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  • Interests bmw factory trained master mechanic, 42 years working on bmws, owned 20 or more 2002s, current bmw, euro 635csi, heavily modified, 2002tii restoration project, 2000cs in restoration, 2002 parts , 745 turbo fan. will work on any thing if it has wheels.Built 2 continuation shelby 427 sc s, built a lot of bmw race cars, built a e30 m3 that passed every car but the ferrari s at la carrara, in mexico,raced the first tisa in vintage racing on the west coast 1985, love to build bmw that run away from anything.

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  1. m-tuner

    tii tank pick-up

    i need the pick-up that bolts to the top of the tank e-12 late 1972-1974 tii the suction hose attaches to it chrome in color Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@ msn.com
  2. m-tuner

    WTB: Mahle BBS 13" wheel set

    I have a set 6x13 ,2 are new all are strait , professionly painted , no lugs $ 900 plus shipping Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  3. m-tuner

    2002 ti 2000cs sidefraft carbs

    no if you install on 2002 you need 2002ti , 1800ti 2000cs manifolds or after market mantfolds , they are readily available on e-bay , the linkage I have is for a 2000cs it pulls towards the fire wall .2002ti/1600ti turns 1/2 turn like any 2002 you can buy repo or build it. Bruce
  4. one last time a bmw emblem on a part does not mean it was produced by bmw , it means that the part is approved by bmw engineering for use on bmw s the after market is full of parts that have a bmw emblem s on them, some are obsolete, some new stock, some old stock, some cheap chinese nock offs and some that are oem, original equipment manufactures . I bought the high ratio box from ssf a well known oem bmw supply house in san francisco ,ca, in 1985 I have been building BMWs since 1971, the original use for this box was a hamalgation part for the 1800 tisa , its in the fiesh, the front end of a 1800/2000cs is the same as a 2002/1600, the struts are not, its a optional part for racing, the high ratio box means you need a bigger steering wheel if you use it on the street, with anything other than stock 165x13 tires it makes it imposable to park the car, I used it on a club racer with a large wheel and 195/60/14 race tires. The stock box works great with a smaller steering wheel and larger rubber
  5. stock bmw 2002ti or 2000cs solex 40 mm side draft carbs matching set no missing parts, i rebuilt then 5 years ago, will need new pump diaframs, no corrosion, no hammer marks, matching set stock jetting off a running engine, bought larger carbs $300 also have stock air filter housing Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  6. Bmw did not build it zf did and i bought a new box just like this from ssf in 1985 for 500.00 , the price is what two people agree to not what you think, in economics its supply and demand Bruce M-tuner
  7. m-tuner

    WTB 4x100 Wheels - BBS- Ronal

    I have 13x6 bbs/mahle wheels set of 4 two are brand new two are used 2002 off set $ 1000 with fresh professional paint job Bruce 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  8. m-tuner

    Passenger side quarter panel NOS

    whats the problem, you are not going to cut into the roof to put a quarter on, unless you really want to add a lot of work Bruce email me unless wetweiser wants do send his nos panels Bruce M-tuner
  9. m-tuner

    Passenger side quarter panel NOS

    left and right
  10. m-tuner

    ti linkage side draft solex

    I am looking for thee parts the bridge #13 21 1 250 474 bearing bracket #35 41 1 100 597 holder for torsion shaft #35 41 1 103 850 torsion shaft for accelerator new or new Bruce M-tuner 20flinghorses@msn.com
  11. m-tuner

    WANTED tii manifold and downpipe

    the last manifold i got 150, i have new and used headers long tube also and new and used down tubes
  12. m-tuner

    WTB: Silver Dollar Speedo

    I am all most sure i have it Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  13. m-tuner

    Passenger side quarter panel NOS

    I have left and right quarter panels Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  14. m-tuner

    WANTED tii manifold and downpipe

    I have them , early or later version , the down pipe i have to Bruce M-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com
  15. m-tuner

    rare alpina wheels

    great thing about facts i was there when these cars and parts were new, my first 2002 was in 1971, it was a malaga 1970 smashed front and rear bought with 12. ooo miles on it , rebuilt it now I am up to 22 2002 s 1 1600 Ithink I know what alpina stuff looks like , bought wine from the man when I was there in 1985, my sulingpass is blue it has stamps from 7 bmw dealerships , I wrote over 200 service bulletins for bmw na BMW has been my life for a long time and some one was smart they bought the wheels because they arnt building any more, Bruce M-tuner