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  1. Checked in on repainting of by Baur, and it was happening when I showed up...
  2. Thanks for asking about us...We live seven miles from Leander, Texas in the country and we were very surprised to only have lost power one time on Wednesday night for nine hours...our styrofoam block house is well insulated and we have a thirty thousand gallon rain water system so two basics were covered...view from my shop office. It’s was 72 today...
  3. Get it painted and back together in 2021...hoping for this look.
  4. Took the Turkish princess out for the first time in a couple of months under car cover, 60 mile loop no problems...
  5. Visited my baur at the paint shop, they started painting the doors/trunk/hood... main body next week and start assembly the following week...
  6. I painted the bottom Ceylon today headed to body shop next week...
  7. Final assembly under way on my 72 Ceylon Tii... fenders, trunk installed plan on setting hood tomorrow...
  8. Overall it works great, I cut out and saved center grill hole and inside corners of existing like I did because the stamping detail was much better...
  9. Test fit the fenders and moved it outside back to/on lift to button welding in arch’s and floor repair....
  10. Installed this jaymic nose panel on my 72 Ceylon project...
  11. Somehow this picture did not post...I cut like this to fit new.
  12. I’m installing one now, I cut it out like this as the stamping is not as detailed in the corners and around the center grill as the original...
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