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  1. We just returned from a beautiful day of driving 276 from Greenville to the Blue ridge parkway south toward Waynesville...
  2. Hanging out in Asheville Friday night...after a day of driving through the smoky mountains.
  3. Couple from drive yesterday in Texas hill country...
  4. Regular is up to 223 in Austin it was as low as 197 a month ago...and the speed limit is 75 on highway...and we have the Texas hill country.
  5. Ok phone and IPad had not synced up, still not many...
  6. Rolled back to Austin after a 1750 mile round trip to the fall mid American drive in Rodgers Arkansas many thinks to Bo & Barb Black for putting this on...two trips up/down the pig trail / thru the Arkansas Grand Canyon with no problems....
  7. His plan is To fix and drive the tires off it I’m sure...Hank will have this car on the road for Terry Saythers’ drive in late October
  8. Big day at the house first time event, I sold a car today...passed it on to a twenty one year old enthusiast...
  9. Rolled past 2000 miles on my refreshed 73 Inka, I had to stop and take this picture this morning...
  10. The best option is new glass, i just replaced mine it really a difference.
  11. Please call / text or email me at ... barney 512 789 3593 barneyrtoler@gmail.com
  12. My inka project car has been getting all the love for the last month are so up to 1900 miles on it, decided to take the Turkis princess for a ride today...
  13. Just learn too love the square tail, much easier...
  14. That’s the book that lead me to learn how to work on my car, 35 plus years ago a mechanic named Donnie was able to bill me 9 hours of mechanics hours in only 6 hours of real time...

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