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  1. Picked it up from being sprayed with Epoxy primer now the rust repairs begin...
  2. Wanted to share more pictures of glass bead blasting 72 Ceylon tii...now being Epoxy primer, before We start rust repairs.
  3. You have received a lot of good advice, I would Suggest that you drive another Tii to see if your car is up to par, a set of clean injectors can make a big difference... the secret to having fun driving a 2002 is keeping the RPMs up in the power Range...
  4. Glass bead blasting my Ceylon 72tii today...don’t want to just show pictures of it completed.
  5. Finished my 72 tii project car I picked up on BAT...
  6. Finishing Up my 72tii first trip more than five miles away from home after getting state inspection on Friday ...sixty mile loop with no problems this morning. It’s driving time in Texas...
  7. BarneyT

    73 tii fjord blue

    It’s a fixer upper for sure...
  8. What I love about car covers is taking them off after a week or two...
  9. I’ve used a couple, mostly off at light pocket test fit light before finished / I have trimmed reflector fin on light to better seat in recess....bend as needed /Or add spaces at flange to Body connection at door to adjust door gap...
  10. The rebuilt engine stronger than starter on 72 fjord Tii project, first starter no good waiting on replacement...I have a friend’s son helping three days a week for the next month so we started The next project...72 Ceylon Tii...
  11. Cut two parts cars into four parts for disposal...
  12. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood, both sons out to our house in their 2002s picking up/dropping off our grand dogs...
  13. Another beautiful Texas Hill country morning temperatures in the 60s, took a hour plus drive in my Inka tii...
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