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  1. My current co-pilot Lola. She also enjoys rides in the 1600.
  2. My daughter and her service dog that she was training while at the University of Kentucky at The Glen 6 hour race in 2106.
  3. In a sad bit of irony, 2 years ago today I also lost my co-pilot Renner, pictured here when he was only a year old. We ha a lot of fun cruising in that car together.
  4. In 1985, I paid $1100 for it. Not much to look at but the mechanicals were great. (And still are pretty good). Other than regular maintenance, the only things I've put in are a new radiator, alternator, and guibo. Motor is the same as it was 50 years ago. And I loved to take it home with me! This pic is about 5 years ago before the E30 basketweaves.
  5. From just a couple of years ago, right after I installed the E30 Basketweaves.
  6. Thanks for the Beatles replies, I was hoping someone would do that! About half way up the car, all the way around it except for the nose and rear panels, is new metal. Some of it done well, other parts not so much. I am looking forward to retiring in a few years and start doing much needed mechanical work and some cosmetics I'd like to clean up. This is how it started its life with me in 1985.
  7. 50 years ago today, my 1600 was assembled in Munich. Granada red, black interior, imported to Hoffman motors. Purchased by a professor at Cornell University and then sold to me in 1985. It was the first car I ever bought. (And is still my favorite car to drive!) After 2 rebuilds of the body and paint, it still looks (and drives), pretty good.
  8. This was the hit of the festival downtown. There was always a larger crowd around this than anything else.
  9. Thank you! All of the chrome an trim are original. The all aluminum grill was the distinguishing characteristic that would let you know that was a 1600 not a 2002. That's why I was a.little confused with the 1600 race.car posted earlier. To the best of my knowledge 1600 did not come with square tail lights (at least in the US) plus it had the 2002 grill.
  10. From my sister's house on the original 6.6 mile course. 20190906_181526.mp4
  11. Boris Said being inducted into the walk of fame by my father.
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