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  1. Very nice read! Thanks for posting. That pretty much sums up the e36/5 for me as well. Unfortunately here in the states, the 6 cyl was never available. Therefore after spinning a bearing in my 99 ti at WGI, I had first thought of dropping in a 6 to replace it. A big thanks to Mike Self for talking me out of it and returning the ti to near stock. At the same time a 98 ti popped up in central Jersey with a 6 cyl swap. Decision was easy, sold my e39 with almost 200k and used the cash to pick this up. I LOVE IT! cant wait to finish up the rear suspension and get it on the track. It's a little rough to look at but it's got it where it counts! Last picture is of the 99, 5 speed, Cali Roof. Love that one even more!
  2. faedaefb-ce3a-4d5a-ab28-054021cf31e3.mp4
  3. Wow! I did the exact same thing today, went out for a quick errand...up pops the check engine light.🤦‍♂️ Vespa. I'm not too worried about the engine anymore, it's all the other stuff that has over 200k on it that I haven't had a chance to change yet!
  4. Ha ha ha! That is EXACTLY the reason I have to continue to fix the e53. My wife WILL NOT allow me to sell it. She likes it too much, even though she now has the e70. When she bought the e70, I said, can we sell the old one now? Her respone: "why would we want to do that". So I just keep driving and fixing, and fixing, and fixing... Picture is after the Jesus bolt came out and we were up to our elbows in timing chain service.
  5. West: a lot of it is pretty straightforward, x outpost is a great website for diy. When it gets really complicated, I have to have some help. But the general maintenance and things like window regulators and door handles become pretty easy (kind of like fixing stuck and broken window sliders on an e36, which I can do in a matter of minutes now!)
  6. +1 to tech71...however you forgot such fun stuff as the valley pan gasket on the V8 (M62) motor, along with the timing chain tensioner and guide service, and the always enjoyable ABS control module. Ask me how I know about these...I just finished the Timing Chain service (with the major help of a much more skilled mechanic than me) at 205K. Have changed my share of fuel pumps, cooling system parts (whole system actually), Air springs, and have been chasing oil leaks for almost the entire life of the car(at least I know the engine still has oil in it, I think I would start to worry if it didn't leave a few drops on my driveway every day!) My '03 just turned over 210K and has been a great vehicle, but I am ALWAYS fixing something. If you don't mind doing the work yourself and have a source of cheap parts, its not too bad. I live near a u-pull yard that usually has an E53 in it. I get notified when BMW's are put in the yard and when an E53 shows up, I go collect parts such as: -Door Handle Carriers -Window Regulators -Various clips/screws/molding(inner &outer) -Headlight assemblies(Usually not in good shape) -Taillight Assemblies -Switches/Climate control units/etc for the interior and anything else that may look like its in good, usable shape. The wheel speed sensors go out on a regular basis so I have gone to Amazon for the cheap ones, I am at the point now where its not really worth it to spend too much on it anymore. To Vespa: My wife liked the E53 so much that she bought a used E70 (55K) and I am AMAZED at the improvements made between the 2. The E70 is bigger and heavier, but does not feel that way. We have the turbo 6, it is more powerful than the V8, gets better gas mileage, and handles SO much better than the E53. That being said, we continue to drive the E53 as much as we can to keep the mileage down on our other vehicles...and I just keep fixing it. Yes the older ones are cheap, and if you don't mind fixing them, they are a good car to have!
  7. jscaptura1

    Late 80's Glen Nationals.

    Unidentified GT-3(?) At the Glen SCCA Nationals, late 1980's.
  8. Waiting to take a parade lap with the GVC BMWCCA at the Glen, probably 1987-1988.
  9. I think this is from about 1987. It was when the 1600 turned 150k, and this was after the first restoration, the next one came about 10 years later.
  10. jscaptura1

    Glen Region AutoX

    On our way home after a Mid-Summer AutoX in the Glen Region.
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