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  1. Tdh

    Floppy oil chain

    Good recommendation. Will do tonight.
  2. Tdh

    Floppy oil chain

    So, you’re betting my pump sprocket and crankshaft sprockets are worn too? I don’t mind swapping them out, but it looks like finding the early style oil pump sprocket is a no go (at least I can’t find one at the usual sources for parts). I really don’t want to shuck out $300 plus for a new pump just because I can’t find a new sprocket for my old one.
  3. My oil pump will require 1.14 mm of shimming to tighten the chain enough to return it to spec. Great. Thats like $50 dollars worth of shims. Guess it’s time to order a new chain. I find this a bit weird though. Everything else looks to be in good condition.
  4. Tdh

    LED Conversion for H4 Lights

    I’m running Koito H4 setup with 55/60w bulbs run through relays. The difference over stock is huge. The setup came from Daniel Stern.
  5. I’m having an aluminum rad made at a local shop. Will end up being about $300ish. Should have it in a week or so. I’ll post up some pics when I get it.
  6. Thanks guys. You hit the nail on the head on my concern that new parts are suspect. Pan has been dropped, and the oil pump chain does indeed have some slack. Shims are on the parts list for Blunt.
  7. I’ve got my timing covers of so I can fix a leak. After examining the tensioner And guidebrail, there appears to be very little material gone from both. I see no reason to replace them, but this the first M10 I’ve goofed with. The plastic portions of both are black, as opposed to the white replacements I see. The guide rail appears to have zero wear, and the tensioner has a very slight set of grooves consistent with the shape of the chain. Any reason to spend the $ or are these parts that typically last for 200 bazillion miles?
  8. Sorry. quoted my own post by accident. Disregard.
  9. He was referring to the contact ("rubbing block") that rides on the distributor shaft that opens the points, not the contacts themselves. As the contact ("rubbing block") wears out, the contacts gap will decrease not increase.
  10. I’ve used both Hagerty and American Collectors over the years. Coverages are similar, but American Collectors has some options that are less restrictive than Hagerty (at a price of course) on the max mileage per year. Just another option for you to look into. Ive had friends who’ve filed claims with both comanies over the years, and both paid up no questions asked. On one occasion, a buddy got a light hit in his triumph (dolomite sprint), and American collectors actually helped him find parts in the UK to repair the door. Pretty cool of them.
  11. Man, I just wasn't willing to try it. With my luck, something bad would have happened...
  12. Cover craft or California car cover are both great.
  13. Did’nt open it up, but shaking yielded no noise. I’ll hose it down in the morning and see if that breaks it free.
  14. So after I got the engine out and unstuck my crankshaft nut, I pulled the lower timing cover. When I removed the timing chain tensioner, I was surprised to discover that there was no ball bearing. Just the piston and the spring. What gives?