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  1. Getting there one chair at a time...the rest by Friday afternoon...
  2. Terry Sayther is your best choice for sure, in South Austin...He has re built three for me...1 512 626 1765 BMW vintage shop
  3. Hi Barney, beautiful work on the engine bay...!   Can you tell me what finish or resurfacing you did on the aluminum surfaces of the top portion of the engine?  What was the original finish that the tii came in?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. These are ones I have of refreshing my 73tii...
  5. First day back after 12 days away in Florida, took my favorite car on my favorite road for a 60 mile hill country drive...
  6. Love it, my next project is a 72tii Ceylon...starting in November.
  7. Fredericksburg five years ago...
  8. Covercraft covers are well make and fit the 2002 great.
  9. Finished up install of dash and center console...
  10. Not enough duct tape Showing for Red Green and me...
  11. Another great day, my son Kane stopped by With his granda red 2002 and he changed his oil and Ed helped/showed him how to adjust the carburetor....this my original 2002 I purchased at 20...
  12. Started the install of my black gold refinished dash, I have to say it looks beautiful and I’m very happy and even with the virus they were only two weeks late/behind..
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