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  1. Conserv

    Perfect motor build

    Very useful, Andrew! Thanks for providing this. Best regards, Steve
  2. Conserv

    72 Tii on BaT

    This is essentially a new 1972 tii, built from scratch, not wholly dissimilar from BMW’s own exercise some years back, building a brand new 1972 tii from the factory parts bin. (COOP, I have some vague memory that the factory had its last two ‘02 body shells at the time of the factory exercise and one of them was used for the factory car.) Still, it preserves a few historic components and I absolutely applaud this resurrection of what appears to have been a parts car. I hope it reaches six figures simply to compensate the clearly obsessive, clearly well-heeled, seller for a portion of a bill which must have stretched well into six-figure territory! My personal desire for old cars (or old houses, speaking to my other passion) that are largely new is slim, to none, but I’m glad that others feel differently, and are willing and able to devote the resources to exercises such as this. (The rims are beautiful on their own, but I’d wager that a set of factory steelies with chrome wheel covers would bring substantially more money for the car, allowing it to appeal to both the restomod and the original car segments of the market.) Go, BAT tii, go! Regards, Steve
  3. Conserv

    New Reproduction: Mud Flaps

    Wow. They look good! GLWS, Steve
  4. Conserv

    1972 BMW 2002 2002tii

    I know nothing about it. But I did wonder why a factory sunroof ‘72 tii, a factory Colorado car, struggled to reach $10,000. The engine is reportedly original. If it truly is a low-rust California car, this would be the one to spend some bucks on: the potential desirability and value are very high. Regards, Steve
  5. Conserv

    1600 vs 2002 front control arms

    When, in fact, they were simply an inferior factory part... 😋 Regards, Steve
  6. Conserv

    1600 Ti Touring

    The 2002ti ended production at roughly the same time — April 1971 — as BMW introduced the touring body (and the Modell 71 changes). Regards, Steve
  7. Conserv

    Perfect motor build

    Ken, I certainly hear you. My two points were: (1.) the proposed upgrades were solely to the top end: cam, single downdraft Weber, header, and distributor. Place those on a stock carb’d ‘02’s bottom end — generally 8.0:1 to 8.5:1 CR, since there was no mention of bottom-end upgrades — and you are nowhere near 150 hp, at the crank or at the rear wheels; and (2.) I’ll repeat, very few 02’s have 150 hp, at the crank or at the rear wheels. If you have dual side drafts, 10.0:1 CR, and hang out with like-minded individuals, it may appear that lots of ‘02’s have 150 hp. But I’d wager that far less than 5%, probably less than 2%, of the surviving ‘02’s have 150 hp. 150 hp is not created by a hot cam and a single downdraft Weber. 150 hp is created by a very dedicated build of the entire engine, and generally involves high compression and dual sidedrafts or EFI. I suspect we’ll agree on this... 😋 Best regards, Steve
  8. Pre-1968? Do-able. Post-1967? Uphill battle. California really doesn't want post-1967 imports! I believe most people will say "Forget it!" I'm not from California, of course, I know only what I've read on the Internet! 😋 Regards, Steve
  9. Conserv

    Perfect motor build

    I think this recipe is going to leave you at least 30 hp short of 150 hp. Very few street '02's -- apart from those with significant engine swaps...think S14 -- have 150 hp. Regards, Steve
  10. Conserv

    I Found Some Surprises In Old Paperwork

    What are you going to do with the 3 ballpoint pens (2 broken) and $.87 of change you will, no doubt, find? 😋 Steve
  11. Conserv

    I Found Some Surprises In Old Paperwork

    What have I found? In my ‘73 tii’s glove compartment? Absolutely nothing. In my ‘76’s glove compartment? Everything I put there.... 😋 Four volumes of receipts and documents....thus far. Best regards, Steve
  12. Conserv

    I Found Some Surprises In Old Paperwork

    What a trove! A 1967 Triumph GT6 had an original list price of $2,945, and a five year old car was pretty much “used up” in the ‘70’s, so the $675 doesn’t shock me. I kept my ‘76 ‘02 in 1983 because it was only worth about $600 (I paid nearly $8,000 for it in 1976). The window sticker, purchase documents, service documents, brochures are really a great package! No charge for the lowered front seats, required with sunroof cars because of the lower ceiling. They were $12 in 1975 and 1976.... 😉 Best regards, Steve
  13. Conserv

    1970 BMW 2002 for sale

    Very nice! Engine block cast May 23, 1970 ("23E70")! 😉 GLWS, Steve
  14. Conserv

    1974 BMW 2002tii help

    Mike and Les, My records show that 1664760, the last long-neck differential U.S.-spec 2002, was built in the last half of January 1969. I don’t have a specific date but it’s probably closer to January 31st than to January 15th. Many of these first-to-second-series changes — short-neck differentials, three-speed blowers, etc. — affect all ‘02’s globally. Other of these changes — headrests, side markers, etc. — affect only a small portion of ‘02’s, the U.S.-bound versions, and those were required by U.S. regulations going into effect on January 1, 1969. I doubt that BMW built U.S.- bound ‘02’s on, say, January 10, 1969, without headrests. Could the parts book simply be wrong about the changeover date for the U.S.- mandated changes? Did someone “simplify” two different sets of changes or “mis-understand” the two sets of changes — one global and driven by production costs and market forces, the other U.S.-only and driven by U.S. regulations — and accidentally conflate both events into a single changeover VIN? I suspect the parts book is wrong with respect to the U.S-mandated changes. OK. Who has an ‘02 from VIN 1664492 through VIN 1664760? What is it’s manufacturing date (just to confirm)? Does it have factory seats with headrests? Does it have side markers? Etc. Best regards, Steve
  15. Conserv


    One owner car until 10/10/2018. Original engine as of that date. Regards, Steve