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    bmw factory trained master mechanic, 42 years working on bmws, owned 20 or more 2002s, current bmw, euro 635csi, heavily modified, 2002tii restoration project, 2000cs in restoration, 2002 parts , 745 turbo fan. will work on any thing if it has wheels.Built 2 continuation shelby 427 sc s, built a lot of bmw race cars, built a e30 m3 that passed every car but the ferrari s at la carrara, in mexico,raced the first tisa in vintage racing on the west coast 1985, love to build bmw that run away from anything.

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  1. everywhere the fender touched the the body there was seam sealer, why would bmw allow water to get in-between two panels? they also sprayed the area inside the fender with a spayable undercoating, basically they glued the fender on, the portion at the corner of the fender to the hood was brazed and the leaded and filed, there is no gap, I have been restoring 2002s sense 1971
  2. looking for a complete heater, preferably still pop riveted together with cables and sliders, no broken plastic PM me with photos and price , thank you Bruce
  3. send me a picture of the heater please Bruce Mtuner
  4. yes I built a large tube equal length system for a s14/2002 the floor on the passenger side had to be raised for room for the header, if you want a 6 into two collectors, into a single exhaust , the hammer will be needed the 2002 does not have a lot of room, a dual exhaust system would be better but getting past the rear sub frame will require some work
  5. alpina 2002 header never had slip joints, they were gas welded one piece unit, the one I posted was taken off a documented Alpina 2002 with side draft webers in about 1990, I quoted $900 , hpc ceramic coated inside and out with a 2" v band at the first muffler, it can be built as stock or larger primaries and down pipe, I have been building headers about 20 years , I can provide a picture of headers I built for my euro 635csi Bruce Mtuner
  6. I am working overtime, here are shots of a Real Alpina tri y factory header, I took off a Real 2002 alpina
  7. I have a original 2002 Alpna header that I use to build, New exact reproduction headers PM me Bruce Mtuner
  8. I have e-12 heads, I sell them checked ,resurfaced ,and rebuilt with new rocker and shafts, any cam option pm me Bruce Mtuner
  9. I will pull out the door panels from my 50 ft container of 2002 parts and send you photos Bruce
  10. I have 20 used door panels PM me for picks and prices Bruce Mtuner
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