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  1. Thanks, Andrew, It's just like one of those movies where the guy and the gal separate for some vague reason, but then get back together and live happily ever after... 😉 Best regards, Steve
  2. Andrew, I feel like you explained this to me, or the forum, previously, but do you know why your engine was removed from your car, and replaced with 2760341? Thanks and best regards, Steve
  3. And what’s the VIN on your ‘72 engine? There’s just gotta be someone with a plastic runner (121 head) ‘72 (2760001 through 2761944 and 2762015 through 2762372) that currently has an aluminum runner (E12 head) engine and would be willing to swap! Good luck! Regards, Steve
  4. Conserv

    Rebuilt M10

    And this engine’s origin story: It’s engine number 2572481 (first photo), from a U.S.-spec 1971 model 2002, an early Modell 71 (knee trim, long console, 12-fuse electricals, etc.), probably manufactured in April 1971. The block was cast February 23, 1971 (second photo: “23B” within an oval frame and “71” just outside the oval frame). The head, an E12, was cast January 1973 (third photo: one nub surrounding “73”). GLWS, Steve
  5. Bilstein’s seem more popular than Koni’s these days, but I don’t recall that being the case during the 1970’s. I ran and loved Koni’s — fortunately never experiencing Mike’s strut failure. I admit, today I have Bilsteins on both ‘02’s — hey, they were in stock everywhere when I needed shocks! 🤫 In my long view, however, Koni’s are also great shocks for an ‘02. Regards, Steve
  6. Fixed that for you, Mitch! 😯😉😋 Regards, Steve
  7. Well-done, Robert! Thanks for taking this on! Best regards, Steve
  8. +1 You’ll have BMW Group Archives’ details in a day or two. In the meantime, the VIN decoder offered by the BMW 2002 Car Club of Columbia shows less-specific dats, as shown below. VIN 1655694 was manufactured as a RHD Euro-spec 2002 some time between April 1 and December 31, 1971. It had a manual transmission. Regards, Steve
  9. Thanks, Les, So it’s a 1968 model, possibly erroneously titled and/or registered as a 1969. Best regards, Steve
  10. Very nice! Don’t we all dream of a Unimog in the driveway? Well... you’re livin’ the dream! 👍 Congrats. Steve (I nonetheless wonder just how this is going to tow/haul the ‘02? Or is that simply what you told your wife?)
  11. The model of Delta Milano shown in the first two photos below, which is not the model most similar to your set, came both with and without the manufacturer’s name, location, rim size, etc., cast into the rim. I’m simply noting the range of their output. The presence or absence of cast-in factory markings does not alter the model attribution in the instance of Delta Milano rims. I’ve got no brochures, no pamphlets, no nuthin’ — other than a few photos (third through fifth photos) — to back up my Delta Milano attribution, but that’s where I’m at, at least today. GLWS, Steve
  12. Based on the number of ‘02’s today with no front bumpers whatsoever, I’m guessing that most ‘02’s are no longer parallel parked, obviating the need for true “overriders” for those owners who choose to retain bumpers — for whatever reason. As a past victim, time and time again, of The Bumper Wars of the 1970’s, however, I just want to point out that the standard, early Euro-spec bumperette, as shown in @69Bimmer02’s first photo, is truly a bumperette. If called upon to serve as an overrider (more accurately, “preventer of overriding”), or “underrider”, it will fail miserably, as it’s height dimension is not much greater than the bumper itself. In my best Clint Eastwood, which is none too good, “Think about it, punk:” 1.) Do you ever parallel park your ‘02? And if the answer is, “Yes”, 2.) How much are your front grilles and hood worth to you? BOOM! 😋 Regards, Steve
  13. Uh... a metal rod tried to go through it! 🤣 I’m kidding, Scott, but that sure sounds like a reasonable guess! Best regards, Steve
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