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  1. Tdh

    Wheel help

    Not for my '02. Probably should have specified that in the first post.
  2. Found these basket weaves for sale locally. What should these be worth (provided they're not all curbed up), and what's the back spacing? I sure its hitting me in the face, but I don't see anything that indicates the back spacing anywhere.
  3. Damn, I guess I've been lucky. The other marques I play with don't seem to attract dishonest sacks of shit like the '02 community. Weird. The only used part I've bought so far was a window regulator from Hal Boyles. He was as honest as the day is long. Sent it faster than I expected, and at a fair price.
  4. Man, I wish I didn’t have feedback for you on this one but since I primarily work on British cars....sadly I’ve been through this at least 50 times. I don’t know what it is about Brit car enthusiasts and over torquing spark plugs. Be glad you have the head off already. At at any rate, I’m betting you can clean up the threads enough to get things in shape with a tap or thread chaser. About half the times I’ve gone through this that’s all it took. If the threads are are indeed trashed, helicoil or timesert works fine. The timesert is a better product IMO but either will work. I’m not a fan of breaking the tang on a helicoil but that’s just me.
  5. So what about Ireland’s assertion that there is a standard?
  6. Thanks Tveye. That’s exactly what I needed.
  7. I just need to know the thickness of the I.E. radiator. So, if anyone has one, could you please measure it’s thickness? Im not interested in how close the core is to the fan, but rather the thickness of the top/bottom tanks (presuming they’re the same). Thanks, Travis
  8. What is the overall thickness of the Ireland aluminium radiator? thanks in advance, Travis
  9. I'm with the others on the C/V. 60k is about right on an all wheeler like a Subaru. I had an Audi allroad that would chew 'em up every 50-70K.
  10. Congrats! Great looking car. Your car name is great. My kids named my car after a crotchety old man from an animated movie involving a lot of balloons...
  11. I feel your pain on the 944. I had one in high school, and every once in a while I "almost" buy one. That is, until I start looking at the cost of parts. If you have to have a car to tinker with, and you don't wan't to get raped a brit car is the way to go. A triumph TR6 is about as cheap to maintain as you can get. It'll feel rickety and clunky compared to a 2002, but parts are dirt ass cheap and plentiful.
  12. Again, I'm just goofing with him. I don't like paying too much for parts either. Geez guys...lighten up. If he takes me seriously , and his feelings are hurt, I will of course apologize.
  13. I've read his recent posts, and at first I was convinced he'd just gone all "rage against the machine" on the current state of 2002 ownership. I was certain he must have a sickle and hammer emblazoned on the hood of his 2002. After readimg some older posts by Slavs, now I'm not so sure. Could it be that he's just a curmudgeonly old cuss, set in his ways and defiantly pounding his fist on the dash pad of change? Or, is he just screwing with us all, laughing out loud when he gets a rise out of FAQ'r posting in opposition to his rants? Let's vote on it! What do you guys think? (This should go without saying SLAVS, but just in case...I'm just messing with you😀)
  14. Been through this same thing with a number of marques. The first Series Land Rover I every bought was dirt cheap, and ran forever. A new galvanized frame for the thing was $1200 bucks or so back in the day. I once bought a box full of old gauges for $25. Try buying NOS part for old land rovers now. A decent crappy 109" truck cab Series II or IIA brings stupid money nowadays. I've had tons of them but I don't even own one anymore. Too rich for my blood for an old farm truck that goes 50mph. You wan't expensive parts? Get into an old Rolls Royce. I have two buddys, god only knows why, who love those damn things. I'm continuously astounded at how expensive engine parts are. If you're tired of the way things are going with '02's, but still want a old car to play with then an MG might be a good fit. An MGB GT is pretty cheap, parts are dirt ass cheap, and (flame suit on) it handles/performs similarly to an '02. It's a breeze to work on one as well.
  15. Need this for a TR6! Thanks for the post!

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