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  1. I sent him a e-mail 121 or e12 they had both? how much you want to spend? and you can convert a late block if you have a mill and the oil return tube , its not a 1/2 dill job Bruce Mtuner
  2. they are both left and right, I have them PM me Bruce Mtuner
  3. I have a complete behr a/c console and unit do not want to separate parts PM me Bruce Mtuner
  4. I have complete engines, whats wrong with yours?
  5. m-tuner

    grill sets

    I have used grill sets round tail $900.00 plus shipping , that left,right and center Bruce Mtuner
  6. I have headers new and used PM me Bruce Mtuner
  7. the difference in skirt clearance between a cast piston and my forged pistons is about .001, the fact that the material is stronger means that they can run thinner wall construction, with out steel inserts inside as in stock mahle cast pistons, equates to a much lighter part, and in a stroker motor light means higher rpm, I also use custom rods which are much lighter, 200 grams or more for the piston,rod combo, and much stronger and longer to maintain a good rod ratio, thats why a stroker motor is 10k, but puts out 230hp with 2 valves and a 100 to 200 lb weight advantage over any other bmw replacement engine, if I can't build a 2100lb 2002 with 230hp I am not interested, a s14 build is at 15k for a stock warmed engine if you can find one, they have all been blow up, they have their own issues, oil pressue and valve contact being some and the big one cost per/horse power, if you are turning a m10 9,000 as I have in racing cast pistons will not hold up, but in a stock application they are very good. Bruce Mtuner
  8. those were stacked where I could get to them, I have a lot of seat parts, we will come up with some thing you can use , Bruce Mtuner
  9. how long have you been doing 2002 s they were hand build, there is no exact standard, its common for the drivers door to not fit, I twick the door to fit the body, try fixing a car that they put the rear quarter panel in the wrong place, you improvise, you think bmw are bad try doing a 356, or a 69 camero Bruce Mtuner
  10. I have been using forged pistons in my custom built engines for 40 years , they are lighter per the fact that the material is stronger and denser, a lot stronger especially in the ring land hence a smaller ring pack, hypertectic and cast pistons have no place in any high output engine, they are cheaper to produce, run a smaller side clearance which produces lower oil consumption and noise, but the newer alloys allow clearance s in forge pistons that i use to be about .001 greater than a cast piston. I have had no failures in any pistons I have used, they will make a little more noise when cold and the oil is cold, which dissipates as the engine warms. the s14 head gasket is for bores greater than 90mm, all my stroker m10 engines are 92mmx88mm and use this gasket if the deck height of the piston is zero or above, the stock cutting ring tii head gasket can not be used. I weigh all components in any build so this is not conjecture but fact and have the component weights Bruce Mtuner

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