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  1. We picked up Mike’s touring from painter and moved it back to shop to start rust repairs...
  2. Jonathan, I just installed one we only used the lower section...worked out really well.
  3. Very happy With progress today the green blaster was able to complete both our cars today. Mike and I were able to transport both of them to painter,..
  4. Ready for glass bead blaster tomorrow doing two cars my tii and Mike Dube’s touring at my place tomorrow..
  5. It’s seems to be all about surface prep, I use a Dremel tool with a sanding disk to rough up the surface of the rubber...
  6. Another big day of work on the 72 tii today I finished up the welding, sealed and painted the bottom of car/new spare tire holder...Glass bead blaster now coming on Monday a day early.
  7. Who would want one that color?
  8. Working on my 72 tii...In a race now to be ready for the bead blaster who is showing up on Tuesday, finished duck bill repair as well as driver light bucket replacement, spare tire holder...other repairs. Prepped new fenders for install.
  9. My first car was a 74 in 76 I was 19 I paid 4200 for it, my dad looked it over and said I had no Fing respect for money! I think that’s why I kept it forever, I refreshed that car and gave to my son Kane a few years back...
  10. Mike it made me smile when I saw the ad, just to think how long you had been dealing with 2002s...
  11. Stack of years worth of Roundel magazines in boxes in trunk of 72 we purchased... First one I look at from 1984 to see what a 2002 is selling for in 84 and look what I find...
  12. Working my way though the front end repairs On my 72tii fjord blue, removed a front corner from parts car / prepped it for reinstall and roughly fit duck bill repairs..
  13. Yes this car has a new home I was able to win this car and get it loaded on the trailer, very happy overall with price/car...some rust issues but all fixable. l really like the rims I hope they will work with out the flares.
  14. Started working Tuesday on body repairs on my 73tii fjord blue, first fit up of of nose repair panel...

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