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  1. 1972 m10 painted blue valve cover with blue aluminum Allen bolts $100 Original long center console $200
  2. It has speed holes,they make it go faster. I see it's also the rare tii alpina version like everything on fleabay.
  3. There is supposed to be a small silver detent ball in one of the 3 holes on the silver side. Take a look Here (second photo).
  4. That doesn't look that bad and there's only one way to find out strip the paint and rust and see what's left.
  5. This switch is not complete, its missing the detent ball.
  6. A little dish soap makes rubber much easier to slip in.
  7. Ireland Engineering modifies strut tubes all the time give them a call
  8. Got any pics? The strut tube is the same on a regular 2002 strut, simple as cut and splice or possibly could straighten it out with exhaust tube expander if it isnt to bad.
  9. Akward is totally in now lol. Look at all the hipsters.
  10. Unless you do all the fab yourself it will probably cost that much to make it fit. 2002 underground makes a complete rear setup but its even more expensive.
  11. I don't know of any places that still do that. I always use This place, they offer 1 free retest if you fail and are usually pretty good and fast.
  12. Oooooh I've never even seen one of those and I have multiple blue books. Would it be possible to scan and upload a pdf version of the whole book?
  13. You have to say it in Spanish ( in Spanish j sounds like h) so they are appropriately named heeps lol.
  14. All you need is vise grips, a screwdriver, duct tape, wd40 and zip ties lol. On a serious note don't forget a tire pressure gauge, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, fuel filter, points file (wifes nail file also works in a pinch) and emergency triangle and or road flares.

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