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  1. I've been married 30 years and I STILL get that!
  2. If you are traveling through the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, any of the drivers up and doe either sides of the big lakes like Seneca, Cayuga, or Keuka. However. The best road is at the base of Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen. Take adriving tour of the original 6.6 Mile road course that went around the state park. It is beautiful, (AND FUN) with all the green in the summer and the the colors in the fall. Then try to imagine how fast those guys were going in those old cars on those same roads! Crazy!
  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
  4. Sounds good Steve! I guess I was thinking they would have made more in that time period. However I was just making a guess with no numbers or dates other than mine not knowing the actual production total of 1600's for each year. Very well done 👍and happy fathers day to all!
  5. 1570472 Here, definitely 1970. Mine was manufactured in mid November 1969, that one being around a thousand after it makes me think more like early-mid spring, March maybe. I still have the books that were original to the car. Including the dealer directrory which lists Emmick Motors in Montour Falls. A tiny European car dealer in a tiny town next to Watkins Glen. My dad used to bring me there from time to time in the late 60's early 70's to look at all the neat and unusual cars they had. Mine is Granada....still is!
  6. My daughter lives in Beavercreek as well, just a few miles from Mike, and had some pretty heavy damage just a mile or two from her apartment complex. Just tree damage where she lived. When I spoke to her in the (early) morning she downplayed the whole thing. She was still very sleepy. When I talked to her in the afternoon I got a lot more information out of her. She ended up spending a few hours in her bathroom after she received the tornado warnings on her phone. I guess she spent at least a few hours waiting it out in the safest part of her apartment. Glad everyone was OK and hope it doesn't happen again! It was a little unsettling to wake up in the morning and see the headline on my phone about the destructive tornado in Dayton!
  7. Would love to have that for my 1600, but not at that price!
  8. I think the basketweaves look pretty good. I took my bottlecaps that I got for free to the recycler and got 40 bucks for them, THAT is the only thing bottlecaps are good for!
  9. My preference is the all silver grills, don't really like the partially or all blacked out grills.
  10. Except those that are Granada, have 6 fuses, a front air dam, 14 inch wheels, and Recaro (e21) seats!
  11. On #4: But they are SOOOO comfortable!
  12. Had to show one with the pup! Unfortunately he passed away in 2017. I have had these on for a couple of years now. Found them in a junk yard on a really beat up E30. 100 bucks for 5, polished them up & they don't look too bad. Have been thinking about getting some E30 steelies and painting them silver to give the look of the old Alpina's or Compy's.
  13. OK, This is a good one, This was a BMW 328 that participated in the 1949 Watkins Glen Grand Prix race through the village. Apparently it was Bob Greer and the car was the winner of the 1940 Mille Miglia. The original #25 was listed as an Alfa Romeo to be driven by Toney Pompeo but did not race. The 328 was a late entry not listed in the program. If you are familiar with the original course, he is just exiting Milliken's Corner at the bottom of Steuben St. and is getting set up to take the right hand turn on to the Start/Finish straight (Franklin St.). Got it from one of the Glen historians at the Motor Racing Research Library located in the village. Will keep looking!
  14. +1 to all of the above. Take EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. I unfortunately had to let my Dad's '73 2002 go to a junkyard because it was rusted beyond repair. He had kept it under his deck at his house but it got to the point where he needed it removed. At the time I did not have the space to keep the whole car or even any of the parts. So I sent it off the local junkyard thinking it would be there for a while so I could scavenge parts off it when I needed them. WRONG! Within about a month it was gone to the crusher. Engine, Trans, Diff, all gone.... All the glass, in good shape.....gone. Interior, in relatively good shape....gone. Boy am I sorry now that I let that go, especially in the future when I go to change the headliner & crack either the front or rear window while doing it and need one! Even if you don't think you have room or need the stuff...take what you can!
  15. Ha ha ha! If you only knew! About 2 years after that picture was taken, mine rivaled the one in the picture above. I have, of course, destroyed all of my photos from that time period!

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