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  • Interests bmw factory trained master mechanic, 42 years working on bmws, owned 20 or more 2002s, current bmw, euro 635csi, heavily modified, 2002tii restoration project, 2000cs in restoration, 2002 parts , 745 turbo fan. will work on any thing if it has wheels.Built 2 continuation shelby 427 sc s, built a lot of bmw race cars, built a e30 m3 that passed every car but the ferrari s at la carrara, in mexico,raced the first tisa in vintage racing on the west coast 1985, love to build bmw that run away from anything.

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  1. sold 5 for $1500 so you know their value Bruce M-tuner
  2. m-tuner

    14" Steel Wheels

    PM me I have 2000cs wheels and hub caps Bruce M-tuner
  3. m-tuner

    tii Water Diverter

    Ireland makes a stainless unit that will not rot out
  4. m-tuner

    BMW OEM door seals

    any thing uno is probably chinese not german , if its like most chinese parts you can keep it Bruce M-tuner
  5. m-tuner


    I have a Inka 1972 2002tii, all matching numbers , e-12 about 300 built, its in restoration now, I turned down 40k restored 2 years ago , extensive records, window sticker, one owner car from denver area, Bruce M-tuner
  6. m-tuner

    April 6 Cars and Coffee.

    I will be there with my euro 635csi , my friend ben with his 2002 , and my friend Al with a z3 if it doesn't snow or rain Bruce
  7. m-tuner

    WTB BMW 2002 ti pistons-1st oversize

    wallothnesnh has ti pistons
  8. m-tuner

    NOS early nose panel

    early nose fits 1966 to 1973 round tail light 1600 2002 tii e10 not later plastic grill 1974- 1976 cars , if you put it into a later car you need to change the tail panel and remove about 200 lbs of reinforcement to get to 2180 lbs of early car weight.
  9. m-tuner

    Can IE cast pistons handle boost?

    running cast pistons in a turbo motor is verboten, unless you want to rebuild it again, manufactures use cast pistons because they are cheap, top-end performance can build any thing you need they are a JE dealer, JE is equal to Mahle but Mahle does not build custom pistons unless you are a nascar team. Bruce M-tuner
  10. m-tuner

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    Any one looking for a excellent nose for your 2002tii pm me , also look at the TISA blog on two people that made contact through this site that have a relationship though #182 tisa #53 Herbie Bruce M-tuner
  11. m-tuner

    BMW 1800 TISA

    Jim, we both should travel to Muchin to see our old friend #182, you had the vision to keep it in good condition, I had the vision to build it before the masses saw what potential there was there, I enjoyed building it into a monster, on the track, hearing the laughter from those uninformed individuals that pointed at it and laughed, Developed great friends with the alfa crew, that knew about the whispering bomb, thank you Von Falkenhausen for having the vision to build them, Hahne and Josef Schnitzer making it a sedan class champion winner, the TISA is revered by BMW because it started their road back to being the unbeatable mark on the road and race track. Bruce M-tuner
  12. m-tuner

    BMW 1800 TISA

    I bought #182 from jim, he picked me up at san jose air port in his e30 bmw, i looked at the car that was listed in the roundel, no one knew about tisa or what they were ,but I did because i have been into bmws sense 1971, and doing reading about them, doug was the buyer, I built the car for him , sept bought it from doug, I enjoyed building it I did not enjoy dealing with them. where is the car now, and do you have pictures of it now? Bruce Mtuner
  13. m-tuner

    BMW 1800 TISA

    This is #182 in its prime at jack murphy stadium in san deigo 1988, unbeknown to me a welded spider rear diff was put in the car by bavarian rinsport , which made the car useless to drive on the track. I am standing behind the car
  14. m-tuner

    Tii VIN Number Thread

    I posted a piece on tisa build , the original owner jim silva has been looking for me the builder of the first vintage tisa raced in the us and this car #182 was bought by BMW vintage ? if any one knows contact me Bruce M-tuner
  15. m-tuner

    BMW 1800 TISA

    look in may 1988 Roundel page 58 59 that me standing next to Herbie #53 this car was built by me not any one else, and not bill homes or carl nelson , which are not BMW Master mechanic s, I have the oldest schuling pass in the us and worked at 7 bmw dealers on both coast, and I am still building high output bmw engines and race cars, the tisa was built when i was also building a gt-3 2002, a road race M3 for la carrara, look it up it was made to start last and past the entire field of of cars and finished #8 out of about 80 cars . the tisa was very fun to build but twisted the other bmw shops at the time, I never let the negative influence my quest to win with all the other cars I built and campaign with other owners , I am currently restoring a 1972 tii with a e12 engine, one of about 300 built, building a 2000cs resto mod with e46 m3 drive train, BMW mach schell Bruce M-tuner