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  1. Does anyone remember my Dads old Parts business? I'm reviving the business!!!!! For all your used 2002 and 635csi parts PM me for pics I have a 20x20x20 storage unit packed to the gills that has been hermetically sealed for the last 20+ Years!!!!!! Ill beat anyones PRICE!!! All parts AS IS NO REFUNDS CASH OR PAYPAL ONLY!!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS EVER!!!!!
  2. Can you say hanging on by a thread!!!!!
  3. All metal short shifter from a 1996-99 z3 1.9l. Complete with stabilizer bushing. Bolt in and go. 30 minutes to install.
  4. Shipping to Florida will be at least $200, stored inside for the past 30+years. I'd sandblast the input shaft and throw it in the car, should have under 50k original miles.
  5. 1 sold 1 left get it while its hot.
  6. Removed getrag 245 5 speed to replace with spare because my transmission mount busted and cracked the case and broke the shift rod clean off lucky I wasn't on the freeway when it happened went to pull away from stop sign and the shifter came completely loose. Thank God for AAA. Of course 5 minutes from my house a woman from Utah stopped on the freeway and the tow truck rear ended her before I could even say holy crap.
  7. I've got everything you need in good working order. I'll sell it all to you for $200 shipped. Will get pics tomorrow
  8. 1983 320i getrag 240 5 speed transmission. Bolts into the same spot as the factory 4 speed only slightly shorter, No need to modify driveshaft length difference can be made up with longer bolts and spacers. Has provisions for mechanical speedometer and single rear mount. 3 bolt output flange and complete shift platform included. For an extra $100 I can include a z3 short shifter with the metal pivot ball ( not the cheaper plastic ones that wear out). Pics coming soon
  9. 1982 320is limited slip differential with under 50k original miles. $750 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY
  10. Managed to have the guibo explode on me and took out part of rear case so I'm looking for a getrag 245 rear case and 3 bolt output flange or questionable or broken transmission for parts can trade other parts or pay up to $200 for just the rear case and 3 bolt output flange.

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