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  1. FYI you can heat the old copper gaskets to a cherry red and quench them in water. This will soften the copper, Torque to speck. I have 200+K miles on my street engine and many races on my race car with no leaks using this method.
  2. There were no US safety specs untill 1968, US and euro specs were the same.
  3. gracer

    Portland International Raceway

  4. Could the leaness at the top end being caused by float bowl frothing? G
  5. My guess is that the PO replaced one of the calipers. I have only seen the type with the hump. G
  6. Hope to see you @ the SVRA event in Portland, 2017.
  7. If I recall correctly, Schorsch Mieir raced Motor Cycles for BMW back in the 30's. I think he set a speed record on a supercharged BMW.
  8. Just use rabbit inserts as Toby suggests. I think Bilstein charges ~ $100.00/ shock for revalving now days. G
  9. I had my street car's pump done by Gus back in 87. It is still working great. My race car's pump was done by Wes back in 97. I no longer use that pump but it worked as advertised. Be sure to send the injectors with the pump as they are part of the system. G
  10. I have been using 10W-40w Amsoil in my Tii Since 1977. There is no harm in using synthetic oil on a used engine. I have 336K on my TII. G
  11. +1 for Mike Ohara. He is located on Culley Blvd. Phone # 503 287-0739. G
  12. I remember seeing that car at Spokane. Not sure which year. I think it would make a great vintage racer. G
  13. The problem I have with poison is the stink of the dead rodent after it is dead. I am useing standard mouse traps. The bodies go in the fire. G
  14. This article and one earlier about a 1600TII are what got me interested in BMW's. I purchased my first, a 1602, in Feb. 1968. I have been hooked ever since. G
  15. Your master cylinder size will be determined by the size and number of pistons in your calipers. I am assuming that you are going to have calipers in the rear. The clutch cylinder should be 19MM or .75" I would suggest calling http://www.wilwood.com/ They have always been a great help to me. G
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