interior and it’s been painted a later color — perhaps Topaz Brown (or possibly Sienabraun). Regards, Steve
  13. Although the parts manual refers to them as blow-off valve, I know them as diverter valves. The valve on my ‘76, I believe, has a single vacuum port, which actuates the valve. But I believe some versions have two ports. Regards, Steve

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