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  1. I’ve sold on BAT a few times. My experience echoes the previous posts. All that I’ll add is that if you really want top $, that’s the place to get it (but you have to follow the great advice you got from previous posters). Now for the real reason I posted! KEEP THE DAMNED CAR!!!! You’ll regret selling it.
  2. I’ve got a good used set of Sports that I don’t think I’m gonna use in my 71. I was planning on using them with a set of IE stage 2’s, but changed my mind after driving a friends car with that setup. I don’t mind it, but my wife will hate it and never ride in the car again. I think the HD/H&R setup will be a reasonable compromise. Anybody up for a trade?
  3. Tdh

    Correct carpet color

    Slightly off topic, but my car is an early '71 Riviera blue with black interior. It has the original S&P carpet in it, and I hate it. It just doesn't blow my skirt up. I'm considering going to black carpeting. Not the original configuration, but I'm not sure I care.
  4. Looks like the auction ended at $24500. Congrats to the seller! I get that many of you don't like that the days of the dirt cheap '02 are gone, but it happens. There are always deals to be found if you look hard enough. A year ago, I bought a 240z for $1000.00 that hadn't run in 25 years. It took me about 2 hours to get it running. Needless to say I did well on the re-sale end. At any rate, there will still be deals to be had on '02's. I happen to know a frequent bidder on BAT. He's exactly what many of you described. He's got more money than he can count, works his tail off 80-90 hours a week, and enjoys the thrill of the bidding process. For him its a great way to relieve stress, and if he wins, he's got a toy to play with till he gets tired of it. I'm not a fan of BAT either. The few times I've sold a car there, I did well, but the peanut gallery is annoying! Many are misinformed, or just obviously repeat things they read off the interweb. If I ever meet that damned "wepreferpana..." douche in person, it'll be difficult for me to restrain the urge to Omoplata him!
  5. If not, here's the link: Nice the see the bids flying up on it.
  6. I hear ya. And if I ever squirt the car I could always remove/weld in a new bung (my old man is a television repairman, he has this ultimate set of tools....)
  7. 3 rows indeed, but I don't know the exact dimensions yet, as I haven't put my hands on it. I'll post up more info when I get the thing back to my shop. The guy that made it has done a number of radiators for cars I work on, but this is the first time he's done one for a car I own. Price was $300 for this one.
  8. I promised in another thread that I'd post up a pic of my aluminum radiator once it was done. This was made by a local shop in Atlanta. I don't have it in my possession yet, so I'll report back once I get it and install it. Based on the photo, it looks good.
  9. Tdh

    Quite electric fuel pump ?

    If you're dead set on an electric pump, and quiet is a requirement, then an SU solid state (or points type for the purist) is a great option. They make a slight clicking noise that's only perceptible before engine startup. The last forever as well. You can get one from Moss , or from here: Note: The 'LP" type makes about 1.5 PSI, and flows about 9.5 gallons per minute. The 'HP" type makes about 3 PSI, and flows about 8.5 gallons per minute.
  10. Paul, You're selling yourself short. You did some good work. While I get that its not like a disassembly/rotisserie full paint, what you did looks great and will go a long way at keeping the rust worm at bay. I'm a big fan of cavity wax products (SEM, Waxoyl) inside boxed in/enclosed areas. Awesome job! It looks great!
  11. Toby, I couldn't agree more. I drive all the cars I own, and things like rock chips, dings, and faded paint don't bother me in the slightest. To me, all that stuff is a sign that I'm enjoying the cars I have. When things break, I fix them...or not. I'll end up a decrepit old heap in a nursing home one day, so I believe my cars and bikes should suffer the same fate. The guy I got into the argument with is the polar opposite of me. He's the boring, stick up his ass, doesn't drive his cars because they're investments type of guy you hate getting into a conversation with at a show/rally/event. He can't turn a wrench or weld a bead, but he can tell you which hand Malcolm Sayer wiped his arse with (he's Jag fan). Because '02's have become valuable, they're on his radar. It BOTHERS HIM TO NO END that I drive my car...daily. It bothers him even more that I would dare modify my car from its original configuration (My '71 came to me in very good, preserved original condition). Because I'm a smartass, this means I have to goof with him every chance I get. So, the point of my post was to survey a group of actual enthusiasts for their opinions, rather than asking the typical rabid, hot market '02 buyer, who'll pay through the nose for a car that's been restored to hell and back (or is an original survivor) and then never drive the thing. There's nothing wrong with that of course, it just isn't my bag. Most everyone here is a long time owner of an '02. Because I support my hobby by working on/restoring other peoples cars, i get to play with a variety of different marques, and I get a feel for the types of people that dig those other marques. Trust me when I tell you, the '02 community is as good as it gets (with Series Land Rover enthusiasts running a close second).
  12. Your're all wrong... According to the private message Guest_Anonymous sent me, entitled "being a dick," its about the "philosophical." Go figure!
  13. Awe...did I hurt you’re little feelings? Sorry about that. Also, you're right. I’m a colossal dick. And what the hell is a “dollah?”