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  1. I have this one for cheap if you can weld aluminum. Shoot me a PM
  2. Nice photo! Maybe you should enter it in the photo contest.
  3. Wanted trunk lid, little to no rust. 73 or earlier w/o emblem. Long shot but it would be awesome if it was already Fjord. Would need it shipped or I'm willing to drive a couple of hours from Columbus, Ohio to pick up.
  4. I would never ever use jack stands as the only source to support the car, no matter the brand. I "Always" use a backup, and sometimes a third.
  5. Sorry.. It appears that you only have the DS door card.
  6. Looking for an original emergency brake handle grip. PM me if you can help. Thanks Walter
  7. No better way to social distance than jumping in the 2002 "alone" and hitting some back roads today for about 120 miles.
  8. Another small project done. Thanks COVID-19. At this rate I'll have my car rebuilt in no time.
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