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  1. I put 500 in the listing because it it mandatory, people these parts are NLA in excellent condition, rare , I am a BMW master mechanic with 45 years of parts collection, currently to restore a 1600/2002 runs about $ 45,000 if you start with a good example, there are no cheap parts for these cars, and the rare parts are going up by the week, Bruce M tuner
  2. rare nla 1600/2002 sun visors, new in bmw bag #51 16 1 825 794 and matching left and right , also excellent used matching visors, early swan outside mirrors, used excellent condition, used left 1971 to 1973 outside mirrors, 1974 -1979 outside flag mirrors ,matching door handles with keys excellent condition PM me Bruce M tuner
  3. m-tuner

    grill sets

    I sent both of you messages on parts pm me Bruce Mtuner
  4. I have a nose panel almost new pm me Bruce Mtuner
  5. I have them pm me Bruce Mtuner
  6. I have a fix for rusty tii tanks PM me Bruce
  7. m-tuner

    grill sets

    PM me for what you are looking for
  8. 4 BBS/Mahle rims et 13 6jx13h2 period 13 inch rims, 2 are excellent, 1 very good, 1 good, all have been checked for runout not bent , no caps sold professionally repainted $800. for that period look on your car PM me Bruce
  9. I have early 1966 to 1973 round tail light grill sets, used in good condition, also I am re listing the early 1966 to 1973 round tail light nose panel in excellent condition, no rust or bondo, light dents from storage, sold twice to no payment PM me Bruce
  10. I have 4 I can sand blast and have them professionly painted any color you want , PM me Bruce
  11. you looking for the lower cover or the pad I have both PM me Bruce
  12. I have very good heads complete not rebuilt or rebuilt or rebuilt, modified, have a metric mechanic st complete PM me Bruce
  13. I have doors complete, no rust PM me Bruce
  14. look on eBay de germany they are on there all the time
  15. I have rust free nose panel, fenders, and grill set
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