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  1. I just cut up an old inner tube. Used what I needed to take up the space.
  2. Outstanding! Hope to see it at Portland next year.
  3. 200 ! My HP motor put out 113.9 to the ground. In H Production the engine is limited to 11:1 compression, .450 lift on the cam,32MM chokes in the carbs. No Porting/polishing. F Production is limited to 12:1 compression, .450 lift on the cam, Injection with stock throttle body. No porting/polishing. E Production you can do anything to the motor but you are limited to sidedraft carbs with 38MM chokes or injection with stock throttle body. As has been said the 02 body isn't competitive in modern racing because of its unaerodymatic body. My car was clocked at 115 MPH at Road America and Indianapolis in HP trim. I was able to go 128 MPH at Spokane in FP trim. G
  4. Excellent video Steve. I love Thunderhill, I was there for the first race back in 1993. G
  5. At 6'6" I had to remove the stock seat mounts from the pan and make my own. I also mounted the seat in the car before I turned the car over to my cage builder. In SCCA, the 2" height manly applies to open cockpit cars.
  6. Good drive Steve! I fount it hard to find grip at Laguna Seca. My car withits 1575 cc engine would not gain RPM out of 6 like yours did. G
  7. I have always fount it easier to insert a screwdriver into the slot to spread the clamp.
  8. Great drive as always Steve. Sears is a fun track. And it can bite you in the butt. G
  9. Rotate the carrier assy 90* . the left side will just clear. G
  10. I think Snitzer did something like this. blanked off the normal supply and ran a tube to the back of the head. Then returned from the expansion plugs. I think I would ceramic coat the pistons the combustion chambers and the valves. That helps keep the heat from getting to the head. G
  11. If you want to drive out to the Tualatin area I have several shims hanging on the pegboard. 503 Seven thirty 9673. G
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