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  1. I would drive the piss out of them both. Just like I do with the one I have.
  2. Congrats... That's one of if not the cleanest 1600's I've ever seen.
  3. Nice! Were those photos shot in Julian? Reminds me of the days when I lived in San Diego and would take the kids to the beach in the morning then drive to Julian in the afternoon to play in the snow and eat a few slices of the famous Julian pies. Oh how I long to move back to San Diego.
  4. A lot of cool cars. I always wonder how I would do driving in a country with the steering wheel on the right side. I've never driven on that side of the road, at least not sober!... Just kidding folks. 🤣
  5. All, I found what I think is a neat looking set of wheels at a good price but I have a feeling they wont fit a stock 73 2002 without modification. Below are the specs. Can someone tell me if these will fit without doing too much. Thanks. Offset: 40mm Backspacing: 5.57" Centerbore: 73mm Diameter: 15" Width: 7" 4x100 Bolt pattern.
  6. Hi Les, Not to hijack this thread but would you happen to have any history on my car? the VIN is 2588314. 1973 Fjord. I purchased the car in 2012 from a gentleman in New Jersey who had it advertised on the BMWCCA site. I believe the car was in Florida before then. Any info you have is appreciated.
  7. Tom's shop was the one I was referring to with all of the E30's and (2) nice 2002's in the yard that couldn't do it because their alignment tool wouldn't fit. They recommended another shop on the other side of town.
  8. Its funny that the second shop I visited the owner owns at least (2) very nice 2002's, (soon to be up for sale), and the day I was there they had no fewer than (12) E30's or other old BMW's sitting in the yard and 4-5 more on racks in the shop. I presume these were customers cars. If you're too busy I can accept that. Just tell me so. To their credit they did recommend I try a certain shop on the other side of town. OK I'm done talking about this.
  9. I just might do that. The guy that I spoke to in the front office appeared to be very young,maybe 21 years old. before someone gets upset, I have nothing against young people. I simply mention it because they "usually" don't have as much experience as older folks, especially when it comes to older cars.

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