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  1. My 1972 2002 tii is in the same state ,the hardest thing to do is getting the gaps correct in metal, I worked 1 month just on the driver door gaps being a rear quarter was installed wrong in the 1970s I ended up leading the front of the quarter at the door to match the passenger door gaps , quality takes time, how much do you want to spend Bruce
  2. It makes me smile to see a 2002 get a rebirth Bruce Mtuner
  3. I have fenders if you need them Bruce Mtuner
  4. I have them rebuilt pm me Bruce Mtuner
  5. I have seat rails year? pm me Bruce Mtuner
  6. I sent him a e-mail 121 or e12 they had both? how much you want to spend? and you can convert a late block if you have a mill and the oil return tube , its not a 1/2 dill job Bruce Mtuner
  7. I might have that Pm me Bruce Mtuner
  8. I have them PM me Bruce Mtuner
  9. I have them PM me Bruce Mtuner
  10. they are both left and right, I have them PM me Bruce Mtuner
  11. I have a complete behr a/c console and unit do not want to separate parts PM me Bruce Mtuner
  12. I have complete engines, whats wrong with yours?
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