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  1. Know of a good restoration shop in Ft. Lauderdale area, or anywhere in South Florida? I need to have my '74 chassis measured on a frame machine.  Also want a shop familiar with these cars to evaluate the extent of rust on my car.

  2. If you haven't found your Tii brake booster yet, I came up with another good lead today. A gentleman named David, who lives up in Maryland, says he has a few rebuildable boosters. 443-722-6332 I'm told that David has a pretty fair number of old 2002s & parts hanging around on his property, but a lot of the stuff has been left outside. Good luck in your hunting.
  3. Unfortunately, no luck finding a Tii brake booster. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. BTW, really liked the detailed description in your post about reworking the instrument cluster.
  4. May have one, will check the warehouse tomorrow. Please let me know if you locate one before then.
  5. Excellent! Thank you. I may not need it now, but I’ll definitely keep a copy with my disassembly photos. Never know what I’ll need for reassembly. Is this photo a 1-off or is it from so type book or collection on 2002 repair/restoration?
  6. Want front subframe to fit '74 Tii. Damaged part OK, just need section from left to right frame rails. Am building a rotisserie for restoration and want something the front of the car can bolt onto. Live in Coral Springs, Fl - near Ft. Lauderdale. Will travel a little to pick up part. Rob, 954 439-6886
  7. How do I take the wiring off the back of my '74 2002Tii ignition switch? I've removed the dashboard and am pulling all wiring harnesses out of the car. Wiring into the back of the ignition switch is holding me up. I've just started to dismantle. Any and all suggestions welcome; never have done something this complicated. Am trying to eat this elephant one bite at a time, so any conversations and guidance will be appreciated.
  8. Slowhand


  9. Question: what sites do you go to when looking for used and/or hard to find parts for your 2002?
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