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  1. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/fullscreen/62623626/hagerty-price-guide-38-bmw
  2. Jason, The manifold cover is still listed as pending. Hopefully that’s just an oversight and it’s on its way to Columbus. Thanks Walter
  3. Ken,


    This might be a long shot but did the rebuilt calipers you had listed a few months ago sell?



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    2. kbmb02


      I can shoot a photo if needed,they will look identical to what was in the original image. I'll do $222 shipped via PayPal - splitting the cost, basically.

    3. ingramlee


      KB... I think I'm going to wait on these. According to the wife, I've spent way too much money on my car in the last 3 months. Hopefully I didn't waste too much of your time. GLWS

    4. kbmb02


      Thanks for updated. -Ken

  4. Gary No worries... Removing the spoiler and patching the holes really isn't a priority. I have been concentrating on other issues with the car. You will be the first person I reach out to once I do decide to take it off though. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I lived in San Diego for 25 years. When I was there that area was known for a lot of stolen cars and shady deals.
  6. Toby, I'm almost there. You and 2002Scoob almost have me convinced I can do this. hmmmmm. Stay tuned!
  7. Scoob... I am extremely intimidated with the thought of removing the head. I've read articles about how to tie the chain & sprocket so it doesn't move and whatnot and making sure everything is extremely clean, but it still frightens the hell out of me that I wont get something put back right then fire it up and "KABOOM"
  8. Buckeye.. I have tons of things at work to get done before I leave for vacation in June. I will certainly reach out to you when i'm back. Except for the annoying tapping/ticking and now this coolant leak the car has been running really nice since you helped me last. Thank you!
  9. Simeon, I have checked that once but will check again. Thanks...
  10. The leak or weep appears to be directly between the #2 & #3 intake ports, not at the back of the block. There is no coolant in the oil as I have changed the oil and coolant twice in the last three months and they both were pristine.
  11. Folks, I think I have a leaking head gasket. Please see the attached photos. I continue to see fluid on the bottom ledge of the block- intake side. It appears to be coolant but there doesn't seem to be a loss of coolant in the radiator. Could this be the cause of my ticking/knocking @ 2K RPM upon releasing the accelerator?
  12. Yes, once I find someone to fill the holes I will be selling the spoiler
  13. Folks, I think I have decided to remove the rear trunk spoiler. I think I like the car better without it. The spoiler is only attached by three #10 stainless sheet metal screws with holes drilled thru the trunk. I frankly don't know why it hasn't fallen off on its own. Anyway... I took it to a auto body shop to get a price to weld the holes shut and repainted. I was told he would have me a price in a couple of days. I got a call a day later from the shop indicating they didn't feel comfortable doing the job in fear of warping the lid from the heat of the welder. I'm looking for suggestions on filling in these three small holes. Could they be filled in with BONDO and repainted, or should I look for another shop? I have added a couple of photos for reference. Thanks
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