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  1. Don't forget the boxed trailing arms and gas tank.
  2. I would suspect that something is broken in your lock tumbler mechanism. Try taking the switch out again and turning the key in the lock to confirm the part that turns the switch moves with the key.
  3. I like that is says weber carb when the pics clearly show not 1 but 2 carbs. Also when they say interior restoration started, I think they meant interior rastafication started.
  4. Oh its definitely haunted, think about how long it was in service and how many men must have perished in service on it. A lot of the compartments are chained off and dark around the ship and people say they see things moving in the shadows. Spending the night we didn't get much sleep because of the ghost stories we had been told by the veteran tour guides and lots of creepy noises. Going to the head in the dark with just a flashlight was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had, it didn't help that I'm 6"6' and had to become a contortionist to fit through the doorways.
  5. That's the Fish Market I've been to right by the horse track lol
  6. You'd be better off converting the whole car to electric. By the time you have a big enough electric motor to spin up a decent sized turbo the weight of the motor will negate any power gained. The reason turbos work so good is because they use free energy from the exhaust without adding much weight.
  7. Lol I go on vacation in Solana Beach every couple years. I'll have to checkout the Midway, I think I've been to The Fish Market. I'm in Oakland CA, when I was in the Boy Scouts we spent the night on the USS Hornet which is now a floating museum at the old Alameda naval station. Very emotional for me since my great uncle was stationed at Alameda during WWII and served on an aircraft carrier. Spending the night on the Hornet was an eye opening and creepy experience but well worth it.
  8. I would go with a BMW N20 2.0l Turbo. Its basically the modern equivalent of a M10 Turbo and it should easily fit in the engine bay.
  9. You can get spray paint meant to stick to vinyl/leather at your local parts store. Works pretty good the trick is the preparation. You have to scuff up the material with a scotch brite pad or fine sandpaper. Then clean it really good with rubbing alcohol before you paint it. Also as with all painting be patient and go slow, you can always add more paint but taking it away usually means starting over.
  10. Did you lubricate the polyurethane bushings before and after installing them? Did you recheck the torque on all the suspension bolts? What kind of insulation/sound deadening do you have?
  11. That's beyond rust! That's what you call metal rot or cancer lol!
  12. My father was trained to be a mechanic by the National Guard in the late 60s. He was mostly into American cars until he got his first ride in a friend's 2002 in the late 70s, after that ride he tried to buy the car but his friend wasn't ready to sell. So he looked for one until he found and bought the 1974 2002 that we still have to this day in 1980.
  13. He meant to drop those Christmas gifts for the cars chasing him. Spoiler alert the gifts are boxes of screws, nails and broken glass.🤣
  14. That sounds great please send pictures
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