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    bmw factory trained master mechanic, 42 years working on bmws, owned 20 or more 2002s, current bmw, euro 635csi, heavily modified, 2002tii restoration project, 2000cs in restoration, 2002 parts , 745 turbo fan. will work on any thing if it has wheels.Built 2 continuation shelby 427 sc s, built a lot of bmw race cars, built a e30 m3 that passed every car but the ferrari s at la carrara, in mexico,raced the first tisa in vintage racing on the west coast 1985, love to build bmw that run away from anything.

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  1. there is a company in England that builds center sections from scratch I know because I was looking for a 745 unit, its not available either, if you can not find the send me a email and I will find the notes I have on them Bruce Mtuner
  2. I know the owner that sold the car on Bring a trailer, he put a lot of work and money into a abused car and brought it back from the dead, he did not make a great amount on, I am good with bringing back 2002 s to a level that make it available for some one that does not have the skills to do so, that the world of the car hobby Bruce Mtuner
  3. I have built limited slip long neck diffs fora gt2 2002 Bruce Mtuner
  4. We sent you BLACK interior door handles I cleaned and packed them and took pictures and the postal service saw them. They are BLACK, Susan / M tuner associate.
  5. I have 5 5 1/2" x 14 " 2000cs steel wheels and hub caps date code 1965 off my 2000cs for sale Bruce Mtuner
  6. I have about 200 various BMW steel and alloy wheels, dates 1966 to 1980 s, I do have sets, 13 inch to 20 inch , 2002 by date code $50 each plus shipping, tii $100 each plus shipping, rare mag racing 13 inch, new tires various sizes PM me what your looking for Bruce Mtuner
  7. I have a factory rebuilt exchange motor, low miles , the hone markes are in the bores PM me Bruce Mtuner
  8. I have a original equipment Bahr system, console and wiring, where are you? Bruce Mtuner
  9. I just read there are less than 20 tii s registered in germany today, because of tuv cars in germany were crushed, and if the liberals have their way it will come here, the majority of euro tii come from italy, portugal, greece, the europeans are coming here for 50,60,70 european cars, I personally know of a 356 roller and a speedster front end with id plate that sold for 60,000 cash to germany to build a faux speedster, the same thing is going to happen to tii s because the current prices in europe are higher than here, I imported BMW s from germany in the 80 s so I have contacts, Bruce Mtuner
  10. I find it funny the some one that should know bmw would say that tii are not rare, compared to what? how many round tail light tii s were imported? of that number how many are still running? I personally have 4 tii engines not in a car, they are rare, not as rare as a turbo, people drove them to death and wrecked most of them it was not built for the masses, and thats why they are going up in price every day because the people with the big bucks know this they look at the numbers, the total number of 356 porsches is larger that the total number of 2002tii us version built between 1971 and 1973 look it up
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