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  1. Fixed that for you, Simeon....😋 Best regards, Steve
  2. Owner since 1973, and the only rear tow hook I recall from the period is the loop welded to the bottom of the spare tire well. These were considered useless in the ‘70’s. Like me, they haven’t improved with age. There was, however, a trailer hitch among BMW’s dealer accessories. I do not recall the weight capacity of the trailer hitch, but it could tow a small trailer carrying a small motorcycle. If you’re never going to actually use a rear tow hook — e.g., to drag your car out of the bog — go crazy: just be certain to tell that tow truck operator! The factory turbo, however, came with a threaded receptacle and a removable front tow hook. You might want to check out that for some ideas. Not too long ago, there was a thread on the turbo forum of this site that discussed tool kits. The subject of the tow hook came up. Regards, Steve
  3. I doubt it! The first photo is of my ‘76 in April 1977. I don’t believe the blades had ever been off the splines by that time. If the 15” blades come any lower, they’re simply cantilevered into space when they’re parked, or even near the parking position. As you mention, however, the left wiper (driver’s side on U.S. cars) does not reach an area near the left A pillar if the arm parks low. Since no one can agree on the factory position, I’d recommend you adjust them to maximize their wiping capacity! I would not be surprised if brochure cars had their wiper arms adjusted to the lowest positions, or even photoshopped... Regards, Steve
  4. Conserv

    VIN metal tag font have one of the few thousand U.S. 1976 models manufactured without a riveted-on VIN tag. We don’t have precise beginning and ending VIN’s for this oddity, but it began in February 1976 and ended in May 1976. If that’s the case, you got a paint sticker and a tire pressure sticker in that location — I suspect so that Customs wouldn’t notice! 😯😉😋 Regards, Steve
  5. Conserv

    Rear shocks

    dp said it already, but this has nothing to do with the ti sub-model. And the factory never provided this as an option on any ‘02 sub-model. Some tiny percentage of ‘02’s acquired upside-down shocks post-factory — many of them were race cars. Best regards, Steve
  6. +1 Agreed. We’re going to need photos to understand this! Regards, Steve
  7. Conserv

    13” Bernini wheels

    I’m guessing you’re looking for Borrani steel rims, manufactured by Costruzione Meccaniche Rho (a.k.a., CMR). If that’s the case, you might want to update your ad title as well. Good luck and regards, Steve
  8. Conserv

    75 2002 w/1.8 Sahara

    The “original” front seats are from an e21; the “original” back seat is from....maybe an e21. I agree with Les.... Regards, Steve
  9. I’d bet that White Post Restorations can rebuild them: they do virtually any brake parts. But brake booster rebuilding is the norm among the many over-50-year-old cars and I’d bet there are lots of good rebuilders out there. Check Hemmings’ “services” listings or Google “brake booster rebuild”. Regards, Steve
  10. Conserv

    1967 BMW 1600 - restoration canditate

    Early, indeed, VIN 1531739 should be a July 1967 car, a 1967 model, originally a 6-volt example. Although the exterior rear view mirror, a “flag mirror”, was only introduced in late 1974, its location at the leading edge of the driver’s door gives away the car’s early date. (By the way, BMW Group Archives, at, will provide a BMW’s specific manufacturing date along with its original exterior color and verification of model at no expense, generally within two business days. An email with the VIN and a “pretty please” is all it takes.) It might have been a Chamonix example (floor surrounding pedal box), but I’ve been surprised before... One-piece dash from a square taillight, two “black-center” instruments from the April 1971 to July 1973 era and a single “silver-dollar” multi-guage from a pre-April 1971 car. Console from...e21? Certainly looks salvageable. Pick up an original 1600 block and build yourself a 1600ti tribute! GLWS, Steve
  11. Conserv

    1973 2002tii Rolling Shell

    Interesting. As Jim noted, certainly a Malaga example originally, with sunroof, and a Frigiking A/C system. The dashboard is a one-piece unit, out of a square taillight car, as are the instruments and tii clock (tip off: “cross-hair” gauges and faux wood instrument bezel). But the tii provenance is verified by the firewall notch, the T-51 brake booster, and the original airbox brackets on the left inner fender. I’m trying to temper my excitement over those gray door cards. Gray ‘02 interiors are quite rare in the U.S. for unknown reasons, but were nonetheless the factory-recommended interiors with multiple exterior colors, including Malaga. Alas, these door cards appear to be square taillight era, sans the extra chrome and black trim standard on round taillight door cards. (Did a single square taillight car contribute its dash, instruments, interior, and steel rims?) And...I may see some tan poking through the gray: they might be tan door cards dyed gray. So, where did the drivetrain go? Sometimes the original engine is simply sitting in the prior owner’s garage! GLWS, Steve
  12. Conserv

    1973 Polaris Tii

    As a metallic-paint BMW from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, the entire exterior has been re-painted. Just not at the same time.... 😉 Regards, Steve
  13. Conserv

    Inline fuel filter for tii

    And from the factory service manual. Regards, Steve
  14. Conserv

    tii fuel line routing

    Very nice, Mike! Your car still has the wire hose clip on the Kugelfischer and the loop before the hose from the filter terminates at the banjo bolt on the Kugelfischer. The clip and the loop are generally missing from tii’s today. (And braided line to boot!) Regards, Steve
  15. Hal made an oops, Mike: his 1600 is a pre-Modell 71 1971 model. But it was parked next to a 1972 2002...😉 (See three posts up.) Best regards, Steve