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  1. Having no gauge cluster might be your problem, the charging system needs the battery light to work properly.
  2. Bad battery? Or connectors? Broken wires inside sheathing from being moved out of the way?
  3. The one on the left is the correct one for a getrag 245. The one on the right is for a early getrag 240 which replaced the 245 in the e21 around 1981. Wierd that the 245 one says 811 on it and the 240 one says 240 on it. I guess they learned the KISS rule.
  4. On second look I think that is a relay from the smog system, which it looks like you've already removed most of. On the color wiring diagram look at the red wires from the battery to the ignition switch and fuse 1 and 2. Check all your ground straps for good contact, since the car was painted clean the threads of the holes for the ground straps.
  5. Air cleaner to hood clearance is already tight, a spacer will only make it tighter. Use the gasket from the 38/38 to mark the part of the manifold you need to remove with permanent marker. Then use a dremel or die grinder to remove the metal and a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the metal shavings.
  6. Fuse 1 and 2 should be hot at all times. Look at the color wiring diagram in the articles section, very helpful.
  7. You sure it wasn't turbocharged? Sounds like it was built by a shade tree mechanic and driven by a kid with a lead foot I've never understood why anyone would run under drive pulleys on a street car. Even on a race engine they don't usually make enough of a difference to make it worth while.
  8. I think that is a ignition coil relay that is only used on cars with the external ballast resistor. I think you have other issues, I would check the ignition switch and the wiring from the battery and alternator.
  9. This stuff looks to be from a 1984-1985 e30 318i m10 engine, completely different from the m42 which is a DOHC 1.8l used in e30' s starting in 1989 and going to the e36 chassis until 1995. $150 for all that stuff isn't bad, I bought a similar package for $200 a few years ago.
  10. Someone to love?
  11. Be careful with parts geek I've had issues with them sending the wrong part and there customer service is horrible.
  12. If the Koni's are like the Bilstein's the strut shaft should be a lot thicker than the original ones, imagine the diameter of a quarter vs a dime. Also with the H&R springs, it could be the spring moving around when uncompressed. Could also be sway bar bushings that have compressed or crumbled.
  13. I would look at the front strut shafts under the rubber boots to see if they look new. What struts did it have before? and what new ones did you give to the mechanic? What springs? I would take it back to the mechanic that installed them and have them drive it and look at it and see what they say. Atleast give them a chance to fix it before you start assuming and accusing. Its possible the top gland nut has come loose allowing the cartridge to move in the housing, someone recently had this exact issue. It could also be something else in the suspension that you didn't replace becoming the new weakest link, like the ball joint or strut tophat. To prevent any questions in the future ask for your old parts back from the mechanic.
  14. You can usually use a chisel and punch to spin them out. You can get new breakaway bolts Here.
  15. I drove from California to Georgia with buddy who moved to Georgia in 2019, we went through Las Vegas then spent 3 days in Utah touring Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Escalante and Arches. That was the best trip I've been on in a long time. We did it all in his big gas guzzling 1989 Ford F250 4x4 with a 460 big block and a factory ZF made in Germany 5 speed transmission. I also took a rafting trip out of Moab on the Colorado river and returned to Moab in a 4 person airplane. Another epic trip, got to see Anasazi ruins. I need to go on another road trip, I still haven't seen the grand canyon and lots if other national parks.
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