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  1. OK, This is a good one, This was a BMW 328 that participated in the 1949 Watkins Glen Grand Prix race through the village. Apparently it was Bob Greer and the car was the winner of the 1940 Mille Miglia. The original #25 was listed as an Alfa Romeo to be driven by Toney Pompeo but did not race. The 328 was a late entry not listed in the program. If you are familiar with the original course, he is just exiting Milliken's Corner at the bottom of Steuben St. and is getting set up to take the right hand turn on to the Start/Finish straight (Franklin St.). Got it from one of the Glen historians at the Motor Racing Research Library located in the village. Will keep looking!
  2. +1 to all of the above. Take EVERYTHING you can get your hands on. I unfortunately had to let my Dad's '73 2002 go to a junkyard because it was rusted beyond repair. He had kept it under his deck at his house but it got to the point where he needed it removed. At the time I did not have the space to keep the whole car or even any of the parts. So I sent it off the local junkyard thinking it would be there for a while so I could scavenge parts off it when I needed them. WRONG! Within about a month it was gone to the crusher. Engine, Trans, Diff, all gone.... All the glass, in good shape.....gone. Interior, in relatively good shape....gone. Boy am I sorry now that I let that go, especially in the future when I go to change the headliner & crack either the front or rear window while doing it and need one! Even if you don't think you have room or need the stuff...take what you can!
  3. jscaptura1

    A little history found!

    Ha ha ha! If you only knew! About 2 years after that picture was taken, mine rivaled the one in the picture above. I have, of course, destroyed all of my photos from that time period!
  4. jscaptura1

    A little history found!

    I wondered when someone would mention that. Oh the wonderful days of our youth! Those pictures were taken on 12th street in the Glen in the Summer of 1986. about 3-4 blocks from the Start/Finish line of the original 6.6 mile course that went through the village and around the sate park.
  5. jscaptura1

    A little history found!

    Larry, Wow! That is a lot of stuff! And yes, I will be considering most, if not all of those things as I go along. Right now I am in the process of finishing up modifications to my 318ti autoX/track car. Then I have a few issues with the E28 to address this summer. After that I am hoping to start collecting pieces for the eventual rebuild of the drivetrain/suspension of the 1600.
  6. jscaptura1

    A little history found!

    saaron, like the thread on the suspension. Have not quite decided if I am going to remove everything as all of my pieces are unbelievably rust free! They have the scaly surface stuff on them but are still rock solid. Steve, my vin # 1570472 so I am assuming it is one of the earlier production numbers for the 1970 model year.
  7. jscaptura1

    A little history found!

    Steve, manufacture date was Mid-November 1969, so yes, it is a 1970 model year. Thanks to all for the nice comments. This is the last set of pictures my dad has found so far. First one is at WGI either 86 or 87, right after the car was finished. I had to run the original wheels when it was first done. The last picture is the next summer when I found some of the stamped steel wheels and upgraded. They stayed on the car for almost 20 years until I was able to find the E30 basketweaves that are currently on the car. Middle picture is from about 10-15 years age during a race at WGI. I will keep looking & post more when I find them.
  8. With the cold & snow here in upstate NY, I decided to post a little bit on the journey of the 1600. As my dad was going through some of his old photos, he found a few of the 1600 before it was restored. The pictures are from the spring/summer of 1986 and it really shows the problems that '02's faced in the Northeast. It also shows the great work that the local body shop did in bringing this 1600 back! It was done by DeSarno's Cody Shop on 12th st. in Watkins Glen. I was lucky to have the owner (Junior DeSarno) and one of his employees who was an artist & very meticulous working on it. They took their time & did things very well. When people ask about the restoration, I tell them for the most part, at least on the outside, the car is new about halfway up the car. It has had the fenders, rockers, bottom half of the doors & rear wheel arches replaced. Luckily everything underneath, as well as the front & rear shock towers were pristine, & pretty much still are! The body shop is still there & run by his son who still does work for me on occasion when needed. My apologies for the quality (and '80's hair) in some of the pictures. The final picture is what the car looks like today. When I retire in a few years, I am hoping to do the drivetrain & suspension, (it is all still original!).
  9. jscaptura1

    Too many cars?

    No Limit, I frequently tell my wife: "You can NEVER have too many Cars!" Right now I am at 5 toys, 1970 1600, 1982 633CSi, 1999 318ti(AutoX), 1968 V8 Mustang, 2011 550i MSport(6 speed), This does not include my wife's daily driver (X5) and my DD (E39). The problem for me is storage & rotation of the cars during the limited summer in upstate NY. My 26 year old son just picked up his 3rd car and my wife just shook her head and said "why"? His response: "You can NEVER have too many cars"! I taught him well!
  10. In my case, starting in 1985 when I bought the 1600, I have no idea the amount of money I have spent on it! Of course I tell my wife, "not much at all". Luckily she loves the car as much as I do so its not a problem. With a 1970 vehicle that has spent its life in upstate NY, it will NEVER be finished. Right now it looks great and runs pretty well. However, most of the suspension and ALL of the drivetrain is original! It will take me years to complete all of that work, but that is what the 1600 is all about. Deciding over the winter what the budget for the car will be and what I will work on over the summer months. As you can see from the picture, I have a few other projects that require time and money as well. However, the 1600 so easy & enjoyable to work on, I almost feel like I don't want it to ever be finished. I've said it many times before on the FAQ, It was the first car I ever bought, and it is STILL, my favorite car to drive!
  11. jscaptura1

    if you need a new t-shirt .......

    Could you make an option for a 1600 as well? I would definitely be in for that at just about any price!
  12. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/this-1967-bmw-1600-gt-convertible-is-a-beautifully-restored-rarity/ar-BBRc4I6?ocid=ientp_edu Just saw this article on what they say is the only surviving 1600 GT Convertible. Looks Nice!
  13. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/for-sale-silver-bmw-318ti/6770234660.html A 318ti for sale in Boston. Price is a little high but you could probably get it for less!
  14. +1 to Toby! I have driven a 97 318ti for years in upstate NY in the snow. Studded snow tires and traction control made it go ANYWHERE! And it is the closest thing to driving my 1600 than any other BMW I have driven. As a matter of fact I am thinking about ditching my e39 winter beater for another 318ti. Just so much more fun to drive than the e39! 5 speed and LSD are all things you should be looking for. My autoX car is a 318ti and is SO much fun to drive! Good Luck!
  15. In upstate New York, I wait until the end of April-beginning of May, and sometimes by then there is still some residual salt on the roads. Wait until you are sure! The salt is out there even if you don't see it (or smell it!).