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  1. This post has a diagram that will be helpful to you. Specifically the one by JohnN (I think its the nine post in the thread). He posted a diagram showing the wiring for points as opposed to a Pertronix module. They work fine as an alternative to points. If yours is the standard "Ignitor" flavor, then it's possible to destroy it if you leave the ignition switch powered without the engine running. Google it and you'll get a detailed explanation (that way I don't have to type it out here). The Ignitor II doesn't suffer from the same fault. My Triumph TR6 that just got totaled (thanks douche in white Wrangler!) had one for at least 8 years with no trouble. I've never had one just fail while I was driving, but I've destroyed a few from leaving the ignition powered on, or from shorting a wife by accident a few times. If its still under warranty, Pertronix will replace the unit no questions asked (keep that in mind if you buy another). Pull the unit out of the distributor and look at the white label stuck to the module. If it looks like its gotten hot, and the label looks burned then the unit is done. You can test it with a multimeter, but the burned label is a dead giveaway that its toast.
  2. I gave myself a complete exhaust from Ireland, including the stainless step style header. Should have my car back on the road (after my little screw up) in a couple of weeks.
  3. You’re gonna love that gun. A buddy has one. I shot a hood and a couple fenders with it a few weeks ago. It’s really nice. Easy to get dialed in, and smooth as glass.
  4. I have a set of Esty's console side panels. She does excellent work, the price is very fair considering the top notch workmanship, and she's quick to get them out to you. Totally endorse Esty.
  5. Sadly the frame is a noodle. I “think” the engine is okay, but there’s a front crossmember on a TR6 that’s now wrapped around the front of the engine. It IMMEDIATELY shut off on impact so you know the drill. It might be a boat anchor, or maybe it’s not. One interesting observation is that I always run an inertia switch in any of my old cars that I’ve put an electric fuel pump in. It worked. I was running a pretty loud Carter rotary vane pump and it shut down. I'm gonna fight hard for a settlement that involves keeping the car and $. It want my fault, and I’m injured, so we’ll see!
  6. Indeed. I was a little rattled when I got out and saw where the corner of the bonnet was aimed. Any faster and things could have gone wrong in a big way.
  7. Man, I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. All I lost was a car...that I can fix if I decide to do so. Enjoy your Dad’s TR. I’m sure he’s looking down with a smile knowing that’s your plan. For all I know, you’re a TR expert. If that’s not the case, and you need help or have questions feel free to reach out. I’ll be glad to help. Sorry for your loss. Travis.
  8. A douche in a Jeep Wrangler was kind enough to pull out in front of me this morning during a TR6 joy ride. Totally his fault. I’m a little banged up, and I may have some lower back disc issues that a specialist will have to evaluate. I’m alive, so that’s the important thing. we called the car Ozzie Osbourne because the week I bought it I found a headless bat in the grill (get it? It bit the head off a bat like Ozzie). I know it’s not an ‘02 but I thought I’d post up here anyway to say BE CAREFUL! If I’d been in a modern car with anti-locks I still wouldn’t have been able to stop the car. Vaya con dios old friend. You will be missed. If you’re having a drink tonight, tip one back in honor of Ozzie.
  9. If you’re asking about this particular one, I can’t help. Never installed one. if you’re asking about adjustable cam sprockets in general, then I have some comments. I’ve installed them on a number of engines from small bore English to big bore/high horsepower American V8’s. I personally have never had an issue with an adjustable can sprocket slipping. I have run one on my Triumph TR6 for years. I drive the hell out of that car, no problems.
  10. Man, I agree. Great looking car. I've been toying with the idea of doing sort of a Ti tribute but instead of the solex's, going EFI and using those Jenvey DCOE throttle bodies and MS. This car is giving me even more ideas.
  11. Sadly, the last good exhaust shop in my town went out of business a couple of years ago. I thought about bending one up myself, but its frustrating work. I looked at the stainless system blunt sells, but its center exit. My car is an early model with the side exit exhaust. Don't know yet. Still pondering.
  12. Slavs, I'm not rich, but I work for someone who is. One of my jobs is to play diplomat between him and other rich people he does business with. All I can tell you is that some of them are nice, and some of them aren't. The one thing all of them have in common though (in my experience) is that when it comes to fighting over money they become complete savages. I don't dig snobby car crowds either. What happened with the 912 crowd? Conkitchen, I was in Memphis for work like 25 years ago and went to Graceland for the hell of it. Seems like I remember the white 507 being in the "car museum," but my mind might just be giving me some false feedback. The Stutz Blackhawk was definately there though...
  13. I don't disagree. I generally trash and start over with a system that's been sitting empty and has gotten rusty. If you can't find a new Master, try Apple Hydraulics. They'll brass sleeve your old cylinder for you. I've never had them do a BMW cylinder before, so I can't say with certainty that they'll do it but my money is on yes. I've sent them some pretty whacky stuff over the years (old Bentley cylinders, Land Rover, tons of other Brit and Italian stuff) and they've always done great work. http://www.applehydraulics.com
  14. Bonus first: So, I did a 5 speed swap a month or so ago. I did it on my 4 post lift instead of the 2 poster. My thinking was that I could use the jack braces for my trans jack to hold up the gearbox, and I could raise/lower the ass end of the car to either stop or allow the diff to turn (wheels on skids it won't turn/wheels in the air it turns) so I could install the driveshaft/quibo/etc. I was doing this alone, and wanted to get it done over a weekend. Mission accomplished. Everything went fine, and the 245 was everything I hoped it would be. Flash back to Just after I bought the car in 2017. I replaced the stock exhaust with the Ireland stainless version along with their stainless down-pipe. When I swapped the exhaust, I didn't reinstall the exhaust bracket that bolts to the back of the gearbox. The bushings were goo, and I was too lazy. Been running without the bracket for years, hoping that the down-pipe didn't eat it. a year or so ago, I lowered the car by cutting down the stock springs. Still didn't replace the exhaust bracket. Flash forward to the 5 speed swap. Since I'd worked by arse off getting the 5 speed in quickly, and I had some delrin lying around, I made bushings on the lathe for the exhaust bracket and reinstalled it. I'd already backed the car off the lift once, and test driven it (before the bracket went back it), so I thought all was well. I was tired, it was late, and I just wasn't thinking straight so it didn't occur to me that I'd just installed a chunk of metal under a lowered car and that I should make sure it would clear the lift before hauling ass off it in reverse. Well... I slapped it in reverse, and punched it off the lift. Car came to a dead halt when the bracket hit the rear cross section of the lift. The result? Cracked exhaust manifold, bent down-pipe, trashed exhaust bracket and some minor damage to the rest of the exhaust. Luckily, there was no damage to the underside of the car or the gearbox. It's painful to admit that I did this, but oh well. It happens. I didn't get hurt, and I can fix the car. Exhaust System Opinions: I could go back with the Ireland stainless system for the rear section. I never had any trouble with it moving/bumping once I got it situated and I liked the sound. I have a replacement stock manifold, so I'm set there if I choose to use it. However, I thought about going the route of the stainless street/track step header instead of going back to the stock manifold/down-pipe setup. Ireland's stainless down-pipe is out of stock anyway right now. Any opinions on that header? The stock engine is, well, stock except for a weber 32/36. However, I have a complete engine from a 320i that I thought I'd build up and go EFI with to swap into the car. The header option would work great in that case down the road. I'm open to other options as well, so any input is appreciated. I'm at the point where I need a complete replacement exhaust, so I welcome the input. Thanks.
  15. Man, I know what you mean. She scares me. When I encounter someone that can quote every little specification/dimension/detail about a marque (and I'm talking beyond the mechanical stuff we all love), I generally tune out. In my experience those people have spent their time reading about the car, and have no idea how to turn a wrench. NOT HER. She's actually gotten her hands dirty from what I've been told by friends who know her. Having her comment on your BAT auction can either kill you or make you $ depending on her mood. (Note: Let me be clear. I have nothing against someone who doesn't actually work on their own cars and digs getting into the nitty-gritty details and subtle changes from year to year or model to model. It's just not my thing, so I end up having nothing in common with that person beyond the fact that we both like cars. I like too many marques, have owned too many different cars to possibly be able to remember all that stuff, and I enjoy working on them myself. Or, maybe I'm just not as think as I smart I am...)
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