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  1. I’m guessing someone dropped a 2-liter engine and trans out of a 2002A into a 1600-2. Since perhaps a majority of 1600-2’s have already been converted to 2 liters, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them also acquired automatic transmissions.... Regards, Steve
  2. VIN 4381158 is a U.S.-spec 2002A manufactured in March 1974. I don’t know if it’s a factory Turkis car; it could be, as we’ve seen Turkis cars as late as April 1974. It’s obviously been converted from automatic to 5-speed overdrive transmission. I’m guessing someone spent far more than $30K, simply to re-paint and restore the car. Visually, I think the front spoiler on this car really hurts it: someone went to the trouble and expense to install Euro bumpers but the front spoiler leaves the car looking positively clunky. I thought the seller’s eBay pricing, $50K and $55K, was, frankly crazy for a 1974 2002A, regardless of the restoration monies invested. But $30K looks like a well-bought car, indeed! (These Recaro’s seem particularly large for the car. Is that simply the photography, or are these post-e21 seats, as in, for example, e30 seats?) Regards, Steve
  3. Yes. You’re absolutely right. Best regards, Steve
  4. Just curious: there were two different 2000tii’s: (1.) a touring model (2 doors and hatchback); and (2.) an NK sedan model (4 doors). Both models are rare as hens’ teeth in the U.S., since neither was officially imported by BMW. Which model is this from? Thanks and regards, Steve
  5. The center caps for these late OEM alloys, however, are the same center caps used on all square taillight OEM steel rims, as well as the e21 OEM steel rims. The part number for the center caps is 36131114180. Regards, Steve
  6. +1 Yeah. I’ve never seen the Velcro approach before. Best regards, Steve
  7. So now I’m going to tell you the truth! 😯 Back in the 1970’s, the only cars you ever saw with the late OEM alloys (a.k.a., turbo-style alloys) were 2002A’s. Apparently, 2002A’s were languishing on dealers’ lots in 1975-76, and BMW decided to promote them by installing the late OEM alloys on these cars, post-factory, charging little or nothing for them. Some were installed at the Port of Entry holding lots (otherwise known as “the docks”) and some were installed at dealerships. But if I saw an ‘02 wearing them, I said — either to myself or to my equally-biased buddies — “Too bad: gotta be a 2002A!” And I was always right! The drivers? Chicks and geeks. And, because I didn’t want to be tagged as a “2002A guy”, I wouldn’t have been caught dead with a set of them on my manual — that’s right, 4-speed — car! 🤫 Today... I’ve changed my tune... 😉 I’m more open to diversity... 😋 Below: recent photo of some geek. I’m guessing that’s his 2002A and his Labradoodle! 😂 Regards, Steve
  8. Just needed a minor adjustment... the 5.5” version was optional on early (1975-76) Euro-spec e21’s. See also: Mahle. Damn, I love that Wheels Database.... 😋 Regards, Steve
  9. Thanks, Jason, You and the full cast of talented forum members just blow me away with your amazing abilities! Best regards, Steve
  10. Mike, The ‘72’s appear to have had the slightly smaller bus wheels, like the ‘73’s. I’m wondering if the “downsize” (423mm. to 400mm.) might have occurred in April 1971, with the introduction of the Modell 71. They’re lengthening the console, changing the instrument faces: what a great time to scale down the steering wheel! We’d obviously need some data points to verify this. But steering wheels are dated (maybe only by year on round taillights), so it would be easy to discard examples that had obviously been swapped, e.g., a late ‘71 with a 1972 wheel. Best regards, Steve
  11. These mid-year color changes have that effect. Anthrazitgrau-metallic first appeared in the February 1974 paint and upholstery brochure (below), filling a spot on the color chart freshly vacated by Turkis-metallic! We’ve seen a couple April 1974 Turkis cars, so it apparently takes some time to ramp down the outgoing colors and ramp up the incoming colors. The tii that is the subject of this thread is a July 1974 example. Best regards, Steve
  12. Harry, They’re not special 2002ti hubcaps. They’re simply hubcaps and they were standard equipment on all 1600-2’s in 1966 through 1968. You had to order the trim ring (a.k.a., “wheel embellisher”) as an extra cost option. I believe the very earliest 2002’s might have also employed this two-part approach consisting of hubcap and trim ring, but then, in late 1968 or early 1969 (?), BMW switched to the one-piece full wheel cover. The car you’ve shown is a 1966 or 1967 1600-2. Regards, Steve
  13. Thanks, Tom, Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new about ‘02’s! I assumed all square taillight cars had the same steering wheel. I’m glad I held out and got a ‘76 with the squeezable rim! 😋 My ‘76 (VIN 2742541) was manufactured April 23, 1976. The original steering wheel is dated March 1976 (“03 76”), below. Best regards, Steve
  14. With of course, the so-rare-nobody’s-seen-them factory black rims, making your tii One of None! 😉 Best regards, Steve
  15. Conserv


    Legal delivery to Hoffman Motors Corp (domiciled in New York City) on May 2, 1972 Wrecked in August 1987 From BMW Group Archives: “The BMW 2002 US VIN 2582812 was manufactured on April 26th, 1972 and delivered on May 02nd, 1972 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085.”

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