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  1. just watch a nice 1972 tii owner get skinned alive on bat about a week or two ago, its a tough crowd, you better have your bs together, don't answer the negative, enforce the positive, don't take the ill-informed to heart, I comment on the positive, just the facts, the car was a very rare e12 1972, about 300-370 built, a not accurate restoration, if it is not collector grade don't call it restored they will eat you alive, i all ways say paper trail, documentation, photos of the cars underside, the paint and details, that over restored euro tii from holland brought $102,000 and the motor was not rebuilt, no paper trail, built on a rotisory, no build pictures, i think it was a rust bucket, there was rust in the bottom of the air intake /heater plenum, I have been doing this sense 1971 i learned a few things, Bruce Mtuner
  2. steve that 71 cars maybe one days run and about 300 at the end of 1972 run not many, this discussion came about from the 73 tii just run though on bring a trailer, and some brought up the early run from the microfisch info, my#2762497 is right in the last run, its original down to the engine hoses Bruce Mtuner
  3. have we found any 1972 tii s that have the e12 motor that were installed early in the production run or is it bs i have found the micofisch info to be not accurate, my 68/69 2002 was not documented in the fisch it was a pain to get any correct parts, Bruce Mtuner
  4. nice car , my first 2002 1970 malaga, bought it wrecked and rebuilt it, $1500 12 000 miles on it 1971, now up to 22 2002s owned, restoring a 1972 tii, inka 56,ooo original miles, 1 owner, sat not running about 35-40 years outside in colorado , she is getting a new dress and a blueprinted motor Bruce Mtuner
  5. I read a lot of history on bmw racing the tisa had two issues, overheating when pushed and that pos drive shaft and axels, they lost at the 24 hour race to mecedes at spa because of these issues, schnitzer learned quickly and modified the 2002 s which were the evolution of the tisa program, its too bad they did not continue with the 2002 after 1970 at the factory, but schnitzer stuck with it and their 4 valve motor, Bruce Mtuner
  6. that was a trip to read, I trained under Dieter, for porsche 356,s Dieters foreign car service in la mesa ca, San Deigo, a VW 1300 is listed , he taught foreign car repair at my JC Southwestern in Chula Vista, ca, California was the epicenter of foreign car racing Bruce Mtuner
  7. I am a BMW master mechanic , I have been building m10 street and race engines for 40+ years, references, PM me Bruce Mtuner
  8. looking for 2 used tii front hubs pm me Bruce Mtuner
  9. after looking at mvp s site and the video, it looks like they are cherry picking any part that is nla and bringing high prices, not impressed, low cost china crap? they don't disclose where it comes from, I have a nla factory nose for sale, there is a major BMW high performance supplier selling china junk, I have first hand experience with the headers and a adjustable timing gear you could not install because the diameter was wrong Bruce Mtuner
  10. dry western nose panel, painted once, looks like factory replacement panel, removed from wrecked car, as is $1500 100% straitened,in primer $2000 for tii with no snorkel $500 to %100 price plus shipping , there is no rust in this nose panel, I restore 2002 s and have been doing body work for 40+ years Bruce Mtuner
  11. m-tuner

    behr a/c

    It looks like I have enough parts to build two complete factory behr a/c units, consoles first come first served, no separate parts sold
  12. m-tuner

    behr a/c

    pictures coming today, in excellent condition Bruce Mtuner
  13. m-tuner

    behr a/c

    2002 factory a/c unit, complete unit inside of car, side covers,face plate, evap, wiring switches
  14. you would not be a restorer, you use whats available the last two ORIGINAL noses i sold were 2,000 each used and they were happy, I have used smashed noses and did a lot of metal work Bruce Mtuner
  15. used the orange 4 inch wide tape they use for asbestos removal,tape the glass well where it meets the rubber use a small hand sand blaster, blast the metal, etch prime the metal, prime and paint any color you want and call it good, some times you can screw up stuff that does not need to be done, are you going to see it in the door? no, controlling rust is the goal Bruce Mtuner
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