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  1. hi ,my bezel is the early one alright, i will ask around to see if i can get it redone and get the rings rechomed here in N.Z.cheers for all the infor,keven
  2. hi thanks for your mail,thats a good idea i have had headlamp reflectors done in the passed do you have a photo of your one and the cost.cheers keven
  3. hi Steve,i am from new zealand,my car is a r/hand drive and was built in germany 7th nov. 1967 chassis1550465.it does have the cut outs,chromed trim dash,two spoke s/wheel and silver bezel.all the best keven ps there was only one 6 volt 1600-2 that came to new zealand,
  4. hi Steve,thanks for getting back re silver dash,my one is the earlier one with out the red warning light,cheers keven
  5. hi Steve,thanks for your input re silver dash,it looks like i will have to very carefully paint my one.they have a very fine patten on the face, too much paint and the patten will dissapear cheers keven
  6. hi,thanks for getting back re my nov.1967 1600-2 it is a 12 volt,they went to 12 volt around august 67 .yes its only a rebuild but i would like to keep the car as original as i can. i have been involved with the b m w cars for over 30 odd years cheers keven
  7. hi,i am after a nice silver dash cluster for my 1967 1600-2 that i am rebuilding,someone painted my one black and it will not clean up.i have all the correct gages.cheers keven mosen
  8. hi ,i am after a silver dash gauge holder for my 1967 1600-2,any one have a spare for sale cheers keven

  9. cheers for the infor.let me know how the engine goes when you start running it.i will just use a e30 m60 fly wheel and a mod.e30 318i starter motor which a lot lighter than std.i hope to turbo the car once i get every thing working correctly.its a bit of a hoon car.cheers keven
  10. hi, i have the same pistons ,e12 head, stainless valves ,292 cam lock collars, with 40 webbers .just a street engine but should go ok.what other mods have you done with your engine?cheers keven
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