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  1. 2002iii's post in Have this NOS radiator was marked as the answer   
    Yep e21 320i automatic
  2. 2002iii's post in Exhaust manifold studs: shoulder or no? was marked as the answer   
    Realoem.com shows studs with a shoulder, like the factory ones.
    IIRC some of the holes go through to the water or oil passages. So you don't want them to go in too far.
  3. 2002iii's post in Newbie wheels and brakes question - first post! was marked as the answer   
    Look here: Wheel fitment guide
    The most common setup is e30 bottle caps wheels 14x6 +35 with 195/60/14 tires. With a factory steering wheel not to hard to turn, but smaller aftermarket wheels can make it a real workout.
    Most 14 inch or bigger wheels will clear the ie big brake kit.
    You shouldn't have any rubbing issues with 185s unless the offset is extreme. Not all 185 tires are the same width at the sidewalls, so your results may vary.
  4. 2002iii's post in Petri steering wheel was marked as the answer   
    Not an 02 hub, Looks like a hub for a later car like e24/e28 and e30.
    You might be able to change the hub to an 02 one.
  5. 2002iii's post in Weber 38/38 Questions was marked as the answer   
    Not manufactured for a specific engine but jetted for an engine.
    With the correct jetting and throttle linkage can be adapted to an m10.
    Yes some use cables and other types of linkages.
  6. 2002iii's post in IE shifter collar. Why? was marked as the answer   
    It's a weight, that you can move up or down to change the feel of the shifter.
    Some newer BMW's have ones with rubber in them to dampen vibrations.
  7. 2002iii's post in Brake fluid questions was marked as the answer   
    Original Manual calls for DOT 3, but DOT 4 is superior so that's what I use.
    A regular 12oz bottle should be enough to flush the whole system.
    I use Prestone because you can get it almost anywhere, haven't had any issues.
  8. 2002iii's post in Weber 38 choke question-need advice please! was marked as the answer   
    I believe that should be staked on from the factory and is not meant to come off.
    I would try using a punch and hammer to mushroom the end of the shaft so it can't wiggle off again.
    Or maybe some epoxy.
  9. 2002iii's post in Try to get in touch was marked as the answer   
    tulisansf try @pinoy_SUP on Instagram. 
  10. 2002iii's post in need help with 235/5 dogleg disassembly was marked as the answer   
    The factory tool bolted in place of the throw out bearing tower and pushed against the input shaft.
    I made my own tool out of plumbing pipe and adapters from the hardware store. 

  11. 2002iii's post in These Air Filter Housing Work on 2002's? was marked as the answer   
    Labeled them for you.
    According to realoem.com the last two pictures are the same part used on both the e21 and e30.
    They all use the same/similar solex 2 barrel carbs as the later 02's, so they all would have to be modified to work on a Weber carburetor.
  12. 2002iii's post in Looking for the details on these tires/rims was marked as the answer   
    Rota R20 15x6 et29
  13. 2002iii's post in G245 Swap - Feels lke transmission engaged when in neutral was marked as the answer   
    You've got the shift linkage at a very steep angle, it should be almost parallel with the driveshaft. I think that's where your problem is.
    I believe AKG recommends using there polyurethane motor and transmission mounts with the chassis mount shifter 
  14. 2002iii's post in Early steering column wires was marked as the answer   
    I believe those are for the seat belt buzzer, that most US dealers removed.
  15. 2002iii's post in Looking for source of the rattle in my 76 was marked as the answer   
    That sound is very familiar, I would check the rubber bushings on the exhaust bracket that bolts to the transmission. Mine looked fine until I unbolted them and they crumbled into a lot of little pieces.
    If it's not the bushings, I would Jack the whole car up and secure it on Jack stands with the tires off the ground. Have a friend put the transmission in gear while you listen with a stethoscope or screwdriver to your ear on the transmission and engine until you find the source of the rattle. 
  16. 2002iii's post in Ethanol fuel lines was marked as the answer   
    Your going to need 2-3 meters of fuel line depending on year and if you have a return line.
    There's 2 or 3 pieces under the hood and 1 or 2 from the gas tank.
    Just remove the old pieces and cut new ones the same length and replace.
  17. 2002iii's post in Webcon Retroject 38/38 TBI was marked as the answer   
    About $620 for the throttle body, but you still need an ecu, programming/tuning and various small parts.
    In the post above I asked about the setup used. He said they had to modify the intake manifold and get an adapter made for the air filter housing. They chose the ECUmaster EMU, which costs $900.They also used the recommend EFI Fuel pump / Swirl pot assembly, which costs about $380. Then they had to have it tuned, and ended up with 110hp and 133ft lbs.
    So that's $1900 in parts, not counting small parts, fabrication, installation and tuning. So assuming you can do the fabrication and installation yourself, add atleast $200 for small parts and atleast $500 for tuning. That's $2600 and that's best case scenario.
    It would probably be easier and a lot cheaper to convert to the e30 m10 318i fuel injection system.
    Or use some combination of stock BMW and aftermarket fuel injection. There are lots of options out there, from mild to wild and all the way inbetween. There are some packages that claim to be bolt on and/or plug and play, but we all know how that works lol.
    If you're going to spend the money and do it right you should do lots of research and decide what works best for you and your budget.
    I think if it was me I would go for individual throttle bodies with a Megasquirt and individual coils so I could try tuning it myself with help from forums, late e30 single high pressure in tank fuel pump and small parts from various sources.
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