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    Cars, Photography, Vinyl Decals (I make them, contact for more info), Autocross and Track days, Driving my 74 2002.

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  1. lilcphoto

    Cruise Around Mt Rainier

    I'm on the fence for going from Portland... Who else plans to roll out from here?
  2. lilcphoto


  3. Do you know what dot you put in the back? I have some 3 dot ones I was planning on installing when I get around to it and I quite enjoy the "stance" you have
  4. individual sock filter, non-tii brake booster... I haven't had any problems, but theoretically they aren't performing as well as they could if they had more room. I do plan on moving the battery which should give the filters a bit more space, and I might eventually build an intake that combines them all with a filter where the battery is at now.
  5. http://bmworegoncca.com/event/2016/bmw-salem-covered-bridges-tour/ I haven't driven my car in over 3 months now... but I am excited to stretch her legs and enjoy some of the best scenery around. I'm up in Portland, but a commute down to Salem is no big deal for me. Anybody else going on this lovely drive?
  6. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/5470173611.html seems to be back at it again with a new conscious and the idea that they are worth twice as much! it wasn't $1500 for the pair, it was $1500 EACH!
  7. I had the opportunity to buy just the Nevada for $400 but couldn't get the funds together. This was a few sales ago, as it seems they've traded hands a few times. The seller I ran into had the titles to both, so it is a bit odd that the new seller does not. They both are quite rough. I would say parts cars and that's about it. the blue one had not been painted partially black when I saw it so that's new. I'd say the two of them are still only worth $800-$1000.. not much parts to salvage (they had been sitting outside without windows)
  8. That part number ( 72 60 1 828 013) seems to be odd. I am thinking its aftermarket and not from BMW. When typing it into my system it reroutes to 51 16 1 828 013 which is showing up as DEPOSITING BOX BOTTOM PANEL (#15 the piece on the bottom of a center console) from an e21... so maybe these mudflaps are for an e21 and were offered from another company but used the bmw logo
  9. I might have to try this out... It seemed as though my stalk got loose enough that it would contact the high beams with just the slightest pressure (like when you press on the stalk for your turn signal...) so I just took out the fuse for the high beams as someone on the forum suggested... getting into the guts of that switch might prove a better fix than trying to find a new one for my 74...
  10. It seems well put together, but nothing is really standing out. I'd say $18,250... though my gut says it wouldn't sell even at that starting price.
  11. If my plans play out as they should, I'll be moving into a home sooner than later that hopefully has a 2 car garage and some space... if that works out I'd be happy to store another 2002!
  12. I added photos but the main ad doesn't show up with any photos... Either way, these are still for sale.
  13. I don't carry a spare because I have not ever had a flat <Knock on wood> but, I do see that the mini cooper spare could potentially work. I don't have access to one or my car right now, but the moment I do I will let you know how it fits within the spare tire well and on the car!
  14. FWIW: I can't recall which intake manifold I have for my 40's but I found my adapter via the local hardware store. Matched up the threads that were in the manifold and the diameter to my old one and voilà. You can also order that 34331102538 from your local BMW dealership for what looks like around $20 or so
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